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Many restaurants offer dishes and desserts that are made from non-organic, artificial, and genetically modified organisms (GMO) ingredients, among other suspicious ingredients. While the foods may be delicious and nutritious, in fairness, these may not be according to the standards of an increasingly health-conscious and environment-conscious populace.

This is where the likes of Luna Grill come in! The fast casual restaurant chain, which has several restaurants in Southern California and Texas, offers its diners real food and healthy options cooked to order. The use of non-organic, non-natural, and GMO ingredients are limited, if not 100% eliminated, from the dishes and desserts.

Below are the latest Luna Grill menu prices.

Item Price


Family Meal for 6 $65.00
Family Meal for 4 $45.00

Popular Items

Mediterranean Salad $10.19
Kids Chicken Kabob $6.50
Chicken Kabob Plate $12.69
Flat Cut Chicken Kabob Plate $13.43
Bistro Filet Kabob Plate $15.20
Chicken Kabob & Ground Sirloin Kabob Plate $15.95
Gyro Meat Plate $12.75
Bistro Filet Beef Kabob Plate $15.00
Kids' Chicken Kabob $6.50
Organic Hummus $5.00
Gyro Pita Wrap $9.42
Organic Original Hummus $4.99
Grilled Salmon Plate $15.25
Gyros Wrap $10.49
Chicken Kabob & Gyros Plate $15.95

Top Menu Items

Flat-Cut Chicken Kabob Plate $13.25

Apps & Sides

Sampler Platter $10.89
Feta Chips $5.25
Lentil Vegetarian Soup $5.00
Feta Fries $5.25
Lemon Chicken Soup $5.00
Lentil Soup $5.02
Spicy Hummus $4.99
Quinoa Tabouleh $5.25
Roasted Serrano Peppers $2.98
Spicy Feta Dip $5.50
Simply Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries $5.25
Spicy Yogurt Dip $4.99
Side of 1.5 oz. Spicy Hummus $1.00
Side of 1.5 oz. Spicy Feta $1.00
Side of Spicy Hummus $1.00
Side of 1.5 oz. Organic Original Hummus $1.00
Side of Spicy Feta $1.00
Side of Cucumber Yogurt Dip $1.00
Side of Organic Original Hummus $1.00
Side of Multigrain Lavash $1.00

Gourmet Salads

Chopped Arugula Salad $10.50

Signature Plates

Ground Sirloin Kabob Plate $12.69
Chicken Kabob and Ground Sirloin Kabob Plate $15.95
Falafel Plate $12.32
Halal Lamb Kabob Plate $15.99
Norwegian Kosher Salmon Plate $15.25
Veggie Kabob Plate $11.36
Gyros Plate $12.55
Cornish Hen on the Bone Plate $15.25
Seasonal Fish Plate $15.25
Norwegian Salmon Plate $15.25
Chicken Kabob & Gyro Meat Plate $15.95
Chicken Kabob and Gyros Plate $15.95


Loaded Fries $6.95
Dip Trio $8.14
Simply Seasoned Fries $4.40
Falafel $4.89
Seasonal Soup $5.50
Spicy Tzatziki $5.00
Tzatziki $5.00
Stuffed Grape Leaves $4.25
Lunatic Sampler $11.04
Spicy Feta $5.60

Sides & Sauces

Side of Rice $2.06
Side House Salad $3.00
Side Greek Cabbage Salad $3.00
Side of Pita $1.00
Side Multigrain Lavash $1.00
Side Modern Greek Salad $4.49


Kale Yeah! Salad $10.23
Modern Greek Salad $10.07
Apple Walnut Salad $10.19
House Salad $7.92

Wraps & More

Gyros Quesadilla $10.52
Chicken Wrap $10.50
Market Wrap $10.99
Falafel Wrap $10.49

Pita Wraps

Chicken Pita Wrap $9.48
Chipotle Chicken Pita Wrap $9.42
Falafel Pita Wrap $9.48
Ground Sirloin Pita Wrap $9.39

Wraps and More

Grass Fed Burger $10.99
Chipotle Chicken Wrap $10.49
Ground Sirloin Wrap $10.54


Mediterranean Melt $10.55
Beyond Burger $12.67

Kids (Ages 10 and Under)

Kid's Chicken Kabob $6.50
Kid's Cheese Quesadilla $6.50
Kid's Gyros $6.50
Kid's Burger $6.50


Kids' Gyros $6.50
Kids' Cheese Quesadilla $6.50
Kids' Burger $6.50


Santorini Chicken Bowl $9.50
Santorini Veggie Bowl $9.50
El Greco Bowl $10.68
Better Beet Bowl $9.18

Party Packs

Kabob Party Pack $36.99


Kids Gyro Meat $6.50
Kids Grass-Fed Cheeseburger $6.50
Kids Pita Melt $6.26

A La Carte

Veggie Kabob A La Carte $7.53
Chicken Kabob $7.70
Chicken Kabob A La Carte $7.53
Flat Cut Chicken Kabob $8.70
Gyro Meat $7.70
Gyros A La Carte $7.50
Gyros Meat A La Carte $7.50
Ground Sirloin Kabob A La Carte $7.53
Ground Sirloin Kabob $7.70
Flat Cut Chicken Kabob A La Carte $8.91
Flat-Cut Chicken Kabob A La Carte $8.99
Bistro Filet Kabob $10.60
Grilled Salmon $11.43
Halal Lamb Kabob $11.00
Bistro Filet Beef Kabob A La Carte $10.40
Halal Lamb Kabob A La Carte $11.00
Veggie Kabob $7.75
Norwegian Salmon A La Carte $11.00
Seasonal Fish A La Carte $10.50
Cornish Hen A La Carte $11.00


Coke Can $2.00
Diet Coke Can $2.00
Sprite Can $2.00
Bottled Spring Water $2.50
S. Pellegrino Can $2.50
S. Pellegrino $2.50
Watermelon Hint $3.00


Baklava $2.25
Choclava $2.25
Dark Chocolate Souffle Cookie Sandwich $2.25
Chocolava $2.25
Chocolate Souffle Cookie Sandwich $2.25
Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwich $2.25
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Sean and Maria Pourteymour, a husband-and-wife team, founded Luna Grill in San Diego, California in 2004. Their mission: To provide families with healthy dining out options.

What They’re Famous For

The Luna Grill chain of fast casual restaurants has a REAL certification. REAL – Real, Epicurean, Agricultural, Leadership – in an organization that works with the United States Healthful Food Council in the promotion of healthier sourcing and dining options for the public, as well as in making these healthier options as the norm instead of being the exception. The REAL certification then signifies that the Luna Grill restaurants only serve healthy dishes made with ingredients sourced from sustainable sources.

What exactly does it mean for the chain? At its core, the chain only serves food made from non-GMO ingredients from the oils to the salmon, lamb and rice. Diners have the assurance that the food they eat at a Luna Grill restaurant is as real as it can get – no artificial ingredients, no GMO, and no preservatives!

Why Eat Here

Before getting into a Luna Grill restaurant, first-time diners can download the Luna Grill app so that they can avail of the free appetizers. The freebies can the amazing orange feta or the garlic hummus, among other choices.

Each Luna Grill restaurant is a Mediterranean-style eatery with spacious dining areas, as well as a choice between large round tables and roomy booths. Most of the diners come in groups, large and small, while a few come as couples so there’s always a lively vibe most hours of the day.

Due to its fast casual concept, the chic and cool décor comes as a pleasant surprise. The bright interiors complement the airy feel so dining out here is always an enjoyable experience.  The casual vibe is reinforced by the presence of several children enjoying their kid-friendly food and drinks while the average noise level means normal conversations (i.e., no shouting) can still be made.

You and the other diners typically line up at the register where you can place your orders. You can get your drinks from the cooler and pay for your orders, too, before getting your number. You will then proceed to your table and wait for your order to be brought by a server.

The menu displays all of the food and drinks available, as well as their nutritional information (e.g., calories) so there’s no second-guessing what nutrients are getting into your body. There are also vegan dishes, which are clearly labeled for the diners’ benefit.

The beauty of eating in a Luna Grill restaurant is that diners can order several varieties of the delicious wraps and kabobs, usually without worrying too much about caloric intake. The sides, such as the Greek salad, tabouli, and hummus, are all amazing because of their fresh quality and tasty flavors. The lentil soup is just as your grandmother made them while the quesadillas, which are made of melted cheese on multigrain flatbread, are must-haves on your plate and palate.

Even the French fries, which are traditionally considered junk food in the restaurant industry, comes with sliced cucumbers! The plate packages satisfy even the biggest appetite, thanks to their sizable portions, while also providing diners with great-tasting dishes, such as the chicken kabob and the kobedeh kabob plates.  The basmati rice is fluffy so it’s also a bestselling item on the menu.

As for the drinks, there are also the usual suspects like juices and sodas. But for the adults who like pairing alcoholic beverages with their Mediterranean fare, there’s beer and wine on the bar. Be careful about your alcohol consumption in a kid-friendly place like Luna Grill, nonetheless, not to mention that beer and wine are meant to complement the food, not drown them out.

Come in your casual attire although you will also see many people in their Sunday best and business attire. You can also take your dog along with your family and friends. You also have the choice between indoor and outdoor seating, such as outdoor seating when you have your beloved pooch along for the ride.

As for entertainment, you can watch the shows on television and surf the Internet using the restaurant’s free Wi-Fi access. But when you have stimulating conversations and savory food in front of you, why do you need these entertainment options anyway?

To learn more about Luna Grill or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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