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February, 2023 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Bennigan’s menu prices.

Item Price

Featured Item

2. Irish Tower O'rings $11.99
3. Hogan's Egg Rolls $10.99
4. Flip's Super Loaded Nachos $15.99
5. Reuben Fritters $11.99
6. Dubliner Quesadillas $11.99
7. Boneless Buffalo Wings $12.99
8. Broccoli Bites $9.99
9. Mangia Mozzarella Sticks $11.99
10. Cheeseburger Pub Bites $10.99
11. Flip's Cripsy Fried Buffalo Chips $12.99
12. Cheesy Potato Skins $11.99
20. Kilkenny's Country Chicken Salad $15.99
21. Loaded Cobb Salad $15.99
22. Ultimate Buffalo Chicken Salad $15.99
23. Cup of Baked Potato Soup $4.99
24. Bowl of Baked Potato Soup $7.99
27. Cup of French Onion Soup $4.99
28. Bowl of French Onion Soup $7.99
29. Side Garden Salad $4.99
30. Side Caesar Salad $4.99
31. Side Sweet Potato Fries $4.99
32. Side Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts $4.99
33. Side Broccoli Saut $3.99
34. Side Rice Pilaf $3.99
35. Side Homestyle French Fries $3.99
36. Side Kicked-Up Coleslaw $3.99
37. Side Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes $3.99
38. World Famous Monte Cristo $14.99
40. Turkey O'Toole $12.99
41. Cajun Chicken O'Toole $14.99
42. Kilkenny's Country Chicken Wrap $12.99
43. The Classic Reuben $14.99
44. Bennigan's Club $13.99
45. Lina's Crispy Chicken Sandwich $14.99
46. Bennigan's Club with Soup or Salad $11.99
47. World Famous Monte Cristo with Soup or Salad $12.99
48. The B.O.M.B. Burger $16.99
49. Guinness Glazed Bacon Burger $16.99
50. St. Brigid Burger $16.99
51. The Irishman Whiskey Glazed Burger $16.99
52. BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger $15.99
53. Spicy Chipotle Burger $15.99
54. The Classic Burger $14.99
56. Danny Boy Chicken $15.99
57. Char-Grilled Flat Iron Steak $20.99
58. Oh Baby Back Ribs Half Rack $23.99
59. Oh Baby Back Ribs Full Rack $31.99
60. Cajun Chicken & Shrimp Pasta $16.99
61. Our Signature Chicken Tenders $14.99
62. Pass Fruit Glazed Pork Chop $20.99
63. Finn's Beer-Battered Fish & Chips $15.99
64. Grilled Salmon Fillet $21.99
65. The Irishman Whiskey Glazed Chicken $19.99
66. Smothered Chicken $17.99


Flip's Crispy Fried Buffalo Chips $11.50


French Onion Soup $5.50

Salads & Soups

Kilkenny's Country Chicken Salad $14.17


Side Garden Salad $4.00
Side Caesar Salad $4.00

Salads and Soups

Steakhouse Salad $15.80
Baby Spinach and Bacon Salad $10.50
Apple Pecan Salad $11.40
Loaded Cobb Salad $15.00
Ultimate Buffalo Chicken Salad $14.17
Soup and Salad Combo $9.20


World Famous Monte Cristo $15.12
The Original Irish Dip $14.00
Turkey O'Toole $12.67
Cajun Chicken O' Toole $14.50
Kilkenny's Country Chicken Wrap $12.50
The Classic Reuben $13.67
Bennigan's Club $13.40
Cajun Chicken O'Toole $14.25
Bennigan's Club with Soup or Salad $10.50
World Famous Monte Cristo with Soup or Salad $12.50

Crowd Pleasers™

Bennigan’s Premium Buffalo Wings $17.00
Irish Tower O’Rings $11.50

Celebrated Sandwiches

Served with our homestyle french fries seasoned with sea salt.
Turkey O’toole $14.00
Bennigan’s Club $14.50
Lina's Crispy Chicken Sandwich $14.00

The Prime Burgers

Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and our homestyle french fries seasoned with sea salt.
Guinness Glazed Bacon Burger $15.33
St. Brigid Burger $15.33
The Big Irish $17.75
Spicy Chipotle Burger $13.50


The B.O.M.B. Burger $15.33
The Irishman Whiskey Glazed Burger $16.40
BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger $14.57
The Classic Burger $14.28


The Irishman Whiskey Glazed Chicken $17.50
Smothered Chicken $15.66
Hawaiian Chicken $15.50

Legendary Favorties

Kensington Club $21.00

Legendary Favorites

Char-Grilled Flat Iron Steak $18.67
Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta $17.28
Danny Boy Chicken $15.71
Grilled Salmon Fillet $19.40
Our Signature Chicken Tenders $15.00
Finn's Beer-Battered Fish and Chips $15.00
Passion Fruit Glazed Pork Chop $19.00
Oh, Baby Back Ribs $19.80


Ranch $1.00
Raspberry Preserves $1.50
BBQ Sauce $1.00
Blue Cheese Dressing $1.00


Sweet Potato Fries Side $4.00
Sweet Potato Fries $4.75
Homestyle French Fries $4.75
Side Home Style French Fries $3.50
Broccoli Saute $4.75
Side Kicked-Up Coleslaw $3.50
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes $4.75
Side Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes $3.50

Crowd Pleasers

Bennigan's Premium Buffalo Wings $14.40
Sheela's Sriracha Shrimp $12.20
Irish Tower O'Rings $10.33
Cheeseburger Pub Bites $9.83
Hogan's Egg Rolls $9.80
Boneless Buffalo Wings $10.83
Flip's Super Loaded Nachos $16.50
Reuben Fritters $11.50
Dubliner Quesadillas $10.40
Broccoli Bites $11.33
Cheesy Potato Skins $10.86
Mangia Mozzarella $11.00

Kids' Menu

For Kids' 12 and Younger! The following entrées include homestyle French Fries seasoned with sea salt. Includes a cold soft drink, juice or milk.
Mac and Cheese $6.50
Grilled Cheese $6.50
Jr. Kilkenny's Salad $7.00

Kid's Meal

Kid's Chicken Tenders $6.50


Legendary Death by Chocolate $7.75
New York Cheesecake $8.37
Housemade Bread Pudding with Praline Sauce $7.50
Brownie Bottom Pie $7.75
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About Bennigan’s

The Irish culture is among the most prominent in the United States and we have the waves of Irish immigrants, then and now, to thank for it! We celebrate many things of Irish origin, from St. Patrick’s Day to the Irish pub, with gusto so much so that these have become part of the melting pot of American culture.

When it comes to enjoying an authentic Irish pub experience in a casual dining setting, the chain of Bennigan’s restaurant is among the leaders in the restaurant industry.  While the first Bennigan’s opened in the United States, diners say that their dining experience takes them back to the Irish pubs they love – and if it’s their first time, they come to love the Irish pub experience.


Norman E. Brinker, the founder and vice president of Steak and Ale, conceptualized and established Bennigan’s in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976. The first Bennigan’s location, however, opened its doors in Tysons Corner, Virginia. For most of its history, the chain of casual dining restaurants was part of Pillsbury Corporation until Grand Metropolitan Known, a British liquor conglomerate, bought it out.

After a few more changes in ownership, the Bennigan’s chain is now owned and operated by Legendary Restaurant Brands, LLC since 2015 with its corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Currently, the chain consists of more than 60 locations in the United States and abroad.

What It’s Famous For

Bennigan’s has established a reputation for being among the pioneers of mid-range fern bar, casual dining and drinking restaurants in the United States.  With their Irish pub-inspired theme, the restaurants have a full bar serving a wide range of wines, beers and cocktails for adults, as well as a happy hours where many of the drinks are offered at a discount.

Why Eat Here

The main reason for bringing your family and friends to the nearest Bennigan’s is their delicious food. The best way to describe the menu is Irish pub fare meets American contemporary favorites resulting in filling and satisfying meals and snacks. The menu itself is organized in such a way that even first-time diners will have an easy time choosing their food and drinks.

The Crowd Pleasers include food items that can be mixed and matched according to your personal preferences. The dishes include Hogan’s egg rolls, broccoli bites, boneless Buffalo wings, cheesy potato skins, nachos, and quesadillas.  The Bennigan’s Premium Buffalo Wings, a combo of crispy fried wings, chunky bleu cheese dressing, Buffalo sauce, and crisp celery sticks, is a definite crowd favorite.

There are also combos of Hogan’s Egg Rolls, Irish Tower O’Rings, and The County Clare Sampler. We recommend the Dubliner Quesadillas consisting of garlic-marinated chicken with cheeses, fried onions in a flour tortilla, and served with pico de gallo, salsa, and guacamole.

The burgers aren’t your usual fast-food burgers! These are hand-crafted delicious works of art with half-pound beef patties served with fresh tomato, lettuce, and onions, as well as a smattering of pickles. Every burger order comes with sea salt-seasoned French fries. You can also choose to substitute the beef patty with either a turkey or a veggie patty.

And the Legendary Favorites will likely become your personal favorites, too. We like the Danny Boy Chicken, two grilled chicken breasts with broccoli saute and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and Oh, Baby Back Ribs with its fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth quality.

The menu also has soups and salads, such as the Steakhouse Salad, the Baby Spinach and Bacon Salad, and the Apple Pecan Salad.  The sandwiches are light meals or heavy snacks in themselves, too, with choices like the World Famous Monte Cristo, the Bennigan’s Club, and the Kilkenny’s Country Chicken Wrap.

No Bennigan’s experience will be complete for the adults without enjoying one or two of its signature drinks. The choices include margaritas like the Emerald Isle Margarita, Mango Madness Margarita, and Cinnamon Apple Margarita.

Every Bennigan’s restaurant usually has a mix of people from small children with their parents to students, young professionals and businessman unwinding from a hard day’s work.  The casual atmosphere can immediately be seen as soon as soon as you enter the restaurant. While there are a few people in smart suits, most diners are in casual attire so it’s easy to slip into a relaxed mode.

The tables and chairs are arranged in such a way that diners can eat in groups or in single tables, as well as move between tables fairly well (i.e., not too crowded).  Most of the restaurants have outdoor seating for al fresco dining, as well as free Wi-Fi connection, televisions on the walls, and efficient waiter service. The background music isn’t too loud as to preclude good conversations while the noise level is typically low to average.

The restaurants also take reservations for couples and groups. Be sure to come on time as the restaurants can become full during the lunch and dinner hours. But with the fast and efficient service from the kitchen staff to the wait staff, the wait for a table doesn’t take too long.

To learn more about Bennigan’s or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Bennigan’s FAQ

How much is Bennigan's World Famous Monte Cristo Sandwich?

World Famous Monte Cristo Sandwich – $12.00

How much is a Bennigan's Club with Soup or Salad at Bennigan's?

Bennigan’s Club with Soup or Salad – $9.00

How much are Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta Bennigan's?

Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta – $13.00

How much does a Bennigan's Caesar Salad Cost?

Caesar Salad – $3.00

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