Shake Shack Prices: How much is Buffalo Wild Wings?

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Below are the latest Shake Shack menu prices.



Grilled Cheese$5.38
Shack Stack$13.28
Veggie Shack$10.60
'Shroom Burger$9.76
Korean BBQ Burger$10.73
Roadside Double$13.14
Avocado Bacon Burger$12.03

Picked for you

Hand-Spun Shakes$6.56

Flat-Top Hot Dogs

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Hot Dog$4.80

Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Cheese Fries$5.48
Fountain Soda$3.73
Chicken Shack$9.95
Chicken Bites$6.56
Bacon Cheeseburger$10.74

Shakes & Frozen Custard

Sprinkle Cookie Shake$7.32
OREO Funnel Cake Shake$7.32
Non-Dairy Chocolate Shake$8.18
Chocolate Churro Shake$7.33
Chocolate Salted Caramel Shake$7.77
Mini Classic Shakes$5.95
Mini Seasonal Shakes$6.33
Peaches and Cream Shake$7.77
Strawberry Frosted Donut Shake$7.79
Cookies and Cream Shake$7.15
Vanilla Shake$7.16
Frozen Hot Cocoa Shake$7.74
Black and White Shake$7.15
Non-Dairy Chocolate Frozen Custard$6.25
Strawberry Shake$7.16
Chocolate Shake$7.16
Vanilla and Chocolate Shake$7.15
Coffee and Donuts Shake$8.01
Maple Snickerdoodle Shake$8.01

Popular Items

100% all-natural cage-free chicken. No hormones and no antibiotics ever.
Chick’n Shack$7.12
Cherry Blossom Shake$5.90


No antibiotics ever, hand breaded, never frozen, and crisp-fried in pure, cholesterol-free soy oil
Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Chicken$10.16
Chick'n Shack$6.87
Chick'n Bites$4.80
Korean Style Fried Chicken Sandwich$11.31
Avocado Bacon Chicken$12.44

Crinkle Cut Fries

Crispy and cut from golden potatoes, prepared in pure, cholesterol-free soy oil
Spicy Fries with Ranch$5.43
Spicy Cheese Fries with Ranch$6.67
Spicy Cheese Fries$5.85
Spicy Korean BBQ Fries$5.79
Spicy Korean BBQ Cheese Fries$6.98
Bacon Cheese Fries$6.80

Flat-Top Dogs

100% all-natural beef. No hormones and no antibiotics ever. Split and griddled crisp.
Shack-cago Dog$4.82
Chicken Dog$5.01
Garden Dog$2.74


Shack-made Lemonade$4.22
Sunset Lemonade$5.10
Iced Tea$2.48
Yuzu Honey Lemonade$5.10
Draft Root Beer$3.91
Dragonfruit Pomegranate$5.09
Sweet Tea$3.70
Shack2O Bottled Water$2.55
Strawberry Lemonade$4.66
Cran Apple Lemonade$2.93
Organic Apple Juice Drink$3.35
Shack2O Bottled Sparkling Water$2.63
Shack2O Water$3.89
Abita Bottled Root Beer$4.91
Organic Iced Tea$4.13
Sparkling Shack2O Water$3.91

Top Menu Items



Buttermilk Chocolate Bar$7.00
Bag O' Bones$9.47

Large Orders

Get the party started with large boxes of your Shack favorites
Chicken Shack Box - 12 servings$120.28
Veggie Shack Box - 12 servings$123.79
'Shroom Burger Box - 12 servings$131.21
Cheeseburger Box - 12 servings$98.16
Hamburger Box - 12 servings$92.40
ShackBurger Box - 12 servings$100.18
Crinkle Cut Box - 12 Servings$59.33
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About Shake Shack

When it comes to food, quality always shines through. Sure, fancy, plated dishes are nice to look at and are very enjoyable but they’re not exactly for everyone. Regular food items, however, tend to take the world by storm when they’re really amazing.

Shake Shack proves this to be true. Despite its very humble beginnings, it was able to win the hearts and tummies of many that the proprietors were forced to expand due to the overwhelming public reception. Their hotdogs and burgers were runaway hits that from a cart, Shake Shack evolved to the globally famous chain that it is today.

While Shake Shack prices are slightly higher than regular and boutique burgers, it can be said that it’s well worth the markup. The eatery’s background alone explains why their food comes at a premium. However, its quality also makes up for the price as it’s really easy to tell that the food is of high-grade ingredients upon taking a bite.


To be fair, it’s not like Shake Shack wasn’t destined for greatness. As it was created by master-restaurateur Danny Meyer, it was bound to be a success. Meyer is pretty much a restaurant prodigy starting out as a restaurant manager in NYC before taking the leap and studying culinary arts in Europe. By the age of 27, he already got to open his first Manhattan restaurant.

Meyer became widely known for his focus on customer service and true hospitality and published several books discussing the matter. Many aspiring restaurateurs took cues from him in order to replicate his success. 

With his prestigious background, it’s not surprising that Shake Shack got the traction it needed to soar high. Besides, for most folks, it would be the easiest and most affordable way to sample the greatness of Meyer.

Shake Shack was only actually intended to be a pop-up in support of the first art installation of the Madison Square Park Conservancy in 2001. It was only a hotdog cart but got too popular that lines snaked around the park.

Three years later, Shake Shack moved to a stand inside the park and started offering other menu items including their famous burgers, fries, and milkshakes. It soon became one of the fastest-growing food chains and even made waves when the company went public.

Today, Shake Shack has more than 200 stores worldwide. They’re commonly found in malls but there are also stand-alone stores in many areas.

What They’re Famous For 

With its limited menu and immense popularity, it can be said that everything on Shake Shack’s menu contributed to its success. However, as they have expanded their offerings over the years, there are already a few stand out items that you might want to know about.

At the top of the list is the cult favorite Shack Burger. While Shake Shack started out as a New York-style hotdog stand, its burger outshined their OG offering. This says a lot about the quality and taste of the said item since it’s the hotdogs that propelled the business to success. 

What makes it special is its proprietary blend. They only use freshly grounded 100% all-natural Angus beef that is free of hormones and antibiotics. This is why you can easily taste the difference and quality of the burger from the first bite.

Its hotdogs didn’t entirely fade into obscurity, however. Since these were their first money-makers, it makes sense that they continue to entice people in. There are three options available: the very popular Shack-cago Dog, the classic Hotdog, and the Chicken Dog. While their hotdogs are considered New York-style, the Shack-cago Dog offers something different which helped make it a big hit. 

If you’re wondering where Shake Shack got its name, it can be explained by the 3rd item it’s most famous for, its frozen custard ice cream. Their shakes are hand-spun in stores daily and are made from hormone-free dairy and real ingredients. As a result, you can taste the quality on your first sip.

Why Eat Here

To be very honest, you have to be very hard to please if you got to this part and you’re still on the fence about eating at Shake Shack. But if you still need more reasons to give this chain a try, here are a few that should do it:

1. Shake Shack is about quality food and service.

With this chain’s fancy background, it shouldn’t be surprising that they serve high-quality food and has great service. So if you’re into those, like most foodies and diners, then you should give Shake Shack a try.

2. It’s worth the hype.

No one can deny that the hype for this chain is wild. Everyone and their mothers, especially those who are on the internet, are talking about it. But it’s not just all hype. The chain consistently proved its worth, so you might want to check it out even if you’re not a fan of trendy spots.

To learn more about Shake Shack or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Shake Shack FAQ

How much is Shake Shack's Hot Dog?

Hot Dog – $3.87

How much is a Chick’n Shack at Shake Shack?

Chick’n Shack – $7.12

How much are Grilled Cheese at Shake Shack?

Grilled Cheese – $4.18

How much does a Shake Shack's Cheeseburger Cost?

Cheeseburger – $5.69

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