Genghis Grill Prices

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May, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Genghis Grill menu prices.

Item Price

Popular Items

Pork Potstickers $7.17
Garlic Citus Edamame $3.50
Garlic Citrus Edamame $4.16
Triple Stack $8.07
Double Fudge Brownies $6.15


Chicken Potstickers $7.25
Jalapeno Shrimp Cheesy Bread $8.50
Tenderloin Noodle Salad $10.75
Dynamite Shrimp $9.56
Dragon Balls $9.01
Chicken Lettuce Wraps $7.59
Jerky Balls $9.01
Saucy Balls – Hot $8.12
Steamed Rice $3.00
Saucy Balls – Sweet $8.12


Lemon Berry Stack $3.06
Oreo Stack $3.06
Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack $3.06
Brownie $7.42

Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Fried Rice $7.76
Kids Create Your Own $7.59
Kids Teriyaki Chicken $7.80
Kids Sweet and Sour Chicken $7.76
Kids Orange Chicken $7.76
Kids Chicken Lo Mein $7.76
Mighty Mac and Cheese $7.82

Build Your Own Bowl

Small Build Your Own Dinner Bowl $10.00
Small Sweet Basil Chicken Bowl $10.00
Regular Build Your Own Dinner Bowl $14.00
Regular Sweet Basil Chicken Bowl $12.66
Large Sweet Basil Chicken Bowl $15.00
Small Blazin' Cajun Sausage Bowl $10.00
Regular Blazin' Cajun Sausage Bowl $12.66
Large Blazin' Cajun Sausage Bowl $15.67
Small Garlic Ginger Pork Bowl $10.00
Regular Garlic Ginger Pork Bowl $12.66
Large Garlic Ginger Pork Bowl $15.00
Small Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Bowl $10.00
Regular Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Bowl $12.66
Large Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Bowl $15.00
Small Sizzlin' Citrus Fish Bowl $10.00
Regular Sizzlin' Citrus Fish Bowl $12.66
Large Sizzlin' Citrus Fish Bowl $15.00
Small Thai Peanut Shrimp Bowl $10.00
Regular Thai Peanut Shrimp Bowl $12.66
Large Thai Peanut Shrimp Bowl $15.00
Small Roasted Garlic Beef $10.66
Regular Roasted Garlic Beef $12.66
Large Roasted Garlic Beef $15.00
Small Khan Pao Tofu $10.00
Regular Khan Pao Tofu $12.66
Large Khan Pao Tofu $15.00
Small Honey Garlic Shrimp and Calamari $10.00
Regular Honey Garlic Shrimp and Calamari $12.66
Large Honey Garlic Shrimp and Calamari $15.00
Small Flamin' Chicken and Bacon $10.00
Regular Flamin' Chicken and Bacon $12.66
Large Flamin' Chicken and Bacon $15.00


Fountain Drink $2.80
Lemonade $3.08
Mango Ginger Blast $3.30
Ginger Beer $3.30
Raspberry Mandarin Fresca $3.30
Pineapple Mint Fresca $3.30
Coconut Honey Fizz $3.30
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $2.93
Freshly Brewed Sweet Tea $2.93


Fried Rice $3.30
Steamed White Rice $2.33
Steamed Brown Rice $2.33
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About Genghis Grill

The Genghis Grill menu prices will not leave your wallet looking like a barbarian army ransacked and emptied it for all its worth! The fast casual dining restaurant chain is well-known for its stir-fry concept, which continues to endear it to its millions of regular patrons.


In October 2002, the first Genghis Grill restaurant opened in Dallas, Texas. By 2003, Consilient Restaurants, LP bought the concept from the original founder. In 2004, The Chalak Group purchased the Addison location with the intention of further development on the concept. Fortunately, the Consilient Restaurants made a proposal to The Chalak Group regarding the purchase of the concept since it was an unsuitable investment in its portfolio – and thus the latter became the owner of the intellectual property rights and franchise rights of the Genghis Grill. From the purchase, a new company – Genghis Grill Franchise Concepts, LP – was born.

What They’re Famous For

The Genghis Grill restaurants are known for their non-traditional approach to the traditional Mongolian stir-fry. Diners can choose from a wide array of fresh ingredients including meats, vegetables, and herbs while the Grill Masters stir-fry the selected ingredients on the sizzling hot grill to perfection. The result: Each diner will have the opportunity to create new flavors and textures with each visit!

Why Eat Here

The Genghis Grill prices are among the more reasonable in the casual dining restaurant industry considering the benefits.

  • Excellent build-your-bowl dining experience. With over 80 fresh-looking and fresh-tasting ingredients, you can mix and match as many ingredients as your palate wants. You will enjoy virtually limitless options so much so that you can make a new stir-fry combination with every visit. For example, you can have a meat-lover’s delight this week and then a veggie delight the following week.
  • Healthy choices can be made. You don’t have to worry about exceeding your calorie, fat and sodium count as you have full control over the ingredients from the meats, vegetables, rice and noodles to the herbs, seasonings, and garnishing.
  • Satisfactory service from the wait staff and grill masters considering its designation as a casual dining restaurant. You will even love the combination of dinner and a show from the grill masters who wield their tools with flair while you watch them work.
  • Uniform prices regardless of the ingredients. You will be charged for the size of the bowl you have chosen to place your preferred ingredients in – approximately $13 for large, $10 for medium, and $8 for small.

To learn more about Genghis Grill or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Genghis Grill FAQ

How much is Genghis Grill's Pork Potstickers?

Pork Potstickers – $7.17

How much is a Double Fudge Brownies at Genghis Grill?

Double Fudge Brownies – $6.15

How much are Jalapeno Shrimp Cheesy Bread at Genghis Grill?

Jalapeno Shrimp Cheesy Bread – $8.50

How much does a Genghis Grill's Tenderloin Noodle Salad Cost?

Tenderloin Noodle Salad – $10.75

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