Native Grill Prices: How much is Native Grill?

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Chicken wings are the juiciest, most succulent and most flavorful part of the entire chicken. No wonder then that these are considered as a firm favorite in the culinary landscape of the United States! Below are the latest Native Grill menu prices.



Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$12.62
Club Sandwich$12.20
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$13.49
California Cluck$12.91
Philly Steak$13.13
Fish & Chips Platter$13.99
Torpedo Sandwich - Limited Time!$14.79
Meatball Sub$9.69
Native Crispy Fish Sandwich - Limited Time!$14.19
Steak, Bacon and Cheese Sandwich - Limited Time!$14.79
Turkey, Bacon Avocado Cornbread Sandwich - Limited Time!$15.39

Summer Sandwiches - Limited Time Only!

Torpedo Sandwich$14.79
Native Crispy Fish Sandwich$14.19
Steak, Bacon and Cheese Sandwich$14.79
Turkey, Bacon Avocado Cornbread Sandwich$15.39

Popular Items

10 Pack Traditional Wings$15.04
9" Cheese Pizza$7.01
Chicken Stripper Combo$10.81

Boneless Wings

1/2 Pound of Hand-Breaded Boneless Wings$8.39
Native Boneless Wings Combo$10.79
1 Pound of Hand-Breaded Boneless Wings$11.89

Limited Time Offers

Massive Mushroom Burger*$14.09
Bleu Cheese Burger*$6.05
Nashville Hot Burger*$10.79


20oz Soda Bottles$2.50


Native Buffalo Fries$7.62
Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread$11.34
Loaded Tots$10.23
Tater Tots$7.93
Plain Tots$6.29
Buffalo Chicken Nachos$14.21
French Fries$5.46
Onion Rings$9.38
Potato Skins$10.36
Native Combo Platter$16.64
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$9.22
Native Combo Plater$14.99
Loaded Fries$10.41
3-Pack of Traditional Wings$3.89
Fried Pickles$7.69
Native Hummus$6.79
Curly Fries$5.24
Plain Hummus$6.79
Shredded Pork Queso Dip$11.63
Jalapeno Curds$9.14
Garlic Parmesan Curds$9.14

Salads and Greens

Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad$14.07
Chicken Lettuce Wraps$12.78
Cobb Salad$14.16
Chicken Apple Walnut Salad$14.93
Chicken Caesar Salad$12.78
Dinner Salad$5.92


Margherita Pizza$12.67
House Special Pizza$12.67
Meaty Beast Pizza$12.93
Cheese Pizza$8.08


20 Pack Traditional Wings$28.55
15 Pack Traditional Wings$21.88
1 Pound Chicken Stripper Combo$18.93
Boneless Wing Combo$10.79
1/2 Pound Chicken Stripper Combo$14.09
1 Pound Boneless Wing Combo$18.41
1 Pound Hand-Breaded Boneless Wings$14.39
Traditional Wing Combo$10.81
3 Pack Traditional Wings$3.89
50 Pack Traditional Wings$66.84
10 Traditional Wings Combo$21.94
1 Pound Native Style Strippers$14.38
1/2 Pound Boneless Wing Combo$13.50
5 Pack Traditional Wings$7.77
1/2 Pound Native Style Strippers$9.58
3-Pack of Ancho Chili Lime Traditional Wings$3.89
1/2 Pound Hand-Breaded Boneless Wings$9.66
3-Pack of Honey Hot Traditional Wings$3.89
5 Traditional Wings Combo$14.93


Bacon Cheeseburger*$13.17
Arizona Burger*$11.73
Individual Native Slider*$3.21
Individual BBQ Pork Slider$3.21
Individual Chicken Fried Chicken Slider$3.19
Green Chile Burger*$13.11
Mix N Match Sliders*$8.46
#MyNative Burger*$10.19
Hangover Burger*$13.77
Thousand Island Burger*$13.08


Mix-n-Match Slider Duo$7.29


10" Cheese Pizza$9.41
Build-Your-Own Flatbread$10.59
10" House Special Pizza$13.14
9" House Special Pizza$11.62
14" Cheese Pizza$13.00
14" House Special Pizza$20.90
18" Cheese Pizza$19.19
18" House Special Pizza$26.59
10" Meaty Beast Pizza$14.06
9" Meaty Beast Pizza$11.62
14" Meaty Beast Pizza$22.01
18" Meaty Beast Pizza$27.17
10" Margherita Pizza$13.20
9" Margherita Pizza$11.62
14" Margherita Pizza$20.31
18" Margherita Pizza$25.39

Traditional Wings

Native Traditional Wings Combo$10.79

Native Style Chicken Strippers

Native Stripper Combo$10.79
1/2 Pound of Native Style Strippers$8.39
1 Pound of Native Style Strippers$11.89


Three Native Tacos$6.29
Flour Tortilla Pork Taco$2.49
Corn Tortilla Pork Taco$2.49
Flour Tortilla Chicken Taco$2.49
Corn Tortilla Chicken Taco$2.49

Bottled Beverages

20oz Coke$2.98
20oz Sprite$2.98
20oz Dr Pepper$2.98
20oz Diet Coke$2.99


Kids Boneless Wings$7.12
Kids Chicken Strippers$7.14
Kids Traditional Wings$7.36
Kid's Grilled Cheese$6.23
Kids Mac N Cheese$6.23
Kid's Slider$5.91
Kid's Chicken Breast$7.10

Fountain Beverages

Diet Coke$2.47
Dr. Pepper$2.47
Root Beer$2.47
Unsweetened Iced Tea$2.47
Unsweetened Mango Iced Tea$2.47
Arnold Palmer$2.47
Mango Palmer$2.47
Strawberry Lemonade$3.66


Chicken Parm Sandwich$11.89

Sides & Sauces

Extra Ranch$0.68
Extra Wing Sauce$0.68
Side of Tater Tots$2.67
Extra Bleu Cheese$0.65
Extra Native Sauce$0.68
Extra Dressing$0.68

Sides and Sauces

Side of Ranch$1.13
Side of Bleu Cheese$1.12
Side of Fries$2.55
Side of Wing Sauce$0.90
Side of Onion Rings$3.08
Native Sauce$0.97
Side of Celery$0.79
Side of Queso$1.27
Side of Fruit$2.73
Side of Marinara$1.07
Side of Salsa$1.01
Side of Tator Tots$3.29
Side of Loaded Tots$4.44
Side of Loaded Fries$4.17

Kid's Menu

Kid's Grilled Chicken Breast$5.39
Kid's 4-Pack Wings$5.89
Kid-Friendly Strippers$5.39


Native Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae$7.16
Native White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Sundae$7.16
Funnel Fries$8.64
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About Native Grill

While the Native Grill & Wings brand may not be as well-known as the chicken wing-centric fast-food and fast casual chains in the country, partly because of the fewer number of locations, it’s among the best in terms food quality. Here, diners agree that the chicken wings are the stuff of dreams, from the yummy sauce to the crispy skin and juicy meat.


In 1978, Floyd and Judy Anderson with their kids relocated from Buffalo, New York to Arizona. Their dream was to own and operate a restaurant in their new home and they did. Their first restaurant was at the site of small pizza joint, which they renamed as Native New Yorker, and started making their dream a reality.

But it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. The couple struggled with their business until Judy Anderson realized that their menu lacked something – chicken wings. When they introduced their own version, the chicken wings became an instant hit and success soon followed.

The native New Yorker became the go-to place for great chicken wings.  But change being inevitable, the restaurant was renamed Native Grill & Wings in 2014; the logo was also updated.

Native Grill is also establishing its mark on the national stage. One proof of it is its recent inclusion in Restaurant Business Magazine’s Future 50. Today, the chain has numerous locations in Arizona, its home state, as well as in South Dakota, Texas, and Idaho.

What They’re Known For

The Native Grill chain of casual yet polished restaurants is well-known and well-loved for its heavenly chicken wings and their wide range of sauces. The founders and their chefs have developed a unique version of the New York-style chicken wings so these aren’t the ones you can find in so-so fast-food chains and the like.

The restaurants also offer a different version of chicken wings on specific days of the week. For example, Tuesdays are for traditional wings, Wednesdays are for boneless wings, and Thursdays are for Native Style Strippers.

Why Eat Here

Every Native Grill restaurant has friendly, attentive and efficient waiters and waitresses that enhance the dining experience. When you walk in the door, you will be greeted by warm smiles and seated at your table fairly quickly. You and your group may walk in on a busy restaurant, especially during lunchtime and dinnertime, but you don’t have to worry about not finding a table.

The interiors have a contemporary, even trendy, décor that contributes to the upbeat and nearly upscale ambiance. The dress code, however, is casual although we don’t recommend tattered jeans, pajamas, and bikinis out of respect for the other diners. The restaurants are also characterized by their spacious feeling, airy interiors, and dim lighting.

Of course, you and your group come to the nearest Native Grill restaurant for the food and the best food to order is the chicken wings!  But it isn’t just a simple matter of ordering from a set menu either. Every customer has the opportunity to make his or her customized chicken wings, from the type of wings to the sauce liberally poured over them.

First, you have to choose the type of chicken wings. Your choices include the Native Style Strippers, which are boneless and skinless chicken tenderloins; the Hand-breaded Boneless Wings, which are hand-breaded boneless chicken wings; and the Traditional Wings with their bones intact.

The Boneless Wings are available in ½ and 1 pounds while the Traditional Wings are available in packs from the 5 pack to the 50 Pack; the latter is available in two to five flavors depending on the number of wings.  The Traditional Wings can also be ordered and sauced individually so you can enjoy all the flavors, if you’re up for it.

Second, you can choose from about 20 flavors for your preferred chicken wings – yes, 20, and you can try them all before deciding on what flavors you like best. The choices include Asiago Parmesan with just a hint of garlic; Salt and Pepper Wings with garlic, black pepper, and kosher salt; Spicy Honey Mustard Wings with hot sauce and sweet honey mustard; Chile Pepper Hot, a must-try for lovers of everything hot and spicy; and Lemon Pepper, a beguiling mix of lemon and pepper.

The chicken wings may be the star of the show but there are also other equally delicious foods on the menu. The burgers are bestsellers, too, because these are filling and flavorful, just as you would burgers to be. The choices include bacon cheeseburger, Native burger, Hangover Burger, and Arizona Burger, as well as sides like loaded fries, loaded tots, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks.

To learn more about Native Grill or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Native Grill FAQ

How much is Native Grill's The Shareable Trio?

The Shareable Trio – $12.10

How much is a Native Boneless Wings Combo at Native Grill?

Native Boneless Wings Combo – $10.79

How much are 10-Pack Traditional Wings at Native Grill?

10-Pack Traditional Wings – $12.69

How much does a Native Grill's 20oz Soda Bottles Cost?

20oz Soda Bottles – $2.50

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