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The new buzz on the street is superfoods, usually fruits and vegetables with high nutrient content especially antioxidants which are chemicals known to reduce the risks of chronic degenerative diseases, among other benefits.  Their popularity can be seen in the emergence of places offering their versions of superfood-infused dishes, desserts and drinks.

Among the rising stars of the superfood trend is Vitality Bowls, a chain of cafes dedicated to offering its diners delicious superfood dishes and drinks. These are made of the finest natural organic ingredients, served quickly, and priced affordably, all in the name of giving diners the opportunity to regain their vitality towards life.

Below are the latest Vitality Bowls menu prices.



Roasted Turkey$8.08
Green Me Up$6.66
The Sirloin$9.22

Popular Items

Vitality Bowl®$11.21
Nutty Bowl™$11.77
Dragon Bowl™$13.20
The Dragon™$8.46
Warrior Bowl™$13.20

Picked For You

Vitality Bowl$12.63
Nutty Bowl$13.06
Dessert Bowl$8.03
The Dragon$8.30
The Superfood Bowl$14.77
Energy Bowl$11.99

Acai Bowls

Tropical Bowl$13.72
The Green Bowl$13.06
Green Bowl$13.21
Warrior Bowl$14.87
Detox Bowl$15.61
Detox Bowl®$13.13
The Detox Bowl$14.06
Acerola Bowl$14.63
Graviola Bowl$13.11
The Immunity Bowl$15.00
Immunity Bowl$15.51
Dragon Bowl$14.68
Superfood Bowl$16.49


Acai Elixir$7.40
Graviola Smoothie$8.31
Acai Elixir Smoothie$7.21
Sunsation Smoothie$7.42
Go Green Smoothie$8.88
The Powernator Smoothie$7.52
The Powernator™$7.56
Tropical Paradise Smoothie$7.49
The Dragon Smoothie$8.46
Matcha Madness Smoothie$8.88
Immunity Smoothie$8.51
Go Green$8.45
Graviola Smoothie™$8.49
Maca Me$8.85
Kids Sunsation Smoothie$5.49
Pitaya Punch$8.48
The Temptation$7.34
Tropical Paradise™$7.59
Matcha Madness$8.47
The Powernator$7.37
Maca Up$8.42
The Temptation™$7.73
Whey Green$8.47
Tropical Paradise$7.40
Açaí Elixir™$7.54

Açaí Bowls®

Our bowls and smoothies contain no ice, no frozen yogurt, no added sugar, no artificial preservatives, no trans fats, or any other fillers. Most of our ingredients are organic, depending on the season and availability, and everything is made fresh to order.
Tropical Bowl™$12.23
Graviola Bowl™$13.20
Acerola Bowl™$13.20
Detox Bowl™$13.14
Green Bowl™$13.26
Superfood Bowl™$14.09

Fresh Juices

The Vitality$6.66
The Rejuvenator$6.56
The Detoxifier$6.67
The Intensifier$6.69
C Me Up$6.64
The Invigorator$6.67
The Rehydrator$6.66

Fresh Juice Bar

The Vitality Juice$6.76
The Rejuvenator Juice$6.93
The Detoxifier Juice$6.52
The Intensifier Juice$7.21
C Me Up Juice$6.76
Green Me Up Juice$6.76
The Invigorator Juice$6.82
The Rejuvinator$7.06
The Rehydrator Juice$6.76

Panini, Salad, and Soup



Carrot Orange Juice$5.08


Roasted Turkey Panini$7.25
The Sirloin Panini$8.25
Salami Panini$6.77
Veggie Panini$7.04
The Gladiator$6.24
The Eggnini$6.29
The Eggnini®$6.26
The Eggnini™$6.28
Avocado Toast$5.09


Spinach Salad$11.26
Kale Salad$10.21
Tosi Bar$4.11

Sides and Snacks

Oatmeal Bowl$6.47

Soups & Salads

Soup du Jour$5.55


Bottled Water$1.54
Coconut Water$2.92
Honest Tea$2.67

Breakfast & Dessert

Breakfast Bowl™$7.88
Superfood Waffle$6.78
Breakfast Bowl$8.04
Oatmeal Bowl™$6.46
Dessert Bowl™$7.96

Kids Menu

Grilled Cheese Sandwich$4.45

Kid's Menu

Grilled Cheese Panini$4.37
Side of Fruit$3.15
Kids Bowl$9.29
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Get healthy! This was the slogan adopted by Roy Gilad and Tara Gilad, husband-and-wife tandem who owned many successful businesses, when they founded Vitality Bowls in 2011 in San Ramon, California. Their superfood café concept was inspired by their daughter’s severe food allergies specifically in their efforts to find safe yet healthy and delicious foods for her.

Roy was also inspired by his discovery of the energizing capabilities of acai, a type of fruit used by indigenous peoples in the Amazon as both food and medicine. Together with his wife, he travelled to many places to find the best superfood-based recipes for his café.

Since 2014, the company has started a franchising program to increase the number of its cafes across the United States.

What They’re Famous For

Every Vitality Bowls café offers delicious and nutritious acai bowls, the chain’s specialty around which many of its offerings are based on. Acai bowls are smooth and thick blends of acai berry combined with other superfoods and topped with organic granola.

The food items are known for their high antioxidant value due to ingredients like flax and chia seeds, tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes, and berries like blueberries and strawberries. These are prepared fresh every day and made according to strict non-contamination practices thus ensuring their safe quality, a must for people with food allergies.

The chain also prides itself on its use all-organic, all-natural ingredients. The bowls, cold-pressed juices, and smoothies don’t contain ingredient fillers, such as frozen yogurt, crushed ice, and artificial preservatives including sugar and salt. The delicious flavors come from the ingredients themselves, not from additives.

Why Eat Here

If you’re looking for truly healthy food made from the freshest ingredients, then the Vitality Bowls cafes are your best choices! The Acai Bowls are the bestselling items on the menu because these are not just delicious but these are also packed with nutrients including powerful antioxidants. These are great choices for meals and snacks, too, whether during the morning, lunch, and dinner hours while many diners even come to the cafes for their desserts.

The Acai Bowls come in several base blends upon which you can build your own bowl by adding more toppings. The Base Blend, for example, contain organic acai, VB blend, bananas and strawberries with flax seeds, which can then be topped with your choice in organic granola, honey, and goji berries, to name a few. While every acai bowl is as healthy as can be, keep in mind that every added topping means added calories – but since these are healthy calories, who’s counting?

The Tropical Bowl’s base blend also contains organic acai, as well as bananas, mangos, pineapples, and flax seeds with a choice of apple juice or coconut milk. The optional toppings include honey as a sweetener, organic granola, and coconut shavings with strawberries and bananas.  There are also other types of bowls like the Detox Bowl and the Graviola Bowl, which are designed to be meals in themselves.

If you’re looking for a healthy sweet treat, then we suggest the Dessert Bowls like the Nutty Dessert Bowl with its peanut butter and dark chocolate combo mixed with organic acai, bananas, and coconut milk.  The Breakfast Bowls are filling meals, too, which give an energizing boost at the start of your day.

But it isn’t just bowls for which the Vitality Bowls cafes are known for. You will also love the wide selection of smoothies and juices, which are as packed with nutrients as the bowls.  You don’t even have to sit down to enjoy their goodness, too, since these are designed to be on-the-go mind and body boosters.

The cafes are relatively small in terms of space but it works to the diners’ benefit, such as when there’s a sense of community of like-minded individuals in the same room. The acai bowls may take several minutes to make but the wait is worth it considering the value, both in flavors and nutrients, which you will enjoy from them.

Bring your friends to the nearest Vitality Bowls and get on the acai bandwagon, arguably the best health bandwagons that has come to modern society!

To learn more about Vitality Bowls or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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