Jugo Juice Canada Prices

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December, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Jugo Juice Canada menu prices.

Item Price

Protein Smoothies

Mocha Protein Smoothie $9.74
Green Protein Smoothie $9.66
Morning Blend $9.95
Pink Power Protein $9.85

Picked for you

Big Blue Protein Smoothie $9.66
Smoothie au Chou Frisé Bonifié / Mighty Kale Smoothie $9.43
Green Glow Smoothie $9.35
Smoothie Protéiné Bleuté / Big Blue Protein Smoothie $9.74
Wrap Poulet et Avocat / Chicken Avocado Wrap $9.17
Mighty Kale Smoothie $9.35
PB Protein Smoothie $9.66
Super Vert / Super Green $9.45

Fresh Energy Smoothies

Smoothie Feu du Dragon / Dragon Force Smoothie $9.04
Jugo Cold Brew Smoothie $9.10
Smoothie Jugo Cold Brew / Jugo Cold Brew Smoothie $9.10
Smoothie Vert Eclatant / Green Glow Smoothie $9.43
Vanilla Matcha $9.15
Vanilla Matcha / Matcha à la vanille $9.15
Boisson d’or / Gold Digger $9.43
Gold Digger $9.14
Dragon Force Smoothie $8.97
L’Amour de Lavande / Lavender Lover $9.50
Lavender Lover $9.50
Kaleabunga $9.50
Kaleabunga/Chou-chou $9.50

Jus Frais / Fresh Pressed Juice

Bon Coup / Good Shot $3.25

Fresh Pressed Juice

Good Shot $3.25

Immunity Smoothies

Liquid Gold $9.45
Or Liquide / Liquid Gold $9.45
Super Green $9.47

Smoothies Protéinée / Protein Smoothies

Smoothie Mocha Protein / Mocha Protein Smoothie $9.75
Pb Protéiné Smoothie / PB Protein Smoothie $9.72
Smoothie Protéiné Vert / Green Protein Smoothie $9.74
Mélange du Matin / Morning Blend $9.95
Rose puissant protéiné / Pink Power Protein $9.85

Nouveau Délice Tropical Mocktails / New Tropical Summer Mocktails

Smoothie Limonade Givrée / Frosted Lemonade Smoothie $9.25
Smoothie Daiquiri à la fraise / Strawberry Daiquiri Smoothie $9.25
Smoothie Pina Colada / Pina Colada Smoothie $9.25
Mojito Tonique / Tonic Mojito $6.95
Tonique Yuzu / Yuzu Tonic $6.95
Tonique Limonade / Lemonade Tonic $6.95

Wraps & Sandwich Grillé / Wraps & Grilled Cheese

Sandwich Grillé Dinde et Canneberge / Cranberry Turkey Grilled Cheese $11.45
Wrap Falafel / Falafel Wrap $8.48
Wrap Club dinde et bacon/ Turkey Bacon Club Wrap $8.73
Sandwich grillé Trois fromages / Three Cheese Grilled Cheese $9.15
Wrap poulet Thaï / Thai Chicken wrap $9.15
Tuna Avocado Wrap / Wrap thon avocat $8.50

Classic Smoothies / Smoothies Classique

Smoothie aux Bananes et Baies / Berry and Banana Smoothie $9.05
Smoothie Flamboyante Framboise / Raspberry Rush Smoothie $9.15

Smoothies Classique

Berry and Banana Smoothie $9.05
Raspberry Rush Smoothie $8.96

Wraps & Grilled Cheese

Crunchy Veggie Wrap $8.48
Falafel Wrap $8.49
Chicken Avocado Wrap $9.14
Cranberry Turkey Grilled Cheese $11.49
Three Cheese Grilled Cheese $9.15
Chicken Melt Grilled Cheese $11.48
Turkey Bacon Club Wrap $8.73
GOA Chicken Wrap $9.30
Thai Chicken wrap $9.30
Tuna Avocado Wrap $8.50

Popular Items

Enjoy healthy and tasty wrap from Jugo Juice.
Santa Fe Chicken and Avocado Wrap $5.03
Chicken Caprese $8.45
Kale Chicken Caesar Wrap $5.03

Fresh-Pressed Juices

Please be advised that fresh pressed juices will most likely separate upon arrival of delivery. It is normal and it will not affect the taste of the drink. Please stir well before serving.
Orange Fresh-Pressed Juice $4.95
Apple Fresh-Pressed Juice $5.31
Carrot Fresh-Pressed Juice $5.31
Apple and Carrot Fresh-Pressed Juice $5.35
Apple and Orange Fresh-Pressed Juice $5.35
Carrot and Orange Fresh-Pressed Juice $5.35
Kale Aid $6.51
The Big Beet $6.04
Max Vegetable $5.95
Kale's King $5.95
Twisted Roots $6.31

Autre / Other

Eau dasani / Dasani Water $2.25

Grilled Sandwiches

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich $8.13
Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Sandwich $8.33


Apples $1.04
Pommes / Apples $1.03
Oranges $1.01

Grilled Wraps

Enjoy healthy and tasty wraps from Jugo Juice.
Sriracha Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap $5.03
Italiano Breakfast Wrap $5.04
Fresh Salad Rolls with Chicken $5.95


Yogurt Parfait $6.34
Dasani Water $2.26
Smart Sparkling Water $3.46

Side Orders

Choose your sides to compliment your smoothie even better.
Apple Pie Chia Pudding $5.60
Apple $1.81
Orange $1.72
Wheatgrass $3.12
Gluten-Friendly Fudge Brownie $2.95
Cheddar Cheese $1.00
Quinoa Chips $1.75
Clif Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein Bar $3.95
Go Macro Bar $3.85
Vega Snack Bar $3.08

Bottled Beverages

Smart Water $3.33
Vitamin Water $3.08
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Jugo Juice Canada FAQ

How much is Jugo Juice Canada's Santa Fe Chicken & Avocado Wrap?

Santa Fe Chicken & Avocado Wrap – $5.03

How much is a Fresh Salad Rolls with Chicken at Jugo Juice Canada?

Fresh Salad Rolls with Chicken – $5.95

How much are Green Protein at Jugo Juice Canada?

Green Protein – $8.58

How much does a Jugo Juice Canada's Jugo Classico Cost?

Jugo Classico – $6.55