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Cold-pressed juices are considered as a way to cleanse the body of its toxins (i.e., detox cleanse) and to lose unwanted pounds without going on an unhealthy starvation diet.  But pressing fruits and vegetables can be such a hassle when you’re enjoying a busy lifestyle so cold-pressed juices can become a luxury, not a necessity. Below are the latest Pressed Juicery menu prices.



Citrus 1 Juice$6.58
Citrus One$6.52
Citrus 1$6.80
Citrus 2 Juice$6.58
Citrus 2$6.80
Citrus 3 Juice$6.58
Citrus Three$6.52
Citrus 3$6.80
Citrus Two$6.52

Popular Items

Freeze with Toppings$6.17

Bragg x Pressed Juicery

Greens with Apple Cider Vinegar$6.79
Apple Cider Vinegar Shot with Honey$3.50
Apple Cider Vinegar Shot with Pineapple$3.50
3-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Bundle$25.13


Cleanse 2: Our Most Popular Cleanse$39.77
Cleanse 3: For the Experienced$40.66
Custom Cleanse: 6 Juices + 2 Premium Waters$40.40


Greens 1 Juice$6.58
Greens 1$6.80
Greens 3$6.80
Greens 1.5 Juice$6.58
Greens 1.5$6.80
Greens 2 Juice$6.58
Greens 2$6.80
Greens 3 Juice$6.58
Greens 4 Juice$6.58
Greens 4$6.80


Roots 1 Juice$6.58
Roots One$6.52
Roots Three$6.60
Roots 1$6.80
Roots 2 Juice$6.58
Roots Two$6.52
Roots 2$6.80
Roots 3$6.82
Roots 3 Juice$6.58

Fruits and Refreshers

Apple, Lemon, Ginger and Cayenne Juice$6.60
Orange, Turmeric, Apple and Lemon Juice$6.58
Charcoal Lemonade$6.63
Strawberry, Apple, and Lime$6.53
Watermelon Lemon Mint Probiotic$6.52

Signature Blends

Pumpkin Oat Milk$8.06
Vanilla Almond Blend$8.08
Vanilla Almond$8.10
Chocolate Almond Blend$8.08
Strawberry Almond$8.12
Turmeric Almond$8.08
Chocolate Almond$8.09


Juices cannot be modified.
Apple, Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne$6.79
Orange Turmeric Juice$6.71
Orange Turmeric$6.73

Premium Waters

Aloe Vera H2O$3.05
Chlorophyll H2O$3.05

Cleanses and Bundles

Cleanse One for the Beginner$39.78
Cleanse 1 - For The Beginner$40.66
Cleanse Two Our Most Popular$39.79
Cleanse 2 - Our Most Popular$40.79
6 Shot Bundle$15.00
Cleanse Three for the Experienced$39.78
Custom Cleanse$40.20
Custom Cleanse (No Waters)$35.51
5 Juice Bundle$30.33
Five Juice Bundle$30.40

New Flavors

Celery Juice$6.72
5 Celery Juices$20.51
Five Celery Juices$21.27
Blue Lemonade$6.61
Orange, Blood Orange, and Kumquat$6.86
Dragon Fruit Punch$6.61
Oat Milk$8.93
Pineapple Greens$6.62
Vanilla Oat Milk$8.95
Matcha Oat Milk$8.08
Rose Lemonade$6.57
Strawberry Basil Lemonade$6.75


Wellness Shot$3.31
Vitality Shot$3.29
Heart Beet Shot$2.95
Probiotic Shot$3.28
Charcoal Shot$3.09
Elderberry Shot$3.31
Kona Espresso Shot$2.95
Tart Cherry Shot$3.40
Espresso Shot$3.04
Wheatgrass Shot$2.50


Bear Yoyo Fruit Roll$2.00
RX Bar: Coconut Chocolate$2.50
RX Bar: Chocolate Sea Salt$2.50
RX Bar: Blueberry$2.50
Sante Chipotle Almonds$2.88
Sugarfina Green Juice Gummy Bears$4.12
Truth Bar$2.95
2 Snacks for $5$5.00
Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Seedbar$2.94
Sante Garlic Almonds$2.88
Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Protein Balls$4.22
Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls$4.00
Mulberry, Cacao and Spirulina Seedbar$2.94
Truth Coconut Bar$2.92
Dark Chocolate + Peanut Butter Seedbar$2.95
Truth Bars$2.95
Truth Chocolate Raspberry Bar$2.93
Pineapple Coconut Fruit Balls$5.00
Mulberry, Cacao + Spirulina Seedbar$2.95
Truth Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar$2.92
Cooler Bag$8.00
Mango Coconut Fruit Balls$4.73
Sugarfina Green Juice Gummy Bears 8oz$6.50
GoodBites Coconut Brownie Bites$2.50
Sugarfina Green Juice Gummy Bears 2 oz$3.50
GoodBites Raw Chocolate Truffles$4.50
Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Protein Balls Large Bag$17.00
Peanut Butter Overnight Oats$6.00
Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Protein Balls 2 Pack$4.00
Vanilla Chia Pudding$6.00
Sugarfina Green Juice Gummy Bears 2oz$3.50
Brownie Batter Protein Balls - 2 Pack$4.00
Brownie Batter Protein Balls - Two Pack$4.00
Bear Yoyo Mango$1.50
Bear Yoyo Strawberry$1.50
Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Protein Balls Two Pack$4.00


B Complex: Herbal Dietary Supplement$8.00
Immunity Max: Herbal Dietary Supplement$8.00
Weight Management Herbal Dietary Supplement$8.00
Amazing Grass Greens Stick Pack$2.00
Liver: Herbal Dietary Supplement$8.00
Lypospheric Vitamin C$2.00
Drink UVO Supplement$2.00
Vital Proteins Collagen Stick Pack$2.00
Matcha Love Stick Pack$1.00
Liver Herbal Supplement$8.00
Pressed Juicery Cooler Bag$8.00
Turmeric Tonic Stick Pack$2.00


Customize your juice experience.
Any 6 Shots$17.13


Pineapple Freeze$5.00
Strawberry Freeze with Toppings$6.07
Pineapple Freeze with Toppings$6.06

Freeze Menu

A healthy soft-serve made from real fruits, nuts and vegetables. Contains nuts.
Chocolate Freeze$5.00
Chocolate Freeze Soft Serve$5.04
Vanilla Freeze$5.00
Vanilla Freeze Soft Serve$5.04
Pumpkin Freeze with Toppings$6.04
Strawberry Freeze$5.00
Vanilla Freeze with Toppings$6.20
Chocolate Freeze with Toppings$6.22
Pumpkin Freeze$5.00

Lattes & Tonics

Hot Tonic$5.00
Vanilla Almond Latte$5.00
Golden Latte$5.00
Hot Chocolate$5.00
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About Pressed Juicery

Fortunately, there’s Pressed Juicery that offers men and women with ready-to-drink cold-pressed juices from blends of fruits and vegetables. These bottled juices provide a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as fiber, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body and brain.


In 2010, Pressed Juicery was created by three friends in West Los Angeles, California. Carly, Hedi and Hayden started their business in a tiny Brentwood storefront where they sold their bottles of cold-pressed juices. The trio gradually expanded the number of their locations, bought more delivery trucks, and acquired more loyal customers.

Then and now, the company has remained focused on its motto about their juices – make them taste great yet make them simple and affordable, and make them for everyone to enjoy.  Judging by the rising popularity of the brand, the company is right on track!

What They’re Famous For

The Pressed Juicery is known for the excellent quality of its cold-pressed juices, a track record that it has managed to uphold despite the stiff competition in the industry. There are two major things that make their juices among the best in the industry.

First, only high-quality fruits, vegetables, and nuts are used for the juices. There are no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and additives used on the processing of these ingredients – and you can tell it because there’s a fresh and refreshing quality to the beverages.

Second, high pressure processing is also applied on the juices. High pressure processing involves placing the bottles of cold-pressed juice into a cold chamber filled with water before pressure is applied to it. This inactivates the potential pathogens, such as bacteria, in the juices but preserves the juices’ nutritional impact (i.e., vitamins and antioxidants).

These aren’t just empty claims by the company either. In studies presented by the UCLA School of Medicine at the American Society of Nutrition Conference in December 2015, the Pressed Juicery juices are high in fiber and nutrition yet low in sugar. These juices are also a sensible way of getting your daily caloric intake.

Why Eat Here

The cold-pressed juices are the core products of each Pressed Juicery location. These come in bottles that contain two servings, which should ideally be refrigerated when it has been opened. These are also placed inside transparent bottles so the natural color of the blend can be seen – and we love the colors, which range from the palest of pinks to the brightest of blues.

These juices have a smooth mouth-feel to them with the right balance between sweetness from the fruit (goji berry) and tanginess from the citrus (lemon) in the Pink Lemonade, example. You may be tempted to drink the entire bottle in one sitting but remember that it’s for two servings. You can drink the other half later as a form of delayed gratification.

There’s a wide selection of cold-pressed juices available, too. Each juice has the freshest ingredients sourced from local farmers, too, so you will feel like the juices have been pressed a few hours before these were shipped. The Strawberry Almond juice consists of almonds, beets, strawberry, vanilla bean, and coconut water; the Pink Lemonade has camu camu, goji berry, honey, lemon, pitaya, and rose water; and the Blue Lemonade has blue spirulina, honey, lemon and lemongrass. The Watermelon Lime Jalapeno has a spicy kick from the lime and jalapeno.

These juices can also be used as part of your daily diet or as your cleansing diet. You can buy the Blue Lemonade, for example, because you love its taste and its health benefits from the blue spirulina. You can order it online and have it delivered ASAP so you don’t have to line up at the shop although it’s also a great idea for a quick fix.

Many people use the cold-pressed juices as part of a cleansing diet. You can choose from several pre-set cleansing diet plans, which are simply labeled as “Cleanse 1”, “Cleanse 2”, and “Cleanse 3”, depending on your health goals. You may also ask the staff which cleansing diet is best in your case, such as the Cleanse 1 for newbies and Cleanse 2 for people who are already accustomed to clean eating.

The cleansing juices are usually a combination of greens (kale, celery, and spinach), citrus fruits (lemon and pineapple), and roots (carrots, ginger, and romaine), even vanilla almonds (almonds, vanilla bean, and dates).

To learn more about Pressed Juicery or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Pressed Juicery FAQ

How much is Pressed Juicery's Citrus 1 Juice?

Citrus 1 Juice – $6.59

How much is a Orange Turmeric Juice at Pressed Juicery?

Orange Turmeric Juice – $6.71

How much are Freeze with Toppings at Pressed Juicery?

Freeze with Toppings – $6.17

How much does a Pressed Juicery's Chocolate Freeze Soft Serve Cost?

Chocolate Freeze Soft Serve – $5.04

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