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Fried chicken is usually identified as an American favorite, as evidenced by the popularity of KFC and the like. When Bonchon Chicken made its appearance in the American fast-food scene, the skepticism among fried chicken lovers was understandable. But soon enough, the fried chicken from the South Korean-based global restaurant franchise built up a cult following.

Bonchon, which the company asserts means “my hometown” in the Korean language, is among the most popular places for fried chicken in the United States. The budget-friendly Bonchon prices are just one part of what makes the chain popular – the food and drinks as well as the efficient service, casual ambiance, and family-friendly facilities are part of it, too.

Below are the latest BonChon menu prices.


Signature Fried Chicken

Served with a Side of Pickled Radish or Coleslaw

Soy Garlic, Spicy or Half & Half
Wings (Small 10 Pc.)$13.95
Wings (Medium 20 Pc.)$24.95
Wings (Large 30 Pc.)$34.95
Strips (Small 10 Pc.)$13.95
Strips (Medium 20 Pc.)$24.95
Strips (Large 30 Pc.)$34.95
Drumsticks (Small 5 Pc.)$13.95
Drumsticks (Medium 10 Pc.)$24.95
Drumsticks (Large 15 Pc.)$34.95
Combo (6 Wings & 3 Drumsticks) - Small$13.95
Combo (10 Wings & 5 Drumsticks) - Medium$24.95
Combo (15 Wings & 8 Drumsticks) - Large$34.95

Take Out Lunch Specials

Served with French Fries or Steamed Rice & Soda

Signature Fried Chicken - Soy Garlic, Spicy or Half & Half

Monday to Friday - 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Wings (5 Pc.)$10.49
Strips (5 Pc.)$10.49
Drumsticks (3 Pc.)$10.49
Combo (3 Wings & 1 Drumstick)$10.49


Salmon Avocado Ball$11.95
Sliders - Crispy Chicken (3 Pc.)$11.95
Sliders - Bulgogi (3 Pc.)$12.95
Shrimp Shumai$7.95
Popcorn Shrimp$12.95
Pork Buns (3 Pc.)$11.95
Korean Tacos - Spicy Chicken (3 Pc.)$11.95
Korean Tacos - Bulgogi (3 Pc.)$12.95

Salads & Soups

Sesame Ginger Salad - Tofu$9.95
Sesame Ginger Salad - Chicken$11.95
Sesame Ginger Salad - Salmon$12.95
Udon Noodle Soup$9.95
Udon Noodle Soup - Fried Egg$10.95
Udon Noodle Soup - Bulgogi or Seafood$11.95
Caesar Salad$9.95
Caesar Salad - Chicken$11.95

Main Dishes

Bibimbap (White Rice, assorted seasonal Vegetables, topped with Egg, served in a sizzling stone Bowl with Korean Red Pepper Paste on the Side.)$13.95
Bibimbap with Spicy Chicken (White Rice, assorted seasonal Vegetables, topped with Egg, served in a sizzling stone Bowl with Korean Red Pepper Paste on the Side.)$14.95
Bibimbap with Bulgogi or Seafood (White Rice, assorted seasonal Vegetables, topped with Egg, served in a sizzling stone Bowl with Korean Red Pepper Paste on the Side.)$15.95
Bonchon Wrap (Chicken Strips on a bed of crisp Lettuce, freshly sliced Avocado, seasoned with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, Spicy Mayo, Onions, wrapped in a warm Flour Tortilla.)$10.95
Bonchon Wrap with Bulgogi (Chicken Strips on a bed of crisp Lettuce, freshly sliced Avocado, seasoned with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, Spicy Mayo, Onions, wrapped in a warm Flour Tortilla.)$11.95
Japchae (Glass Noodles, Red Peppers, Carrots, Spinach, Mushrooms and thinly sliced Marinated Beef flavored with Bonchon Soy Garlic Sauce & Sesame Oil.)$14.95
Tteokbokki (Rice cakes and Fish cakes simmered with Scallions and Onion in Bonchon Hot Sauce topped with Mozzarella cheese and kimari.)$12.95
Bull Dak (Spicy Chicken stir-fried with Rice cakes and Bonchon Signature Hot Sauce, sautéd Onions, topped with thinly sliced Scallions and Mozzarella cheese. Served with White Rice and Steamed Vegetables.)$15.95
Chicken Katsu (Breaded Chicken cutlet served over a bed of Steamed Rice and Vegetables on the side, drizzled with Katsu sauce and spicy Mayo.)$11.95
Bulgogi (Thinly sliced tender Ribeye Beef Marinated and aged with a homemade sauce, sautéed with Mushrooms and Onions. Served with White Rice and Steamed Vegetables.)$17.95


Seasoned Fries$7.95
Onion Rings$7.95
French Fries$4.50
Pickled Radish$2.25
Kimchi Coleslaw$3.25
Steamed Rice$2.25
Extra Dressing - Spicy Mayo or Japanese Mayo$0.95
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The chain of Bonchon Chicken restaurants first started in Busan, South Korea in 2002. In the United States, the first restaurant was in Annandale, Virginia – truly, a sensible choice considering the large number of South Korean expatriates and immigrants in the area. The chain spread to other states including California, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Texas.

Ironically, there are only 10 restaurants in South Korea! Aside from the United States, there are nearly 100 in the Philippines, 6 in Indonesia, and 10 in Thailand, among other countries.  The headquarters in the United States are in New York City.

What They’re Famous For

Bonchon, a franchised restaurant chain, specializes in unique Korean-style fried chicken that diners have attested to be far more delicious than the competitors’ versions. The restaurants also offer a fairly wide selection of Korean specialty dishes and Asian fusion dishes, thus, making a mix of Eastern and Western culinary influences.

The chain is also known for favorite American chicken fare, namely, drumsticks, wings and choice slivers of breast. The raw chicken pieces are fried twice before being covered with a thin layer of sauce, which the diner can choose. The spicier the sauce, the better for the palate – or so says many of the diners.

Why Eat Here

The chicken wings are the best reasons for coming to the Bonchon restaurants! Most diners love the garlic and soy wings because of their crispy texture and tangy flavors – and the spicier version’s subtle heat has the perfect balance of spiciness and sumptuous bites.  Each chicken slice is also made to order, thus, ensuring the fresh flavors in each bite.

Just as in most fried chicken-based restaurants, the casual ambiance makes eating the delicious fare more enjoyable. Diners can eat their fried chicken orders with their dining utensils or with their hands, preferably the latter just so you can lick your fingers. Of course, the Korean and Asian fusion dishes are best eaten with dining utensils since these can be messy otherwise.

For many fast-food enthusiasts, the full menu of Bonchon restaurants cater to their cravings for Asian dishes while also satisfying their craving for fried chicken. The combination continues to contribute to the chain’s increasing popularity among Americans – or wherever the chain is present.  Many first-time diners may find the flavors unfamiliar but soon find themselves drawn to the combination of irresistible flavors, a combo of Eastern and Western fried chicken culinary cultures.

The chain is also known for the wait staff’s fast, courteous and attentive service. Many fried chicken-based fast-food restaurants aren’t known for superior service but the Bonchon restaurants have established a loyal following partly for it. Even in non-English-speaking countries where the chain has restaurants, the servers, cashiers and managers usually speak fluent English so ordering is a breeze.

Many of the restaurants may have a casual vibe suitable for groups of diners, even families, but it can also be more subdued, even romantic, especially during the night. The Snowday location, for example, has large windows that let in natural light so romance appears to be in the air during nighttime. The chain obviously isn’t a popular place for romantic dinners but it’s a great place for groups of friends and families to enjoy Korean-style fried chicken, especially the wings with a generous coating of spicy sauce.

Since the restaurants take pride in being family-friendly, their facilities and amenities reflect it. The restrooms are maintained in good working condition – clean, hygienic and usually equipped with hand-washing facilities, a must in a restaurant chain with an excellent reputation. The tables and chairs are also cleaned as soon as the diners are finished with their meals and have left the restaurant, thus, ensuring the next groups will have a place to enjoy their meals.

Of course, the diners are also responsible for their own dining experiences in any of the Bonchon restaurants. Your full enjoyment rests on your willingness to savor the East-meets-West flavors of the fried chicken, the savory dishes, and sweet desserts. You should also be courteous toward the wait staff since even the customer-server relationship demands it.

To learn more about BonChon or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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