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Sandwiches are a thing of beauty! Every person with two slices of bread, fresh and cooked vegetables, and meats from steaks to fowls, as well as toppings like mayo, ketchup and mustard can make a sandwich. Everybody also has his or her own favorite sandwich, whether it’s a grilled cheese sandwich or a gourmet sandwich with exotic ingredients.

But not everybody can make delicious sandwiches that most people will love eating again and again. The Pret A Manger, now simply known as Pret, is among the few sandwich-centric chain of shops that offer flavorful sandwiches enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Despite the entry of competitors, it continues to hold its own because of nice selection of baguettes, sandwiches, and toasties, which appeal to foodies and gourmands.

Below are the latest Pret A Manger menu prices.

Item Price

Barista Specials

Cortado £1.95
Golden Turmeric £2.70
Hot Chocolate £2.40
Coconut Cortado £2.30
Coconut Flat White £2.70
Coconut Latte £2.70
Add a Shot (Vanilla, Caramel, or Hazelnut) £0.40

Other Beverages

Miso Soup £1.50
Organic Milk £0.99

Organic Coffee

Latte £2.35
Cappuccino £2.35
Americano £1.95
Flat White £2.35
Espresso £1.55
Macchiato £1.55
Mocha £2.35
Filter Coffee £0.99
Make it Strong £0.40

Organic Teas

English Breakfast £1.80
Earl Grey £1.80
Herbal Infusions £1.80
Chai Latte £2.40

Hot Fruit Infusion

Lemon & Ginger £2.25

Pret's Frappes

Classic Frappe £2.95
Chocolate Frappe £2.95
Add a Shot (Vanilla, Caramel or Hazelnut) £0.40

Real Fruit Smoothies

Berry Blast £2.95
Mango & Passion Fruit £2.95
Strawberry & Banana £2.95


Starting Prices

Sandwiches £2.95
Baguettes £2.95
Salads £3.95
Wraps £3.75
Flat Breads £3.75
Soups £3.55
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In 21 October 1983, Jeffrey Hyman founded Pret A Manger with the first shop opened in London in 1984. The company’s name is the French term for ready-to-eat, a play on prêt-à-porter (i.e., ready-to-wear clothes).  The first location featured its own kitchen and offered ready-to-go foods, such as Croque-monsieur and filled baguettes.

The company’s ownership changed hands when David Rubin, its liquidator, sold it to Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham. The new owners opened their own Pret A Manger shop in July 1986 in London’s Victoria Street.

Today, Bridgepoint Capital owns 33% controlling stake in the business while Beecham and Metcalfe continue to own a significant number of shares in it.  In 2015, a rebranding program simplified the Pret A Manger brand to Pret.

The Pret brand isn’t available for franchising.

What They’re Famous For

Pret management emphasizes that the sandwiches, baguettes and wraps, among other menu items, are made using fresh and organic ingredients, as well as made on a daily basis (i.e., on the day of their purchase by customers). The policy is implemented on most of the locations (i.e., with fully-equipped kitchens) with the exception of a few small outlets where their products are delivered.  The company also has a policy wherein foods unsold at the end of a working day are collected by charitable institutions.

Why Eat Here

The Pret A Manger prices are relatively upscale in comparison with other sandwich-centric, fast-food shops, such as Subway, but the chain continues to be popular among urbanites, young professionals, and aspiring businessmen. The added touches of employees handing out menus while customers come in through the door, as well as the paper place mats, plastic knives and forks, and even candles on the tables make it worth a visit. The sandwich shops aren’t Michelin-rated restaurants but since the focus is on convenient ready-to-go fare, these are part of the charm.

The privately-owned sandwich chain continues to reinforce its commitment to avoiding the use of obscure additives, preservatives and chemicals commonly used in “prepared foods” in their own products. Many customers even agree that Pret shops offer healthier options than fast-food restaurant joints with their greasy burgers, hotdogs and tacos.

The convenience aspect is also part of the Pret chain’s enduring popularity despite the presence of fast-food chains around it. The Pret shops are distinguished from their competition by the presence of large grab-and-go cases of sandwiches and salads, among other foods, in a refrigerated environment. These cases are packaged in attractive wrapping and displayed inside the refrigerators so customers can just pick them up and pay for them – truly, a lunchtime convenience that urbanites willingly pay for.

The pre-made food are perfect for people who want something they can grab and enjoy within their 10-minute lunch and coffee breaks. In fact, the New York shops are located near the Financial District and Midtown where commercial offices abound.

The baguettes should ideally be eaten as soon as these are made – the longer the bread sits in the refrigerator, the more flavors it loses starting with the baguette being less crisp on the outside and tougher on the inside. The fillings are varied so boredom doesn’t easily come into the picture with choices like the Roast Beef and Parmesan Baguette and the Famous Ham and Cheese Baguette.  The meats are juicy, the vegetables are fresh and crispy, and the toppings are nearly perfect, too.

The sandwiches are as delicious as their baguette counterparts, perhaps better since wheat breads and white breads withstand the refrigerated conditions better. The bestsellers are the Smoked Ham and Egg, a medley of rich egg and salty ham; the Smoked Ham and Parmesan with moist ham, tangy mayo, and parmesan shavings; and Chicken Avocado and Balsamic with tender white meat and buttery avocado.

The wraps, toasties and salads are notable, too, for their fresh, colorful and organic ingredients, such as Murray’s chicken breast, crisp mixed greens, and butternut squash puree, to name a few.

The bottom line: Pret’s products are convenient to get, relatively delicious in the mouth, and significantly healthier than your standard fast-food fare. The service is fast, efficient and friendly even during peak hours, too.

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