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Competition is the name of the game in the restaurant industry, as it is in American society and culture in general. Blackjack Pizza is proof that, indeed, the competition in the pizza sector is alive and well – and it will continue to be for as long as there are people who crave it. Below are the latest Blackjack Pizza menu prices.




Build Your Own Pizza

Build Your Own Extra Large Pizza$15.98
Build Your Own Small Pizza$9.13

House Specialty Pizzas

Jackpot Pizza$15.96
Western BBQ Chicken$13.29
Good Deal Pizza$13.73
Full House Pizza$13.73
Good Deal$14.18
Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$14.06
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$14.24
Hawaiian Pizza$13.83
Chicken Bacon Ranch$14.15
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$13.21
Pepperoni Passion Pizza$13.33
Full House$14.81
Natural Pizza$13.73
Santa Fe$15.68
Santa Fe Pizza$15.34
Mediterranean Chicken$14.95
Western BBQ Chicken Pizza$13.85

Specialty Extra Large Pizzas

Extra Large Western BBQ Chicken Pizza$23.02
Extra Large Hawaiian Pizza$23.77
Extra Large Full House Pizza$23.02
Extra Large Good Deal Pizza$23.02
Extra Large Natural Pizza$23.02
Extra Large Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$23.02
Extra Large Santa Fe Pizza$23.27
Extra Large Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$23.27
Extra Large Jackpot Pizza$26.12

Specialty Large Pizzas

Large Western BBQ Chicken Pizza$19.34
Large Hawaiian Pizza$19.34
Large Full House Pizza$19.34
Large Good Deal Pizza$19.34
Large Natural Pizza$19.34
Large Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$20.05
Large Santa Fe Pizza$19.69
Large Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$19.45
Large Jackpot Pizza$21.71

Specialty Medium Pizzas

Medium Good Deal Pizza$16.46
Medium Western BBQ Chicken Pizza$16.46
Medium Full House Pizza$16.46
Medium Natural Pizza$16.46
Medium Hawaiian Pizza$16.18
Medium Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$16.46
Medium Santa Fe Pizza$16.78
Medium Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$16.58
Medium Jackpot Pizza$19.38

Specialty Small Pizzas

Small Western BBQ Chicken Pizza$13.38
Small Hawaiian Pizza$13.99
Small Full House Pizza$13.38
Small Good Deal Pizza$13.38
Small Natural Pizza$13.38
Small Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$13.38
Small Santa Fe Pizza$13.60
Small Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$13.60
Small Jackpot Pizza$16.58


Hot Sauce$0.93
Honey Sriracha$0.87
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce$0.82
Italian Dressing$0.88
Balsamic Dressing$0.87

Homemade Dipping Sauces

Homemade Ranch Dressing$0.96
Homemade Marinara$0.96
Homemade Bleu Cheese Dressing$0.96
Side of Balsamic Dressing$0.93
Homemade Spicy Ranch Dressing$0.96
Side of Creamy Italian Dressing$0.93
Side of Hot Sauce$0.93
Side of BBQ Sauce$0.93
Side of Caesar Dressing$0.93


Small Regular Cheese Bread$7.74
Small Cheese Bread$7.35
Regular Pan Crust Cheese Bread$6.49
Medium Cheese Bread$8.49
Garlic Breadsticks$4.80
Regular Cheese Bread$7.25
Deep Dish Cheese Bread$7.17
Large Cheese Bread$10.24
Small Regular Deep Dish Cheese Bread$7.74
Cheese Bread$6.99
Family Pan Crust Cheese Bread$7.89
Family Cheese Bread$8.49
Large Deep Dish Cheese Bread$10.32

Picked For You

12'' Medium Original Cheese Pizza$12.75
Build Your Own Large Pizza$13.59
Build Your Own Medium Pizza$11.19

Traditional Wings

1 Lb Boneless Bites Wings$16.49
Half Lb Boneless Bites Wings$9.49


10'' Small Original Cheese Pizza$10.75
Custom Pizza$11.99
14'' Large Original Cheese Pizza$14.75
16'' X-Large Original Cheese Pizza$16.75
14'' Large Pan Cheese Pizza$15.12
10'' Small Pan Cheese Pizza$11.06
12'' Medium Cracker Cheese Pizza$12.75
14'' Large Cracker Cheese Pizza$14.75
16'' X-Large Cracker Cheese Pizza$16.75




Mediterranean Calzone$11.49

Specialty Pizza

Sante Fe Chicken Pizza$14.57

Large Pizza

Large Custom Pizza$12.69

10" Small Pizza

Specialty Pizzas
10" Small Hawaiian Pizza$13.62
10" Small Good Deal Pizza$13.62
10" Small Jackpot Pizza$15.49
10" Small Full House Pizza$13.62
10" Small Western BBQ Chicken Pizza$13.62
10" Small Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$13.62
10" Small Natural Pizza$13.62

Create Your Own Pizza

Cheese Pizza$8.29

Specialty Pizzas

12'' Medium Jackpot Pizza$17.99
14'' Large Jackpot Pizza$20.25
12'' Medium Good Deal Pizza$16.64
14'' Large Good Deal Pizza$20.25
16'' X-Large Good Deal Pizza$23.25
12'' Medium Full House Pizza$16.64
14'' Large Full House Pizza$20.25
16'' X-Large Full House Pizza$23.25
Margherita Pizza$13.99
12'' Medium Chicken Pesto Pizza$17.50
14'' Large Chicken Pesto Pizza$25.50
16'' X-Large Chicken Pesto Pizza$23.25
12'' Medium Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$16.64
14'' Large Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$20.25
16'' X-Large Mediterranean Chicken Pizza$23.25
12'' Medium Sante Fe Chicken Pizza$17.50
14'' Large Sante Fe Chicken Pizza$20.25
16'' X-Large Sante Fe Chicken Pizza$23.25
12'' Medium California Pizza$16.33
14'' Large California Pizza$20.25
16'' X-Large California Pizza$23.25
12'' Medium Pizza Margherita$17.50
14'' Large Pizza Margherita$20.25
16'' X-Large Pizza Margherita$23.25
12'' Medium Rancher Delight Pizza$17.50
14'' Large Rancher Delight Pizza$20.25
16'' X-Large Rancher Delight Pizza$23.25
12'' Medium Natural Pizza$16.64
14'' Large Natural Pizza$20.25
16'' X-Large Natural Pizza$23.25
12'' Medium Hawaiian Pizza$16.64
14'' Large Hawaiian Pizza$20.25
16'' X-Large Hawaiian Pizza$23.25
12'' Medium Western Bbq Chicken Pizza$16.64
16'' X-Large Western Bbq Chicken Pizza$23.25

Specialty Calzones



Garden Salad$6.54
Regular Antipasto Salad$8.09
Antipasto Salad$6.20
Regular Garden Salad$8.09
Chicken Caesar Salad$6.54
Individual Antipasto Salad$5.12
Mediterranean Salad$6.39
Individual Garden Salad$5.12
Individual Mediterranean Salad$4.89
Michigan Cherry Salad$6.49
Individual Chicken Caesar Salad$5.12
Greek Salad$5.39
Individual Michigan Cherry Salad$5.12
Southwest Salad$5.92
Regular Mediterranean Salad$8.09
Regular Chicken Caesar Salad$8.10
Regular Michigan Cherry Salad$8.21
Regular Greek Salad$7.83
Regular Southwest Salad$7.62
Large Antipasto Salad$10.56
Large Southwest salad$9.62
Large Garden Salad$10.56
Large Mediterranean Salad$10.56
Large Chicken Caesar Salad$10.60
Large Michigan Cherry Salad$10.60
Large Greek Salad$9.87


Bleu Cheese$1.09
Side Icing$1.25
Grated Parmesan Packet$0.15
Side Jalapenos$1.50


Build Your Own Calzone$8.60
Good Deal Calzone$11.36
Full House Calzone$10.69
Western BBQ Chicken Calzone$9.49
Natural Calzone$10.99
Santa Fe Calzone$10.99
Jackpot Calzone$11.49


Chocolate Chip Cookie$6.68
Pizza Cookie$7.21
Blue Bell Ice Cream$5.86
Pizza Brownie$7.21
Cinna Bread$6.62
Smores cookie$7.14


8 Bone-In Wings$10.55
8 Pieces Traditional Wings$9.74
Boneless Wings$9.47
16 Bone-in Wings$19.74

Dipping Sauces

BBQ Sauce$1.01

Ice Cold Drinks

Bottled Soft Drink 2 Liter$3.62
Bottled Soft Drinks$2.02

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Homemade Vanilla$5.81
Dutch Chocolate$5.84
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$6.01


Mist Twist 2 Ltr.$3.89
Water 20 oz.$1.79
Pepsi 20 oz.$2.12
Diet Pepsi$2.65
Mountain Dew$2.52
Pepsi 2 Ltr.$3.99
Dr Pepper$2.46
Diet Pepsi 20oz.$2.12
Diet Pepsi 2 Ltr.$3.99
Mist Twist 20 oz.$2.25
Sierra Mist$2.59
Dr. Pepper 2 Ltr.$3.86
Mountain Dew 20oz.$2.12
Mountain Dew 2 Ltr.$3.99
Dr. Pepper 20 oz.$2.03
Mug Root Beer 2Ltr.$3.32
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In June 29, 1983, Vince Schmuhl opened the first Blackjack Pizza location in Federal Heights in Colorado followed by the second in February 1984 in Greeley. He founded his company on the belief that customers will appreciate the alternative from Domino’s Pizza, which was then the only major pizza delivery establishment in the Rocky Mountain region. He was also a former employee at Domino’s Pizza – truly, proof that competition can also come from within.

By January 1, 2013, the chain was owned and operated by Askar Brands upon its acquisition on the same date. Currently, the chain has more than 45 stores across five states with many of them in Colorado. The brand’s tagline reflects its commitment to offering its customers a better alternative – “Better Pizza, Better Price”.

What It’s Famous For

Blackjack Pizza is obviously well-loved for the excellent quality of its pizzas, as well as of its Italian-American fare including cheesy breadsticks and calzones. The pizzas come in meat lovers and vegetarian options as well as in round and square shapes so there’s always something new to look forward to with each visit.

Why Eat Here

While the create-your-own-pizza concept isn’t new nowadays, Blackjack Pizza has its unique take on it. You start with the pizza dough made and baked fresh daily in the stores, ask for the award-winning tomato-based sauce, and pile on your choice in toppings. Your pizza creation will then be topped – or smothered, depending on your preference – in mozzarella.

The result: A delicious piece of pizza heaven with ooey-goeey melted mozzarella cheese! You can decide on either the round or square-shaped pizza for your culinary creation but both will be equally heavenly in your mouth.

But if you’re not in the mood for your own pizza creation or you just love the chef-inspired pizzas, then you will gravitate toward the latter. Blackjack Pizza offers several pizzas that will definitely satisfy your palate and fill your stomach like few other pizzas from other chains can.

For pizza lovers who want virtually everything, there’s the Good Deal Pizza with its generous toppings of Italian sausage, pepperoni, red onions, fresh mushrooms, and green pepper.  The Full House Pizza is a meat lovers’ delight with liberal toppings of beef, ham, pepperoni and sausage while the Natural Pizza satisfies the vegetarians with its red onions, green peppers, black olives, and fresh mushrooms.  Go for the Jackpot Pizza when you want everything from the meats to the vegetables.

We love Blackjack Pizza, too, because many of its pizza flavors satisfy the need for the exotic. The Santa Fe Pizza has a Southwestern chile sauce and cheddar cheese instead of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The Western BBQ Chicken Pizza has grilled chicken, bacon, and red onions with extra mozzarella cheese and barbecue sauce, a pizza that takes you back to summer backyard BBQ parties.

There are also the Hawaiian Pizza with pineapple and ham for a sweeter taste, the Mediterranean Chicken Pizza with its extra-virgin olive oil for a taste of Italy, and the Green Natural Pizza with its feta and mozzarella cheese combo.  The Margherita Pizza goes back to the basics with its olive oil, garlic, basil and tomatoes combo but it’s among the purest pizzas in town.

All of these ready-made pizzas are also available in square-shaped pans. What’s the appeal? Let’s just say that eating three square meals a day consisting of square-shaped pizza for every meal seems like a great idea!

We recommend the calzones, too, which consist of your favorite pizza toppings, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, and marinara. You may have to wait for 5 minutes so that it can be properly baked but every bite makes the wait worth it.

The beverages are the typical fast-food ones including Pepsi and Dr. Pepper versions and iced tea.  There are also breads, salads and desserts but these are usually afterthoughts because the pizzas are so satisfying and filling that ordering anything else isn’t a must.

Plus, the prices are so reasonable! For under $20 for a large order, you can satisfy your hunger during lunch and then still have a substantial amount left for your dinner.

The wait staff are friendly yet efficient. You can ask for guidance about creating your own pizzas, as well as rely on them to deliver your orders within minutes.

To learn more about Blackjack Pizza or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Blackjack Pizza FAQ

How much is Blackjack Pizza's Build Your Own Small Pizza?

Build Your Own Small Pizza – $8.71

How much is a Build Your Own Medium Pizza at Blackjack Pizza?

Build Your Own Medium Pizza – $10.77

How much are Hawaiian Pizza at Blackjack Pizza?

Hawaiian Pizza – $12.66

How much does a Blackjack Pizza's Boneless Wings Cost?

Boneless Wings – $8.73

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