Pizza Express Prices

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July, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Pizza Express menu prices.

Item Price

Pizze bianche

Zucchine £5.21
Caprese £6.97


Siciliana £6.67
Wurstel £5.72
Salsiccia £6.10
Stracchino e rucola £6.17
Boscaiola £6.64
Pizza Margherita £11.39
Ortolana £6.50
Contadina £6.57
4 Stagioni £6.66
Primavera £6.42
Tonno e cipolla £6.83
Messicana £6.50
Focaccia £5.29
Pizza Capricciosa £15.20
Prosciutto £34.25
Capricciosa £18.78
Napoli £21.42
Romana £36.25
Express £7.09
Calabrese £6.82
Marinara £13.14
Margherita £6.44


Calzone farcito £7.05
Calzone £126.84


Peroni 66 cl £3.08
Moretti 66 cl £3.06
Heineken 66 cl £3.86


Served with blue cheese dressing.
Chicken Wings £8.01
Chicken Nuggets £3.92
Chicken Tenders £6.11
Steak Fries £3.65
Buffalo Wings £9.83
Chicken Cutlet £8.38
Curly Fries £4.49
Sweet Potato Fries £4.07
Bacon Cheese Fries £6.12
Fried Calamari £9.27
Mozzarella Sticks £6.05
Fried Ravioli £7.08
Jalapeno Poppers £6.24
Pizza Fries £5.43
Chicken Fingers with Fries £7.88
Fried Zucchini £5.69
Onion Rings £4.47
Potato Skins £7.02
French Fries £3.45
Cheese Fries £4.34
Garlic Knots £3.75
Garlic Bread £3.41
Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.98
Fried Mushrooms £6.64
Zucchini Sticks £6.10
Chicken Fingers £7.95
Bruschetta £7.30
Side of Meatballs £5.07
Side of Sausage £4.84
Fried Shrimp £11.27

Popular Items

Buffalo Chicken £7.27


Acqua naturale 50 cl £1.08
Coca-Cola 33 cl £1.96
Sprite 33 cl £1.66
Acqua frizzante 50 cl £1.06
Fanta 33 cl £1.76
Fanta 33cl £4.85

Specialty Syrian Wraps

salads served with syrian bread and your choice of dressing: homemade Greek, Italian, creamy Italian, lite Italian, ranch, blue cheese, Thousand island, caesar, sesame oriental.
Chicken Caesar £8.71

Gourmet Pizza

Meat Lovers £13.40
Taco Pizza £12.56


Patatine fritte £2.88
Crocchette di patate £3.00

Greek Specials

Served with blue cheese dressing.
Spinach Pie £5.41


Garden Salad £6.09
House Salad £5.62
Chef £7.49
Tossed Salad £5.28
Antipasto £8.42
Tuna Salad £7.53
Garden £6.93
Caesar Salad £6.22
Greek Salad £7.88
Greek £8.68
Grilled Chicken £7.69
Side Salad £3.59
Chicken Salad £7.97
Antipasto Salad £8.39
Tuna £7.41
Chef Salad £7.96
Chicken Caesar Salad £8.53
Grilled Chicken Salad £8.41
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad £8.41
Buffalo Chicken Salad £8.77
Chef's Salad £7.73
Crispy Chicken Salad £8.32
Chicken Finger £9.80

Appetizers and Sides

Cheese Bread £6.06


Cheese Cake £3.45
Chocolate Cake £4.07
Cheesecake £4.02
Tiramisu £4.51
Strawberry Cheesecake £3.79
Cannoli £3.88
Baklava £4.27
Carrot Cake £3.72

Pizze classiche

4 Formaggi £6.61
Vegetariana £27.86
Diavola £23.83


Chicken Caesar Wrap £7.71
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap £7.59
California Wrap £8.20
Grilled Chicken Wrap £7.78
Italian Wrap £7.66
Buffalo Chicken Wrap £7.71

Side Orders

Fries £3.18
Meatballs £5.85
Sausage £6.43
Bacon £4.37
Nachos £21.25
Cheesy Bread £7.54

Cold Subs

Italian Sub £7.43
Turkey Sub £7.13
Turkey and Cheese Sub £8.66
Ham and Cheese Sub £8.74


Minestrone Soup £4.83
Chicken Noodle Soup £4.87


Pizza Steak £8.66


Chicken £7.24

Hot Subs & Boats (11-12")

Philly Steak £9.45


Hamburger £6.14

Hot Subs

Meatball £6.80
Chicken Parmigiana Sub £8.13
Eggplant Parmigiana Sub £7.59
Meatball Parmigiana Sub £7.60
Sausage Parmigiana Sub £7.06
Eggplant £7.64
Cheeseburger Sub £8.62

Hoagies and Grinders

All cold subs served with choice of pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and hot peppers.
Italian £8.00
Cheese £7.00

Subs & Grinders (Cold)

Ham & Cheese £6.80

Fresh Baked Calzone

All cold subs served with choice of pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and hot peppers.
Steak & Cheese £8.39
Vegetarian £9.42

Specialty Pizza

Our specialty.
Deluxe Pizza £16.08
White Pizza £12.74

Pizza by the Slice

Pepperoni £7.61

Charcoal Burgers

Bacon Cheeseburger £7.68

Specialty Pizzas

Margherita Pizza £13.89
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza £14.80
Greek Pizza £12.93
Salad Pizza £12.58
Supreme Pizza £13.34
Vegetarian Pizza £12.92
Buffalo Chicken Pizza £15.23
BBQ Chicken Pizza £14.75
Mediterranean Pizza £13.40
Veggie Pizza £15.05
BBQ Chicken £13.17
Meat Lovers Pizza £14.73
Hawaiian Pizza £13.06

Bread Sticks

Includes sauce.
Bread Sticks £5.18


Hawaiian £11.81
Pizza Express £19.27
Veggie £13.04

2 Liter Sodas

Pepsi £3.07

Oven Baked Subs

Veggie Sub £7.58
Gyro £8.11

Pasta Dinners

All our pastas are served with two pieces of our delicious garlic bread.
Ravioli £9.19
Spaghetti £8.88
Pasta with Tomato Sauce £7.41

Pasta Specialties

Manicotti £9.03
Baked Ravioli £8.65

Pizze rosse

Funghi £5.45
Parmigiana £7.24

Baked Pastas

Lasagna £9.63

Club Sandwiches

Served with fries, salad and dressing on the side.
Ham £8.60
Turkey Club £8.98
Turkey £7.60
BLT £7.68
Roast Beef £7.63


Eggplant Parmigiana £10.43
Chicken Francaise £12.99
Baked Ziti £9.41
Chicken Alfredo £13.51
Chicken Francese £13.12
Eggplant Rollatini £10.41
Baked Manicotti £10.88
Chicken Piccata £13.69
Cheese Ravioli £9.52
Chicken Parmigiana £12.08
Chicken Marsala £14.24


Pepperoni Roll £6.84
Sausage Roll £6.74

Calzones and Stromboli

Spinach Calzone £8.27


Soda £2.19
2 Liter Soda £3.24
Can Soda £1.08
Bottled Water £1.34
Gatorade £2.11
Water £1.17


Shrimp Basket £9.90
Shrimp Scampi £14.32
Calamari Marinara £12.12
Shrimp Marinara £14.30
Shrimp Parmigiana £13.69
Shrimp Alfredo £14.45
Shrimp Fra Diavolo £13.30


Pasta with Sauce £7.86
Pasta with Meatballs £9.02
Pasta with Sausage £9.03
Fettuccine Alfredo £11.66


BLT Sandwich £5.22
Cheeseburger £7.00
Meatball Sandwich £8.23
Grilled Chicken Sandwich £7.01
Chicken Sandwich £5.65
Calzones £8.21
Fish Sandwich £4.94
Hot Dog £4.41

Hot Submarines

Chicken Parmesan Sub £9.46

Side Dishes

Buffalo-style wings or fingers for an additional charge. Consumer advisory warning for raw foods: These items are cooked to order and may be served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions. Please notify your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include meal tax. Not responsible for typographical errors. Prices to change without notice.
Coleslaw £2.61

Angus Beef Burgers

Pizza Burger £7.23

Buffalo Wings and Boneless Wings

Boneless Wings £6.94


Grilled Cheese £3.88


Served with side salad and garlic bread.
Chicken Parmesan £10.99
Veal Parmigiana £12.40
Stuffed Shells £9.70
Pasta with Meat Sauce £9.07


Wings £8.25

Top Menu Items

Cheese Pizza £7.88

Chicken Dishes

With your choice of pasta & soup or salad & bread or garlic bread.
Italian Combo £10.64


Steak Stromboli £11.57


Beef Gyro £7.73
Chicken Gyro £8.25

Seafood Dishes

With your choice of pasta & soup or salad & bread.
Frutti Di Mare £10.93


Cheese Calzone £7.52
BBQ Chicken Calzone £12.08
Broccoli Roll £5.75
Stromboli £7.76
Eggplant Roll £5.78

Calzones and Rolls

Spinach Roll £6.17
Chicken Roll £6.35

From The Grill

Double Cheeseburger £8.49
Cheesesteak £9.23
Cheeseburger Deluxe £8.39


Served with sour cream & salsa.
Steak Quesadilla £9.09
Chicken Quesadilla £8.49

Hot Sandwiches

Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich £6.38


Served with French fries.
Grilled Chicken Panini £8.20

Side of Vegetables

Broccoli £4.99
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About Pizza Express

Pizza Express is an Italian casual dining restaurant chain specializing in classic Italian dishes like hand-made pizzas, pastas and risottos. Their menu features healthy options like gluten-free meals and low calorie Leggera options.

They currently have more than 400 locations across United Kingdom and 40 locations in Europe, Hong Kong, India and Middle East.


Peter Boizot opened the first Pizza Express in Wardour Street, London in 1965. Boizot got his inspiration to open his own restaurants from his trips in Italy. When he came from his recent trips, he thought about how London’s Italian copy-cat pizza could not be compared to the authentic ones he had in Italy. So when he decided to open up his own business, he imported Italian pizza ovens from Naples and bring in a chef from Sicily to ensure the authenticity of his Italian menu offerings. Today with more than 50 years of experience in the food business, Pizza Express is still committed in providing their patrons with fantastic authentic Italian food in their iconic restaurants, served by people passionate about what they do.

What They’re Famous For?

Pizza Express is known for their simple yet innovative culinary creations made with the best quality ingredients coupled with their signature pizza dough. Here are some of their most saleable items:

  • Pollo Forza – PE’s signature pizza dough covered with red sauce topped with chicken chunks in smoked chili, Roquito peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella, smothered with Gran Milano cheese and garnished with fresh parsley and chili oil.
  • Pennette Bolognese – pennette pasta tossed with Bolognese sauce with tender ground beef, porcini mushroom, tomatoes and garlic, topped with Gran Milano cheese and fresh parsley.
  • Niçoise Salad – this PE’s original 1985 salad recipe is made of fresh and crisp seasonal mixed greens topped with tuna, anchovies, surpine capers, black olives, boiled free-range eggs, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and drizzled with their house specialty salad dressing.
  • Tiramisu – Italian classic dessert made by La Donatella using tradional methods, made of layers of light ladyfingers, heavenly mascarpone cream cheese, Marsala wine, coffee and cocoa.

Why Eat at Pizza Express?

If you are looking for a real authentic Italian place that serves delicious and fresh hand-made pizzas and other Italian fare, then Pizza Express might be what you are searching for. Their wide selection of classic and Romana pizzas combined with their fun yet elegant restaurants and professional servers will surely make your dining enjoyable. Pizza Express prices are affordable and reasonable too, which is just a bonus for their total dining experience offerings.

To learn more about Pizza Express or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Pizza Express FAQ

How much is Pizza Express's Zucchine?

Zucchine – £5.21

How much is a Stracchino e rucola at Pizza Express?

Stracchino e rucola – £6.17

How much are 4 Stagioni at Pizza Express?

4 Stagioni – £6.66

How much does a Pizza Express's Capricciosa Cost?

Capricciosa – £18.78

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