Cava Grill Prices: How much is Cava Grill?

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The Mediterranean diet has been proven among the healthiest diets because of its emphasis on more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and less on salt, sugar and fats.  Indeed, health experts agree that it’s the best diet for people who want to maintain a healthy mind and body, as well as for people on a weight loss program. But there are too few restaurants that offer truly healthy Mediterranean dishes and desserts so many people are stuck with inferior ones. Below are the latest Cava Grill menu prices.


Build a Meal

Greens + Grains Bowl (Chicken)$9.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Falafel)$9.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Grilled Meatballs)$9.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Braised Lamb)$11.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Braised Beef)$11.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Spicy Lamb Meatballs)$11.12
Greens + Grains Bowl (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables)$9.37
Grain Bowl (Chicken)$9.37
Grain Bowl (Falafel)$9.37
Grain Bowl (Grilled Meatballs)$9.37
Grain Bowl (Braised Lamb)$11.37
Grain Bowl (Braised Beef)$11.37
Grain Bowl (Spicy Lamb Meatballs)$11.12
Grain Bowl (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables)$9.37
Salad (Chicken)$9.37
Salad (Falafel)$9.37
Salad (Grilled Meatballs)$9.37
Salad (Braised Lamb)$11.37
Salad (Braised Beef)$11.37
Salad (Spicy Lamb Meatballs)$11.12
Salad (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables)$9.37
Pita (Chicken)$8.75
Pita (Falafel)$8.75
Pita (Grilled Meatballs)$8.75
Pita (Braised Lamb)$10.75
Pita (Braised Beef)$10.75
Pita (Spicy Lamb Meatballs)$10.50
Pita (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables)$8.75
Mini Pitas (Chicken)$8.75
Mini Pitas (Falafel)$8.75
Mini Pitas (Grilled Meatballs)$8.75
Mini Pitas (Braised Lamb)$10.75
Mini Pitas (Braised Beef)$10.75
Mini Pitas (Spicy Lamb Meatballs)$10.50
Mini Pitas (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables)$8.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Chicken)$8.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Falafel)$8.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Grilled Meatballs)$8.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Braised Lamb)$10.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Braised Beef)$10.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Spicy Lamb Meatballs)$10.50
Mini Pita + Soup (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables)$8.75
Kid's Mini Pita (Chicken)$6.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Falafel)$6.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Grilled Meatballs)$6.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Braised Lamb)$8.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Braised Beef)$8.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Spicy Lamb Meatballs)$8.00
Kid's Mini Pita (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables)$6.25


Pick three of your favorite dips + chips$7.50
Side Dip$0.00
Side Pita$1.57
Spicy Lentil Soup$3.97
Pita Chips$1.57
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.75


Seasonal Juices & Teas (Small)$2.50
Seasonal Juices & Teas (Large)$2.95
Fountain Soda (Small)$2.50
Fountain Soda (Large)$2.95
Sparkling San Pellegrino Water$2.50
Panna Water (Bottle)$2.50
Kid's Milk (Milk or Chocolate Milk)$2.15
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About Cava Grill

Until Cava Grill came along, of course! Cava Grill is a product of its creators’ passion for sharing their love of Mediterranean cuisine in particular and Greek culture in general. Such is the rising popularity of its concept that big-time investors, such as AOL’s Steve Case, have placed their stakes on it.


In 2006, Ike Grigoropoulos, Ted Xenohristos, and Dimitri Moshovitis opened Cava Mezze, a full-service restaurant, in Washington D.C. Their goal: To share with their target customers their modern take on the classic Greek food of their childhood.

Cava Mezze evoked the classic Greek mezze, or small plate, dining style. The restaurant and its concept became an instant success with accolades from the likes of Zagat and Washington Post, as well as from their customers.

In 2011, the trio opened the Cava Grill, a fast casual restaurant along the lines of Cava Mezze but with a difference – a Cava Mezze restaurant can serve 100-150 diners a day while in a Cava Grill restaurant, as many as a thousand customers can enjoy the great food, affordable prices, and fast service.

According to its management, the cities where Cava Grill restaurants are found are known for their health-conscious population and for their capacity to accommodate more restaurants without worrying about saturation.

What They’re Famous For

The Cava Grill chain is well-loved by their customers for its Greek- and Mediterranean-inspired menu including lamb dishes, hummus, and tzatziki. The ingredients are all sourced from local growers and producers, thus, ensuring that the dishes and desserts have a fresh quality to them.

Why Eat Here

Every Cava Grill restaurant allows its diners to be as health-conscious in their food as they want yet still enjoy the delightful flavors of Mediterranean cuisine at reasonable prices. During the lunchtime hours, people will line up for the bowls of fresh Mediterranean- and Greek-inspired dishes that they order at the counter. Think Chipotle but with a Mediterranean flair and food and you get the idea.

Start with the vegetables, such as leafy greens, tomatoes, and zucchinis, and with grains for the base. Go for the lentils, if you’re on a vegan diet, or add double portions of meat, if you’re a meat lover, before adding generous doses of sriracha dressing. Look at the selection of toppings and sauces so that you will always have something new to try while at Cava Grill.

Additional veggies on your bowl are also free of charge so you not only get better value for your money but, more importantly, you also get more nutrients. The dips and spreads are to die-for as well, especially when you’re a fan of Greek cuisine. The bestsellers are the Crazy Feta with its imported Greek feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, onions, and jalapeno peppers; the Harissa, a North African condiment with Greek inspiration through its red pepper and stewed tomatoes ingredients; and the Spicy Hummus, a blend of Harissa and Cava’s signature Traditional Hummus. The Tzatziki is also a must-have with its Greek yogurt, fresh dill, shredded cucumber, kosher salt, and garlic.

The full-service Cava Mezze restaurants and the fast casual the Cava Grill restaurants share the same techniques, too, such as cooking with fire and pan roasting. For this reason, the quality of the food are similar but in case of the latter, the diners’ meals are served within 10 minutes or less.  The prices are slightly different obviously because of the differences in their target market.

As a fast casual restaurant chain, the Cava Grill restaurants doesn’t take reservations – just go into the restaurant of your choice and find your table. All of them, however, accept take-out orders although delivery and catering services are limited, if these are available at all.

When it comes to payment, Cava grill makes it so easy for its diners to pay for their meals. Most of the restaurants accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay while all of them accept cash payments.

Many of them also have parking garages and bike parking facilities so bringing your family and friends for a great meal to the restaurants is convenient. Every Cava Grill is also kid- and group-friendly, thanks partly to the casual dress code and ambiance, and to the absence of alcoholic beverages.

While there are no television sets on the walls – the Cava Grill isn’t a sports bar and restaurant – many of the locations offer free Wi-Fi access.

To learn more about Cava Grill or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Cava Grill FAQ

How much is Cava Grill's Greens + Grains Bowl (Chicken)?

Greens + Grains Bowl (Chicken) – $9.37

How much is a Grain Bowl (Grilled Meatballs) at Cava Grill?

Grain Bowl (Grilled Meatballs) – $9.37

How much are Salad (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) at Cava Grill?

Salad (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) – $11.12

How much does a Cava Grill's Mini Pitas (Falafel) Cost?

Mini Pitas (Falafel) – $8.75

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