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Mediterranean dishes are popular in the United States for many reasons. The cuisine, after all, emphasizes the use of fresh ingredients, especially fruits and vegetables, as well as generous uses of herbs and spices. The popularity of Mediterranean-inspired restaurants like Noon Mediterranean then doesn’t come as a surprise. Below are the latest Noon Mediterranean menu prices.


Chef Creations

Grilled Chicken Salad (Chef Creations)$10.15
Spicy Lamb Meatball Bowl$12.10
Vegan Falafel Bowl (Chef Creations)$10.15
Grilled Chicken Pita (Chef Creations)$9.65
Savory Pork Quinoa Bowl$11.15
Vegan Charred Carrot Salad$10.15

Build Your Own

Fresh Baked Pita$9.65
Citrus Turmeric Rice Bowl (Build Your Own)$10.15
Kale Salad$10.15
Mixed Greens Salad$10.15
Quinoa Bowl (Build Your Own)$10.15
Spinach Salad$10.15

Soup and Fresh Baked Pita Bread

Creamy Tomato Soup (Contains Dairy)$6.99
Broccoli and Cheese Soup (Contains Dairy and Wheat)$6.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Contains Dairy)$6.99

Sides Made to Order

Mediterranean Spiced Fries$2.75
Side Falafel$2.75
Dip Trio$6.40
Baked Pita Chips and Hummus$3.70
Hummus Plate$5.30
Side Rice$2.50
Fresh Baked Pita Bread$1.65
Baked Pita Chips$2.75
Smoked Paprika Pita Chips$2.85
Spicy Harissa Tater Tots$4.00
Crispy Harissa Chickpeas$3.75

Extra Sauce

Herb Vinaigrette$0.75
Spicy Cilantro$0.75
Charred Baba Ganoush$0.75
Hot Harissa$0.75
Roasted Red Pepper$0.75
Garlic Sauce$0.75
Red Pepper Hummus$0.75
Smashed Beet Hummus$0.75
Charred Carrot Hummus$0.75

Sweet Tooth Fix

Chocolate Chunk Gluten Free Brownie$4.00
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$3.00
Caramel Salted Cookie$3.00
Rice Crispy Treat$3.00
Walnut Baklava (Contains Nuts)$4.50
Outrageously Triple Layer Chocolate Cake (Contains wheat, eggs, soy, dairy)$6.00
Triple Layer Red Velvet Cake (Contains wheat, eggs, soy, dairy)$6.00
Triple Layer Carrot Cake (Contains wheat, eggs, soy, dairy, nuts)$6.00


Spindrift Lemon$3.00
Spindrift Blackberry$3.00
Spindrift Grapefruit$3.00
Spindrift Raspberry Lime$3.00
Pellegrino Aranciata$3.00
Pellegrino Sparkling Water$3.00
Pure Leaf Unsweetened$3.00
Pure Leaf Lemon$3.00
Pure Leaf Sweet Tea$3.00
Pure Leaf Raspberry$3.00
Diet Coke$3.00
Kevita Kombucha Ginger$4.75
Kevita Kombucha Tart Cherry$4.75

Picked for you

Citrus Turmeric Rice Bowl$10.15
Vegan Falafel Bowl$10.15
Grilled Chicken Pita$9.65
Quinoa Bowl$10.15
Grilled Chicken Salad$10.15
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About Noon Mediterranean

The reasonable Noon Mediterranean prices are also part of the chain’s attractions among the young crowd, as well as among families who want to enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean without actually being there.  Keep in mind, too, that Mediterranean dishes aren’t the easiest to cook, or the easiest to get the right flavors, so the convenience of dining out is welcome news.


Noon Mediterranean, formerly known as VERTS Mediterranean Grill, was established in November 2017 as a rebranded company. VERTS Mediterranean Grill itself was founded by Michael Heyne and Dominik Stein in 2011; the company was known for its smart car-based food truck, the smallest in the world of its kind then.

At the time of its rebranding, Noon Mediterranean had 20 locations in the United States. The fast casual restaurant chain has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

What They’re Famous For

Noon Mediterranean is obviously known for its authentic Mediterranean dishes, such as falafel, pita and hummus. The menu, furthermore, features contemporary American favorites like fries, brownies, and fountain drinks.

Why Eat Here

Mediterranean cuisine emphasizes the use of fresh vegetables and fruits, thus, its popularity among vegans and vegetarians who have special dietary requirements. This is part of the reason for Noon Mediterranean’s increasing popularity among health-conscious individuals, too.

Keep in mind that there’s no waiter service at all Noon Mediterranean restaurants. Customers usually line up at the counter and choose their food orders from the menu while the crew members prepare them. But the service is fast, efficient and friendly so there isn’t a long wait even during the peak hours.

The peak hours are at lunch and dinner, which isn’t surprising because the menu caters to the crowd at these times. There are plenty of dishes to choose from – pita sandwiches; quinoa, barley and corn bowls; salads with vegetables, meats and spices; and sides, dips, and drinks.

With its emphasis on the use of the freshest ingredients possible, Noon Mediterranean’s menu features seasonal chef creations for every season of the year. Regular dishes are also available but the seasonal chef creations are highly anticipated because of their creative combos, delicious flavors, and hearty portions.

The summer season brings with it the likes of the Summer Meatball Pita (pita with turkey and mushroom meatballs, cauliflower tabbouleh, and arugula with tahini and tomato vinaigrette); Summer Corn and Falafel Salad (a flavorful mix of falafel, arugula, and carrot slaw with pita crunch, feta cheese, and tahini and tomato vinaigrette); and Summer Pork Quinoa Bowl (a generously-sized dish of quinoa, slow-cooked pork, and grilled corn with za’atar spice).

For the autumn season, the dishes become interesting with the use of spicy sauces, such as hot harissa sauce in the Fall Grilled Steak Bowl (rice, grilled steak, and cabbage slaw with marinated green olives). The Fall Beef Meatball Quinoa Salad also has roasted red pepper sauce served over quinoa, beef meatballs, and a salad of radish, baby spinach and carrot slaw.  Other fall-worthy items are the Fall Chicken & Sweet Potato Salad and Fall Pork Pita.

The winter brings the flavors of falafel, eggplant relish, and spicy cilantro in the Winter Veggie Quinoa Bowl, as well as the boost of energy from the beef meatballs, barley, and beet tzatziki in the Warm Power Bowl.

Do you want something that you created yourself? Do you want something new yet still enjoy the comforts of the familiar? You can build your own bowl, whether it’s a grains bowl or a salad bowl.

For the grains bowl, you can choose a base – rice, quinoa, and barley – and then top it with your choice in proteins and vegetables. A customized salad bowl comes with your choice in meats and vegetables, too, as is the case for the baked pita.

The chef creations are just as popular but these offer more variety than the seasonal chef creations. The grilled steak pita is a favorite, thanks to its great-tasting combination of grilled steak, red cabbage salad, and cucumber and tomato salad in a pita topped with tzatziki sauce and feta cheese.  The Greek salad with chicken is a healthy and healthy meal on its own while the Moroccan Turkey Bowl fills the tummy with tasty turkey meatballs, rice and carrot salad.

If you’re not hungry but you have a craving for Noon Mediterranean’s food, then you can order the side dishes. The pita chips and hummus are still light on the tummy while the dip trio – baked pita chips served with roasted red pepper sauce, hummus, and tzatziki – whets your appetite.

The dessert selection is limited – just baklava blondie, crispy marshmallow bar, and tahini brownie, so far – but after eating your fill of the delicious Mediterranean dishes, dessert may be the last thing on your mind.

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Noon Mediterranean FAQ

How much is Noon Mediterranean's Spicy Harissa Tater Tots?

Spicy Harissa Tater Tots – $4.00

How much is a Red Pepper Hummus at Noon Mediterranean?

Red Pepper Hummus – $0.75

How much are Roasted Red Pepper at Noon Mediterranean?

Roasted Red Pepper – $0.75

How much does a Noon Mediterranean's Charred Baba Ganoush Cost?

Charred Baba Ganoush – $0.75

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