CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice menu prices.

Item Price

Seasonal Specials

Dragon Fruit Green Tea $10.55
Dragon Fruit Lemon Tea $10.55
Berry Party $10.07
Mango Pomelo Sago $10.20
Berry Lover $9.51
Berry Dream $11.40
Avocado Slush $9.00

New Series

Fresh Mango Green Tea $9.35
Fresh Mango Yakult $10.55
Mango Dream $10.55
Fresh Mango Slush $10.55
Fresh Lychee Ice Tea $10.55
Fresh Lychee Yakult $10.55

CoCo Recommended

Bubble Gaga Tea $9.60
Dragon Fruit Smoothie $10.55
Fresh Orange Yakult $9.64

Picked for you

Mango Yakult $8.80
Lychee Cherry Blossom Slush $11.40

Probiotic Series

Green Tea Yakult $8.80
Fresh Lemon Yakult $9.64

Honey Jelly Series

Dragon Passion Fruit Smoothie with Honey Jelly $10.55
Passionfruit Slush with Honey Jelly $9.60
Black Tea with Hone Jelly $8.10
Green Tea with Honey Jelly $8.09
Lemon Black Tea with Honey Jelly $9.30
Lemon Green Tea with Honey Jelly $9.30
Passionfruit Lemon with Honey Jelly $9.35


Pearl Milk Tea $6.28
Mango Green Tea $6.24
Taro Sago Milk Tea $6.65

Milk Tea

Pearl Roasted Milk Tea $6.60
Pudding Milk Tea $6.05
Grass Jelly Milk Tea $6.05
Two Ladies $6.05
Matcha Milk Tea $6.25
Panda Milk Tea $6.89
Three Guys $7.44
Roasted Milk Tea $6.25
Coco Milk Tea $5.50
Jasmine Milk Tea $6.25
Caramel Milk Tea $6.25

Cloud Macchiato Series

Black Tea on Cloud $8.37
Matcha Milk Tea on Cloud $9.30
Roasted Tea on Cloud $8.67
Green Tea on Cloud $8.34

Tea Latte

Black Tea Latte $6.16
Wintermelon Latte $6.38
Matcha Latte $6.38
Red Bean Matcha Latte $7.04


Coco Chocolate $6.25
Caramel Chocolate $6.60


Coco Tea $4.95
Roasted Tea $5.50

Fruit Tea

Passion Fruit $6.05
Bubble Gaga $7.70
Lemon Dunk $8.64
Honey Aloe Vera $6.60
Lemon Aloe Vera $6.60
Lemon Tea $6.60
Orange Green Tea $7.70
Apple and Passion Fruit Juice $8.25
Fresh Orange Green Tea $9.02
Wintermelon Juice $6.05


Green Tea Yoghurt $7.70
Mango Yoghurt $7.70
Lemon Yoghurt $8.25
Orange Yoghurt $8.25
Apple Yoghurt $8.25

Slush and Smoothie

Taro Slush $7.35
Mango Slush $7.15
Passionfruit and Mango Slush $7.15
Chocolate Slush $7.15
Matcha Smoothie $7.91
Mango Smoothie $7.70
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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice FAQ

How much is CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice's Purple Rice Soymilk?

Purple Rice Soymilk – $7.80

How much is a Passionfruit Lemon with Honey Jelly at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice?

Passionfruit Lemon with Honey Jelly – $9.35

How much are Green Tea with Honey Jelly at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice?

Green Tea with Honey Jelly – $8.15

How much does a CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice's Fresh Orange Yakult Cost?

Fresh Orange Yakult – $9.36