Village Inn Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Village Inn menu prices.

Item Price

Homestyle Entrees

Smothered Chicken $16.32
1/2-lb. Chicken-Fried Steak $14.46
Chopped Steak $16.36
Chicken Tenders Dinner $14.49

Seasonal Features

Strawberry Cheesecake Crêpe Combo $15.94
Sausage and Cheese Crêpe Combo $14.91
Chicken Cordon Bleu Crêpe Combo $15.92
Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Crêpe $5.32
Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Crêpe Combo $14.12
Strawberry Cheesecake Crêpe $5.79
Sausage and Cheese Crêpe $6.12
Chicken Cordon Bleu Crêpe $6.37

Top Menu Items

Ultimate Skillet $13.16
INN-Credible V.I.B. $9.78

Classic Breakfasts

Bacon & Eggs $11.70
Classic Eggs Benedict $11.08
Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs $12.80
Smothered Breakfast Burrito $12.43
Link Sausage & Eggs $10.68
Sausage & Eggs $10.58
Biscuits & Gravy with Eggs $11.57
Tres Huevos Rancheros $11.07
Country Sausage & Eggs $10.68
Bacon or Sausage and Eggs $11.55
Two House-Made Sausage Patties and Eggs* $11.95
2-2-2 Breakfast $9.77
Turkey Sausage & Eggs $11.87
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs $11.98
Ultimate Breakfast $13.01
Eggs Benedict* $14.04
Four Strips of Bacon and Eggs* $13.09
Top Sirloin & Eggs $13.24
1/2 lb. Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs $13.75
Four Sausage Links and Eggs* $13.47
6 oz. Top Sirloin and Eggs* $16.65
Ham Steak and Eggs* $15.49
Huevos Rancheros $14.02

INN-Credible V.I.B.

Create your own Village Inn Breakfast.
V.I.B. $11.84

Whole Pies & Cakes

Enjoy some of your favorite whole pies & cakes.
Whole Coconut Cream Pie $19.00
Whole Lemon Supreme Pie $19.38
Whole Southern Pecan Pie $19.75
Whole New York-Style Cheesecake $39.08
Whole Cherry Pie $16.09
Whole Triple Berry Pie $17.07
Whole French Silk Pie $20.16
Whole Country Apple Pie $15.93
Whole Strawberry Rhubarb Pie $16.67
Whole Lemon Meringue Pie $18.92
Whole Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme Pie $20.08
Whole Peach Lattice Pie $16.77
Whole Banana Cream Pie $19.80
Whole Carrot Cake $62.03

Three-Egg Omelettes

Garden Veggie Omelette $11.82
Denver Omelette $12.36
Country Music Star Omelette $12.66
Create Your Own Omelette* $10.60
Tomato Florentine Omelette $13.76
Fresh Spinach & Bacon Omelette $12.96

Signature Skillets

Chicken-Fried Steak Skillet* $12.86
Garden Fresh Skillet $12.13
California Skillet $13.00
Rio Grande Skillet $13.32
Big Country Skillet $14.96

Satisfying Sandwiches

Marbled Rye Reuben $12.33
Chicken Ranch $12.27
Bacon Lover's BLT Sandwich $11.88
Classic French Dip $12.01
Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwich $11.74
Turkey Bacon Avocado Melt $12.61
Double Decker Club $12.28

Crush Burgers

Patty Melt $12.10
All-American Cheeseburger $11.51
All-World Double Cheeseburger $13.27

Griddle Favorites

Add: fruit toppings and whipped cream for an additional cost.
Buttermilk Pancake Combo $11.12
Three Buttermilk Pancakes $8.14
French Toast Combo $11.41
Strawberry-Banana Supreme French Toast $12.26
Four Slices French Toast $9.38
Belgian Waffle Combo $11.43
Double Blueberry Pancakes $10.86
Strawberry Crepes Combo $11.86
Fruit & Nut Multigrain Pancakes $10.52


The Vill-Inn Funny Face* $5.35
Clucker Dunkers $5.36
Bucky's Mini-Pancakes $5.97
French Toast $6.80
Junior Breakfast* $5.02
Belgian Waffle $7.09
Grilled Cheese $6.02
Toast $5.47
Kids Sundae $1.88
Kid's Milk $1.54
Kids' Crush Cheeseburger $6.44
Kid's Chocolate Milk $1.54
KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese $5.43
Kid's Orange Juice $1.62
Kid's Apple Juice $1.62
Kids Hot Chocoloate $1.94
Kid's Lemonade $1.53
Kids Strawberry Lemonade $2.35

Garden Salads & Soups

Southwest Salad $12.12
Bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup $4.71
Bowl of Tomato Basil Soup $4.70
Bowl of Pork Green Chili $5.23

Pick 2 Perfect Pairings

Half Sandwich and Salad $12.23

Soups & Chili

Bowl of Soup or Chili $4.46

Homestyle Dinners

Chicken Tenders $12.67
Pot Roast $19.86
All-American Meatloaf $12.27
Slow Roasted Turkey $19.80
Lemon Artichoke Chicken $13.78
Fish & Chips $13.65
Top Sirloin $14.00
6 oz. Top Sirloin $14.91

Pie by the Slice

Country Apple $3.62
Cherry $4.11
Strawberry Rhubarb $4.16

Sliced Pie

French Silk $4.30


Coffee $3.07
Iced Coffee $3.91
Decaffeinated Coffee $3.07
Premium Decaf Roast Coffee $3.40
Iced Tea $3.25
Milk $2.81
Juice $3.41
Iced Tea and Lemonade $3.84
Shakes $5.91
Premium Roast Coffee $3.29
Orange Juice $3.97
Raspberry Iced Tea $3.77
Hot Chocolate $3.61
Lemonade $3.28
Cranberry Juice $3.92
Mist Twst $3.03
Apple Juice $3.96
Soft Drink $3.49
Hot Tea $3.80
Grapefruit Juice $3.96
Pepsi $3.03
Tomato Juice $4.08
Diet Pepsi $3.03
Mountain Dew $3.03
Strawberry Lemonade $4.46
Dr. Pepper $3.02


Served with lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles on a grilled brioche bun.
Bacon Cheeseburger $15.67

Soups and Salads

Classy Cobb Salad $12.40
Mix and Match: Perfect Pairings $12.60
Celebrity Chef Salad $12.02
Garden Salad $10.17

Kids Menu

Kid's Grilled French Toast $4.48
Kid's Belgian Waffle $4.52
Kid's Grilled Cheese $4.53
Kid's Mac & Cheese $4.78
Kid's Kraft Mac & Cheese $4.44
Kid's Cheeseburger $5.40
Kid's Clucker Dunkers $4.46
Kid's Pepsi $1.42
Kid's Diet Pepsi $1.42
Kid's Dr Pepper $1.42
Kid's Mist Twst $1.46
Kid's Mountain Dew $1.46

Sliced Pies & Cakes

German Chocolate Pie Slice $6.07
Cherry Pie Slice $4.24
Cherry Slice $3.03
New York-Style Cheesecake Slice $7.00
Country Apple Pie Slice $4.35
Country Apple Slice $3.10
French Silk Slice $4.42
Classic Pumpkin Pie Slice $5.04
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Slice $4.27
Strawberry Rhubarb Slice $3.09
Key Lime Slice $4.28
Triple Berry Pie Slice $4.59
Triple Berry Slice $3.44
Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme Pie Slice $5.44
Lemon Meringue Slice $3.85
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pie Slice $5.27
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Slice $4.39
French Silk Pie Slice $5.43
Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme Slice $4.29
Lemon Supreme Pie Slice $5.30
Banana Cream Pie Slice $5.65
Peach Lattice Slice $3.74
Banana Cream Slice $3.99
Peach Lattice Pie Slice $5.11
Cheesecake Slice $5.31
Coconut Cream Pie Slice $5.67
Coconut Cream Slice $4.03
Key Lime Pie Slice $5.76
Lemon Supreme $4.33
Lemon Meringue Pie Slice $5.59
Southern Pecan Pie Slice $5.60
Southern Pecan $4.05
No-Sugar-Added Apple Pie Slice $4.86
No-Sugar Added Apple Slice $3.33
Carrot Cake Slice $6.21
Apple Cranberry Lattice Pie Slice $5.29

Family Meals

The Big Breakfast $38.62
Chicken Fried Steak $37.61
Build-Your-Own Breakfast $44.75
Cobb Salad $38.36


2 Pieces of Toast $2.45
2 Pieces of French Toast $4.74
Side Garden Salad $4.39
3 Buttermilk Pancakes $2.95
1 Egg $1.99
Side of Hash Browns $3.41
2 Slices of Bacon $3.19
2 Sausage Links $3.86
Side of Country Potatoes $3.45
Side of French Fries $3.58
Side of Fresh Fruit $2.98
Cup of Soup $3.91
Side of Sour Cream $0.80

Village Inn Team Member Relief Fund

$1 Donation $1.00
$5 Donation $5.00
$10 Donation $10.00
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About Village Inn

Village Inn is an American casual dining restaurant chain known for their all-day breakfast menu items and award-winning pies. They also serve a variety of fresh salad items, tasty burgers, classic and specialty sandwiches, and dinner entrées. They are currently operating in more than 200 locations across United States.


James Mola and Merton Anderson opened the first Village Inn in Denver in 1958. Their initial menu offers items that made them famous over the years – homemade buttermilk pancakes, fresh eggs cooked according to guest’s preference, sizzling bacon and hot brewed coffee. During their early beginnings, vacationers in Denver would stop by the place and inquire about franchising opportunities. And in 1961 Dow Sherwood opened the first franchise location in Tampa, Florida. Since then, Village Inn has grown and spread throughout the country. In 1980’s they started to add lunch and dinner items to their traditional breakfast menu. Today, with 58 years of experience in the food industry, their fame in serving excellent breakfast items lives through and carries over to their new items.

What They’re Famous For?

Village Inn is known for their breakfast menu that features homemade buttermilk pancakes, French toast and waffles, three-egg omelettes, savory skillet meals and more. Here are some of VI’s most-ordered items:

  • Ultimate Breakfast – hearty and filling breakfast meal consists of two fresh eggs cooked to your preference, two hickory smoked bacon strips, two sausage links, thick cut grilled ham steaks, three homemade pancakes and hash brown.
  • French Toast Combo – one fresh egg cooked to your preference, four slices of their special vanilla battered French toasts, and served with your choice of two hickory smoked bacon strips or two sausage links.
  • Classic Eggs Benedict – toasted English muffins topped with poached eggs and Canadian bacon slices and smothered with Hollandaise sauce. Served with hash browns.
  • ½ lb. Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs – deep-fried well-seasoned fresh chicken meat smothered with country sausage gravy and served with two fresh eggs, homemade buttermilk pancakes and hash brown.
  • Country Music Star Omelette – fresh scrambled eggs stuffed with country sausage, ham and onions, topped with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, smothered with country sausage bacon and bacon bits. Served with buttermilk pancakes and has browns.

Why Eat at Village Inn?

If you are the type of person who enjoys breakfast food anytime of the day, then you are going to love Village Inn. Aside from their excellent food selections, they are also known to be a good family restaurant where you will be greeted with prompt attention and extra-friendly service. Village Inn prices are also affordable and reasonably priced. With Village Inn you can always find good food and good feelings at a good value.

To learn more about Village Inn or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Village Inn FAQ

How much is Village Inn's Turkey Bacon Avocado Melt Sandwich?

Turkey Bacon Avocado Melt Sandwich – $11.59

How much is a Ultimate Skillet at Village Inn?

Ultimate Skillet – $12.08

How much are Huevos Rancheros at Village Inn?

Huevos Rancheros – $11.93

How much does a Village Inn's Chicken Fried Steak Skillet Cost?

Chicken Fried Steak Skillet – $11.83

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