Circus Circus Buffet Prices: How much is Circus Circus Buffet?

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Let’s be honest, shall we? When you’re in Vegas and you’re jonesing for a fantastic buffet that you can tell the folks back home about, you don’t come to the Circus Circus Buffet. Located at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, the buffet hasn’t exactly earned a sterling reputation for its fantastic cuisine or exquisite settings. No real industry insider will ever put it in any lists of the best buffets in Las Vegas. Below are the latest Circus Circus Buffet menu prices.



Monday-Friday, 7am-11am

Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Breakfast)$18.99
Children (4 to 10 Years Old) (Per Child) (Monday-Friday Breakfast)$11.99
Children (3 and Under) (Per Child) (Monday-Friday Breakfast)$0.00
Seniors (55 and Up) (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Breakfast)$16.99

Saturday-Sunday, 7am-11am

Adults (Per Person) (Saturday-Sunday Breakfast)$19.99
Children (4 to 10 Years Old) (Per Child) (Saturday-Sunday Breakfast)$11.99
Children (3 and Under) (Per Child) (Saturday-Sunday Breakfast)$0.00
Seniors (55 and Up) (Per Person) (Saturday-Sunday Breakfast)$17.99


Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm

Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Brunch)$18.99
Children (4 to 10 Years Old) (Per Child) (Monday-Friday Brunch)$11.99
Children (3 and Under) (Per Child) (Monday-Friday Brunch)$0.00
Seniors (55 and Up) (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Brunch)$16.99

Saturday-Sunday, 11am-2pm

Adults (Per Person) (Saturday-Sunday Brunch)$19.99
Children (4 to 10 Years Old) (Per Child) (Saturday-Sunday Brunch)$11.99
Children (3 and Under) (Per Child) (Saturday-Sunday Brunch)$0.00
Seniors (55 and Up) (Per Person) (Saturday-Sunday Brunch)$17.99


Monday-Thursday, 4:30pm-10pm

Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Thursday Dinner)$20.99
Children (4 to 10 Years Old) (Per Child) (Monday-Thursday Dinner)$13.99
Children (3 and Under) (Per Child) (Monday-Thursday Dinner)$0.00
Seniors (55 and Up) (Per Person) (Monday-Thursday Dinner)$18.99

Friday-Sunday, 4:30pm-10pm

Adults (Per Person) (Friday-Sunday Dinner)$21.99
Children (4 to 10 Years Old) (Per Child) (Friday-Sunday Dinner)$13.99
Children (3 and Under) (Per Child) (Friday-Sunday Dinner)$0.00
Seniors (55 and Up) (Per Person) (Friday-Sunday Dinner)$19.99
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About Circus Circus Buffet

In fact, its reputation got so bad that the management folks actually decided to try to improve things. Now it’s not so bad, and for some folks it can actually be a pretty good spot for some all-you-can-eat dining experience. It’s a budget buffet that’s trying to do better, and at least they’re going in the right direction.

A Brief History

The Circus Circus opened way back in 1968, and how it began explains how the buffet got its not-so-great reputation. As you can probably glean from its name, the place offers a wide variety of circus acts. In fact, it’s the largest permanent big top in the world. Unfortunately, no one told the management folks that fewer and fewer people are interested in circus acts as the years pass by.

They also screwed up big time by opening Circus Circus with just a casino and with no hotel. They tried to do things on the cheap, and that became a problem when the high rollers couldn’t come in since there wasn’t any place to stay there.

It’s that same kind of think that plagues the Circus Circus Buffet. The buffet has long been known as one of the cheapest buffets on the Strip, and for years that meant that the place and the food weren’t any good at all. Now at least the folks in charge are trying to do things better, and they’ve started with a larger selection of dishes.

What They’re Famous For

They’re known as simply a convenient place to dine in for the gamblers at the Circus Circus casino, as it’s located at the casino level. But for people who come in from the outside, Circus Circus is also famous for its low prices. If you’ve lost a lot of money gambling, this is where you go.

The pricing is truly friendly here, and you actually pay the same for breakfast as well as lunch. These buffets are simply regarded as “brunch” and you pay the same when you come in from 7AM to 2PM. At least nowadays the place does offer new food items after 11AM, when the lunch part of the brunch actually starts. On weekdays, you pay only about $19 for brunch. It’s $20 for a weekend lunch, which is on Saturday and Sunday.

For dinners on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, it’s just $21. Dinners from Friday to Sunday will cost $22. These are the prices you’ll certainly appreciate when you’re down on your luck, as you’ll feel that at least you’ve won by getting full value for your dining budget.

Of course, since the folks here are trying to buff up its image, it’s now more than just a cheap buffet place. The hotel here has earned a nice rep as a family-friendly place, and that makes them one of the few such places on the Las Vegas Strip.

This means that the Circus Circus Buffet is also a great place for kids. Kids up to 10 years old pay just $12 for brunch and $14 for dinner. The same price goes even on weekends. If they’re less than 4 years old, they can eat for free. For grandpa and grandma (55 years old and above), there’s a $2 discount.

Why Eat Here

You come here because it’s a bargain, and now you have lots more choices to choose from. You do get you basic breakfast staples, and that includes health fruits like apples, cantaloupe, and watermelon. There’s a cereal bar with 6 different options, along with sausages, biscuits and gravy, waffles, French toasts, potatoes, and eggs (scrambled or hardboiled. You’ve got sweet pastries like donuts, along with different bagels.

The same kind of breadth is now available for lunch. There’s mac and cheese, or you can get deli meats and cheeses. You’ve got chicken fingers and corn dogs. There’s a nice salad bar too.

For dinner, again you get the staples. But now the pasta station has been joined by an Asian station, with seafood and also Mexican cuisine. All the comfort foods you’ve been hankering for like burgers, hotdogs, and baked chicken will be available, along with the usual desserts.

The beverage area is a self-serve station, and you’ve got Pepsi sodas along with iced or hot tea, fruit juices, and milk. They offer regular and decaf coffee, and there’s even a cappuccino machine.

Just don’t expect much, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For your kids who don’t really care much for fancy food anyway, this is foodie nirvana. All the comfort foods are here, and they can eat all they can at very friendly prices.

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Circus Circus Buffet FAQ

How much is Circus Circus Buffet's Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Breakfast)?

Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Breakfast) – $18.99

How much is a Adults (Per Person) (Saturday-Sunday Breakfast) at Circus Circus Buffet?

Adults (Per Person) (Saturday-Sunday Breakfast) – $19.99

How much are Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Brunch) at Circus Circus Buffet?

Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Brunch) – $18.99

How much does a Circus Circus Buffet's Children (4 to 10 Years Old) (Per Child) (Saturday-Sunday Brunch) Cost?

Children (4 to 10 Years Old) (Per Child) (Saturday-Sunday Brunch) – $11.99

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