Flying Biscuit Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Flying Biscuit menu prices.

Item Price


Coffee $3.02
OJ $4.46
Espresso $4.06
Cold Brewed Coffee $4.57
Double Espresso $3.34
Chai Latte $4.75
Orange Juice $3.58
Iced Chai $4.38
Cappuccino $5.27
Hot Chocolate $4.51
Sweet Tea $3.17
Not Sweet Tea $3.28
Mocha $5.44
Hot Herbal Tea $3.32
Latte $5.38
Sledgehammer $7.10
Iced Unsweet Tea $3.95
Iced Sweet Tea $3.95
Fountain Drinks $3.15
Mango Nectar $3.77
Dasani $2.81
Soy Milk $3.44
Milk $3.41
Fountain Drink $2.94
Fresh Oj $3.59
Iced Chai Tea $5.27
Soda $3.95
Apple Juice $3.66
Juice $3.89
Cranberry Juice $3.52
Peach Nectar $3.68
San Pellegrino $3.57
Dasani Bottled Water $2.59

Breakfast All Day

Famous Flying Biscuit Breakfast $12.70
Clifton Omelette $13.70
Country Eggs Benedict $14.25
Best I Ever Had $13.28
The High Flyer Breakfast $15.68
Flat Iron Steak and Eggs $18.30
Breakfast Bowl $13.96
Egg-Stravaganza $15.85
Piedmont Omelette $14.30
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast $12.48
GA Peaches and Cream Waffle Breakfast $18.49
Drops of Jupiter $12.70
FL Sunshine Waffle Breakfast $18.49
Egg-ceptional Eggs $11.19
Waffle Breakfast $16.92
California Dreamer $13.53
Turkey Hash $14.27
Egg-Straordinary Breakfast $11.84
Pasta, Sausage and Eggs $13.23
Chorizo Hash $15.36
Stuffed French Toast Breakfast $19.09
Acai Super Bowl $10.42
Biscuit Eggs and Gravy Breakfast $15.70
Chorizo Meggxican Wrap $14.25
Garden Fresh Veggie Scramble $13.47
Pancake Tacos $15.48
Southern Scramble $13.94
Smoked Salmon Scramble $14.54
Hollywood Omelette $14.22
Southern Style Biscuit Benedict $15.02
Tofu Scramble $13.32
Three Amigos Breakfast Tacos $15.95
Vegetarian Gravy Biscuit Breakfast $16.37

Breakfast Sandwiches and Grit Bowls

Breakfast Potatoes For 10 $20.74
Sausage and Egg Biscuit $4.65
Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit $5.57
Classic BLT $12.87
Fried Chicken and Egg Biscuit $6.31
Fried Chicken Biscuit $5.48
Fried Chicken and Cheese Biscuit $6.61
Fried Chicken Club Biscuit $6.92
Sausage Egg and Cheese Burrito $7.07
Bacon and Egg Biscuit $4.47
Bacon Egg and Cheese Burrito $6.82


Gravy Biscuit $6.25
Mini Shrimp and Grits $9.60
Bacon Grit Bowl $7.99
Egg and Cheese Biscuit $3.55
Build Your Own Bowl $6.19
Sausage Grit Bowl $7.99
Chicken Egg and Cheese Biscuit $6.36
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit $5.82
Sausage Biscuit $4.04
Sausage Egg Biscuit $5.49
Bacon Egg Biscuit $4.97
Blueberry Muffin $3.56
Chicken Egg Biscuit $5.63
Bacon Biscuit $3.85
Banana Nut Muffin $3.52
Decadent Chocolate Chip Muffin $3.56
Chicken Biscuit $5.43
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.87
Reeses Peanut Butter Cookie $2.89
Egg Biscuit $3.37
Cheese Biscuit $2.77
Orange Cranberry Muffin $3.29


Fried Green Tomatoes $9.39
Pimento Cheese Fritters $7.74

Hot & New | Fried Chicken Entrees

Free Bird $18.59
Hangover Hash $16.57

Bowls And Plates

Shrimp and Grits Entree $16.13
Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Tenders $16.84
Chicken Cobb Salad Bowl $13.96


Classic Benedict $14.01
Freebird Benedict $15.04
Southern Style Benedict $15.29
Freebird $15.29

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffle $14.67
Dirty Bird $17.08
Hot Chicken and Waffle $15.46
Hot Dirty Bird $17.42

Breakfast Favorites

Florida Sunshine Waffle Breakfast $17.27
Steak and Eggs $17.72
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich $10.43

"Oh My Grits" Bowl

"Oh My Grits" Bowl $13.70

Breakfast Sandwiches, Burritos and Bowls

Chorizo Grit Bowl $7.26
Southwest Burrito $8.09
Fried Chicken Club $7.24
Fried Chicken, Egg and Cheese Biscuit $7.09
SOYsage Biscuit $3.42
SOYsage and Egg Biscuit $4.19
Soysage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit $5.63
Beyond Sausage Biscuit $4.04

Breakfast Classics

High Flyer $15.62
Biscuit Eggs and Gravy $13.22
Drops of Jupiter Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes $11.14
Flying BIscuit Breakfast $12.64
NEW! Stuffed French Toast Breakfast $17.09
NEW! Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast $14.09

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Vegan Tofu Scramble $12.85
Beyond Burger $15.12
Vegan Tofu Wrap $12.44
Egg-Straordinary $11.27


Angus Burger $12.84
Double Cheeseburger $14.46
Pimento Cheese Burger $13.59

Hot Off The Griddle

Belgian Waffle $5.84
Chicken and Waffles $13.79
Buttermilk Pancakes $7.41
Heavenly French Toast $8.35
One Belgian Waffle $5.40
Organic Oatmeal Pancake with Peaches $7.79

Featured Favorites

Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie $13.82
Turkey Pot Roast $13.73
Flat Iron Steak $16.49
Oven Fried Chicken $14.15
Award Winning Shrimp and Grits $18.08
Love Cakes $10.16

Family Style Meals

Caters to sharing for 4-6 people!
Family Style Power Breakfast $74.25
Family Style Shrimp and Grits $102.47
Family Style Biscuit and Gravy with Eggs $83.89


Grits $4.42
Moon Dusted Potatoes $4.42
Signature Chicken Sausage Patties $4.90
House Seasoned Kettle Chips $3.91
1/2 Dozen Biscuits $7.99
Dozen Biscuits $14.04
Grits For 10 $20.74
Turkey Bacon $4.66
White Cheddar Cheese Grits $4.44
One Thick Slice Of Whole Wheat French Toast $5.21
Single Belgian Waffle $5.82
Chicken Sausage Gravy $4.52
Signature Chicken Sage Sausage Patties $4.75
Fresh Seasonal Fruit $4.45
Single Buttermilk Pancake $4.76
Yogurt $4.68
Soysage $4.95
Yogurt Parfait $6.18
Fresh Fruit Cup $4.25
Egg Sandwich $3.52
Grilled Mac and Cheese $4.43
Grilled Macaroni and Cheese $4.72
Vegan Beyond Breakfast Sausage $5.11
Spicy Collard Greens $4.25
Garlic and Basil Mashed Potatoes $3.43
Tossed Side Salad $3.87
Fluffy Flying Biscuit $2.19
Spicy Southern Collard Greens $4.64
Spicy Vegan Collard Greens $4.39
Toast $2.18
Sauteed Green Beans $4.38
Fresh Side Salad $3.75
Oven-Roasted "Moon Dusted" Potatoes $4.42
Avocado Toast $6.76
Morningstar Farms Soysage $4.98

Breakfast Sides

Applewood Smoked Pork Bacon $4.76
Oatmeal $7.16
Beyond Sausage $6.06


HOT-Lanta Chicken Sandwich $14.66
Fried Green Tomato BLT $13.75
Oven Fried Green Tomato BLT $11.85
Bacon Lovers BLT $13.36
Bacon and Cheddar Chicken Sandwich $12.23
Wake Up Burger $14.65
The Fried Egg Sandwich $11.38
Black Bean Burger $12.79
Chicken Club Wrap $10.74
The Big Cheesy Patty Melt $16.04
Chicken Quesadilla $13.99
Chicken Club $13.75
Double Cheese Burger $14.48
Pimento Cheese Club $12.40
Pimiento Cheese Club $12.74


Oven Fried Green Tomatoes $9.45
Side of Love $7.24
Pimiento Cheese Fritters $9.49
Spicy Shrimp Quesadilla $10.64

Signature Salads

Chicken Cobb Salad $14.45
Tofu and Tater Salad $10.11

Popular Items

Very Berry Chicken Salad $11.37


Chocolate "Biscuit" Bread Pudding $5.31
Georgia Peaches-n-cream $5.80

Feed The Office and Family Meal Deals

Coffee For The Office For 10 $18.99
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About Flying Biscuit

Biscuits and grits are the quintessential Southern fare in the United States. Due to their introduction by restaurants, both big and small, in non-Southern parts, the food pairing has become a solid favorite among Americans. The combo is even considered as among the classic comfort foods along with perennial favorites like chicken soup.

And if you’re looking for one of the best biscuits and grits, then you may want to go to the nearest Flying Biscuit location! Here, you will find that the biscuits and grits are prepared just as Southern grandmothers did – with care, love and attention to taste and texture.


The first Flying Biscuit restaurant opened for breakfast in 1993 in Candler Park in Atlanta, Georgia. When it opened at 7 a.m., the diners came rushing in for a taste of the food and, by the time it was 11 a.m., the signature biscuits were sold out.

Fast-forward 20 years and the Flying Biscuit brand has become an institution in its own right, especially among people who can’t get enough of Southern comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With 14 locations – and growing – in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina, the chain continues to provide its customers with a Southern-inspired menu served with a warm and welcoming attitude. The neighborhood spirit that underlined its success still remains, too, in all of its restaurants.

What They’re Famous For

Did you know that each Flying Biscuit restaurant makes at least 5,000 biscuits every day? This isn’t surprising as the made-from-scratch biscuits are the main draw for the restaurants!

But these aren’t your regular biscuits either. Instead, these are sweeter without being cloyingly sweet, as well as served with the most delicious cranberry apple butter this side of town.  The creamy grits are the best pair for the biscuits but there are also plenty of other food pairing options from eggs to bacon and sausages.

Why Eat Here

The Flying Biscuit Café is nationally recognized for its superb food and we have proof! Gourmet magazine claims that the chain offers “wonderful Southern food” while USA Today writes that, “The biscuits are the best” and even Rachael Ray’s $40 a Day program asserts that Flying Biscuit has “great food and great value”.  With such accolades, you can’t help but check it out for yourself and discover that, indeed, the food critics were right.

The Flying Biscuit restaurants are also good places to find healthier options for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.  While it may not appear so when on a plate, the meals are usually healthier than those offered in fast-food restaurants.

The reason: The ingredients used have been chosen for their better nutrition without sacrificing on taste and texture. These include whole wheat biscuits, chicken sausage, and turkey bacon, as well as a wide range of organic foods.

Better yet, the dishes are made from fresh ingredients on site so you are assured that your food orders are always made to order, not reheated in the microwave. Plus, there’s also the fact that all the food items are available all day so whether you crave a breakfast meal at lunchtime or a dinner meal during breakfast time, you can have it.

Whatever you order, you should consider the biscuits, the flaky, creamy and sweet creations for which Flying Biscuit is known for. You have a few choices in sauce, too, aside from the cranberry apple sauce; examples include the apple cinnamon and the raspberry sauces.

In case biscuits isn’t on your agenda now, you can order the organic oatmeal pancakes, the Love Cakes, the High Flyer, and the Over Fried Green Tomatoes. Other choices include the Shrimp and Grits, the Very Berry Chicken Salad, and the Not Your Mama’s Pimento Cheese.

The grits are considered as among the best – creamy and buttery with the perfect texture for pairing with eggs, bacon and biscuits. The eggs prepared over medium although diners can request for their preferred preparation. The Famous Flying Biscuit Breakfast is your best bet if you want to have a filling and flavorful breakfast to start your day on the right foot.

The prevailing ambiance in Flying Biscuit restaurants is Southern charm, in keeping with its Southern roots and menu. According to it management, the chain doesn’t just deliver on excellent service but, more importantly, on smiles and hospitality – and we couldn’t agree more!

We have to say that the staff from the chefs to the waiters provide 5-star service, a rarity in a fast casual restaurant chain. Yet, the prices are so affordable – 1-star prices, if you will – so much so that you can bring your family and friends for great meals here every week.

You will definitely come back again and again to your favorite Flying Biscuit location! You will do so not just because of the great food and great value but also because of the people and the place.

To learn more about Flying Biscuit or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Flying Biscuit FAQ

How much is Flying Biscuit's Spicy Chicken Quesadilla?

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla – $8.99

How much is a Signature Chicken Sausage Patties at Flying Biscuit?

Signature Chicken Sausage Patties – $4.09

How much are One Thick Slice Of Whole Wheat French Toast at Flying Biscuit?

One Thick Slice Of Whole Wheat French Toast – $4.61

How much does a Flying Biscuit's Oven-roasted “Moon Dusted” Potatoes Cost?

Oven-roasted “Moon Dusted” Potatoes – $3.99

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