Kung Fu Tea Prices: How much is Kung Fu Tea?

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Tea is among the top three most consumed beverages in the world for many reasons. For one thing, it’s rich with antioxidants that fight free radicals and, thus, delay the signs of aging and decrease the risk of chronic degenerative diseases. For another thing, it’s a relaxing and soothing beverage with mild stimulant effect, thus, its popularity among the young and old. Below are the latest Kung Fu Tea menu prices.


Classic Hot Tea

Classic Hot Kung Fu Black Tea$5.93
Classic Hot Kung Fu Green Tea$5.93
Classic Hot Kung Fu Oolong Tea$5.93
Classic Hot Kung Fu Honey Tea$5.98
Classic Hot Winter Melon Tea$6.03
Classic Hot Honey Black Tea$6.14
Classic Hot Green Tea$6.12
Classic Hot Longan Jujube Tea$6.03
Classic Hot Winter Melon Green Tea$6.14

Whats New

Hot Black Tea Wow Milk Cap$7.59
Hot Green Tea Wow Milk Cap$7.56
Hot Oolong Tea Wow Milk Cap$7.56

Hot Milk Strike

Hot Chai Milk Strike$7.14
Hot Ginger Milk Strike$7.08
Hot Matcha Milk Strike$7.15
Hot Sesame Matcha Milk Strike$7.14
Hot Original Milk Strike$7.31
Hot Oreo Milk Strike$7.32
Hot Red Bean Milk Strike$7.31
Hot Herbal Jelly Milk Strike$7.31

Hot Milk Tea

Hot Kung Fu Milk Tea$5.75
Thai Hot Milk Tea$5.99

Seasonal Special

Pumpkin Hot Oolong Milk Tea$5.71
Brown Sugar Ginger (Hot)$5.86


KFT2GO Dragon Pop x1$5.42
KFT2GO Reusable Straw$7.15
KFT2GO Dragon Pop x5$23.77
KFT2GO KF Green Tea Can x1$2.51
KFT2GO Fruit Strikes x1$3.79
KFT2GO KF Green Tea Can x6$13.75
KFT2GO Energy Can x1$3.36
KFT2GO Boba Chew x1$2.95


Honey Lemonade Punch$4.72
Kiwi Punch$6.32
Lemon Black Tea$5.23
Rosehip Lemonade$5.75
Grapefruit Green Tea Punch$5.12
Lemon Green Tea$5.22
Strawberry Lemon Green Tea$5.46
Passion Fruit Green Tea$5.51
Peach Oolong Tea$5.51
Lychee Black Tea Punch$5.27
Mango Green Tea Punch$5.08
Strawberry Lemonade$5.60
Lychee Punch$5.50
Winter Melon Lemonade$5.83
Passion Fruit Green Tea (Punch)$4.99
Lychee Black Tea$5.75
Veryberry Green Tea$3.85
Peach Oolong Tea Punch$5.04
Honey Lemonade$5.19
Rosehip Lemonade Punch$5.22
Strawberry Lemon GT$6.11
Grapefruit Green Tea$5.50
Mango Green Tea$5.58
Strawberry Lemon Green Tea (Punch)$4.84
Strawberry Lemonade Punch$4.91
Orange Green Tea$5.50
Sunshine Pineapple Tea$5.50
Sunshine Pineapple Tea Punch$5.17
Rosehip Pineapple$6.22
Guava Punch$6.35
Guava Black Tea$6.36

Milk Tea

Kung Fu Milk Green Tea$5.23
Milk Green Tea$4.32
Kung Fu Milk Tea$4.95
Oolong Milk Tea$5.39
Thai Milk Tea$5.76
Coffee Milk Tea$5.66
Taro Milk/ Milk Green Tea$5.11
Winter Melon Coconut Milk Tea$6.10
Almond Milk Tea$5.58
Caramel Milk Tea$6.10
Coconut Milk Tea$5.60
Honey Milk Tea$5.58
KF Milk Tea$5.87
Honey Milk Green Tea$5.63
KF Milk Green Tea$5.94
Honey Oolong Milk Tea$5.58
Taro Milk Tea$5.61
KF Oolong Milk Tea$5.48
Taro Milk Green Tea$5.65
Oolong Milk Tea (Hot)$5.78
Winter Melon Milk Green Tea$5.57
Honey Milk/ Milk Green Tea$5.59
Winter Melon MGT$6.09
Rosehip Milk Tea$5.74
Gingerbread Milk Tea$6.37
Winter Melon Milk Green Tea (Hot)$5.98
Almond Milk Tea (Hot)$5.97
Coconut Milk Tea (Hot)$5.63
Coffee Milk Tea (Hot)$5.09
Honey Milk Tea (Hot)$5.84
Honey Oolong Milk Tea (Hot)$5.83
Taro Milk Tea (Hot)$5.68


Passion Fruit Slush$6.50
Kiwi Yogurt Slush$7.35
Matcha Red Bean Slush$6.49
Red Bean$6.01
Italian Mocha$5.79
Mung Bean Slush$4.60
Strawberry Milk Slush$6.50
Taro Slush$6.50
Matcha Red Bean$5.72
Red Bean Slush$6.50
Mango Slush$6.54
Mango Snow$6.81
Strawberry Milk$5.77
Mango Snow Slush$5.68
Mango Creamsicle$6.90
Fruity Flurry$7.43
Oreo Slush$6.62
Pina Colada$5.94
Minion Mischief$7.26
Passion Fruit$5.74
Pineapple Slush$6.50
Cocoa Lava Slush$7.34
Pina Colada Slush$6.46
Coffee Slush$6.77
Caribbean Breeze$7.62
Italian Mocha Slush$5.85
Caramel Macchiato Slush$6.74
Pumpkin Slush$7.17
Caribbean Breeze Slush$6.43
Kiwi Apple Kale Slush$5.75
Mocha Slush$7.21
Passion Grape Slush$7.36
Honey Guava Slush$7.42
Lemon-Almond Pie$6.99
Gingerbread Slush$7.49

Premium Side Dish

Cheesy Curly Fries$5.12
Cole Slaw$3.94
Sweet Potato Fries$5.23
Curly Fries$4.00
Crunchy Cheese Curds$5.11
Charred Corn$3.96
Mashed Potato$4.09

What's New

Sunshine Grape-ade$6.20
Boosted Strawberry Lemonade$7.49
Brown Sugar Ginger$6.39
Boosted Guava Mango Slush$8.19
Sesame Oolong Milk Tea$5.89
Mango Cream$8.30
Peppermint Milk Tea$6.69
Sesame Slush$7.10
Strawberry Cream$7.66
White Grape Punch$6.03
Strawberry Milk Tea$6.45
Blue Island Punch$6.68
S'more Coffee Slush$7.01
S'mores Slush$7.26
White Grape Slush$7.12
Roasted Chestnut Slush$7.39
Black Tea Wow Milk Cap$6.85
S'more Slush$6.95
Oolong Tea Wow Milk Cap$6.85
Green Tea Wow Milk Cap$6.85
Mint Oreo Slush$7.34
Blueberry Creamsicle$7.30
Blueberry Lemon Slush$7.25
Mango Milk Tea$6.45
Peach Milk Tea$6.44
Sesame Wow Milk$7.00

Milk Strike

Cocoa Cream/Orignal Wow$6.93
Chai Milk Strike$5.68
Chai Milk (Hot)$6.08
Cocoa Cream/Original Wow$7.14
Chai Milk$6.18
Matcha Milk Strike$5.80
Winter Melon Milk$6.17
Sesame Matcha Milk$6.91
Ginger Milk (Hot)$6.12
Sesame Matcha$6.07
Wow Milk$4.96
Ginger Milk$6.35
Oreo Wow Milk$5.01
Oreo Wow$6.82
Matcha Milk (Hot)$6.12
Matcha Milk$6.21
Red Bean Wow Milk$5.21
Herbal Jelly Wow Milk$5.21
Purple Yam Latte$6.60
Red Bean Wow$6.84
Pumpkin Spice Latte$6.77
Herbal Jelly Wow$6.81

Single Entree

Crispy Chicken Sandwich$8.17

Wow Milk

Featuring housemade bubbles and lactaid.
Herbal Jelly$5.89
Cocoa Cream Wow$5.94


KF Green Tea$5.19
Hot Kung Fu Black Tea$4.55
Kung Fu Black Tea$4.33
Hot Kung Fu Green Tea$4.55
Hot Kung Fu Oolong Tea$4.61
Honey Black Tea (Hot)$4.78
Kung Fu Oolong Tea$4.33
Hot Kung Fu Honey Tea$4.73
Kung Fu Honey Tea$4.33
Winter Melon Tea$4.77
Honey Green Tea (Hot)$4.71
Winter Melon Green Tea$5.00
KF Black Tea$5.19
Honey Oolong Tea (Hot)$4.90
Honey Black Tea$5.02
Kung Fu Green Tea$4.32
KF Oolong Tea$5.19
Honey Green Tea$5.03
Honey Oolong Tea$5.10
Longan Jujube Tea (Hot)$4.60
KF Honey Tea$5.13
Hot Winter Melon Tea$4.53
Longan Jujube Tea$4.97
Hot Winter Melon Green Tea$4.78

Milk Cap

Winter Melon Tea Cap$6.45
Black Tea Cap$4.73
Green Tea Cap$5.07
Honey Tea Cap Black$6.99
Honey Tea Cap$5.58
Oolong Tea Cap$4.84
Jujube Tea Milk Cap$5.61
Sunshine Pineapple Tea Cap$7.24
Oolong Honey Tea Cap$7.00
Honey Green Tea Cap$6.99
Matcha Milk Cap$7.84
Cocoa Cream Wow Milk Cap$7.84


Caramel Macchiato$5.25
Pumpkin Coffee$5.47
S'mores Coffee Slush$7.19
Coffee Wow Milk Cap$6.83

Popular Items

Tea and milk powder and kung fu technique. Amazing.
Kung Fu Milk/ Milk Green Tea$5.35


Yogurt Green Tea$5.95
Yogurt Grapefruit$5.94
Strawberry Yogurt Lemonade$6.63
Yogurt Orange Juice$6.88
Yogurt Orange$5.96
Yogurt Grapefruit Juice$6.73
Yogurt Peach-ade$6.83
Yogurt Lemonade$6.30


Taro Milk$5.28


Signature Coffee$4.10

KFT x Minions Merch

Key Chain - KFT x Minions$6.19
Reusable Straw - KFT x Minions$25.35
Sweatshirt - KFT x Minions$53.30
Tumblers - KFT x Minions$21.15
Pin - KFT x Minions$5.55




Pumpkin Oolong Milk Tea$4.88

Hot Espresso

Hot Signature Coffee$4.13
Hot Latte$4.44
Hot Mocha$4.44
Hot Cappuccino$4.27
Hot Caramel Macchiato$4.44
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About Kung Fu Tea

Of course, tea is the core of the Kung Fu Tea’s menu. The beverage is the main ingredient for the smoothies, milk teas, and slushes as well as the classic brewed teas for which the chain is known for. But these tea-based beverages aren’t cloying to the palate because of the complex layers of flavors in each sip.


The first Kung Fu Tea location was opened in 2010 in New York City. Such was its relative success that the chain now has more than 130 stores across the United States, as well as in Canada, Australia and Vietnam.

What They’re Famous For

Kung Fu Tea is among the most popular brands of tea-based beverages in the United States. The chain is known for its Boba or Bubble Tea, as well as for its wide selection of smoothies, milk teas, punches, slushes, and classic brewed teas. The menu even includes milk caps and coffee beverages so customers always have a choice.

Every drink is made to order thus ensuring that these are fresh in quality. New batches of bubbles or boba are cooked every two hours while the the teas are freshly brewed every three hours.  The menu also features innovative drinks that loyal customers should be on the lookout for, especially during the holidays.

Why Eat Here

Many, if not most, of the Kung Fu Tea locations are in high-traffic areas so finding one shouldn’t be an issue. Outdoor seating and parking for vehicles and bikes may be available depending on the location, although wheelchair accessibility isn’t an issue.  The storefronts are popular hangouts for students and young professionals because of the casual ambiance, free Wi-Fi connection, and low noise level – in other words, it’s a good place for out-of-office work.

The interiors are decorated with a kung fu theme but it isn’t as tacky as it sounds, especially when you’re into oriental-inspired décor with a contemporary touch. The large flat screen televisions also show kung fu movies as an added entertainment for the diners, in case Internet browsing isn’t on the agenda.

The menu is truly impressive for tea lovers! There are all kinds of tea-based beverages that will satisfy every preference, from classic brewed black, green, and oolong teas to flavored teas like winter melon, pomelo, and longan jujube. We like the milk tea varieties, such as the milk green tea, taro milk tea, and honey milk tea, because of their perfect balance between the creaminess of the milk and the sweetness of the tea.

Every diner can also customize the sweetness level of his or her tea-based beverage. You can choose a low-sugar drink if you’re watching your sugar intake or you can order the full option to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whatever you choose, your drink will be tasty to the last drop and worth the money spent on it.

Since the teas are freshly brewed, the resulting drinks have a fresh taste to them in comparison with beverages made from stale teas, as is the case for many of Kung Fu Tea’s competitors. The boba is also freshly made so these aren’t too hard or too soft, just perfectly chewy.

The chain is also conscious of the food allergies of many of its target customers so the restaurants only use lactose-free milk and non-dairy creamer. This is good news for people who are lactose-intolerant or who don’t like the taste of regular milk.

There are also seasonal drinks and special drinks but these are limited in number. You may want to add them to your repertoire of tea-based drinks while still sticking to your old favorites.

Every successful chain has great people behind it and the Kung Fu Tea chain isn’t different. The crew members strive to satisfy their customers’ wants in their tea-based drinks. You can, for example, let them know when your drinks need changes and they will do them, even change your drinks, when needed.

The Kung Fu Tea storefronts also accept takeout orders and provides catering services to homes, schools and offices, among other venues. These also have gender-neural restrooms as well as family-friendly facilities. The payment modes accepted include cash and credit cards; so far, Bitcoin, Apple Pay and Android Pay aren’t accepted yet.

Whenever you want your caffeine fix, come to the nearest Kung Fu Tea location and satisfy it!

To learn more about Kung Fu Tea or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.kungfutea.com.

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Kung Fu Tea FAQ

How much is Kung Fu Tea's Hot Kung Fu Milk Green Tea?

Hot Kung Fu Milk Green Tea – $4.46

How much is a Iced Almond Milk Tea at Kung Fu Tea?

Iced Almond Milk Tea – $4.37

How much are Winter Melon Coconut Milk Tea at Kung Fu Tea?

Winter Melon Coconut Milk Tea – $5.25

How much does a Kung Fu Tea's Cold Kf Milk Tea Cost?

Cold Kf Milk Tea – $4.16

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