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Diners willingly pay for the Mongolian BBQ prices because each meal is certainly healthier than fast-food meals, largely thanks to the vegetables, seafood, and brown rice choices. Mongolian barbecue obviously refers to the stir-fried dishes wherein neat and vegetables are cooked on large iron griddles at high temperatures.

Below are the latest Mongolian BBQ menu prices.

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In 1992, Billy “BD” Downs opened the first BD’s Mongolian Grill. Since then, he has opened several locations in 11 states in the United States mostly in the northern Midwest as well as in two other countries including Mongolia. As of February 2015, the chain operated 28 locations.

What It’s Famous For

BD’s Mongolian Grill, an American restaurant chain, specializes in stir-fry meals prepared by patrons and cooked by its chefs, known as grillers. The grillers use 3-foot metal sword-like tools to cook the diners’ chosen ingredients on an 8-foot gas flat-top grill with temperatures reaching 300°C.

Why Eat Here

Every BD’s Mongolian Grill is a must-visit place for one of the best Mongolian barbecue experiences, especially when you want to compare several restaurants in the niche. You have thousands of possible combinations, thanks to the wide selection of vegetables, seafood from fish to shrimp, meats from chicken to pork and beef, and rice varieties, as well as herbs, seasonings, and spices. You can either experiment with new tastes, flavors, and textures or stick to classic favorites, as recommended by your family and friends.

You also have the option of getting the unlimited bowls at an extra cost, which is well worth the price considering that you can bring home the remainders in a to-go box. On your table, you have the choice of either a brown rice or a white rice for your stir-fry dish; for a healthier dish, choose the brown rice although the calorie, fats, and sodium levels of your dish will also depend on the type and amount of the other ingredients.

Be sure to check the ingredients on your stir-fry as you may add allergens, such as peanuts into your bowl. You should also go easy on the seasonings and spices although the grillers and servers will usually provide helpful hints about the ingredients.

You will be delighted to know that the servers are friendly, courteous, and efficient – keeping your glasses filled with water, replenishing your rice supply, and asking about your requests for other ingredients, among others. You can even order from the bar for refreshing drinks without getting up from your chair and leaving the delicious bowl of stir-fried goodness.

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