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Barbecued meats are America’s food! Of course, many other cultures have their versions of barbecue through the years but American-style barbecue has established itself as among the best in the world. American families and their friends gather around the barbecued meats as part of their daily meals, as well as for special occasions like the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekend. Below are the latest City Barbeque menu prices.



Bud Light$4.20
6-Pack Bud Light$13.19
Michelob Ultra$4.20
6-Pack Michelob Ultra$13.19
6-Pack Yuengling$13.19
Local Craft Beer$5.40

Top Menu Items

Beef Brisket with 2 Sides$11.65
Pulled Pork with 2 Sides$9.78
1/2 Slab St. Louis Cut Ribs with 2 Sides$15.97
Pick 2 Meats and 2 Sides$17.32

Sample the City

Family Pack$30.87
Judge's Sampler$37.29
Pick Two Meats$20.42


12 Wings$20.39
18 Wings$29.99
6 Wings$10.79
Loaded Pastrami Fries$9.59
Hush Puppy Basket$8.59
Basket of Fries$8.09
Fried Pickle Chip Basket$9.59
Basket of Fried Okra$9.55

Smoked Meats

Pulled Chicken with 2 Sides$9.84
Lo Lo's Pulled Pork with Slaw$7.29
Lo Lo's Pulled Pork with Slaw and 2 Sides$10.27
Turkey Breast$7.10
Turkey Breast with 2 Sides$10.08
Smoked Sausage with 2 Sides$7.48
Pick 2 Meats$14.28
More Cowbell with 2 Sides$11.67


Beef Brisket$11.10
Pulled Pork$8.64
Carolina Goldmine$10.95
LoLo's Pulled Pork$9.58
Nashville Hot Chicken$10.75
More Cowbell$11.13
Smoked Sausage$6.91
Smoked Turkey$9.28
Pulled Chicken$8.85
Two Chipotle BBQ Sandwiches$14.41
Pastrami Sandwich$11.99
One Chipotle BBQ Sandwich$8.39
Texas Pastrami Reuben$11.99
Smoked Chicken Sandwich$10.40
Lite Lunch Pulled Chicken$5.43

By The Pound

1 lb. Pulled Pork$12.99
1 lb. Beef Brisket$17.99
1 lb. Turkey Breast$14.17
1 lb. Pulled Chicken$13.36
1 lb. Smoked Sausage$12.99


Full Slab of Ribs$34.59
Half Slab of Ribs$20.58

Chicken: Free-roaming, Amish farm chicken!

1/2 Chicken$9.99
1/2 Chicken with 2 Sides$12.97
Chicken Breast and Wing$7.99
Chicken Breast and Wing with 2 Sides$10.97
Chicken Leg and Thigh$5.99
Chicken Leg and Thigh with 2 Sides$8.97
Chicken Breast Sandwich$8.49
Chicken Breast Sandwich with 2 Sides$11.47
Bama Crispy Chicken Sandwich$7.49
Bama Crispy Chicken Sandwich with 2 Sides$10.53


City Sampler$26.52


Smoked and Fried Wings$10.79
Chicken Tenders$10.80
Half Chicken$14.48
Nashville Hot Tenders$11.99
One Nashville Hot Tender$3.35
Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders$11.85
Adult Tenders$11.99
Half Bird$15.59
One Chicken Tender$3.25
One Nashville Chicken Tender$3.21

St. Louis-Cut Ribs: Bite-Off-The-Bone, Competition Quality

Full Slab St. Louis Cut Ribs$22.99
Full Slab St. Louis Cut Ribs with 2 Sides$25.97
1/2 Slab St. Louis Cut Ribs$12.99
By the Bone St. Louis-Cut Ribs$2.25

St. Louis Ribs

Individual Rib Bones$3.60

Family Dinner

Kid's Plate$4.99


Basket of Fried Pickles$8.98
Collard Greens with Pork$3.59
Basket of Fresh-Cut Fries$7.31
Basket of Hush Puppies$7.38
3 Side Plate$5.64
Collards with Pork$2.79
Creamy Slaw$3.52
Baked Beans with Brisket$3.17
Corn Pudding$3.14
Green Beans with Bacon$3.11
Mac and Cheese$4.15
Potato Salad$3.16
Hush Puppies$3.07
Fresh-Cut Fries$3.12
Sweet Vinegar Slaw$2.29
Side Salad$3.27
Brunswick Stew$3.09
3-Cheese Baked Mac$4.23
Sweet Potato Casserole$2.99
Fried Okra$3.57


Kids Pulled Pork$6.87
Kids Beef Brisket$8.29
Kids Smoked Turkey$6.81
Kids Pulled Chicken$6.82
Kid's Smoked Sausage$5.71
Individual Chicken Tender$3.00
Kids Chicken Leg$6.84
Kids LoLo's Pulled Pork$7.07
Kid's Chicken Tenders$6.83
Kid's Mac & Cheese$5.62

Fresh Salads

Garden Salad$7.54
Smokehouse Turkey Salad$8.79
Small Party Salad$29.67
Smokehouse Salad$10.79
Jumbo Party Salad$54.60

Sample the City: Can’t decide? Try A Little of Everything!

Judge's Sampler with 2 Pint Sides$34.28
City Sampler with 2 Pint Sides$24.28


Brewed Tea$2.07
6-Pack Premium Bottled Soda$16.79
Gallon of Sweet Tea$6.64
Sweet Tea$2.59
Mixed 6-Pack Premium Bottled Soda$11.99
Gallon of Lemonade$9.11
Premium Bottled Soda$3.89
Fountain Drink$2.07
Gallon of Tea$4.99
Unsweet Tea$2.99
Gallon of Unsweet Tea$6.64
Apple Juice$1.02
Bottled Water$3.06
Chocolate Milk$1.13
Regular Milk$1.16


Triple Chocolate Cake$5.18
Two Chocolate Chip Cookies$2.39
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookie$13.19

Most Ordered

Banana Pudding$4.80
Peach Cobbler$5.60
3 Sides Plate$9.48

Meats by the Pound

Meat by the Pound$18.70
Meat by the Half-Pound$9.96

Sauces + Extras

Pint of BBQ Sauce$4.79
Bottle of Brush Fire Sauce$7.39
Pint of Pickles$4.14
Quart of Pickles$7.19
Individual BBQ Sauce$0.59
Bottle of LowCo Sauce$7.39
Individual Dipping Sauce$0.59
Bottle of Original Sauce$7.39
Bottle of Sweet City Sauce$7.39
Bottle of Swine Wine Sauce$7.39
Pint of Dressing$5.99


Texas Toast$1.79
One Bun$0.48
Dozen Buns$4.90

Party Packs

Whole Brisket$164.90
Feed 4-6 Party Pack$46.89
Feeds 4-6$66.09
Whole Pork Shoulder$88.01
Feed 8-10 Party Pack$71.36
Feed 14-16 Party Pack$121.42
Feeds 8-10$109.49
Feed 20-24 Party Pack$172.01
Feeds 14-16$170.51
Feed 10-12 Party Salad$24.99
Feeds 20-24$233.60
Baker's Dozen Cornbread$27.05
Feed 20-24 Jumbo Party Salad$45.99
Pulled Pork Sandwich Pack$56.22
Beef Brisket Sandwich Pack$81.51
Chafing Set$12.00

Whole Triple Chocolate Cake

Whole Triple Chocolate Cake$39.48

Pans of Sides + Sweets

Pan of Banana Pudding$45.88
Pan of 3-Cheese Baked Mac$44.21
Pan of Peach Cobbler$45.00
Pan of Green Beans with Bacon$43.88
Pan of Baked Beans with Brisket$44.39
Pan of Collard Greens with Pork$44.39
Pan of Corn Pudding$44.39
Pan of Creamy Slaw$43.88
Pan of Mac and Cheese$41.99
Pan of Potato Salad$44.39
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About City Barbeque

The City Barbeque chain of restaurants is part of the strong barbecue community wherever it finds itself to be. Diners from children and college students to young professionals and businessmen in their casual attires come together to enjoy its distinctive take on the beloved American food.


Established in 1999, City Barbeque has become known for its 100% commitment toward the art and science of the barbecue. The chain takes pride in its refusal to cut corners and take shortcuts, thus, ensuring that its barbecue is the best in the area wherever its restaurants may be.

What They’re Famous For

Every City Barbeque restaurant smokes its meats on-site so there’s always the assurance of fresh quality to the barbecues. The meats, which have been hand-rubbed with the chain’s unique spice mix, are smoked for up to 18 hours thus the pulled-off-the-bone tenderness of the barbecued meats. The meticulous process also results in the juiciest, most succulent, and most delicious meats this side of the world, a testament to the deep passion of the men and women of City Barbeque for doing barbecue the right way.

Why Eat Here

The City Barbeque restaurants are family-friendly and kid-friendly – and it’s evidenced by the number of groups of children and teenagers with the parents, even grandparents, in the crowd. The noise level can range from average to loud depending on the time of day – the lunch hour is the peak hour – but it adds to the laidback atmosphere. The television sets around the restaurant keep the young and old entertained while waiting for the food while the free Wi-Fi access allows for Internet surfing.

The ordering system is a familiar one, too. You line up at the main counter and place your order before paying for it. You then look for your table and wait for your number to be called so you can pick up your order. You have a choice between an outdoor and indoor dining area depending on your preference and weather; the outdoor area even has games where children can be entertained.

The restaurants are known for their Southern hospitality so you will get great customer service. Everybody from the crew members to the managers are friendly, courteous and attentive, even checking up on groups to ask about their possible needs.

Of course, the barbecue is the diva of the menu here! The meats, from the chicken to the beef, are smoked slowly at low temperatures for several hours, even stretching up to 18 hours. These are smoked in a firebox, which burns wood, so the meats are cooked via an indirect method.

No wonder then that the meats are the most succulent and flavorful, as well as well-done, if not fully cooked. There’s a pinkish color to the well-done meat but it’s simply a smoke ring, a sign that the meats have been subjected to slow cooking. The method also seals in the juices within the meats so you always have the juiciest barbecued meats, whether these are served on their own or with sandwiches and coleslaws.

The must-order food at City Barbeque is the brisket, a flavorful meat dish that justice to the hours spent transforming it from the toughest part to the tenderest dish.  The ribs are just as good – meaty, large and tender with a bite off the bone quality to them, aside from the lip-smacking flavors from the seasoning blend.

The restaurants also offer several sides, such as baked beans, coleslaw, and hush puppies, which are delicious complements to the meat. There are also smoked chicken legs and thighs, which have been smoked to perfection so there’s also the bite off the bone and juicy to the bone quality to them. Even the smoked turkey becomes a favorite among people who aren’t fond of the fowl, aside perhaps for Thanksgiving Day.

The tables also have the in-house table sauces, such as the so-called swine wine. Just drizzle them on the barbecue to bring out their flavors – and none of these sauces are too hot either so they don’t overpower the meats.

And if you want wine or beer to go with your barbecue, you can order your alcoholic drinks along with your food.  You will find that, indeed, there’s nothing better than sharing great barbecue with an ice-cold beer with your friends!

To learn more about City Barbeque or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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City Barbeque FAQ

How much is City Barbeque's Beef Brisket with 2 Sides?

Beef Brisket with 2 Sides – $11.66

How much is a Pick 2 Meats and 2 Sides at City Barbeque?

Pick 2 Meats and 2 Sides – $17.36

How much are LoLo's Pulled Pork at City Barbeque?

LoLo’s Pulled Pork – $8.30

How much does a City Barbeque's Lo Lo's Pulled Pork with Slaw and 2 Sides Cost?

Lo Lo’s Pulled Pork with Slaw and 2 Sides – $10.27

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