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The Original Pancake House is an American casual dining restaurant specializing in traditional made-from-scratch pancakes and other breakfast items. They have received numerous awards and recognitions including “Top 10 Pancake Restaurant in United States”. They currently have more than 100 locations across United States, Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan. Below are the latest Original Pancake House menu prices.

Table of Contents

Meats & Sides

Daily's Thick Sliced Bacon$7.01
Hickory Smoked Ham$6.23

Hot Beverages


Juice and Cold Beverages

Fruit Punch$3.15


Western Omelet$14.89

Picked For You

Bacon Lovers Breakfast$17.06

Our Famous Fluffy Oven-Baked Omelettes

Create Your Own Omelette$14.63

Sandwiches and Burgers

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich$12.83
Blue Moon Burger$12.64
Egg Sandwich$10.56
The Chicken Club Sandwich$12.76
B.L.T Sandwich$9.37

Meat & Eggs

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Country Fried Steak$17.69

Specialties of The House

Dutch Baby$13.78
Old Fashioned Buckwheat$11.75
Dutch Garden Delight$16.59
Fresh Pecan Pancakes$11.95
Fresh Banana Pancakes$12.53
Dutch Treat$14.92

Traditional Favorites

Two scrambled, extra large eggs paired with your choice of premium breakfast meats and served with three buttermilk pancakes (unless noted otherwise).
Steak and Eggs$17.90
Sausage and Eggs$12.95
Bacon Lovers$16.60
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs$13.81
Diced Ham and Scrambled Eggs$11.73
Avocado Toast Topped with 2 Eggs$13.33
Bacon Steak and Eggs Combo$12.74

Lighter Side

French Toast Plate$11.54
Eggs and Potatoes$11.84
Mini-Minced Ham$12.27
Senior Plate$11.99
Bowl of Homemade Granola$9.16

Full Pancakes

Pigs In Blankets$11.23
Full Bacon Pancakes$11.34
Full Banana Pancakes$11.99
Full Blueberry Pancakes$11.99
Full Buttermilk Pancakes$9.79
Full Chocolate Chip Pancakes$11.02
Full Fresh Fruit Pancakes$14.79
Full Gluten-Free Pancakes$11.34
Full Gluten Free Fresh Fruit$15.82
Full Hawaiian Pancakes$13.54
Full Macadamia Pancakes$13.54
Pancake Sampler$11.93
Full Pecan Pancakes$12.31
Full Pumpkin Pancakes$11.99
Full Sourdough Pancakes$10.49

Pancakes a la Carte

'''A La Carte - Checkmate
Blueberry Pancakes a la Carte$9.89
Chocolate Chip Pancakes a la Carte$9.89
Buckwheat Pancakes a la Carte$9.49
Pumpkin Pancakes a la Carte$9.49
Sourdough Pancakes a la Carte$9.49


Bread choices: rye, wheat, white your choice of : home potatoes ( 320 cal ), fries ( 430 cal ), or grits (115-230 cal) sub fresh fruit (165-315 cal at a cost. * consuming raw or undercooked foods such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, or may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Breakfast Combo$11.20

Family Combo- Weekday

Family Combo 4 Pancakes$47.67
Family Combo 6 Pancakes$67.78
Family Combo 4 Waffles$55.67
Family Combo 6 Waffles$79.88
Family Combo 4 French Toasts$48.41
Family Combo 6 French Toasts$67.78

Meat and Eggs

**Meat & Eggs
Bacon Buster$17.95

Burgers, Sandwiches & Wraps

All are served with pickle spear, French fries or fresh.
Grilled Ham & Cheese$10.10

Side Dishes

Seasoned Grilled Potatoes$4.77
Shredded Hash Browns$4.74
Two Eggs Any Style$3.19
Biscuits and Sausage Gravy$11.24
English Muffin with Preserves$3.18
Scrambled Egg Whites$3.92
Toast with Preserves$3.08
Vanilla Yogurt$2.77
Cinnamon Applesauce$1.94
Chipotle Salsa$2.08
Fresh Whipped Cream$2.66
2 Eggs$3.75
Sour Cream$1.29
Peanut Butter$1.15
One Egg Any Style$2.41
1 Egg$3.35
Sausage Gravy$3.22
Green Chili Sauce$3.15
2 Eggs Any Style$3.17
Hollandaise Sauce$2.02

Egg Specialties

Meat Lovers Scramble$14.10
Scrambled & Diced Ham$12.15
Eggs Benedict$14.44
Lumberjack Breakfast$18.71
Sausage Patties and Eggs$12.27
Bacon and Eggs$13.88
Sausage Links and Eggs$12.60
Patty Sausage and Eggs$14.45
Avocado Toast$14.50
Link Sausage and Eggs$14.29
Turkey Links and Eggs$12.31
Diced Ham and Eggs$15.54
Hash Browns and Eggs$11.69
Grilled Chicken and Eggs$15.10
Links and Eggs$14.05
Hamsteak and Eggs$14.35
Canadian Bacon and Eggs$12.25
Minced Ham and Scrambled Eggs$13.66
Ham and Eggs$12.76
Home Fries and Eggs$11.27
Bacon and Egg Sandwich$10.81
Eggs Michael$14.90

Half Pancakes

1/2 Buttermilk$7.31
1/2 Chocolate Chip$8.54
1/2 Fresh Fruit$12.31
1/2 Blueberry$9.51
1/2 Bacon$8.82
1/2 Pumpkin$9.51
1/2 Macadamia White Choc. Chips$11.02
1/2 Pecan$9.79
1/2 Banana$10.01
1/2 Hawaiian$11.02
1/2 Sourdough$7.51
1/2 Silver Dollar$7.31
1/2 Gluten Free$8.82
1/2 Gluten Free Fresh Fruit$13.34

Lunch Items - Available Every Day

Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato$11.37
Grilled Cheese$8.74


Bread choices : rye, wheat, white, bun your choice of : home potatoes ( 320 cal ), fries ( 430 cal ), or grits ( 115-230 cal ) sub fresh fruit ( 165-315 cal ) at a cost. All burgers are made with certified angus beef ( cab ). * consuming raw or undercooked foods such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, or may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Patty Melt$10.80


Farmer's Scramble$14.10
Santa Fe Scramble$14.10
Vegetarian Scramble$14.20

The Original Breakfast

Biscuits and Gravy$10.89
Chicken and Waffle$16.62

Popular Items


Southwest Specialties

Breakfast Burrito$11.52
Huevos Rancheros$12.84
Huevos con Papas$11.62
Breakfast Tacos$12.06

Fruits & Cereals

Mixed Fruit$7.31

Our Famous Oven Baked Omelettes

Plain Omelette$11.18
Egg White, Turkey Sausage, and Spinach Omelette$18.72

Breakfast Cereals

'''Lighter Side - Checkmate
Old Fashioned Oatmeal$6.61

Healthy Lifestyle

City Fit Trainer$10.18
City Fit Scramble$9.10


Waffle Sandwich$11.60

Breakfast House Specials

Apple Pancakes$13.12

Pancakes as You Like Them

2 X 4$10.16


Country Benedict$14.78
Hacienda Benedict$13.71
Classic Benedict$13.12

House Specialities

2 By 4$10.13

Egg Specialty Dishes

Avocado Toast with Crab$16.45
Crab Benedict$16.55
Southern Scrambler$15.15
Eggs Royale$15.52

Classic Egg Specials

Baja Benedict$14.87
Classic Breakfast$13.99
Joe Scrambler$13.82
Classic Eggs Benedict$17.03
Breakfast Sandwich$11.62
California Eggs Benedict$18.34
Minced Ham and Eggs$14.47
½ Biscuits and Gravy$12.51
Jalisco Burrito$16.42
Eggs Florentine$14.54

Egg Combination Meals

The Works$15.62
French Toast Works$15.25
Golden Waffle Works$15.14
Crepe Works$15.25

Fresh Fruit and Juices

Bowl of Fresh Strawberries$5.54
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Carafe$13.22
Bowl of Fresh Bananas$4.05


Strawberry Crepes$13.95
Cherry Kijafa Crepe$10.82
Cherry Kijafa$7.79
Chicken Crepes$13.44
Classic Shells Crepes$7.61
Peach Crepes$12.34
French Crepes$10.53
Cherry Kijafa Crepes$11.16
Blueberry Crepe$16.14
French Crepe$11.09
Nutella Crepes$14.00
Chicken Crepe$13.27
Texas Crepe$14.18
Continental Crepes$10.96
Mandarin Crepes$9.66
Coffee Maple Banana Crepe$8.14
Banana Chocolate Crepe$14.35
Spinach Crepe$13.92
Tahitian Maiden's Dream$11.07
Seasonal Berry Crepe$14.78
Classic Crepes$12.15
Apple Crepes$11.51
Fresh Fruit Crepes$13.30
Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Crepe$16.58
Savory Crepe Plate$16.08
Savory Crepes$11.26
Blintz Crepe$16.64
Nutella Crepe$11.60
Plain Crepes$8.51
Fresh Strawberry Crepe$12.36
Classic Shell Crepe$7.17
Shells Crepe$10.25
Apple Crepe$10.57
Banana Crepes$12.83
Fresh Strawberry Crepes$15.35
Fresh Fruit Crepe$13.67
Chocolate Crepes$14.14

The Original Specialty Pancakes

49er Flapjacks Pancake$14.66
Mini 49er Flapjacks$9.99

Eggs Benedict

Spinach Benedict$14.71


Club Deluxe Sandwich$12.64
Turkey Avocado Wrap$11.05
New York Reuben Sandwich$11.97
Reuben Sandwich$12.00
Chicken Salad Sandwich$7.92
Burger and Melt$10.65
Half and Half Combo$8.49
*Ham and Cheese Sandwich$11.96
Tuna Salad Sandwich$10.62
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$10.02

More Pancakes - A La Carte

Cornflake Crusted French Toast$12.17
Pigs in a Blanket$13.87


Western Cheddar Omelette$14.79
Western Omelette$15.54
Ham and Cheese Omelette$15.47
Spinach Omelette$14.64
Sausage and Pepper Jack Omelette$16.77
Fiesta Cheddar Omelette$15.70
Ham and Cheddar Omelette$13.40
Fresh Vegetarian Omelette$16.06
California Omelette$16.81
Bacon and Cheese Omelette$16.12
Bacon and Cheddar Omelette$14.34
Fluffy Omelette$13.08
Green Chili Omelette$15.24
Sausage and Cheddar Omelette$13.26
Veggie Omelette$14.83
Irish Omelette$15.81
Fresh Vegetarian$15.94
Jalapeno Omelette$14.68
Sausage and Cheese Omelette$15.89
Wasatch Omelette$17.28
Spinach, Cheddar, and Mushroom Omelette$13.93
Sweet Bell Pepper Omelette$17.12
Chorizo and Cheddar Omelette$13.78
Vegetarian Omelette$14.12
Chile Verde Omelette$15.79
Healthy Lifestyle Omelette$14.59
Mushroom Omelette$14.24
Mediterranean Omelette$14.51
Southwest Veggie Omelette$14.51
Bacon and White Cheddar Omelette$18.03
Cheese Omelette$12.40
Ranchero Omelette$15.64
Meat Lovers Omelette$16.50
Mushroom and Cheese Omelette$13.82
Greek Omelette$15.19

Waffles a la Carte

**A La Carte
Plain Waffle a la Carte$11.69
Bacon Waffle a la Carte$13.59
Apple Waffle a la Carte$13.19
Blueberry Waffle a la Carte$13.19

**Kid's Menu

**Kid's Menu
**Kid's Plate$9.14

The Original Pancakes

Banana Chocolate Pancake$15.64
Rainbow and Nutella Pancake$16.14
Buttermilk Pancake$10.98


Large Orange Juice$5.69
Regular Orange Juice$4.39
Decaf Coffee$3.79
Hot Tea$3.18
Cranberry Juice$3.37
Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit$5.76
Cold Brew Coffee$4.25
Hot Chocolate$3.53
Grapefruit Juice$3.78
Soft Drinks$3.35
Grape Juice$4.68
Apple Juice$3.37
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$5.09
Regular Grapefruit Juice$4.39
Tomato Juice$3.08
2% Milk$2.84
Infused Beverage$2.39
Large Apple Juice$4.66
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice$3.66
Soft Drink$3.24
Coffee - Regular$3.73
Warm Blueberry Syrup$0.50
Large Cranberry Juice$4.59
Bottled Water$2.83
Iced Tea$3.30
Large Milk$3.90
Chocolate Milk$3.35
Large Chocolate Milk$4.39
Orange Juice$4.81
Skim Milk$2.76
1 Liter Juice$14.51

Thick Sliced French Toast

Brioche French Toast$10.25


English Muffin$2.64
Sliced Bananas$4.54
Thick Sliced Canadian Bacon$6.49
Powdered Sugar & Lemon$3.05
Cottage Cheese$2.39
Frozen Strawberries$3.37
Warm Blueberry Compote$2.85
Old-Fashioned Oats$6.25
Turkey Links$6.09
Toasted English Muffin$2.95
Banana Pancake$9.50
Old Fashioned, Cured Ham$6.15
Specialty Syrups$1.50
Thick Sliced Bacon$6.81
Spanish Sauce$2.80
Corn Beef Hash$7.85
Farm Style Sausage$5.51
Imported Lingonberries$4.35


Honey Maple Ham$6.07
Turkey Bacon$5.27
Canadian Bacon$6.17
Link Sausage$6.54
Patty Sausage$6.28
Corned Beef Hash$10.02


Plain Brown Waffle$9.98
Strawberry Waffle$12.82
Golden Brown Waffle$9.74
Classic Waffle$7.33
Golden Waffle$11.80
Cinnamon Apple Waffle$12.71
Bacon Waffle$11.98
Georgia Pecan Waffle$13.58
Blueberry Waffle$12.03
Chocolate Chip Waffle$12.51
Fresh Fruit Waffle$14.05
Pecan Waffle$12.46
Belgian Waffle$10.87
Apple Waffle$12.56
Plain Waffle$11.32
Coconut Waffle$12.52
Fresh Strawberry Waffle$15.29


Georgia Peach Pancakes$13.00
Gluten Free$10.50
Potato Pancakes$11.92
Two By Four$10.75
Georgia Pecan Pancakes$11.52
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$11.28
49’Er Flapjacks$12.98
Our Famous 5 Day Buttermilk Pancake$7.71
Our Famous 5 Day Buttermilk Pancake - 1/2$7.07
Apple Pancake$14.57
49'er Flap Jacks$12.67
Silver Dollar Pancakes$9.26
Buttermilk Pancakes$9.96
Blueberry Pancake$11.03
Dutch Baby Pancake$11.66
Fresh Banana Pancake$9.68
Swedish Pancakes$12.16
Strawberry Pancake$13.17
Strawberry Pancakes$12.58
Chocolate Chip Pancake$11.34
Toasted Coconut Pancakes$12.50
Dollar Pancakes$9.35
Peanut Butter Pancakes$11.40
Banana Pancakes$10.79
Wheat Germ Pancakes$10.93
49er Flap Jacks Pancake$10.83
Sourdough Pancakes$12.43
Pecan Pancake$12.36
Coconut Pancakes$10.57
Chocolate Chip Pancake - 1/2$8.36
Swedish Pancake$10.54
Homemade Granola Pancakes$12.50
Hawaiian Pancakes$11.85
Pumpkin Pancakes$12.11
Buckwheat Pancake$9.24
49'ER Flapjacks$11.22
Blueberry Pancake - 1/2$8.36
Thick Cut Bacon Pancakes$14.27
Three Little Pigs in a blanket$11.04
Blueberry Pancakes$11.25
Buckwheat Pancakes$11.07
Pecan Pancake - 1/2$9.13
Cinnamon Raisin Pancakes$12.22
Roasted Georgia Pecan Pancakes$13.99
Three Little Pigs in Blankets$11.48
Strawberry Pancake - 1/2$9.39
Bacon Pancakes$11.45
Fresh Banana Pancake - 1/2$8.36
Pecan Pancakes$13.22
Three Pigs in a Blanket$12.70
Gluten Friendly Pancakes$9.82
49’er Flap Jacks$10.26
Ancient Grains Gluten Friendly Pancake$11.13
Fresh Strawberry Pancakes$11.62
Gluten Free Pancakes$11.62
The Small Plate$10.75
Ancient Grains Gluten Friendly Pancake - 1/2$8.36
Silver Dollar Buttermilk Pancakes$9.17

Favorite Add-ons

Homestyle Potatoes$4.02
Side of 3 Slices Bacon$6.93
Side Whipped Cream$2.15
Toast and Preserves$3.17
Side Ham$6.52
Down-Home Biscuits and Gravy$6.98
Side of 2 Sausage Patties$5.85
Side 2 Biscuits$4.00
Side Bacon$6.91
Side Gravy$2.23
Side Hollandaise Sauce$2.62

Breakfast Waffles

Chicken and Waffles$12.82

Sides & Fruit

Three Eggs$4.68
Motherload Hash Browns$6.32
One Egg$2.66
Large Fresh Fruit$7.51
Side Toast$3.27
Real Maple Syrup$3.35
Small Fresh Fruit$6.02
Side Sour Cream$1.86
Large Yogurt$4.99
Side Avocado$3.80
Side Peanut Butter$1.67
Side Beans$2.51
Side Bisc and Gravy$6.02
Side Biscuit$2.51
Side Cheddar Cheese$1.30
Side Chocolate Chips$1.30
Side Feta Cheese$2.51
Side Jalapenos$2.51
Side Macadamia Nuts$2.51
Side Nutella$3.52
Side Pecans$1.30
Side Grilled Peppers$2.51
Side Pepper Jack Cheese$1.30
Side Pico De Gallo$2.51
Side Sliced Tomatoes$2.51
Side Tortilla$2.51
Small Yogurt$2.51
Specialty Sauce$2.51
Specialty Syrup$1.30
Whole Banana$2.51

Oven Baked Omelettes

Our farm-style grade aa large eggs are baked until light and fluffy, filled with an abundance of the freshest ingredients to make your omelette a real treat. Served with a side of buttermilk pancakes.
Feta Spinach Omelette$17.06
Santa Fe Omelette$14.74

The Original Oven Baked Omelettes

Our farm-style grade aa large eggs are baked until light and fluffy, filled with an abundance of the freshest ingredients to make your omelette a real treat. Served with a side of buttermilk pancakes.
Chorizo Omelette$16.08

French Toast

1/2 French Toast$9.14
Strawberry French Toast$14.00
Classic Sourdough French Toast$8.60
French Toast Combo$10.75
Small Portion of Strawberry French Toast$9.94
Croissant Cinnamon Nut French Toast$12.65
Two by Two French Toast$12.52
Cinnamon Nut French Toast$12.34
Cinnamon Apple French Toast$13.00
Banana Brown Sugar French Toast$14.90
Cinnamon Almond French Toast$9.95
Fruit Lover French Toast$17.64
Sourdough French Toast$11.41
French Toast$11.77

Signature Meats

Side Corned Beef Hash$8.41
Side Chicken Breast$7.51

Light Side

Granola Bowl$9.79
Veggie Scramble$11.07
Fiesta Bowl$11.22
Egg Whites$4.64

Junior Menu

Kid's Grilled Cheese Sandwich$5.99

Kids Menu

Kids Happy Face Pancakes$7.51
Kids Waffle$7.88
Kids Pig In A Blanket$7.51
Junior Plate$10.72
Kids French Toast$7.62

House Sides

Hash Browns$4.48
Loaded Potatoes$5.27
Sausage Links$5.07
Home Fries$3.85
Sausage Patties$5.23
Whipped Cream$2.41

Sandwiches, Wraps, and Burgers

Turkey Wrap$13.13
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwich$9.09
Club Sandwich$15.60
Classic BLT Sandwich$11.00


Fresh Half Grapefruit$3.75

Meats & Side Orders

Homemade Corned Beef Hash$9.82

Meats and Sides

Two Eggs$4.36
Sugar Cured Hickory Smoked Ham$5.79
Turkey Sausage$6.48
Grilled Chicken Breast$10.22

Sandwiches, Wraps & Meats- Weekend

Grilled Chicken Club - Online$19.99
Juicy Grilled Chicken - Online$22.49

Juices and Beverages

Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice$4.61
Pure Apple Juice no Additives$3.74
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice$3.77
Welchs Grape Juice$3.77
Coke Products$3.13
Sweet Tea$3.44

Soups and Salads

Cobb Salad$8.93

Gluten Free Healthy Choice

Gluten Free Pancake$11.74
Gluten Free Belgian Waffle$13.49


Harvest Spinach Salad$8.16
House Salad$9.54
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Les Highet and Erma Hueneke founded the Original Pancake House in 1953 in Portland, Oregon. Higlet and Hueneke gather the restaurant’s recipes from their travels around the world. During their early beginnings, TOPC was just a small breakfast place among locals but its popularity quickly spread. The partners then decided its time to franchise their brand and recipes. Since then, Americans have known them to be a place where you can eat delicious pancakes and other breakfast items made from the finest and freshest ingredients, offered at a reasonable cost.

What They’re Known For?

The Original Pancake House is known for their variety of breakfast menu made on from the finest ingredients such as 93 score butter, pure 36% whipping cream, fresh grade AA chicken eggs and hard wheat unbleached flour. Here are some of the dishes that made TOPH a national favorite:

  • Apple Pancake – this all-time favorite is made of oven baked made-from-scratch pancake batter filled with Granny Smith apples, and smothered with Sinkiang cinnamon glaze.
  • Dutch Baby – Dutch style pancake made of their signature pancake batter, oven baked to puffy and fluffy perfection, topped with powdered sugar, and served with fresh butter and lemon wedges.
  • The Tahitian’s Maiden Dream – luscious crepe filled with fresh bananas tempered with triple sec, brandy and sherry, and the mixed with sour cream, topped with diced bananas in apricot sauce.
  • Strawberry Waffle – their signature waffle made to golden brown perfection, lightly dusted with powdered sugar, and topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
  • Fresh Vegetarian Omelette – tasty and fluffy omelette made from fresh eggs, filled with fresh broccoli and tomatoes, mushrooms and aged cheddar cheese.

Why Eat at The Original Pancake House?

If you are one of the many people who love eating breakfast foods anytime of the day, then I’m pretty sure you are going to love The Original Pancake House. This place is like a dream come true to breakfast foods lovers. They offer one of the best in the world pancakes and other breakfast dishes. The Original Pancake House prices are also very reasonably priced. Their locations have a homey and cozy feel and they have wonderful and friendly staff.

To learn more about Original Pancake House or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.originalpancakehouse.com.

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Original Pancake House FAQ

How much is Original Pancake House's Blue Moon Burger?

Blue Moon Burger – $10.11

How much is a Kid's Waffle at Original Pancake House?

Kid’s Waffle – $6.12

How much are Fresh Pecan Pancakes at Original Pancake House?

Fresh Pecan Pancakes – $11.95

How much does a Original Pancake House's Breakfast Combo Cost?

Breakfast Combo – $8.79

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