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With the mid-range Benihana menu prices, diners will find the Asian-themed restaurants such a delight that multiple visits over the years are warranted. Based in Miami, Florida, Benihana Inc. (i.e., safflower in Japanese) either owns or franchises 116 Japanese cuisine-centered restaurants worldwide with its flagship brand being Benihana Teppanyaki; other brands owned by the American restaurant company include RA Sushi and Haru, which are operated as independent brands.

Below are the latest Benihana menu prices.

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Founded by Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki in 1964, Benihana’s first location was at West 56th Street in New York City; he named it Benihana of Tokyo in honor of the coffee shop his parents owned in Tokyo, Japan. His concept: To provide diners with delicious Japanese dishes that have been theatrically prepared by experienced chefs while wielding knives, telling jokes, and cooking the food on a teppanyaki table. His restaurant initially floundered – the diners did not take well to the idea of food being prepared in front of them – before a rave review from a food critic changed the game.

What They’re Famous For

If you have been to any of the Benihana restaurants, you may have collected a few of their famous Tiki Mug, known as Hotei, which are used in serving exotic cocktails.  Aside from the mugs, the chain is best-known for being a notable pioneer in the restaurant industry with innovations including: (1) using traditional Japanese cooking techniques on American ingredients like chicken, steak, and seafood; and (2) introducing the communal dining concept where people are seated around a teppanyaki, enjoy the chef’s personal cooking show, and savor the food right off the grill. You are, indeed, part of a tradition that has resulted in a world record – the longest-running dinner show – as well as a contemporary culinary heritage that can be passed down to your children.  You also get a dinner and a show, literally!

Why Eat Here

Aside from the good value for the money partly because of the reasonable Benihana prices, you have plenty of reasons to eat here including:

  • Delicious food made from garden-fresh produce, premium cuts of meat, and catch of the day seafood with the dishes prepared with flair and served hot while the dipping sauces are a culinary delight in themselves
  • Entertaining chefs with the right mix of expertise with the knife, experience with Japanese cuisine, and charisma with the diners
  • Friendly, attentive and courteous servers
  • Casual atmosphere with a contemporary Asian theme characterized by cozy lighting, ample seating, and clean facilities

To learn more about Benihana or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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