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Shane’s Rib Shack is a fast casual dining restaurant chain that serves slow-cooked baby back ribs, hand chopped pork and chicken, chicken wings, and Southern style side dishes. With their only 14 years in the industry, it has already received numerous recognitions like “Best Barbeque Ribs” and “Best Barbeque Overall” in Best of the Bay 2008, Pensacola, Florida.

Below are the latest Shane’s Rib Shack menu prices.

Item Price


BBQ Chicken Salad $10.74


All-American Cheeseburger $7.06
Big Dad Sandwich $7.14
Shack Wrap $7.15
Smothered Pork Sandwich $8.01
Smothered Pork $8.56
Big Dad $8.49
Shaniac $10.99
Shack Wraps $8.11
Chicken Tender Sandwich $7.88
"Big Dad" Chopped BBQ Pork Sandwich $6.69
Chopped BBQ Chicken Sandwich $7.31
Big Mom $8.04
Fried Chicken Tender Sandwich $7.91
Grilled Chicken Tender Sandwich $7.91
Shack Wraps - Grilled Chicken Tenders $9.19
Shack Wraps - Fried Chicken Tenders $9.19
Shack Wraps - BBQ Pork $9.19
Shack Wraps - BBQ Chicken $9.19


Includes two sides and a 20 oz. drink.
Grilled Tenders $7.22
Tenders $8.76
Fried Tenders $7.25

Popular Items

Baby Back Ribs - Full Rack $27.59
Pulled BBQ Pork $12.99
Kids Tenders $6.08


BBQ Pork Plate $12.24
Chopped BBQ Chicken Plate $12.14
Smoked Half Chicken Plate $12.28
2 Meat Plate $17.17
Shack Sampler Plate $15.52
Shack Sampler $16.17
Baby Back Ribs - Half Rack $16.78
Two Meat $18.63
Two Meat Plate $16.87
Rib & Pork Plate $21.70
Half Rack Baby Back Ribs $15.15
Full Rack Baby Back Ribs $22.57
Full Rack Baby Back Ribs Plate $24.64
Rib & Chicken Plate $22.95
BBQ Pork & BBQ Chicken Plate $19.45
Rib & Pork $20.28
Half Rack Baby Back Ribs Plate $16.75

Family Style

BBQ Feast $46.69
Family Feast $39.81
Mega Meat Meal $38.33
Family Meal $38.93
Chicken Tender Meal $34.99


All American Burger $8.41
All-American $8.88
All-American Burger $7.36
Cowboy Burger $9.38
The Shaniac Burger $10.12
Cowboy $10.12
The Shaniac $10.79
Shaniac Burger $11.99

Tenders - Grilled or Fried

Tenders tossed in your choice of: mild, medium, hot, buff-q, original BBQ, spicy BBQ, hot BBQ, honey BBQ, lemon pepper, teriyaki, garlic parmesan, sweet red chili or mango habanero.
3 Tenders w/ French Fries $7.72
4 Tenders w/ French Fries $10.80
6 Tenders w/ French Fries $11.15

Sandwich Combos

Big Dad Sandwich - Large Combo $11.48
Big Dad Sandwich - Regular Combo $10.98
Smothered Pork Sandwich - Large Combo $12.48
Smothered Pork Sandwich - Regular Combo $11.98
Chicken Tender Sandwich - Large Combo $12.48
Chicken Tender Sandwich - Regular Combo $11.98
Chopped BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Large Combo $11.48
Chopped BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Regular Combo $10.98

Shack Salads

BBQ Pork Salad $9.53
Chopped BBQ Chicken Salad $9.35
Grilled Chicken Salad $9.49
Grilled Chicken $9.12
Chicken Tender Salad $10.18
Chicken Tender $9.36
Fried Chicken Tender Salad $9.22
“BIG MOM” Salad $9.99
Garden Salad $6.91
Chopped BBQ Pork Salad $9.80

Burger Combos

The Shaniac Burger - Regular Combo $14.98
All-American Burger - Regular Combo $12.48
Cowboy Burger - Regular Combo $13.48

Just Meat

Comes with Texas toast.
Rib & Chicken $21.32

Shack Potatoes

BBQ Pork Potato $8.86
Shack Potato - BBQ Pork $9.32
Shack Potato - Chopped BBQ Chicken $9.37


Traditional Wings $8.81
6 Wings $8.09
Smoked Wings $8.76
10 Wings $11.49
Boneless $8.99
20 Wings $21.89
Boneless Wings $6.92
6 Boneless Wings w/ Fries $8.09

Shack Potato

Shack Potato $10.20

Lunch Baskets

Shack Wrap Basket $8.13
Boneless Wing Basket $9.17
Tenders Basket $8.57
Tender Basket $8.27
Wing Basket $11.49
Smoked Wing Basket $10.83
Rib Basket $11.60

Meat Only

BBQ Pork $8.81
Chopped BBQ Pork $8.41
Chopped BBQ Chicken $9.16
Smoked Half Chicken $9.91
Baby Back Ribs $15.13
Half Pound Chopped BBQ Chicken $7.36


Medium Homemade Peach Cobbler $3.45
Large Homemade Peach Cobbler $5.13
Cookie $1.45


Gallon of Tea $5.98
Soft Drink $2.12
Soft Drinks $3.99
Dasani Bottled Water $2.42
Fresh Brewed Tea $2.94

Meal Deals

BBQ Meal $40.00
Mega Meat $35.00
Family Tender Meal $30.00


Diet Coke $2.29

Kids Meal

Kids Mac and Cheese $6.06

Kids Meals

Grilled Cheese $5.97
Kids Grilled Cheese $6.04
Wings $7.67
Burger $7.02
Kids Boneless Wings $6.23
Cheeseburger $6.29
Kids Chicken Tenders $6.27
Kids Cheeseburger $6.77
Chicken Tenders $5.97
Kids Wings $7.73
Kids Ribs $7.86
Ribs $8.61


Collard Greens $2.43
Coleslaw $2.61
Baked Beans $2.61
Hushpuppies $2.99
French Fries $2.60
Fried Okra $2.61
Mac & Cheese $4.24
Macaroni & Cheese $2.48
Green Beans $2.61
Potato Salad $2.62
Brunswick Stew $2.61
Side Salad $2.61
Slice of Texas Toast $0.33
Sweet Potato Fries $2.86
Onion Rings $3.12


Tea & Fountain Drinks $2.49
Beverage $2.36
Beverage Choices $2.54
Dasani Bottle Water $2.00
Gallon Tea $6.04


Peach Cobbler $2.48
Home Made Peach Cobbler $2.02
Homemade Peach Cobbler $2.11
Brownie $2.07
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.14
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In 2002, Shane Thompson founded the first ever Shane’s Rib Shack in McDonough, Georgia. According to him, the real foundation of his ever-blooming business is his grandfather’s secret BBQ sauce recipe. In 2004, Thompson started to franchise and since then it has grown tremendously across United States. Today, Shane’s Rib Shack is currently operating in 70 locations across United States, mostly in the state of Georgia.

What They’re Famous For?

Shane’s Rib Shack offers a variety of comfort food options. Another good thing about Shane’s menu is that they offer a lot of gluten-free items. So, whether you are craving for filling tender baby back-ribs or just light home made sandwich, Shane’s will sure satisfy your cravings. Here are some of Shane’s Rib Shack most popular menu:

  • Shane’s Baby Back Ribs – hot off the grill juicy and tender premium baby back ribs glazed with Shane’s special secret BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of two side dishes and Texas toast.
  • Chopped BBQ Chicken – slow smoked all white juicy chicken meat lightly glazed with Shane’s special secret BBQ sauce and served with your choice of two side dishes and Texas sauce.
  • Smoked Wings – slow smoked hickory flavored chicken wings then finished to perfection on the grill. You can order them just the way it is or tossed on you choice of special sauce: Buff Q, Buffalo (mild, medium, or hot), Lemon Pepper Teriyaki, or BBQ (original, honey, spicy, hot, or mustard)
  • Traditional Wings – jumbo-sized tender chicken wings deep fried to perfection then tossed to your choice of Shane’s famous sauces.
  • Shack Potato – this signature Shane’s dish is a hand crafted double baked giant potato topped with your choice of meat (BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken, or Brunswick Stew) and cheese and butter, served with your choice of sour cream and jalapeños on the side.

Why Eat at Shane’s Rib Shack?

If you are looking for a place where you and your family or friends can enjoy good conversations over the best baby back ribs and BBQ chicken and pork in a homey atmosphere, then you can never find a better place than Shane’s. Here you will always get more than what you pay for. Shane’s Rib Shack prices are very affordable.

To learn more about Shane’s Rib Shack or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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