Sakura Canada Prices: How much is Sakura Canada?

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Sakura Canada has emerged as a beloved destination for Japanese cuisine, captivating taste buds with its authentic flavors, elegant ambiance, and exceptional dining experiences. With its commitment to quality ingredients, skilled chefs, and warm hospitality, Sakura Canada has built a stellar reputation and gained a loyal following across the country. In this article, we embark on an enchanting journey into the world of Sakura Canada, exploring the elements that contribute to its renowned reputation and enduring popularity. Below are the latest Sakura Canada menu prices.


Kare Raisu (Curry Rice) - Our Famous Curry and Rice. Sweet and Spicy.

Beef Curry Rice$16.00
Tofu Curry$16.86
Katsu Kare$17.50
Kara'age Curry$17.90

Donburi - The Rice Bowl. Hearty and Filling!

Teriyaki Donburi$12.67
Kara'age Donburi$14.00

Party Trays

Party Tray "Vegetarian"$68.65


Spicy mayo$1.02
Ginger Tofu Donburi$12.67
Tanuki Udon$11.40
Brown Rice$3.33

Soup and Salad

Seaweed Salad$5.87

Beverages (Nomimono) - We carry a wide selection of bottled Japanese teas and soft drinks.

Coca Cola$2.57

Entrées / Appetizers

Agedashi Dōfu$10.17
Ebi Tempura$11.33
Yasai Tempura$10.17
Soft Shell Crab$13.57

Bento Box - Bento Boxes are served with 4 pieces of California Roll, Green Salad, Rice, and Miso Soup.

Sushi Bento$15.15


Avocado Salad$6.23

Appetizers - Small Bites, Soups, and Salads

Green Salad$4.01
Miso Soup$2.51
Wakame Salad$4.38
Kara'age Appetizer$8.27

Plats principals / Main Dishes

Sushi Maki$22.33
Sushi Nami$24.67
Sushi & Sashimi$26.67
Volcano Sushi$27.67
Poulet teriyaki / Chicken Teriyaki$22.33
Saumon teriyaki / Teriyaki Salmon$24.67
Kyoto Combo$29.67
Shogun Deluxe Combo$32.00


2. Edamame$4.96
Yam Tempura$8.73
Sushi Pizza$9.80


Agedashi Tofu$7.64


Chicken Katsu$14.45

Udon - Thick tender wheat noodles in our traditional broth.

Served with green salad.
Curry Udon$14.67
Kitsune Udon$11.40
Tempura Udon$16.42
Beef Udon$12.80


Sake Don$17.30
Unagi Don$18.97

Soup Noodles

Tempura Shrimp$12.09

Udon & Soba

Served with green salad.
Tempura Soba$17.74


Salmon Teriyaki$15.62
Steak Teriyaki$23.32

Osaka Sushi


Teriyaki and Korean Grill

Chicken Teriyaki$14.35
Beef Teriyaki$15.70

Breuvages / Beverages


Sushi Maki (6 Pcs)

California Roll$5.74
Spicy Salmon$9.02
Spicy Tuna$9.49
Spicy Hamachi$6.30
Philadelphia Roll$7.48


Kappa Maki$4.38
Oshinko Maki$4.38
Shiitake Maki$4.47
Spicy Tuna Roll$8.02
AvoQ Roll$4.95
Avocado Roll$4.71
Kani Maki$4.95
Tamago Maki$5.50
Salmon Roll$5.95
Spicy Salmon Roll$7.57
Tekka Maki$6.45
Negi Saba Maki$6.95
Spicy Scallop Roll$8.17
Unagi Maki$7.55
Negi Hamachi Maki$7.55
Negi Toro Maki$7.95

Hand Rolls

Kappa Hand Roll$2.95
Oshinko Hand Roll$2.95
Shiitake Hand Roll$2.95
Avocado Hand Roll$3.50
AvoQ Hand Roll$3.50
Kani Hand Roll$3.50
Tamago Hand Roll$4.20
California Hand Roll$4.50
Salmon Hand Roll$4.50
Spicy Salmon Hand Roll$5.50
Tekka Hand Roll$5.75
Negi Saba Hand Roll$5.50
Salmon Skin Hand Roll$6.13
Spicy Scallop Hand Roll$6.75
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll$6.75
Unagi Hand Roll$6.75
Negi Hamachi Hand Roll$6.75
Negi Toro Hand Roll$6.50

Special Sushi - A Treat For All the Senses!

Dragon Roll$12.03
B.C. Roll$8.18
Rainbow Roll$12.17

Uramaki - "Inside-out Rolls". Rice on the Outside. Always 8 pieces.

Dynamite Roll$8.56


Teriyaki Sauce$1.10
Bowl of Rice$1.75
Bowl of Sushi Rice$2.00


Canned Pop$1.95
Canned Iced Tea$2.00
Diet coke$2.61
Iced Tea$2.21
Ginger ale$2.21
Orange Crush$2.25
Water Bottle$2.50
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Savoring Authenticity: The Sakura Experience

At Sakura Canada, diners are transported to the heart of Japan as they savor the artistry of authentic Japanese cuisine. Each dish is a masterpiece, meticulously prepared using traditional techniques and fresh ingredients. From delicate sashimi to flavorful sushi rolls and perfectly executed tempura, Sakura Canada ensures that every bite is a celebration of Japanese culinary heritage. The commitment to authenticity and attention to detail create an experience that delights both the taste buds and the senses.

Quality Ingredients, Exquisite Taste

One of the pillars of Sakura Canada’s success is its dedication to quality ingredients. Only the finest seafood, premium cuts of meat, and fresh produce find their way into the dishes. From sourcing sustainable fish to hand-picking the best seasonal ingredients, Sakura Canada places utmost importance on quality and taste. The result is an array of flavors that harmonize and showcase the essence of Japanese cuisine, leaving patrons yearning for more.

An Ambiance of Elegance and Tranquility

Beyond the exceptional cuisine, Sakura Canada offers an ambiance that transports diners to the serenity of Japan. The minimalist decor, soft lighting, and traditional elements create an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility. Guests are greeted with warm hospitality, and the attentive staff ensures that every visit is met with impeccable service. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a gathering with friends, Sakura Canada provides an idyllic setting for an unforgettable dining experience.

Cultural Appreciation and Authenticity

Sakura Canada goes beyond just serving exquisite Japanese cuisine. The brand prides itself on promoting cultural appreciation and authenticity. The chefs at Sakura Canada are skilled artisans who have honed their craft, ensuring that each dish is prepared with precision and respect for tradition. The menu reflects the diversity of Japanese cuisine, featuring regional specialties and classic favorites. This commitment to authenticity not only delights customers but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for Japanese culture.


Sakura Canada stands as a gateway to the captivating world of Japanese cuisine, captivating diners with its commitment to authenticity, quality ingredients, and immersive dining experiences. Through the artistry of its skilled chefs, Sakura Canada offers a taste of Japan that transports guests to a realm of delicate flavors and refined elegance. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Japanese cuisine or a curious food enthusiast, Sakura Canada invites you to embark on an enchanting journey of taste and culture. Prepare to savor the delights of authentic Japanese cuisine at Sakura Canada, where every dish is a testament to the artistry and culinary heritage of Japan.

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Sakura Canada FAQ

How much is Sakura Canada's Spicy mayo?

Spicy mayo – $0.90

How much is a Tempura at Sakura Canada?

Tempura – $16.48

How much are Steak Teriyaki at Sakura Canada?

Steak Teriyaki – $23.32

How much does a Sakura Canada's Wakame Salad Cost?

Wakame Salad – $4.22