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Pizza is a personal experience for everybody who has ever eaten it in the sense that everybody has an opinion of what makes for the best pizza – thin or thick, stuffed and non-stuffed, and all-meat or vegetarian, among other choices. But when it comes to Chicago-style stuffed pizza, virtually every pizza lover will attest that Giordano’s is the best place for it! Below are the latest Giordano’s menu prices.


Thin Crust

10" Small Gluten Free Crust Pizza$14.75


Signature Ranch Dipping Sauce [45-390 cal]$1.35
House-made Marinara Dipping Sauce [45-390 cal]$1.35
Buffalo Dipping Sauce [45-390 cal]$1.35
BBQ Dipping Sauce [45-390 cal]$1.35

Picked for you

Deep Dish Individual Pizza$10.08

Frozen Pizzas

Frozen Deep Dish Stuffed- Cheese$21.45
Frozen Deep Dish Stuffed - Pepperoni$21.45
Frozen Deep Dish Stuffed - Sausage$21.45
Frozen Deep Dish Stuffed - Spinach$21.45

Family Meals

Ultimate Meal Deal Spaghetti and Meatballs With Marinara + Pepsi Package$45.95
Ultimate Meal Deal Spaghetti and Meatballs With Marinara$39.45


Diet Pepsi$3.06
Orange Crush$3.25
Mountain Dew$3.06
Mug Root Beer$3.09
Sierra Mist$2.62
Pepsi Zero$3.35

Appetizers & Snacks

Fried Calamari$11.98


Boneless Chicken Nuggets$12.49
Giordano’s Sampler$15.58
Mozzarella Triangles$9.35
Garlic Parmesan Fries$4.78
Traditional Chicken Wings$14.35
Cheesy Garlic Bread$8.73
The Best Tomato Bruschetta$9.45
Calamari and More$12.07
Boneless Chicken Bites$10.80
Giordano's Sampler$14.33
Soup of the Day$4.30


Giordano's House Salad (Family Bowl)$15.98
Chopped Salad$9.05
Giordano's House Salad (Entrée)$6.48
Caesar Salad (Family Bowl)$15.98
Greek Salad$8.76
Caesar Salad (Entrée)$6.87
Caesar Salad (Starter)$4.95
Italian Wedge Salad$7.25


Entree Italiano Salad$8.88
Entree Chopped Chicken Salad$9.32
Family Bowl Greek Salad$21.70

Sandwich Choices

Pesto Chicken Ciabatta$8.95


Italian Beef Sandwich$10.70
Chicken Club Sandwich$11.02
Classic Italian Beef$13.88
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$11.64
Toasted Italiano Sandwich$9.96
Mama's Meatball Sub$12.38
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$10.87

Classic Italian

Entrée or family platter (serves 2 or more).
Spaghetti Family Platter$17.58
Chicken Parmesan (Entrée)$13.06
Spaghetti Entree$10.35
Fettuccine Alfredo (Entrée)$13.06
Fettuccine Alfredo (Family Platter)$25.35
Chicken Parmesan (Family Platter)$29.36
Entree Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken & Broccoli$16.05
Family Platter Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken & Broccoli$30.07
Entree Chicken Florentine$15.37

Legendary Stuffed Pizza Pies

Meat & More Meat$12.14

Thin Crust Pizzas

Small Thin Crust Cheese Pizza$13.13
Medium Thin Crust Cheese Pizza$17.13
Large Thin Crust Cheese Pizza$21.13
Large Thin Crust Bacon BBQ Chicken Pizza$25.55

Extra-Thin Crust Pizzas

Extra Thin Crust Chicken Pesto Pizza$14.95

Create Your Own

Large Cheese Thin Crust$21.82
Large Cheese Deep Dish$25.93

Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza

The Special Deep Dish Pizza$23.03
Meat & More Meat Deep Dish Pizza$24.78
Fresh Spinach Deep Dish Pizza$18.08
Super Veggie Deep Dish Pizza$23.44
Bacon BBQ Chicken Deep Dish Pizza$24.27

World Famous Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza$22.27
Chicken Sausage Deluxe Deep Dish Pizza$21.32

Deep Dish And Thin Crust Pizza

Our favorites are available in Deep Dish or Thin Crust. No substitutions please. Allow approximately 45 minutes for our Deep Dish pizzas to bake. Trust us...they are so worth the wait!. If you can't do our Deep dish pizza today, we also have our Thin Crust or Extra Thin Crust in bake time of 35 mins.
Deep Dish Chicago Classic$25.00
Deep Dish Bacon BBQ Chicken$25.50
Deep Dish Chicken Sausage Deluxe$24.33

Thin Crust Pizza

The Special Thin Crust Pizza$20.00
Chicago Classic Thin Crust Pizza$19.86
Meat & More Meat Thin Crust Pizza$21.12
Fresh Spinach Thin Crust Pizza$14.40
Super Veggie Thin Crust Pizza$19.22
Chicken Sausage Deluxe Thin Crust Pizza$18.43

Hand-Stretched Artisan Flatbreads

Chicken Pesto$13.65
Classic Margherita$12.55

Lunch Combo

Individual 6" Cheese Deep Dish Pizza$9.71

Giordanos Creations

Spinach, Artichoke & Feta Extra Thin Crust Pizza$15.10

Lunch Pizaa Express



Oversized Skillet Cookie$8.04

Grilled Pizzas

12 inches crust grilled the Old Fashioned Way.
BBQ Chicken$18.88

Pasta Specialties

All dishes include a side salad and tomato garlic bread.
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About Giordano’s

Giordano’s has certainly established itself as the pizzeria with pizzazz. The pizzeria chain dominates the best pizza lists, both in Chicago and in the United States, as well as in the dining guides issued by traditional and digital media. Just one proof of it is the recognition that it’s Chicago’s best pizza by mainstream media establishments like New York Times, NBC, Home & Garden Magazine, and Concierge Preferred, among others. In its hometown, it has also been recognized as such by the likes of CBS Chicago, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Eater.


Efren and Joseph Boglio, brothers born in a small town in northern Italy near Torino who immigrated to Argentina and then the United States, opened the first Giordano’s in 1974 in Chicago’s south side. But the story of their stuffed pizza stretches back to their childhood days when their mother, Mama Giordano, was known around the town for her Italian Easter pie. The pie was actually a double-crusted, cheese-stuffed culinary masterpiece usually served during special occasions.

Efren Boglio first worked in a Chicago pizzeria but was unsatisfied with the pizzas being produced. When Joseph immigrated to Chicago, the brothers decided to open their own pizzeria using their Mama Giordano’s recipe for stuffed pizza. After several months of experimentation on the basic recipe, they finally came up with the stuffed pizza for which the chain is now known for.

Fast forward 40 years and the chain continues to offer its target customers with the best stuffed pizzas in the United States, perhaps even the world! The brothers have also added a good selection of delicious starters and fresh salads, sandwiches, and pastas to the menu.

What They’re Famous For

The chain of pizzerias is well-known and well-loved for its stuffed pizza, the single menu item for which the chain has been praised in local and national media as well as by its loyal patrons. The stuffed pizza is characterized by a thick, soft and flaky top and bottom crust made in the traditional Chicago-style shape, the perfect base for the rich toppings.

The crust itself is made from a high-gluten dough requiring several days of preparation. Since it’s a stuffed crust pizza, the crust is stuffed with rich cheese that complements the toppings from pepperoni and Italian sausages to spinach and peppers, among others. The parmesan cheese and red sauce are then added on top before being baked.

Aside from the on-menu stuffed crust pizza, diners can also order their own personalized pizzas. Just create your own combo of toppings including the meats, vegetables and sauce and voila! You can enjoy your stuffed pizza made according to your personal preferences.

The reasonable Giordano’s prices make the chain a favorite place for students, families and budget-conscious people, too.

Why Eat Here

Chicago Magazine cited Giordano’s stuffed pizza as the “Best Pizza in the City” while NBC’s The Today Show named it as the “Best Pizza in America”, among other recognitions. With such local and national acclaim, the stuffed pizza is the primary reason for coming to Giordano’s and ordering the heavenly fare!

The stuffed crust oozes with savory cheese that perfectly complements the sauce with its delightfully strong tomato, herb and spices flavors. The wide range of toppings available can cater to every craving, whether it’s for a meat lover’s fantasy medley of pepperoni, Italian sausage and the like or for a vegetarian’s culinary heaven of spinach, peppers, and basil. The crust is also available in several sizes although many diners have said that even the individual-sized pizza can satisfy two people, especially with a starter, salad or pasta added to the order.

Even people with gluten issues will like eating at Giordano’s since it now offers stuffed pizza made without gluten.  Emphasis must be made, nonetheless, that the pizzas are made with gluten-free ingredients but none of them are prepared in a gluten-free environment.

Keep in mind that the stuffed pizzas take 45 minutes or so to cook. You can order in advance so that by the time you get to the pizzeria, your order is cooked or you can pick it up to finish baking at home.

Aside from the famous stuffed pizzas, Giordano’s also has several types of thin crust pizzas. These are also popular among diners, thanks to their generous portions of cheese, sauce and toppings, which are the same selections as those in the stuffed crust pizzas.

Be sure to order the appetizers and entrées, too. The appetizers include mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, toasted beef ravioli, and calamari while the entrées include spaghetti with meatballs, fettuccine Alfredo, and spaghetti with marinara sauce, among other pastas. The desserts satisfy the sweet tooth without being cloyingly sweet, such as cannolis, tiramisu, and cheesecake, among other classic Italian desserts.

To learn more about Giordano’s or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Giordano’s FAQ

How much is Giordano's Garlic Parmesan Fries?

Garlic Parmesan Fries – $3.95

How much is a Fried Mozzarella Triangles at Giordano's?

Fried Mozzarella Triangles – $8.95

How much are Crispy Chicken Tenders at Giordano's?

Crispy Chicken Tenders – $9.50

How much does a Giordano's Cheesy Garlic Bread Cost?

Cheesy Garlic Bread – $7.95

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