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Juicing – or the practice of extracting the juices of fruits, vegetables and wheat grass, among others – is a popular way of getting your daily recommended intake of nutrients while on the go. The ingredients in each juice combination have been carefully chosen for their health benefits, unique flavors, and beautiful colors. The result: Each juice has a specific flavor, texture and aesthetic profile, as well as specific health uses and benefits. Below are the latest Juice Press menu prices.


Organic Homemade Soups

Veggie Protein Chili$15.16

Juices, Shots & Water

Dirty Detox$6.41
Aloe Water$4.81
Organic Orange Juice$6.08
Energizing Greens$10.60
JP Water Bottle$4.19

Acai Bowls

Green Bowl$11.30
Almond Butter Acai Bowl$11.30
Blue Magic Protein Bowl$11.11
Pitaya Protein Bowl$11.20

Top Menu Items

Mother Earth$10.99
Clean Green Protein$10.21
Ginger Fireball$8.00
Split Pea Soup$9.59

Protein! Protein! Protein! Smoothies

Vanilla Protein$10.21
Chocolate Protein$10.21
F$&%*ing Genius Blueberry Protein$10.10
Strawberry Banana$10.33
Pomegranate Recharge$10.21
Pumpkin Spice Protein$10.52

Picked for you

Green Light$10.21
Fountain of Youth$10.21
Blue Magic$10.87
Acai Blueberry Bowl$11.30


Blue Magic Smoothie$11.00
Vanilla Protein Smoothie$10.00
Chocolate Protein Smoothie$10.10
Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie$10.10
F$%#ing Genius Blueberry Smoothie$10.10
Pomegranate Recharge Smoothie$10.10
Clean Green Protein Smoothie$10.00

Organic Protein Smoothies

Organic Protein Smoothies
$and"@ing Genius Blueberry$10.34
Mango Passion Smoothie$10.34
Cacao Blueberry Smoothie$10.34

Keto Smoothie

Vanilla Keto Smoothie$10.32
Chocolate Keto Smoothie$10.32

Superfood Green Smoothies

Green Light Smoothie$10.10
Nurse Ginger Greene Smoothie$10.10
Nurse Ginger Greene$10.21

Antioxidant Fruit Smoothies

Advanced Berry Blend Smoothie$10.00
Advanced Berry Blend$10.21
Fountain of Youth Smoothie$10.00


Mint Chip Shake$10.34

Functional Shakes

Almond Butter Cup$10.10
Heavenly Chocolate Almond Shake$10.10
Almond Butter Cup Shake$10.10
Mint Chip Protein$10.10
Heavenly Chocolate Almond$10.21
Mint Chip Protein Shake$10.25

Organic Coffee + Tea (Made to Order)

Blended Coffee$8.31
Iced Organic Cold Brew$4.23


For the Love of Kale Salad$10.00
Kelp Me! Summer Noodles$8.00
Falafel & Hummus Wrap$10.00
Falafel Salad$11.00
Roasted Veggie Salad$11.18

Jar Entrees

Pesto Mushroom Noodle Jar$10.00
Mexican Fiesta Jar$10.00
Protein Power Jar$10.00
Middle Eastern Jar$10.00


Acai Superfood Jar$9.00
Chia Seed Pudding$7.39
Famous Raw Oatmeal$8.00
Cacao Overnight Oats$6.56
Strawberry Dragonfruit Overnight Oats$6.25
Blueberry Superfood Jar$8.00
Hot Oatmeal$6.00

Cold Pressed Juice (Deep Greens)

Mother Earth Mini$7.50
Simple Green$9.99
Soul Garden$10.99

Organic Food

Organic Food
Famous Vanilla Oatmeal$7.04
Gluten Free Hot Oatmeal Bowl$6.67

Cold Pressed Juice (Greens With Fruit)

Doctor Green Juice$10.99
Greens + Earth$10.99
Love at First Sight$10.99
Love Me$10.99

Cold Pressed Juice (Antioxidant Fruit/Veggie)

Lucky Seven$10.99

Cold Pressed Juice (Immunity Boosters)

Spicy Citrus$9.99
Ginger Fireball w/ Greens$8.00


Herbal Cleanse$7.00
Spicy Cleanse$5.00


Rehab Shot$4.57
65 Nutrients Inside!$4.00
JP Fuel Shot$4.00
Apple Cider Vinegar Shot$3.00
JP Fuel Xtreme Shot$4.50

Organic Coffee + Tea (Grab & Go)

JP Fuel$4.00
JP Fuel Xtreme$4.50
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Can$4.73
Non Alcoholic Beer IPA$2.99
Wandering Bear Cold Brew Coffee Carton$4.00

Handcrafted Kombucha

Lime Mint Kombucha$5.00
Ginger Fireball Kombucha$5.00


Proviotic Extra Strength Tablets$44.39

Superfood Snacks

Almond Butter Jar$10.00
Berry Jam Jar$9.00
Cracko del Jacko$5.00
Tibetan Goji Berries$3.00
Tropical Pineapple$5.50
JP Pop White Truffle Popcorn$2.50
JP Pop Olive Oil + Himalayan Salt Popcorn$2.50
Maple Coconut Flakes$3.00

Organic Snacks

Vanilla Gladiator Cookies$5.39
Kale Chips$5.64
Mango Madness$5.56
JP Pop Truffle$2.62
Raw Almonds$5.35
Tamari Almonds$5.33
Almond Cacao Protein Bar$3.53
Clean Green Protein Bar$3.58
Chocolate Chip Gladiator Cookies$5.78
JP Crunchy Granola$8.73
Trail Mix$5.58

Homemade Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies$5.00
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies$5.00

Dark Chocolates

Cacao + Coconut Joy$5.00
Dark Chocolate + Quinoa$3.00
Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt$3.00
Raw Chocolates$5.00
Raaka Sea Salt Mini-Chocolate$1.00

Energy Bars

Almond Cacao Energy Bar$3.50
Clean Green Protein Energy Bar$3.50
Mint Chip Energy Bar$3.50


Aluminum Bottled Water$2.75

Infused Waters

Cleansing Aloe Water$3.00
Stress Free Rose Water$3.00

Functional Hydration


Plant Based Supplements

Ginger Fireball Blasts$7.00
Doctor Green’s Vitamin D3$9.99
Red Wine Extract Supplement$19.99

Salad Dressings

Green Sauce$1.99
Balsamic Vinaigrette$1.99
Scallion Vinaigrette$1.99
Creamy Tahini Dressing$1.99
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About Juice Press

This is true for the juices and smoothies offered by Juice Press to its customers. Since its establishment, the chain has stayed true to its mission of creating a trusted brand in nutrition and wellness – and it has succeeded, as evidenced by its status in its segment. Even the relatively upscale Juice Press prices don’t faze the customers because of the good value for the money provided by the products.


Juice Press was founded in 2010 with a vision – to bring a healthier lifestyle platform through an expansive product line consisting of juices, smoothies and meals, as well as a wide range of relevant lifestyle resources. Within just seven years, the chain has grown to include more than 70 retail stores and counting. Each store has also contributed to the chain’s growing reputation as the premier provider of organic grab-and-go health food.

What They’re Famous For

Juice Press is known for its extensive selection of plant-based, organic and healthy products including juices, smoothies, and cleanse programs, as well as salads, soups and snacks. There are also sweet yet still healthy sweets like chocolates, a proof that you don’t need to deprive yourself of the sweet things in life when you have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Why Eat Here

As its name implies, Juice Press mainly uses the cold press method in the extraction of the juices of fruits, vegetables and herbs. The cold press method ensures that most of the nutrients in the food are retained in the resulting juice. Emphasis must be made that heat can decrease, if not destroy, the nutrients in food.

The extensive menu’s stars are the juices, which are categorized into Mostly Veggie, Mostly Fruit, Fruit & Veggie, and Fiery Immune Boosters. The names themselves are obvious so it’s easier to choose from among the numerous selections. For example, you may want a sweeter juice so your choice will likely be in the Mostly Fruit category.

The juices have a short shelf life even when these are refrigerated. This is because only the freshest possible fruits, vegetables and herbs are used in the juicing process – no preservatives and additives to prolong shelf life are added. Each bottle of use, in fact, should ideally be consumed as soon as it is opened to enjoy the best health benefits from it.

The specialty drinks are just as numerous with choices like coffee and tea drinks, as well as infused water.  These are lighter fare than the juices in a way because these have a lesser number of ingredients.

There are also acai bowls, which feature the Amazon super-food mixed with other ingredients like granola, nuts and seeds. The smoothies have a thicker texture and richer flavors than juices, perhaps more filling in the tummy, too.

But it isn’t just juices and smoothies that attract customers to the Juice Press locations. The stores also offer several types of homemade foods including breakfast items, salads and soups, as well as food in jars that are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. These are delicious, too, perhaps because of their homemade quality.

Who says that a healthy lifestyle means depriving yourself of the sweet things in life? At Juice Press, it isn’t necessary! You have so many fun treats to choose from including chocolates, desserts and snacks.

If you are new to the juicing diet and you want to attain a high compliance rate, you may want to consider getting on a Juice Press cleanse program.  The vegan cleanse is a popular program because it’s so easy to do, thanks partly to the fact that the food items are delivered to your doorstep in ready-to-eat boxes and bottles. This cleanse program consists of organic cold-pressed juices and smoothies as well as snacks and meals so you won’t go hungry.

There’s also a clean eating plan available in one, three and five-day versions. You can either pick up the food items from your nearest Juice Press store or have them delivered to your place for an extra charge. You can also choose the types of food that will be included in your daily meal plan.

For example, your breakfast can be a Mini Raw Oatmeal & Mini Glo, lunch is Raw Falafel Salad, and dinner is Egyptian Red Lentil Soup and Raw Ravioli Salad. Your juices can be Soul Garden and Doctor Green. You will find that instead of being lethargic, you will feel more energized because of the concentrated nutrients in these foods – and these are surprisingly delicious, too!

To learn more about Juice Press or to find a location near you, visit their website at juicepress.com.

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Juice Press FAQ

How much is Juice Press Clean Green Protein?

Clean Green Protein – $10.10

How much is a Chocolate Protein at Juice Press?

Chocolate Protein – $10.10

How much are Strawberry Banana at Juice Press?

Strawberry Banana – $10.10

How much does a Juice Pressa Blue Magic Smoothie Cost?

Blue Magic Smoothie – $11.00

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