Andy’s Frozen Custard Prices: How much is Andy’s Frozen Custard?

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Frozen custard-based desserts have a strong following in the United States because these are as delicious as they sound! But not all frozen custard are created equal to the task of making consumers come back for more. Indeed, the best frozen custard should have a melt-in-the-mouth quality with a smooth mouth-feel and creamy flavors. Below are the latest Andy’s Frozen Custard menu prices.



Andy's Custom Concrete (Small)$3.89
Andy's Custom Concrete (Medium)$4.79
Andy's Custom Concrete (Large)$5.69
Butter Pecan Concrete (Small)$4.84
Butter Pecan Concrete (Medium)$5.74
Butter Pecan Concrete (Large)$6.64
Triple Chocolate Concrete (Small)$4.64
Triple Chocolate Concrete (Medium)$5.54
Triple Chocolate Concrete (Large)$6.44
Snowmonster Concrete (Small)$4.64
Snowmonster Concrete (Medium)$5.54
Snowmonster Concrete (Large)$6.44
Mint Chip Concrete (Small)$4.64
Mint Chip Concrete (Medium)$5.54
Mint Chip Concrete (Large)$6.44
The Jackhammer (Small)$4.79
The Jackhammer (Medium)$5.69
The Jackhammer (Large)$6.59
James Brownie Funky Jackhammer (Small)$5.54
James Brownie Funky Jackhammer (Medium)$6.44
James Brownie Funky Jackhammer (Large)$7.34

Malts & More

Malts (Small)$3.89
Malts (Large)$4.79
Shakes (Small)$3.89
Shakes (Large)$4.79
Old-Fashioned Freezes (Small)$3.89
Old-Fashioned Freezes (Large)$4.79
Old-Fashioned Sodas (Small)$3.49
Old-Fashioned Sodas (Large)$4.19
Floats (Small)$3.49
Floats (Large)$4.19
Zarlengo's Italian Ice$2.39
Andry's Frozen Custard Bar (Small)$2.99
Andry's Frozen Custard Bar (4 Pack)$9.99


Andy's Custom Sundae (Regular)$3.64
Andy's Custom Sundae (Large)$4.74
The Original Straw-Ana (Regular)$4.39
The Original Straw-Ana (Large)$5.49
Andy's Ozark Turtle (Regular)$5.34
Andy's Ozark Turtle (Large)$6.44
Andy's Hot Fudge Sundae with Pecans (Regular)$4.59
Andy's Hot Fudge Sundae with Pecans (Large)$5.69
Stolen Brownie Sundae (Regular)$5.34
Andy's Kids' Sundae$2.89
Kids' Sprinkles Sundae$2.89


Andy's Banana Split$5.79
Turtle Split$5.79

Cups & Cones

Vanilla or Chocolate Frozen Custard (Small)$1.94
Vanilla or Chocolate Frozen Custard (Medium)$2.59
Vanilla or Chocolate Frozen Custard (Large)$3.24
Vanilla or Chocolate Frozen Custard (Jumbo)$3.89

Pints & Quarts

Vanilla or Chocolate (Pint)$3.69
Vanilla or Chocolate (Quart)$5.69
Vanilla or Chocolate (1/2 Gallon)$9.69
Specialty Flavors (Hot Fudge Brownie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Butter Pecan, and Bordeaux Cherry Chip) - Pint$4.44


Sprecher Soda on Tap (Small)$1.54
Sprecher Soda on Tap (Medium)$1.99
Sprecher Soda on Tap (Large)$2.39
Bottled Fitz's Soda (Bottle)$1.99
Bottled Fitz's Soda (4 Pack)$6.99
Soft Drinks (Small)$1.29
Soft Drinks (Medium)$1.49
Soft Drinks (Large)$1.69
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$1.69
Bottled Water$1.69


German Chocolate Concrete (Small)$4.84
German Chocolate Concrete (Medium)$5.74
German Chocolate Concrete (Large)$6.64
Almond Delight Concrete (Small)$4.84
Almond Delight Concrete (Medium)$5.74
Almond Delight Concrete (Large)$6.64
Ooey Gooey Concrete (Small)$4.84
Ooey Gooey Concrete (Medium)$5.74
Ooey Gooey Concrete (Large)$6.64
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Andy’s Frozen Custard, a chain of quick-serve restaurants, offers among the best frozen custard-based desserts in the country! These desserts combine the creaminess of frozen custard with the delightful flavors of fruits, nuts and candies – truly, treats that tempt everybody with and without a sweet tooth.


In 1986, John and Carol Kuntz launched Andy’s Frozen Custard in Osage Beach, Missouri. Their main motivation was to bring the joys of the creamy dessert to their area after they tasted frozen custard for the first time in Wisconsin. They request Leon and Doris Schneider, who previously owned a long-standing frozen custard brand, to become their mentors in creating their own brand.

The chain, by the way, is named after the Kuntz’s son, Andy Kuntz, who now owns and manages the company from its headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. There are several locations in Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

What They’re Famous For

Just as its name implies, Andy’s Frozen Custard is best known for its wide range of frozen custard-based desserts from cones to concretes. The frozen custard itself is freshly made on an hourly basis so that it’s served at the peak of its flavor.

The main ingredients, such as milk, sugar, eggs and cream, are also carefully chosen for their fine and fresh quality resulting in a frozen custard that can be enjoyed on its own. The toppings including the add-ins, such as the seasonal berries, tropical fruits, and homemade brownies, are also of the finest quality.

Why Eat Here

If you want to feel like a happy kid with a sweet treat in your hand, then go to the nearest Andy’s and enjoy the feeling! The sweet and smooth treats evoke the joys of a happy childhood, the warmth of being in your grandmother’s kitchen while waiting for the cookies to bake, and the relaxed feelings of being with great friends. There’s something good to be said about licking your frozen custard cone clean, too!

The frozen custard, which comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors, is served within an hour after it has been made thus ensuring its optimum flavors. This is then added to a wide range of toppings, mix-ins, and add-ons including scrumptious brownies, shortcakes, and cookies, even slices of pies and roasted nuts. The result: Addictive desserts that you just can’t seem to let go of – well, at least, until tomorrow when you can get your daily dose of goodness.

These desserts come in several forms, too, with each one being unique in its own right. Choices include concretes, cones, sundaes, and malts, which comes in different flavors and sizes. These are all sweet treats so we suggest coming in to an Andy’s location with your palate ready, perhaps with the mindset that you will likely not eat your meal anytime soon.

The frozen custard desserts may also be high on the calorie scale. But when you’re enjoying every creamy bite, who’s counting?

The fruits mixed into the frozen custard also varies depending on the season thus keeping the menu as fresh as possible. During the summer, for example, key lime pie, peaches, and blackberries are the main mix-ins while its fresh blueberries and strawberries for spring.  Such focus on using in-season fruits also means more sustainable production practices as there’s little need for freezing non-season fruits.

The autumn season also has its share of special frozen custard deserts, such as the apple pie and pumpkin pie concretes, while the winter season has its Andy Nog shakes and Thin Mint concretes. The latter, as a matter of fact, is made with Girl Scout cookies and frozen custard – and judged as among the 5 Best: Green Drinks by 417 Magazine in March 2013.

Just looking at the menu with items like Ozark Turtle and Boomer Bear Concrete also reinforces the chain’s reputation for being playful in its approach toward desserts.  Many of these desserts are also available in selected locations only so it’s a game, of sort, for Andy’s fans to find them.

When you walk in through the door, you will like that it has a casual and cool ambiance with students and young professionals enjoying their desserts no matter the time of day. You don’t have to make reservations and you can also order take-out, although there are no catering services available in most locations.

To learn more about Andy’s Frozen Custard or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Andy’s Frozen Custard FAQ

How much is Andy's Frozen Custard's Andy's Custom Concrete (Medium)?

Andy’s Custom Concrete (Medium) – $4.79

How much is a Snowmonster Concrete (Small) at Andy's Frozen Custard?

Snowmonster Concrete (Small) – $4.64

How much are The Jackhammer (Large) at Andy's Frozen Custard?

The Jackhammer (Large) – $6.59

How much does a Andy's Frozen Custard's Floats (Large) Cost?

Floats (Large) – $4.19

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