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If there’s one food item that you can easily customize according to your whims and mood, it would be pizza. You just need to change up its toppings and sauces to get very different pies every time. It’s a simple concept that helps make serving pizza quite simple and profitable. Below are the latest Pieology menu prices.


Lifestyle Pizzas

Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pizza$18.63


Side Ranch$1.23
Side Pesto$1.61
Side Mike's Hot Honey$1.78

Sides & Sweets

Cinnamon Churro Dessert Pizza$3.82
Ooey-Gooey Cheese Bread$6.74
Garlic Cheese Bread$8.65
Ooey-Gooey Garlic Cheese Bread$6.82
Chocolate Chip Cinnasticks$7.38
Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie$3.96
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookie$3.91
Cinnamon Churro Pizza$5.01
Hershey's Cookies$3.05
Reese's Cookies$3.04
Chocolate Chip Brownies$3.09
Chocolate Chip Brownie$3.03
2 David's Cookies$6.19

Custom Pizza

Custom Pizza$12.04
Cauliflower Crust$12.09
2 Topping Pizza$13.30
3 Topping Pizza$13.76
1 Topping Pizza$8.63


Reese's Cookie$2.43

Chef-Inspired Pies

Zesty Artichoke Pie$10.07
Margherita Da Vinci Pie$10.15
Spicy Italian Pie$10.07
Fire Grilled BBQ Chicken Pie$10.07
Smokin Buffalo Chicken Pie$10.00

Popular Items

Create Your Own Pizza$10.95
1-Topping Bambino$5.81
Classic Margherita$10.91
Smokin Buffalo Chicken$10.16
Classic Italian- Side Salad$5.37
Margherita Da Vinci$10.01
Spicy Italian$10.26

Chef Inspired Pizzas

Zesty Artichoke$10.16
Butcher's Choice$10.08

Signature Pizzas

Alfredo Bacon Chicken “ABC” Pizza$13.30
Fire Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza$12.35
Mega Meat Pizza$13.19
Fire-Grilled BBQ Chicken$11.04
Zesty Artichoke Pizza$10.32
Fiery Buffalo Pizza$12.98
Butchers Choice Pizza$10.59
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$13.29
Smokin' Buffalo Chicken Pizza$10.10
Fiery Buffalo Chicken Pizza$14.24
Spicy Italian Pizza$10.32
Veggie Pesto Pizza$14.51


NEW Lemon Blueberry Cookie$3.20

Top Menu Items

Butcher's Choice Pie$10.00
Create Your Own Pie$10.00


Custom Salad$10.74
Side Salad$4.94
Entrée Italian Salad$9.62
Side Elevated Caesar Salad$4.91
Side Italian Salad$5.44
Entrée Elevated Caesar Salad$9.54
Entree Classic Spinach Salad$9.85


Create Your Own Salad$10.53
Classic Italian Salad - Entrée w/ Chicken$9.21

Garden Fresh Signature Salads

Entrée Classic Salad$8.70
Entrée Caesar Salad$9.38

Signature Salads

Side Salad Classic Spinach$5.30

Sides and Desserts

Freshly Baked Reese's Cookie$2.91
Freshly Baked Hershey's Cookie$2.91


Fountain Drink$2.77
Fountain Drinks$2.45
Fresh Lemonade$3.40
Bottled Water$2.46
Fresh Tea$3.12
Fresh Tea & Lemonade$2.46
Chocolate Milk$2.65
Sparkling Ice$3.58
Alta Palla Black Cherry$2.53
La Croix$2.91
Apple Juice$2.76

Garlic Bread & Desserts

Ooey Gooey Cheesy Garlic Bread$8.95
Fresh Baked Reese's Cookie$2.95
Fresh Baked Hershey Cooked$2.95
Triple Chocolate Brownie$2.77

Classic Pizzas

Margherita Pizza$13.34
Combo Pizza$13.32
Hawaiian Pizza$13.40
Sausage Pizza$11.07
Cheese Pizza$10.69
Pepperoni Pizza$11.15

Side of Ranch

Side of Ranch$0.70

Ice Cold Beverages

Fresh Made Lemonade - Original$2.99
Alta Palla Grapefruit$2.51
Martinellis Sparkling Apple Juice$2.49
Fresh Brewed Tea$2.39


20 oz Fountain Drink$3.67
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About Pieology

While whipping up pizzas is very easy, not a lot of places will let you fully customize your own order. This was particularly true for the artisanal varieties as most places that serve them tend to have a rather limited menu. Luckily, lots of things changed when places like Pieology were born. These create-your-own pizzerias allowed diners to make the exact pies they want without having to do it at home.

With its mission geared towards turning one of America’s favorite food items into something affordable and interactive, Pieology prices make perfect sense despite the restaurant’s different concept. With this combination, they were able to corner a unique segment of the market and created promising avenues for growth.


The first Pieology store was opened in Fullerton, California in 2011 by Carl Chang, a tennis coach, and brother to Michael Chang, the youngest man to win a Grand Slam singles title in the said sport, and serial pizza entrepreneur James Markham. It was originally known as Pie-ology Pizzeria.

The goal of creating Pieology was to provide a different way for people to enjoy pizza. As both got their experience in the field by helping craft MOD Pizza which is one of Pieology’s main competitors today, it’s safe to say that they know exactly what direction they want to go with this venture.

However, what sets this chain apart from the other fast-casual restaurants that allow diners to build their own pizzas is their commitment to providing fun and inspiring personalized pizza experiences. It’s their way to fix what they believe is the broken system of the pizza industry. By making pizzas more personal and inspired, they can elevate their customers’ dining experience. As a result, they can revamp the reputation of the dish so people won’t just see it as a convenience food or even coupon food. 

What They’re Famous For

True to the brand’s mission, Pieology really made itself known for offering affordable ‘personally-inspired’ pizzas. This means that their concept really worked well for them and allowed them to provide the services they set out to extend to the general public. 

For starters, they were able to draw in people with their affordable menu items. For just $8, you can already enjoy a fully-customized personal-size pizza that you really built yourself. No matter what the toppings you choose, the price stays the same, so you can whip up a special pie without worrying about exceeding your pizza budget. 

You’ll also get to make the pizza yourself, or the nearest thing to it, anyway, as you get to pick and choose the ingredients while the staff assembles the pie for you. This is the interactive part of the company’s mission, as you get to see the ingredients and decide which ones to go with. It’s totally up to you how to put your pizza together, guaranteeing that your order is completely tailor-fit according to your wants.

Pieology is also noted for its interiors. Each store is designed with a wall filled with inspirational quotes so it adds a lot of personality and charm to their space. The positivity is definitely there, helping it create quite a pleasant dining environment.

Why Eat Here

If you’re not sold with Pieology’s concept just yet, here are a few reasons why you should try out this place:

1. Eating here will surely satisfy your pizza craving without having to do the work yourself.

If you have very specific pizza cravings that is only usually met by something you made yourself, Pieology can be a great place to head to. You can fully customize your order as if you’re making your own pizza at home but it’s better because it’s open-flame baked and made with the finest ingredients. Its very friendly price tag is also a huge plus as it proves to be an economical dining option.

2. It could be the perfect place for the indecisive.

Those who can’t seem to decide where to go or what to get when dining out should also consider going here. Their create-your-own pizzas will certainly help you choose what you want to eat when you don’t know what you want to get.

3. It’s a great place for the whole family.

This pizza chain’s concept will suit everyone’s tastebuds, no matter what their age is.

To learn more about Pieology or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.pieology.com.

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Pieology FAQ

How much is Pieology's Zesty Artichoke?

Zesty Artichoke – $10.20

How much is a Fire-Grilled BBQ Chicken at Pieology?

Fire-Grilled BBQ Chicken – $10.31

How much are Margherita Da Vinci Pie at Pieology?

Margherita Da Vinci Pie – $10.15

How much does a Pieology's Cauliflower Crust Cost?

Cauliflower Crust – $12.09

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