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Salads are generally among the healthiest items on restaurants’ menu since these are made of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs as well as spices. Of course, the salt and fat content should also be considered since these will contribute to the salads’ total calorie content. The type of dressing will also affect the total number of calories, thus, a vinaigrette dressing will be healthier than a Thousand Island dressing.

Of the dozens of salads-dedicated casual restaurants in the United States, Just Salad is among the most popular chains for several reasons mentioned below. Just Salad is a New York-based fast casual restaurant that serves a wide variety of salads as well as wraps, soups and smoothies.

Below are the latest Just Salad menu prices.


Chef-Design Salads


Wasabi Caesar Salad$9.99
Kung Wow Market Plate$9.99
Spring Classic Crunch Salad$9.99


Plain Caesar Salad$8.69
Buffalo Chicken Salad$8.69
Thai Chicken Crunch Salad$8.69
Chicken Caesar Salad$8.69
Shrimp Caesar Salad$9.99


Hudson Valley Mix Salad$9.89
California Salad$9.99
Roasted Turkey Health Cobb Salad$10.89


Chipotle Cowboy Salad$9.99
Smokehouse Steak Salad$11.99
Kebab Crunch Salad$9.69
Tokyo Supergreens Salad$10.99
Warm Grain Bowl$9.99
Seoul Bowl$10.49
Babracoa Market Plate$9.99

Chef-Design Wraps


The Picnic Toast Box$8.99
Spring Classic Crunch Wrap$9.49
Wasabi Caesar Wrap$9.99


Plain Caesar Wrap$8.69
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$8.69
Thai Chicken Crunch Wrap$8.69
Shrimp Caesar Wrap$9.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap$8.69


Hudson Valley Mix Wrap$8.99
California Wrap$9.69
Roasted Turkey Health Cobb Wrap$10.29


30 Gram Protein Veggie Wrap$8.69
Smokehouse Steak Wrap$10.99
Chipotle Cowboy Wrap$9.49
Spicy Chicken Caesar Wrap$8.69
Avo Blast Toast$8.99
Crunchy Avocado Toast$8.99
Tokyo Supergreens Wrap$10.99
Hearty Hummus Toast$8.99

Build Your Own Salad or Wrap

Your first 4 Essentials and 1 Dressing are included.

Build Your Own Salad$7.99
Build Your Own Wrap$7.99
Add Arugula$0.99
Add Extra Essential$0.69
Add Almond Slices or Walnuts$1.00
Add Kalamata Olives or Quinoa Farro Mix$1.29
Add Avocado, Avocado Mash or Roasted Tomato$1.49
Add Egg White or Hard Boiled Egg$1.19
Add Sesame Grilled Tofu Organic$1.50
Add Antibiotic-Free Buffalo Chicken, Antibiotic-Free Chicken or Turkey$2.99
Add Cilantro Shrimp$4.29
Add Steak Grass-Fed$4.89
Add Crumbled Bleu, Crumbled Feta, Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, Sharp White Cheddar or Shaved Parmesan Cheese$1.19
Add Goat Cheese$1.99
Add 1 Extra Slice of Bread$0.50
Add 1 Wrap on the Side$1.00
Add JS Reusable Bowl$1.00
Add Extra Dressing$0.69

Fresh Smoothies

Berry Wild$6.49
Creamy Cashew Treat$6.49
Strawberry Banana$6.49
Peanut Butter Warrior$6.49
Detox Cleanse$6.49
Avocado Dreamsicle$6.49


Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Bar$1.99
Coconut Chia Bar$1.99
Black Bean Chipotle Beanitos Chips$2.49
White Bean Nacho Cheese Beanitos Chips$2.49
White Bean Sea Salt Beanitos Chips$2.49
Almond Coconut Kind Bar$2.99
Peanut Butter Chocolate Kind Bar$2.99
BBQ, Original or Salt N Vinegar Pop Chips$2.19
Ms. Vickie's BBQ, Jalapeno Kettle, Sea salt N Vinegar or Simple Sea Salt$1.69
Sea Salt or Truffle Pipcorn$2.19
Black & White Blondie Protein Bakery Cookies$4.99
ChocChoc Chip Protein Bakery Cookies$4.49
Cranberry Oatmeal Protein Bakery Cookies$4.49
Peanut Butter White Chocolate Chip Protein Bakery Cookies$4.49


Coke, Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper (Can)$1.99
Flavor Water$2.99
Snapple Ice Tea$2.50
Honest Ice Tea$2.99
Sparkling Water$1.99
Spindrift Soda$3.20
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Nick Kenner and Rob Crespi founded Just Salad in 2006 in New York City. The childhood friends noticed that Manhattan had a shortage of healthy yet budget-friendly food options, thus, their decision to open a salad-based restaurant in the Big Apple.

Today, there are more than 25 restaurants in New York City and Chicago as well as in Hong Kong and Dubai. The chain has remained dedicated to the core principles of the founders – to offer diners a wide range of healthy food options at affordable prices, as well as deliver fast service in a welcoming environment.

What They’re Famous For

Just Salad restaurants caters to the needs and wants for salads, wraps and soups of meat lovers and vegans. In case of the latter, the toppings and dressings can be customized to fit the vegan needs of diners, while the diners can also request that the kitchen staff use a separate chopping board.

There are more than 70 toppings and 28 dressings available in the restaurants, thus, ensuring that every need and want can be satisfied. These also include sugar-free options for people who are watching their sugar intake, such as diabetics and weight loss watchers.

Why Eat Here

The budget-friendly Just Salad prices are among the reasons for coming to the restaurants. Many diners even say that they can feed an entire group of friends or their entire family without burning a hole in their pockets. Many of the diners are even college students who want to save on the costs of their meals without denying themselves delicious, nutritious and filling meals – or worse, choosing unhealthy fast-food meals.

The food ingredients used in the salads, wraps, and soups, among other menu items, are sourced locally, too, which will ensure their fresh quality. The company also assures its diners that the food ingredients are as organic as possible since healthy, flavorful and nutritious eating demands it. The result: The food items at Just Salad restaurants aren’t just delicious down to the last bite but these are also healthy for your mind and body!

Even the chicken used on the food items is all-natural in the sense that no additives, hormones, and artificial ingredients are used in raising them. The chicken, once cooked, has a flavorful, tender and juicy quality to it – the perfect complement to the fresh, flavorful and crispy qualities of the vegetables. The meat also has these desirable qualities so meat lovers will always have something to look forward to at Just Salad restaurants.

There are also seasonal salads, such as the Fall Superfood, Tandoori Fire, and Autumn Chicken Caesar Salads, among others. Diners can choose these salads since these are delicious on their own but the restaurants also offer make-your-own-salad options. The ingredients include wheat berries, Turkish fig, feta, broccoli, butternut squash, cranberries, pears, multigrain croutons, grilled shrimp and salmon, to name a few.

The salad wraps are to die for, so to speak. These include the protein wrap with kale and red cabbage, organic quinoa, chickpeas, feta, egg whites, and edamame; buffalo chicken wrap with romaine, buffalo chicken, celery, pepper jack cheese, and tortilla strips; and spicy chicken wrap with romaine, grilled chicken, croutons, and shaved parmesan cheese.

No wonder that Just Salad restaurants are popular among young and old professionals who want a quick yet healthy and filling breakfast, lunch and snacks! Splurging on the food items is possible, too, considering the affordable prices.

The chain is also known for its social and environmental initiatives. For example, when you bring back its sturdy plastic containers for reusing, you will get free toppings on your salad or salad wraps. You will even like it that the restaurants use eco-friendly bamboo dining utensils, even the tables and chairs are made of sustainable bamboo.

The restaurants have a welcoming feel even when its vibe is a place where lingering isn’t really on the menu, so to speak. Most diners like that the service is efficient even during peak hours so lining up for a few minutes to get their orders isn’t a big issue.

The facilities including the rest rooms are also kept in good condition. The parking facilities in most locations are also good enough.

To learn more about Just Salad or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.justsalad.com.

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