Apache Pizza Menu Prices Ireland

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Apache Pizza Menu Prices Ireland.

Item Price


Cajun Chicken Bites €4.09
Pepperoni Bites €4.09
Potato Wedges €5.53
Garlic Mushrooms €6.15
Onion Rings €5.67
Jalapeno Poppers €5.62
Sweet Potato Fries €5.42
7 Swiss Cheese Wedges €6.13
Swiss Cheese Wedges €4.62
Twisty Fries €6.25

Drinks and Desserts

Ben and Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew Ice Cream 465 ml €7.32
Coke 330ml €1.55
Fanta Orange 330ml €1.55
Coke Zero 330ml €1.54
Chocolate Brownie €3.93
Chocolate Chip Cookie €3.33
Netflix and Chilled 465mls €7.99
Choc Fudge Brownie 465mls €7.99
Cookie Dough 465mls €7.99
Sprite 330ml €1.55
Diet Coke 330ml €1.55
Choc Fudge Brownie 100mls €4.24
Cookie Dough 100mls €4.24
Apache Water 500ml €1.32
Ben and Jerrys Caramel Chew Chew 100ml €4.24
Vanilla 100mls €4.24

Milk Shakes

Strawberry Shake €4.00
Chocolate Shake €3.92
Vanilla Shake €3.92
Banana Shake €4.00
Oreo Shake €3.92
Oreo Mint Shake €4.00
Biscoff €3.92
Kinder Bueno €3.92

Hot Waffles

White Chocolate Waffle-1 €4.62
Biscoff Waffle-1 €4.92
Nutella Waffle-1 €5.00
Kinder Bueno Waffle-1 €4.92
Oreo Waffle-1 €5.00

Apache Deals

Just The Two of Us Deal €19.99
Made to Share €24.99

Lunch Special

Lunch Deal for One €9.99
Lunch Special Deal €8.50


Sweet Chilli Dip €0.92
Taco Dip €0.93

New Meal Deals

Uber Eats Special Deal 1 €20.43
Uber Eats Special Deal 2 €24.00
The Apache Top Deal €22.12

Pizza Deals

The Really Big Deal €27.59
All Day Special €20.14
Double Deal €29.18
Online Special €24.14


Hot Apache €8.19
Cajun Apache €8.19
Apache Special €8.19
Vegetarian €8.19
Chicken Apache €8.19

Picked For You

Buffalo €8.19
Garlic Bread €5.85
The Triple Decker Box €28.99
Wigwammer €8.19
Personal Deal €12.24


1/4 lb with Cheese Burger €6.28
Chief Chicken Burger €5.37
Premium Chicken Burger €6.28
Chicken Burger €9.73
1/4 lb Burger €9.73


Spicy Chicken and Bacon Wrap €7.19
Rooster Wrap €6.71


Tacozony €7.74
7 Inch Personal Taco Pizza €9.00
9 Inch Small Taco Pizza €12.00

Chips and Dips

Garlic and Herb Dip €0.90
Taco Fries €5.64
BBQ Dip €0.90


Popcorn Party Bucket €21.80
Chicken Combo €8.25


Regular Chips €3.68
Cheddar Cheesy Chips €5.60
Garlic Mayonnaise Chips €5.60
Zingy Taco Mayo Chips €5.60
Curry Chips €5.64
Cheesy Garlic Chips €5.64
Bacon and Cheese Fries €6.87
Spicy Buffalo Fries €6.87


Soda Can €2.17
Soda Bottle €3.73
Apache Mineral Water €1.92


Hot Cookie Dough €3.00
4 Rainbow Cookies €4.83
Churros €4.93
4 Milk Chocolate Cookies €4.83
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Apache Pizza Ireland

Apache Pizza is a popular fast-food chain in Ireland that specializes in pizzas, burgers, and other fast-food items. The chain has been operating in Ireland for several years and has become a household name among Irish diners.

A Brief History of Apache Pizza Ireland

Apache Pizza was founded in 1996 by Robert Pendleton and Emily Gore Grimes. The chain started out as a small pizzeria in Dublin and quickly gained popularity for its delicious pizzas and friendly service.

Over the years, Apache Pizza has expanded its menu to include a range of fast-food items, including burgers, chicken wings, and garlic bread. The chain has also introduced healthier options like salads and wraps, making it a more appealing choice for health-conscious consumers.

Today, Apache Pizza has over 150 stores across Ireland and has become one of the most successful fast-food chains in the country.

A Delicious Menu of Pizzas and More

Apache Pizza’s menu is centered around its delicious pizzas, which are made with fresh dough and topped with a variety of delicious ingredients. The chain offers a range of pizza options, including classics like pepperoni and margherita, as well as more unique options like BBQ chicken and vegetarian.

In addition to its pizzas, Apache Pizza also offers a range of other fast-food items, including burgers, chicken wings, and garlic bread. The chain’s burgers are made with 100% Irish beef and are served with a range of toppings and sauces.

Apache Pizza is also known for its innovative and creative menu items, such as the “Pizza-in-a-Box” which is a pizza served inside a box made of pizza crust. These unique offerings have helped to set the chain apart from its competitors and have earned it a loyal following among Irish diners.

In conclusion, Apache Pizza is a popular fast-food chain in Ireland that offers a range of delicious pizzas and other fast-food items. With its commitment to quality and innovation, it is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a satisfying meal on the go. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pepperoni pizza or a unique menu item, Apache Pizza is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

To learn more about Apache Pizza Ireland or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.apache.ie/.

Apache Pizza Ireland FAQ

How much is Apache Pizza Ireland's Garlic Mushrooms?

Garlic Mushrooms – €5.95

How much is a The Really Big Deal at Apache Pizza Ireland?

The Really Big Deal – €26.00

How much are Cajun Apache at Apache Pizza Ireland?

Cajun Apache – €9.99

How much does a Apache Pizza Ireland's 1/4 lb with Cheese Burger Cost?

1/4 lb with Cheese Burger – €5.65