Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh Prices: How much is Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh?

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Mediterranean cuisine is undoubtedly among the healthiest in the world, as well as the most sophisticated in terms of preparation and presentation. But there’s also a strong sense of simplicity about it that makes its dishes and desserts a favorite even in American homes – and that’s exactly what the chain of Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh restaurants capitalizes on. By tapping into the love for Mediterranean food in the United States, the chain has maintained its strong foothold on the market. Below are the latest Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh menu prices.


Popular Items

Falafel Pita$8.36


Chicken Plate$12.85
Steak Plate$14.08
Gyro Meat Plate$13.39
Falafel Plate$12.54
Portobello Plate$12.82

Family Meals

Serves 4
Garbanzo Family Meal$64.52
Garbanzo Deluxe Family Meal$76.28


Chicken Pita$9.11
Steak Pita$9.73
Gyro Meat Pita$9.50
Portobello Pita$9.12

Stuffed Pita

Chicken Stuffed Pita$11.63
Falafel Stuffed Pita$11.52
Steak Stuffed Pita$13.45
Portobello Stuffed Pita$11.57
Gyro Meat Stuffed Pita$12.17


Chicken Salad$12.90
Steak Salad$14.16
Gyro Meat Salad$13.43
Falafel Salad$12.69
Portobello Salad$12.77

Traditional Gyro

Traditional Gyro$12.21




Medium Drink$2.84
Bottled Water$2.49
Iced Tea$2.37
Chocolate Milk$2.42
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$3.47

Kids Meal

Grilled Cheese Pita$6.87
Kids Chicken Bowl$6.95
Kids Steak Bowl$6.88
Kids Falafel Bowl$6.95
Kids Veggie Bowl$6.95
Kids Mushroom Bowl$5.86
Kids Gyro Bowl$6.97
Kids Chicken Pita$7.00
Kids Steak Pita$6.87
Kids Falafel Pita$6.95
Kids Veggie Pita$7.00
Kids Mushroom Pita$5.87
Kids Gyro Pita$6.97


Chicken Bowl$14.14
Falafel Bowl$14.24
Gyro Meat Bowl$14.82
Steak Bowl$16.48
Portobello Bowl$14.26


Garbanzo Fries$2.48
Signature Fries Regular$3.13
Housemade Chips$2.51
Signature Fries Shareable$5.47
Traditional Hummus + Pitas$4.64
Signature Chips Regular$2.92
Signature Chips Shareable$5.09
Extra Sauce$1.03
Gluten Free Pita$3.48


Hummus and Pita$4.57
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About Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

The Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh prices aren’t exactly in the fast-food level but therein lies its appeal. By offering freshly-prepared, made-from-scratch authentic Mediterranean dishes, the chain justifies its relatively upscale prices. The dishes and desserts, furthermore, are serious, in a manner of speaking, with the likes of falafel, hummus, pita, tabbouleh, and baba ganoush taking center stage.


Established in 2008, the Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh chain currently has 26 restaurants.

What They’re Famous For

Every Garbanzo restaurant offers a wide range of Mediterranean dishes that according to its Chief Executive Officer, may have been served during ancient biblical and Roman times- and perhaps it was considering that the cuisine dates back thousands of years. There are, of course, modern ingredients used in these dishes but their authentic flavors remain.

The dishes served here also accommodate different diets – Paleo, low carbohydrate, vegetarian, and vegan. The pitas are baked in-house daily with the simplest ingredients – flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar. The meat proteins, particularly chicken and beef, are free of hormones and antibiotics, as well as marinated for 24 hours before being cooked. The meats and vegetables are also hand-cut for freshness.

Why Eat Here

As soon as you enter a Garbanzo restaurant, the first thing you will observe is that the décor’s elements are excellent representations of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. These elements include textured materials, customized shelving, and wood tones with multiple shades of blue, as well as a few chosen pieces of food photography with the chain’s brand messages (e.g., Simple Tastes Better) on the walls. The wall décor, nonetheless, is minimalistic and the floor tiles have the warmth of wood – truly, a place where the emphasis is on getting the customers to relax and enjoy their food.

There are several seating options, too, so everybody from couples to small and large groups will have a choice. The wooden benches and metal-famed chairs are paired with hardwood tables while high-top tables are also available. The upholstered patterned booths provide a certain amount of privacy for couples and groups while the seats in the patio are a good place for people watching.

The open seating design complements the open kitchen, too. All the preparatory work as well as the cooking and baking happen under the customers’ watchful eyes and, thus, they know that their dishes and desserts are prepared according to high standards.

Even the pita-making station is on display; guests can sit on the nearby benches and watch the chefs make the bread. This is also the first stop of building your own food, if you’re ordering a pita.

There are three other menu options aside from pita – salad, wrap, and plate. Diners choose from among these four options and walk down the line to choose proteins, vegetables and other ingredients. The proteins are in round bowls, which are more appealing to diners and easier for the crew members to scoop.

The cold table has several types of hummus and then the falafel station with fried falafels, which are kept warm and crisp by a device that blows hot air across the; it’s known as the falafel dump. Then the vegetable display contains typical Mediterranean vegetables like red cabbage, cucumber, and tabbouleh, among others.

The protein table is laden with grilled steak and grilled chicken, which are placed on customized 9-inch round pans. The last station is the topping and sauce station where diners choose their preferred sauce to cap their salad, wrap or pita. The selections include tzatziki, cilantro, red chili sauce, garlic sauce, Greek vinaigrette, tahini, and feta cheese.

The ingredients are kept warm or cold, as needed, because these are concentrated in a few spots; the absence of dead spots is among the innovative ways that Garbanzo restaurants hold its customers’ interest.  To keep the proteins warm, steam and induction technology are used.

There are also several sides, such as fries and chips, as well as desserts like baklava, fresh-baked cookies, and fresh apples.  For drinks, the selections include soda, organic iced tea, water, lemonade, cold pressed juices, organic milk, and sparkling water.

The crew members are friendly, especially in helping new customers become more familiar with the ingredients in the food stations and the dishes on the menu. They are also fast on their feet so you can get your orders within a few minutes after choosing your preferred ingredients.

The facilities and amenities are clean, if not pristine. This is, indeed, a chain that takes pride not just in its food but in its appearance!

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Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh FAQ

How much is Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh's Housemade Garbanzo Chips?

Housemade Garbanzo Chips – $2.59

How much is a Kids Mushroom Bowl at Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh?

Kids Mushroom Bowl – $5.71

How much are San Pellegrino Sparkling Water at Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh?

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water – $3.43

How much does a Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh's Chocolate Milk Cost?

Chocolate Milk – $1.96

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