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When your chain of pizzerias has consistently been ranked as among the top ten best pizzerias in the United States, there’s plenty of reasons to be proud. Such is the case with Buddy’s Pizza, a chain of pizzerias that offers square-shaped pizzas to the delight of even pizza purists.

The pizzerias are popular hangouts for groups of family and friends who come not just for the delicious Italian-American fare but also for the fast service, casual vibe, and laid-back attitude among its diners. There are even bocce ball games every Saturday mornings at its original location in Detroit so there’s also a strong sense of community among the diners.

Buddy’s Pizza prices are one of the reasons for the pizzerias’ popularity among residents and visitors to the Detroit metropolitan area.

Below are the latest Buddy’s Pizza menu prices.



Buddy Bread$4.09
Buddy's Famous Vinaigrette$4.09

Popular Items


Top Menu Items

Chicken Tenders$10.82


Buddy’s Original Caesar Salad$7.59


Crab Salad$3.42
Greek Salad$7.59
Italian Salad$7.59
Philly Steak Salad$9.44
Grilled Chicken Salad$9.44

Thin Crust Pizza

Ultimate Italian$14.79
The New Yorker$13.59

Homestyle Pasta

Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese$10.31
Cheese Ravioli$10.69
Oven-Baked Cheese Lasagna$16.49
Oven-Baked Spinach Lasagna$16.49
Meat Ravioli$10.69

Original Four Square Pizza

Original 4 Square Plain Cheese Pizza$11.79
Original 4 Square 1 Topping Pizza$12.99
Original 4 Square 2 Topping Pizza$13.59
Original 4 Square 3 Topping Pizza$14.09
Original 4 Square 4 Topping Pizza$14.79
Original 4 Square 5 Topping Pizza$15.39

Pasta Dishes

Served with a side salad and garlic bread.
Homemade Baked Lasagna$11.32

Original Eight Square Pizza

Original 8 Square Plain Cheese Pizza$18.89
Original 8 Square 1 Topping Pizza$20.09
Original 8 Square 2 Topping Pizza$21.79
Original 8 Square 3 Topping Pizza$22.99
Original 8 Square 4 Topping Pizza$24.19
Original 8 Square 5 Topping Pizza$25.39

Gluten Free Pizza

5 Cheese$14.09
Spinach Lovers$14.09


20 oz Pop$2.29
2 Liter$3.39

Beef Ribs

Smokey Sweet Baby Back Ribs$16.66

Side Orders

Garlic Bread$2.26
Garlic Bread with Cheese$3.19
Nachos with Cheese$3.39
Nachos Supreme$8.52
Onion Rings$4.94
Hush Puppies$4.41
Pizza Puff$2.22
Extra Cheese$1.12
Corn Nuggets$4.26


Chocolate Chip Cookies$1.56
Banana Pudding$3.79
Peach Cobbler$3.79


French Fries$2.24
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The Buddy’s Pizza chain traces its roots to a neighborhood tavern, which was first established in the 1930s, at the Corner of Six Mile Roads and Conant Street in Detroit, Michigan. But it wasn’t until 1946 when the company adopted its current corporate name.

The chain has grown to include a dozen or so restaurants in the Detroit metropolitan area, such as in Auburn Hills, Farmington Hills, and Grosse Point, while its original location is still in business.

What They’re Famous For

The chain is famous for its Detroit’s Original Sicilian Style Square Pizza, a then-innovative square-shaped pizza that became synonymous with the Buddy’s Pizza brand. These Detroit-style pizzas are baked in cast iron pans to ensure that their crusts and fillings remain true to the culinary tradition.

Buddy’s Pizza is also a consistent winner of awards for its pizza-based menu. Among its numerous awards are as among the “Nation’s Five Best Pizza Places” (2003, Food Network) and “Hottest Independent Pizzeria in the Nation” (2005, Pizza Today). Just to add several more feathers to its cap, the chain has also won the DMPA award for three consecutive years (2012-2013); the DMPA award is granted by Sous Chef Daniel Miller to the world’s top pizza producers.

Why Eat Here

When the Original Sicilian Style Square Pizza was introduced in 1946, it was definitely something new for pizza lovers. Pizzas, after all, were traditionally round in shape albeit in varying sizes. But the square-shaped pizzas soon caught on among die-hard pizza lovers not only because of the novel shape but, more importantly, because of their exceptional quality.

Keep in mind that Detroit-style pizza is an animal all its own, so to speak – it isn’t as thick in comparison with Chicago-style pizza but it has more tasty flavors in the sauce coupled with less chewy mouth-feel. The square-shaped pizzas are good as individual and group servings – 4 squares for an individual serving, 6 squares for a group serving – although the portions are generous enough for sharing.

There are several pizza flavors, too, such as the Henry Ford pizza, the meat lovers’ pizza, and the Greek pizza.  Their crusts are usually baked crispy so there’s a contrast of textures between the crust and toppings including the cheese. These aren’t as cheesy as many types of pizzas, too, but that’s a good thing since the flavors of the crust and its toppings come to the fore.

The pizza crusts come in many types, too. Don’t hesitate to order the gluten-free pizza despite the negative press that comes from gluten-free food products because it’s among the best pizzas on the menu. The multigrain pizza crust satisfies your hunger for great-tasting pizza while also assuaging your guilty feelings about your indulgence – multigrain pizza is said to be a healthier version.

We also highly recommend the antioxidant pizza with its gluten-free crust and rich toppings of broccoli, red onions, and jalapenos, a testament to the fact that healthy food comes in delicious packages, too.  You can add the veggie sampler, which has roasted slices of mushrooms, zucchini, and cauliflower, for added nutrients.

The pizzas are a must-haves, of course, but no Buddy’s Pizza dining experience will be complete without ordering many more food from the menu! You will not go wrong with ordering the made-from-scratch soups, salads and sandwiches, as well as the pastas and burgers. You have to make room for these dishes but we can’t blame you either if you become so enamored of the pizza that there’s little room for the other offerings.

Be sure to make reservations before popping in for a visit at a Buddy’s Pizza restaurant. With its popularity among locals, you may find yourself waiting outside for 30 minutes or more just to be seated. Once you have a table for your group, you will agree that the food and drinks were worth the wait, even the relatively long line at the counter.

We commend the Buddy’s Pizza restaurants for their fast service, too, especially as the crew members ensured that the diners enjoyed their food and drinks.  Bring your family and friends to the nearest Buddy’s and enjoy quality time with them in a casual and friendly environment.

To learn more about Buddy’s Pizza or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.buddyspizza.com.

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