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The Little Beet may be a small restaurant in comparison with most of its competitors but it’s a proof that the small can be significant in changing people’s perspectives. In its case, it’s in offering whole foods to customers and, in the process, allowing them to feel good about themselves.

The Little Beet prices are in line with the restaurant’s thrust of offering affordable wholesome foods. The customers praise the restaurant’s management in keeping its prices within reach, too.

Below are the latest The Little Beet menu prices.

Item Price

Make Your Own Plate

Basmati Rice W/green Herbs & Garlic $8.95
Organic Quinoa W/job's Tears & Amaranth $8.95
Field Greens $8.95
Greens + Grains $8.95
Greens + Basmati Rice $8.95
Skip The Base, Add An Extra Side $8.95


Brussel Hustle Bowl $11.55
Yuzu Poké Bowl $13.45
Junior Bowl $7.95
Seasonal Bowl $11.95


Saratoga Springs Water (Still Water) $2.50
Saratoga Springs Water (Sparkling Water) $2.50
Spindrift Seltzer $2.50
Plant Water $4.00
Wonder Kombucha (8.4Oz) $3.00
Natalie's Oj (8Oz) $2.25
Red Jacket Orchards - Strawberry Apple (12Oz) $3.50
Organic Valley Kids Chocolate Milk (6.75Oz) $2.25
Rise Coffee - Nitro Cold Brew $3.95


Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs $2.45
Food Should Taste Good Chips $1.95
Sans Bakery Pastries $1.95

A La Carte

Shaved Brussels $3.00
Sweet Potatoes $2.95
Charred Broccoli $2.95
Sautéed Greens $2.95
Delicata Squash $2.95
Beets & Radicchio $2.95
Broccoli Rabe $2.95
Roasted Rainbow Carrots $2.95
Vegan Ranch Slaw $2.95
Butternut Squash Soup $3.50

Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg, Cheese And Avocado $4.75
Turkey Bacon, Egg & Cheese $5.95
Avocado Toast $5.95

Breakfast Bowls

Chai Spiced Quinoa Oatmeal $6.00
Shine Bowl $5.95
Farmer's Bowl $7.95
Rise Bowl $4.95
Eggs Benny $7.95

Breakfast Parfait

Mangoberry Parfait $4.95
Dragonberry Parfait $4.95
Sunberry Parfait $5.25


Proteins - A La Carte (Seared Salmon) $85.00
Proteins - A La Carte (Roasted Chicken) $65.00
Proteins - A La Carte (Braised Pork) $65.00
Proteins - A La Carte (Sweet N Spicy Tofu) $55.00
Proteins - A La Carte (Sesame Avocado) $50.00
Proteins - A La Carte (Beet Falafel) $55.00
Proteins - A La Carte (Bbq Jackfruit) $50.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Field Greens Base With Lemon Dressing) $40.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Basmati Rice W/green Herbs & Garlic (Gluten-Free & Vegan)) $40.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Organic Quinoa Base With Job's Tears & Amaranth) $40.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Sweet Potatoes W/olive Oil & Sea Salt (Warm, Gluten-Free & Vegan)) $45.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Charred Broccoli W/olive Oil, Salt & Pepper (Warm, Gluten-Free & Vegan)) $45.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Shaved Brussels Sprouts W/pecorino Cheese And Cranberries (Cool & Gluten-Free)) $45.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Beets & Radicchio W/goat Cheese & Pistachios (Cool & Gluten-Free)) $45.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Vegan Ranch Slaw W/kelp, Cabbage & Carrots (Cool & Gluten-Free)) $45.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Sauteed Greens W/chickpeas & Golden Raisins (Warm, Gluten-Free & Vegan)) $45.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Roasted Rainbow Carrots W/leeks (Warm, Gluten-Free & Vegan)) $45.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Delicata Squash W/honey Vinegar & Pecorino Cheese (Warm & Gluten-Free)) $45.00
Veggies - A La Carte (Broccoli Rabe W/white Beans & Calabrian Chili Peppers (Cool, Gluten-Free & Vegan)) $45.00
Sauces & Dips - A La Carte (Sweet Chili Garlic - Think: Homemade Sriracha) $5.00
Sauces & Dips - A La Carte (Chimichurri - Think: Green Herbs) $5.00
Sauces & Dips - A La Carte (Turmeric Tahini - Think: Tangy & Creamy) $5.00
Sauces & Dips - A La Carte (Avocado Bean Dip - Think: Guacamole) $8.00
Sauces & Dips - A La Carte (Chipotle Aioli - Think: Spicy Mayo (Vegan)) $5.00
Sauces & Dips - A La Carte (Beet Hummus - Think Hummus, But Purple) $8.00
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The Little Beet was established in 2013.

What They’re Famous For

Chef Franklin Becker, the brains in the kitchen, creates The Little Beet dishes based on choice ingredients, particularly local, seasonal and natural ingredients. The result is a wide range of wholesome dishes that don’t make people feel guilty about indulging in them.  Many of the dishes are also 100% gluten-free so customers can enjoy both gluten-free and guilt-free food!

The Little Beet caters to several different food preferences, too, such as vegetarians. There are also build-your-own meal options.

Why Eat Here

The Little Beet has a casual, modern farmhouse look about it, thanks to the wall planters and wood planks in its exterior and interior. The fresh-from-the-farm thrust in its choice of ingredients is reinforced by the décor although the proof of the pudding is always in the food. The seating is on two levels, while the seating options are aplenty, too.

There are sleek and sophisticated with a rustic vibe hanging lamps, which are dim enough to contribute to a cozy ambiance yet bright enough to see the food on the table. The wood-tiled walls have metallic accents that make for a more modern vibe, a surprising thing in a rustic restaurant.

There’s a certain purity in the way the chefs approach the dishes here. There’s an emphasis on highlighting the natural flavors of the wholesome ingredients, thus, the use of charring and roasting in cooking the food. The simple preparation means the dishes have a fresher taste and better flavor than, say, when these are exposed to more sophisticated cooking methods.

For example, the charred broccoli has simple garnishing of chili pepper, garlic, lemon and olive oil but it’s a dish packed with great umami flavor. You can’t stop eating it because it’s just so good, not just for your health but in your mouth!

The Rice Bowls are meals unto themselves and, thus, these are the most popular on The Little Beet menu. The Citrus Poppy may have a whimsical name but its combination of fennel, spirulina flecked brown rice, and beet falafel with piquillo garlic sauce makes it a healthy and filling meal.  The Harvest Kale is just as delicious with chicken, roasted kale, and sweet potato in sweet chili garlic sauce and topped with turmeric toasted almonds.

For a taste of the Orient mixed with Tex-Mex flavors, try the Yuzu Poke Rice – salmon poke mixed with chipotle slaw, brown rice, kale, golden beets, avocado, and sesame seeds with pickled ginger and yuzu vinaigrette. The Winter Soup Bowl is a refreshing take on soup with rice, kale chicken, and super seeds mix with salsa verde while the Falafel Squash Bowl makes it easy to eat your vegetables; it contains organic quinoa, squash, beet falafel, and roasted kale with beet hummus dip, turmeric almonds, and turmeric tahini sauce.

The Grains Bowls come in generous portions so you will feel full after a bowl. The Power Sweets has a sweet and spicy flavor from the combo of sweet chili garlic sauce, sweet potato and green beans while the Tahini Squash has a more savory flavor from the beet falafel, roasted kale, and acorn squash topped with turmeric toasted almonds and turmeric tahini sauce.  Other Grains Bowls choices include Feta Beets and herbed Up.

The salads generally have lower calorie counts than the rice and grains bowls so these are popular among the carb-counting crowd. There’s the Brussels Hustle, a savory creation of kaffir lime chicken, Brussels sprouts, and field greens with a chimichurri sauce.  The Shroom Bean obviously contains roasted mushrooms and herbed white beans with a red pepper spread. The Cauli Vibes feature cauliflower mixed with pomegranate, steak, and salsa verde.

Come to The Little Beet if you feel like experimenting with healthy food. The make-your-own-plate options make it possible! The Veggie Pattie 2.0 Plate is the restaurant’s healthier take on falafel – vegetable patty with a soft interior and a crispy skin made with black beans, roasted beets, and quinoa; it’s a vegan dish.

The drinks menu consists of interesting beverages – sparkling water, matcha plant water, turmeric plant, and chamomile plant water as well as the signature Fred Water. There are also Spindrift in various flavors – cucumber, grapefruit, lemon, raspberry orange, and blackberry. The hot beverages include Chamomile Citrus Infusion and Strawberry Basil Infusion.

We like The Little Beet because it has halal options, too! It’s a great place for lunch because of its great food, fast service, and friendly atmosphere.

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