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Did you know that tea is actually the second most consumed beverage in the world? Water beats out tea but it’s understandable considering that the latter isn’t available in all parts of the globe. Tea has been consumed for centuries, too, and its enduring popularity is a combination of its mellower taste in comparison with coffee and its numerous health benefits.

Argo Tea is among the chains of tea-centric shops that make tea even more popular in the 21st century. In most ways, it’s also among the most successful in introducing tea to new consumers and in reinventing tea in innovative ways that bring back the old-timers.

Below are the latest Argo Tea menu prices.

Item Price

Seasonal Specials

Jasmine Teamosa $5.25
Pumpkin Spice Muffin $3.05
Pumpkin Spice Bubble Tea $4.38
Yuzu Darjeeling Cold Brew $5.25
Green Tea White Jasmine $3.25
Hazelnut Chai $3.05
Creamy Iced Coffee $5.02
White Peach Tea $2.94
Pulled Pork Kimchi Slider $2.72
Mango Ginger Tea Bite $2.79
Tamarind Thai Iced Tea $4.85
Mango Mateccino SmooTea $4.85
White Tea Mango Bubble Tea $5.15
White FrosTea Chocolate $5.02

Signature Drinks

Carolina Honey $4.42
Hibiscus Apple Cider $4.38
Green Tea Ginger Twist $4.44
Chai $4.42
Earl Grey Vanilla Creme $4.39
Chocolate Mint $4.10
Mate Late $4.21
Matcha Vanilla Latte $4.44
Teappuccino Build Your Own $3.96
"Build Your Own" Teappuccino $3.88
Hibiscus Lemonade $4.52
MojiTea $4.42
"Build Your Own" Tea Sparkle $3.88
Hibiscus Tea Sangria $4.48
"Build Your Own" Tea Squeeze $3.88
Tea Sparkle Build Your Own $3.91
Tea Squeeze Build Your Own $3.94
Kombucha Green Tea Ginger Twist $4.19
Kombucha Hibiscus Cider $4.19
Kombucha MojiTea $4.19
Kombucha Build Your Own $4.19
Black Tea Coconut Bubble Tea $5.06
Green Tea Raspberry Bubble Tea $5.06
Bubble Tea Build Your Own $4.43

Lunch Favorites

Roasted Tomato & Spinach Panini $5.58
Chicken Pesto Panini $5.88
Turkey Apple Brie Panini $5.99
Italiano Slider $2.59

Tea Classics

Black Tea $2.96
Green Tea $2.96
Earl Grey Tea $2.60
Red Tea $2.74
Rooibos Goji Berry $3.10
White Tea $2.96
Armenian Mint Tea $2.60
Earl Grey $3.07
Fruit Sangria Tea $2.60
Hibiscus Apple Tea $2.55
Armenian Mint $3.07
Energize Black Tea $2.84
Ginger Peach $3.15
Hibiscus Apple $2.77
Spiced White Turmeric Tea $2.80
Toasted Cocoa Cinnamon Black Tea $3.19
Barista's Choice $3.15
Seasonal $3.45
Custom Cup $3.45

Coffee and Alternatives

Depth Charge $3.12
Cappuccino $3.78
Espresso Double Shot $2.50
Espresso Macchiato Double shot $2.50

Fresh Bakery

Spinach & Feta Bistro Savory $3.47
Chocolate Croissant $2.99
Oatmeal Cookie $2.44
Plain Croissant $2.97
Apricot Turnover $3.23
Parmesan Leek Bistro Savory $3.53
Bistro Savory-Leek Parmesan $3.51
Bistro Savory-Spinach and Feta $3.51
Banana Nut Muffin $3.03
Blueberry Muffin $3.03
Double Chocolate Muffin $3.08
Green Tea Muffin $3.03
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin $3.04
Raspberry Turnover $2.95
Caramel Brownie $3.52
Flax Seed Raw Bar $3.58
Bistro Savory - Leek Parmesan $3.42
Pomegranate Raw Bar $3.59
Bistro Savory - Spinach & Feta $3.42
Chia Blueberry Raw Bar $3.58
Apple Tart $4.75
Eclair-Matcha Vanilla $2.75
Eclair-Chocolate Walnut $2.75
Gluten-free Caramel Brownie $3.55
Blueberry Chia Raw Bar $3.54
Eclair-Espresso $2.75
Cinnamon Roll $3.28
Maple Pecan Danish $3.53
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.51
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $2.52
Chocolate Macaron $2.04
Pistachio Macaron $2.04
Raspberry Macaron $2.04
Vanilla Macaron $2.04
Cranberry Cinnamon Muffin $3.00

Tea Squeeze

Hibiscus Tea Squeeze $4.75

Breakfast Favorites

Roasted Ham & Swiss Sunrise Breakfast Panini $5.10
Sunrise Breakfast Panini Roasted Tomato $5.05
Roasted Tomato Sunrise Breakfast Panini $5.10
Smoked Ham Breakfast Panini $4.95
Sunrise Breakfast Panini Roasted Ham and Swiss $5.05
Mixed Berry Parfait $4.45
Green Tea Parfait $4.45
Strawberry Banana Parfait $4.45
Sunrise Breakfast Panini - Roasted Tomato $4.95
Chicken Double Egg Bite $4.03
Veggie Double Egg Bite $4.03

Coffee & Alternatives

Coffee of the Day $2.54
Espresso $2.00
Cold Press Coffee $3.40
Latte $4.01
Mocha $4.40
Perrier $2.25
Americano $2.62
Hot Chocolate $2.96
Bottled Water $1.95
Cup of Milk $2.75

Panini and Sliders

Roasted Tomato and Spinach Panini $4.61
Red Pepper, Chicken and Brie Panini $3.64
Smoked Turkey Panini $3.76
Turkey Apple Brie Slider $2.70
Chicken Pesto Slider $2.55
Italiano Brioche Slider $2.65
Veggie Breakfast Brioche Slider $2.55
Veggie Breakfast Slider $2.55
Half Panini and Salad $7.70


Chickpea Salad $5.51
Garden Lentil Salad $5.51

Panini & Sliders

Red Pepper Chicken Brie Slider $2.75
Combine any 2 Sliders $5.25
Combine any 3 Sliders $7.35
Pick Two Special $8.75
Smoked Turkey Slider $2.80

Seasonal Coffee

Ho Ho Mint Mocha $5.05
Pumpkin Latte Hot $4.15
Pumpkin Latte Iced $2.55
Reindeer Blend $2.44

Caribou Coffee

Drip Coffee $2.75
Cold Press $3.65
Espressso $2.75
Macchiato $2.38
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In June 2003, Arsen Avakian, Simon Simonian, and Daniel Lindwasser launched Argo Tea with the goal of making it the “Starbucks of tea”.  The first location was in Chicago, Illinois particularly in the Lincoln Park community area.

There are now several shops in the Argo Tea chain in the United States including in New York City, Boston, and St. Louis. The chain also sells its products in more than 3,000 grocery stores, a business model apparently modeled after Starbucks.

What They’re Known For

Obviously, Argo Tea is well-known for its wide range of tea-based signature drinks, which are served either hot or cold, as well as for its tea-related products from the loose leaf teas to the tea ware. Think of Argo Tea as the heaven for tea lovers, especially the millennials who want the modern versions of the ancient beverage.

Why Eat Here

If you’re a tea lover or you want to take a break from your coffee drinks, then you will find that Argo Tea is the best place to be! Here, you will find nearly everything that will satisfy your cravings for tea, from cups of hot tea sweetened by honey to bottles of cold flavored teas. You can order these beverages and choose whether to drink them inside the shop or take them out for future consumption.

The menu’s core offerings are the all-natural tea-based signature drinks, many of which are considered generally healthy and many are unique in their flavor combinations. Several of the drinks are also Americanized versions of national drinks from other countries, such as the mate of Uruguay and Argentina served as Maté Laté (maté with milk and almond).

Other examples include:

  • Green Tea Ginger Twist (ginger root and Japanese green tea)
  • MojiTea (lime juice and cool mint tea)
  • Apple Hibiscus (apple and hibiscus flavors)
  • White Tea Acai Squeeze (White tea, lemon juice, and acai)
  • Pomegranatea (Red tea, pomegranate juice, and cane sugar)
  • Charitea (Cherry hibiscus tea)
  • ChocoMint Tea (Tea, hot cocoa, and mint syrup)

Other choices include Hibiscus Steamer, Earl Grey Vanilla Crème Latte. The teappuccino is a must-have for its combo of black tea, steamed milk, and froth; in fact, it has been trademarked. Many of the specialty teas are sweetened or spiced, as well as blended with sparkling water, fruit juices, or milk.

The menu also features about three dozen types of loose leaf teas sourced from several countries abroad, such as Japan, China, and Sri Lanka. The loose leaf tea leaves are typically brewed and then served hot to customers, a great way to enjoy their compelling and calming flavors. Keep in mind that there are subtle differences in flavor between tea made from loose leaf tea and bagged tea but both provide the same health benefits.

The teas include black, green and white teas as well as natural herbal teas. These are used in the cold beverages, too, which not only affects the flavor of the resulting beverage but also its color.

Argo Tea isn’t just about the teas, too. Customers can also choose from fair trade-certified coffee although in limited variety. The addition of coffee is a nice way to add variety to your daily caffeine fix; tea also contains caffeine although in lower amounts than coffee.

The menu also features several baked goods and entrées. There are French quiches and tea-infused foods like Tea Bites, Teapot Grains, and Teanie Panini. Sandwiches and salads are also available for customers looking for generously-sized food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you don’t have an Argo Tea shop in your neighborhood, you can still enjoy its products. Just find a Whole Foods outlet – and there are thousands of them – and look for Argo Tea products in its shelves. The tea-centric chain sells its ready-to-drink bottled beverages in Whole Foods stores nationwide.

Like Starbucks, Argo Tea also sells dedicated products like tea ware and other accessories. These include tea cups and saucers, high-tech tea infusers, and tea pots, which can obviously be used at home for tea preparation.

Argo Tea’s goal of introducing tea to a new generation is becoming a reality! It also helps that the tea shops have a hip ambiance that draws in the young crowd, a fast and efficient customer service, and friendly staff that makes each visit such a pleasant experience.

To learn more about Argo Tea or to find a location near you, visit their website at