CiCi’s Pizza Prices: How much is CiCi’s Pizza?

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With easy-on-the-wallet CiCi’s Pizza, enjoying every pizza imaginable from the classic meat lover’s and vegan’s delights to the quirky combos whenever the cravings hit is possible! CiCi’s is, after all, the best place for a pizza buffet feast with unparalleled selections in the United States although it has also started offering other items. With around 500 locations, both company-owned and franchised, in 35 states, you will likely find a pizza buffet in your neighborhood especially in urban areas. Below are the latest CiCi’s Pizza menu prices.


Popular Items

Classic Cheese Pizza$6.82
Classic Pepperoni Pizza$7.26
Mac & Cheese$7.63
Pan Meateater$10.63
Specialty Mac & Cheese Pizza$8.49

Stuffed Crust Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizza$9.94

Deep Dish

Cheese Deep Dish Pizza$8.95
Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza$9.20


Ultimate Giant Pepperoni Pizza$15.68
Pepperoni Poppers$5.67
Jalapeño Poppers$5.65
Buffalo Chicken Poppers$5.81

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza$9.38
Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza$9.44

Traditional Pizza

Cheese Pizza$7.13

Premium Recipes

Meat Eater$10.89

Top Menu Items

1 Topping Pizza$6.03

Specialty Traditional Crust Pizza

Specialty Meat Eater Pizza$10.41
Specialty Supreme Pizza$10.66
Specialty Buffalo Chicken Pizza$8.82
Specialty Hawaiian Pizza$8.91
Specialty Spinach Alfredo Pizza$8.49
Specialty Alfredo Pizza$8.49
Specialty Veggie Pizza$10.07


16 Pieces Garlic Cheesy Bread$5.21
Side of Ranch$0.74
2 oz. Dressing$0.56
Garlic Cheese Bread$6.49


Medium One Topping Pizza$5.82
Large Specialty Pizza$9.81
Large One Topping Pizza$7.60

Specialty Pizza

Meat Eater (Flatbread)$10.99
Spinach Alfredo (Flatbread)$9.20
Chicken Bacon Club (Flatbread)$9.92
Supreme (Flatbread)$10.99
BBQ Chicken (Flatbread)$9.99
Veggie (Flatbread)$10.99
Hawaiian (Flatbread)$9.39
Zesty Ham and Cheddar (Flatbread)$9.99
Alfredo (Flatbread)$9.30
Zesty Pepperoni (Flatbread)$9.30
Buffalo Chicken (Flatbread)$9.30
Zesty Veggie (Flatbread)$11.22
Classic Chicken (Flatbread)$9.99

Pan Pizzas

Pan Cheese$8.22
Pan Pepperoni$8.22
Supreme Deep Dish Pizza$12.08
Meat Eater Deep Dish Pizza$11.73
Supreme Pan Pizza$10.93
Pan Supreme$10.79

Pan Pizza

Cheese Pan Pizza$8.50
Pepperoni Pan Pizza$8.62

Traditional Specialty Recipes

Spinach Alfredo$8.18
Buffalo Chicken$7.71
Classic Chicken$7.50
Zesty Ham & Cheddar$7.46
Zesty Pepperoni$8.11

Specialty Recipes

Meat Eater Pizza$9.36
Meat Eater Pan Pizza$10.95
Supreme Pizza$9.73
Zesty Pepperoni Pizza$7.21
Hawaiian Pizza$7.09
Veggie Pizza$8.77
Spinach Alfredo Pizza$7.01
Mac and Cheese Pizza$6.89
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza$7.27
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$6.99
Classic Chicken Pizza$7.05
Alfredo Pizza$6.95
Zesty Veggie Pizza$7.94




Five Piece Wings$5.19
Ten Piece Wings$9.07
Twenty Piece Wings$17.48
Fifty Piece Wings$41.48
Extra Ranch$0.70


24 Pieces Fudge Brownie$5.34
Apple Dessert Pizza$6.02
20 Pieces Cinnamon Roll$5.09
Bavarian Dessert Pizza$6.09
Apple Pizza$5.97
Bavarian Pizza$5.16
Half Apple Half Bavarian Pizza Dessert$6.26


Unexpect the expected with new pizza inventions and deals so crazy they might be genius!
OREO Brownie Pizza$7.85

Sides & Desserts

For even more deliciousness, add Dessert, a Side or Dipping sauce.
Cinnamon Rolls$6.64
Garlic Cheesy Bread$7.48
Cheesy Bread$5.84
Dipping sauce 2oz$0.78
Fudge Brownies$7.31
Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Roll$7.20
Mike’s Hot Honey Sauce$2.23

Value Packs

Value Pack #1$19.18
Value Pack #4- Brownies + Wings$23.49
Value Pack #2$13.04
Value Pack #5- Double Brownies + Wings$44.73
Value Pack #3- Wings$43.61
Value Pack #3$16.68
Value Pack #1- Classic$33.55
Value Pack #4$22.87
Value Pack #2- Poppers$33.55
Value Pack #5$30.91
Value Pack #6$14.31
Value Pack #7$18.30
Value Pack #8$40.33
Value Pack #9$76.00

Create Your Own

Create your own Pizza$7.39

Baked Pasta

Honey BBQ Chicken$9.12
Chicken Bacon Club$9.18


Regular Fountain Drink$2.41
2-Liter Drink$3.51
Large Fountain Drink$2.97


Flatbread Cheese Large$7.57
Flatbread 1-Topping Large$8.24
Flatbread Mac and Cheese$9.32
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In 1985, Mike Cole and Joe Croce founded CiCi’s with its first restaurant located in Plano, Texas.  Since its earliest days, the company has been founded on the creation of unique dining experiences where customers can create their own flavors and, thus, let their individuality rule. By 2001, the chain had 363 restaurants that started expanding their buffet offerings. Such was its success that its locations increased to around 500 locations within four years, thus, earning it the recognition as the country’s fastest-growing pizza-based chain. In November 2015, its name was shortened to just “Cicis” with “Beyond Pizza” added as a modifier, as well as the introduction of a new website and logo.

What They’re Famous For

CiCi’s is known for its extensive array of pizza ingredients from the traditional processed meats, fresh and cooked vegetables, and herbs to the quirky chocolates, marshmallows, and tofu, among others. Just look at the bewildering ingredients on the buffet and assemble your own pizza – and if your preferred ingredients are absent, then you can ask the servers to make your customized pizza.

Why Eat Here

Aside from the reasonable CiCi’s Pizza prices, becoming a regular patron at your neighborhood pizza buffet can be justified. The pizza chain is a multi-awarded company because of its healthy choices, family- and kid-friendly facilities, and innovative concepts. Among its awards are the 2014 Techonomic Consumer’s Choice award as the best kid-friendly quick-service restaurant; Parents magazine and Zagat recognized it as the top family-friendly restaurant; and among the top pizza chains in the Restaurants & Institutions’ category for Consumers’ Choice in Chains, among others. You will love eating here for the following reasons:

  • All kinds of delicious pizza are available with customized pizzas also available upon request, as well as a wide range of scrumptious desserts including cinnamon rolls, brownies and dessert pizzas (e.g., Bavarian, apple)
  • Clean, hygienic and modern facilities with kid-friendly amenities including the restrooms
  • Piped-in music and televisions in many locations
  • Friendly and informative staff who were even willing to share their skills with the children and made recommendations.

To learn more about CiCi’s Pizza or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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CiCi’s Pizza FAQ

How much is CiCi's Pizza's Cinnamon Rolls?

Cinnamon Rolls – $5.58

How much is a Meat Eater Pan Pizza at CiCi's Pizza?

Meat Eater Pan Pizza – $11.18

How much are Flatbread Cheese Large at CiCi's Pizza?

Flatbread Cheese Large – $7.39

How much does a CiCi's Pizza's Flatbread Zesty Pepperoni Cost?

Flatbread Zesty Pepperoni – $9.19

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