Nekter Juice Bar Prices

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May, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Nekter Juice Bar menu prices.

Item Price

Grab N Go's

Berry Detox Skinny Lemonade $7.91
Strawberry Pitaya $8.33
Original Skinny Lemonade $7.90
Charcoal Skinny Lemonade + Probiotics $7.99
Turmeric Citrus Lemonade $7.95
Healing Greens + Prebiotics $7.95

Handcrafted Bowls

Acai Peanut Butter Bowl $10.55
Dragon Fruit $10.67
Acai Peanut Butter $10.59
Protein Power Bowl $12.63
Açaí Superfood $12.64
Acai Almond Butter Bowl $11.83

Superfood Smoothies

AB Health Nut Smoothie $9.11
Pink Flamingo Smoothie $8.05
Health Nut Smoothie $8.32
Popeye’s Açaí $8.31
Mango Delight Smoothie $8.05
Turmeric Sunrise Smoothie $8.08
PB Health Nut Smoothie $7.93
Orange Crush Smoothie $8.05
Popeye’s açaí Smoothie $8.01
Watermelon Berry Smoothie $8.03
Berry Banana Burst Smoothie $8.07


Mango Delight $8.66
Orange Crush $8.66
Popeye's Açaí Smoothie $8.10
Turmeric Sunrise $8.65
PB Health Nut $8.50
Popeye's Acai $8.03
AB Health Nut $9.40
Make Your Own Smoothie $8.83
Cold Brew Protein $7.26

Fresh Juices

The Greenie Juice $8.07
Toxin Flush Juice $8.12
The Sublime $8.23
The Sublime Juice $8.07
The Little Beet Juice $8.14
The Greenie $8.23
Green Apple Detox Juice $8.12
The Buzz Juice $8.16
Watermelon Cooler Juice $8.04

Picked For You

Acai Super Food Bowl $12.78

Fusion Blends

Slender Greens $8.63
Banana Boost $8.63
Tropical Cooler $8.58


Greenie $9.52
The Little Beet $8.71
Sublime $9.56
Buzz $9.28
Toxin Flush $8.79
Green Apple Detox $8.71
Celery Refresh $8.67
Make Your Own Juice $9.37

Popular Items

Açaí Banana Berry $10.65
Pink Flamingo $8.66
Peanut Butter Bowl $10.98
Acai Banana Berry Bowl $10.79
Berry Banana Burst $8.63
Dragon Fruit Bowl $10.85
Health Nut $8.19
The Buzz $8.23
Acai Mango Bowl $10.81
Acai Superfood Bowl $12.94
Açaí Mango $10.63
Protein Power $13.03


Acai Mango Bowl *Updated* $10.28
Peanut Butter Bowl *Updated* $10.28
Almond Butter Bowl $12.21
Almond Butter Bowl *Updated* $9.52
Dragon Fruit Bowl *NEW* $12.15
Acai Superfood Bowl *Updated* $12.28
Immunity Bowl $13.50
Protein Power *NEW* $12.28

Grab N' Go's

Turmeric Citrus $8.28
Classic Greens $8.33
Nekter Spring Water $1.92
Strawberry Pitaya Protein $8.99
Magic Butterfly $9.32
Nekter Electrolyte Water $3.15
Celery Detox $8.69
Healing Greens $8.75
Vanilla Spice Superfood Protein $10.00
Charcoal Skinny Lemonade $8.47
Superfood Protein $8.95
Berry Detox $8.14
Skinny Lemonade $8.09

WellNess Shots

A quick Boost of Wellness.
Turmeric Shot! $3.95


Monster Cookie Dough $5.65
Vegan Charcoal Vanilla Skoop $5.65
Chocolate Bliss $5.49
Coconut Vanilla Skoop $5.55
Orange Twist $5.65
Skoop Toppings $1.20
Peanut Butter Swirl $5.65


Elderberry Shot $3.70
Tumeric Shot $3.48
Ginger Shot $3.69
Turmeric Shot $3.70
Burn $4.28
Immunity Shot $3.72
Immunity $4.28
Energy $4.20


2 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $101.21
4 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $202.38
5 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $252.99
3 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $151.82
6 Day Celery Detox Cleanse $50.55
1 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $50.70


Banana $1.23
Apple $1.23
Crunchy Peanut Protein Bites $6.18
Chocolate Protein Bites $6.11
Coconut Protein Bites $6.11
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About Nekter Juice Bar

Juicing isn’t just a health fad that will go away! This has several health benefits that will attract more and more people, especially the ones who are looking for a healthier alternative to the present-day additives-filled processed food, in the coming years.

But there’s an issue with drinking all-natural fruit juices everyday – you may not have the time to do it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is where the products of Nékter Juice Bar comes in! Every juice, smoothie and acai bowl that comes out of its facility has been proven good for your health, so you can drink it every day, too.


Nékter Juice Bar was founded in 2010 with its founders envisioning a place where people will enjoy delicious, nutritious and affordable healthy products. The first location opened in Costa Mesa, California and subsequent locations opened in other states across the United States.

What They’re Known For

Every Nékter Juice Bar is known for its wide range of all-natural, handcrafted and freshly-made juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. Every product only contains fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and other whole products with little to none of the processed ingredients so often used by other competitors.

Why Eat Here

The best reason to order food and drinks from your Nékter Juice Bar is the multiple benefits that can be derived from their regular and proper consumption. First, you will experience improved digestion since raw fruit and vegetable juices are faster and easier to digest, which gives the body time to improve its digestive function.

Second, your immune system will be stronger because of the powerful antioxidants in the juices, smoothies, and acai bowls.  These antioxidants fight the effects of free radicals on the body and, thus, delay the effects of aging on the skin, heart and lungs, among other organs.

Third, you will experience increased physical energy because the Nékter Juice Bar products are filled with energy-boosting ingredient. Plus, there’s also the fact that the all-natural juices are easier to digest so the nutrients can be used for energy production and other bodily functions faster, too.

Fourth, your skin will have a radiant glow, thanks to the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the juices and smoothies. Even your hair and nails will be healthier when you drink Nékter Juice Bar’s juices and smoothies every day.

Of course, the juices, smoothies and acai salads are all delicious! You will love that the sweetness level is just right, thanks to the fact that there are no artificial sweeteners (e.g., sugar) in these products; only natural sweeteners like honey are used sparingly. You will also appreciate the refreshing quality that comes with each bite or sip, as well as filling quality of these all-natural products.

There’s a wide range of Nékter Juice Bar products to choose from so there will always be something that will satisfy your taste and health need. The juices include the Watermelon Cooler, a fan favorite for summer made from a combination of hydrating watermelon and refreshing fresh mint. The Greenie is a combination of several green vegetables including parsley, kale and spinach as well as a blend of cucumber, celery, and apple with a healthy dose of lemon.

The Toxin Flush has spinach and parsley, which are known for their health-boosting benefits, as well as apple for sweetness and ginger and lemon for freshness; it’s a great detox drink for people who have gone on a binge. The Sublime is a zingy drink made of lime and orange combined with kale, spinach, parsley and cucumber for a flavorful drink. The Little Beet isn’t little on the nutrition scale because it’s filled with nutrients from carrot, cucumber, and beets with a zing of lemon and orange.

You can also make your own juice blend. You can choose a base, which can be celery, carrot, orange, or red or green apple, and then choose your own vegetable or fruit to blend with it. Your choices include spinach, kale, parsley, beets, and cucumber.

The smoothies are thicker in consistency and just as delicious and nutritious as the juices. The choices include the Watermelon Berry Smoothie, Turmeric Sunrise, Berry Banana Burst, and Pink Flamingo.

And then there are the acai bowls wherein the acai berries are mixed with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The Popeye’s Acai bowl, for example, has acai mixed with spinach, banana, cashew milk, and agave nectar served on a bed of ice and topped with blueberry.  The Acai Mango Bowl has banana, pineapple, and mango mixed with coconut water and served with a topping of coconut flakes, hempseed granola, and agave nectar.

There are also cold-pressed bottled greens, vegetable salads, lemonades, and cleanses like the Classic Cleanse and Advanced Cleanse. Nékter Juice Bar also offers 3-day juice cleanses that can aid in your weight loss and detox program.

The bottom line: Nékter Juice Bar is a great alternative to the sugar-filled processed fruit and vegetable juices that are so prevalent in the food sector – and the Nékter Juice Bar prices are super-affordable, too, just as its products contain super-foods!

To learn more about Nekter Juice Bar or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Nekter Juice Bar FAQ

How much is Nekter Juice Bar's Berry Detox Skinny Lemonade?

Berry Detox Skinny Lemonade – $7.91

How much is a Charcoal Skinny Lemonade + Probiotics at Nekter Juice Bar?

Charcoal Skinny Lemonade + Probiotics – $7.99

How much are Acai Peanut Butter Bowl at Nekter Juice Bar?

Acai Peanut Butter Bowl – $10.55

How much does a Nekter Juice Bar's Protein Power Bowl Cost?

Protein Power Bowl – $12.63