Wood Ranch Prices

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Americans love their meat and it shows in the high consumption of beef, pork and chicken products in the United States. This is part of the reason for the enduring popularity of the likes of Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill, a popular chain of restaurants offering a wide variety of meat-based dishes.

Lest you think that Wood Ranch chain is all about the meat, it isn’t! The restaurants also offer several salads, appetizers and entrées that vegetarians will like, as well as a kids’ menu. The Wood Ranch prices are slightly more expensive than most of the chain’s competitors in its segment but the quality of the food and service make it worth your while.

Below are the latest Wood Ranch menu prices.


Take-Out Value Packages

4 Pack (5 Bbq Chicken Breasts)$20.50
4 Pack (1 Whole Bbq Chicken)$20.50
4 Pack (1 Whole Roasted Chicken)$23.50
4 Pack (Tri Tip - 1 Lb.)$20.00
4 Pack (Pulled Pork - 1 Lb.)$22.50
4 Pack (Smoked Brisket - 1 Lb.)$23.50
4 Pack (Baby Back Ribs - 1 Full Rack.)$25.50
4 Pack (Beef Ribs - 1 Full Rack.)$30.50
8 Pack (10 Bbq Chicken Breasts)$41.00
8 Pack (2 Whole Bbq Chickens)$41.00
8 Pack (2 Whole Roasted Chickens)$47.00
8 Pack (Tri Tip - 2 Lbs.)$40.00
8 Pack (Pulled Pork - 2 Lbs.)$45.00
8 Pack (Smoked Brisket - 2 Lbs.)$47.00
8 Pack (Baby Back Ribs - 2 Full Racks.)$51.00
8 Pack (Beef Ribs - 2 Full Racks)$61.00
16 Pack (20 Bbq Chicken Breasts)$82.00
16 Pack (4 Whole Bbq Chickens)$82.00
16 Pack (4 Whole Roasted Chickens)$94.00
16 Pack (Tri Tip - 4 Lbs.)$80.00
16 Pack (Pulled Pork - 4 Lbs.)$90.00
16 Pack (Smoked Brisket - 4 Lbs.)$94.00
16 Pack (Baby Back Ribs - 4 Full Racks)$102.00
16 Pack (Beef Ribs - 4 Full Racks)$122.00


Famous Shredded Onions (Half)$6.95
Famous Shredded Onions (Full)$8.95
Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower$10.95
Spinach & Artichoke Dip (Half)$11.95
Spinach & Artichoke Dip (Full)$13.95
Fresh Guacamole, Chips & Salsa (Half)$11.95
Fresh Guacamole, Chips & Salsa (Full)$13.95
Killer Buffalo Wings - 5 Wings$9.95
Killer Buffalo Wings - 10 Wings$12.95
Bbq Chicken Potato Skins (2 Half Skins)$9.95
Bbq Chicken Potato Skins (4 Half Skins)$12.50
Bbq Brisket Sliders$14.95
Pulled Pork Sliders$14.95
Bbq Tri Tip Sliders$14.95
Cab® Cheeseburger Sliders$11.95

Lunch Combo

1 Bbq Tri Tip & 1 Brisket Slider$17.90
1 Bbq Tri Tip & 1 Cab Cheesburger Slider$17.90
1 Bbq Tri Tip & 1 Pulled Pork Slider$17.90
1 Bbq Tri Tip & 1 Western Slider$17.90
1 Cab Cheeseburger & 1 Brisket Slider$17.90
1 Pulled Pork & 1 Brisket Sliders$17.90
1 Pulled Pork & 1 Cab Cheeseburger Slider$17.90
1 Western Tri Tip & 1 Brisket Slider$17.90
1 Western Tri Tip & 1 Cab Cheeseburger Slider$17.90
1 Western Tri Tip & 1 Pulled Pork Slider$17.90
2 Bbq Tri Tip Sliders$15.95
2 Brisket Sliders$15.95
2 Cab Cheeseburger Sliders$15.95
2 Pulled Pork Sliders$14.50
2 Western Tri Tip Sliders$15.95

Lunch Salads

Bbq Chopped Salad$15.95
Wood-Roasted Tri Tip Salad$16.95
Farmhouse Salad$16.95
Asian Chicken Salad$15.95
Natalie's Salad (Half)$11.95
Natalie's Salad (Full)$13.95
Caesar Salad (Half)$8.95
Caesar Salad (Full)$10.95
House Salad (Half)$8.95
House Salad (Full)$10.95

Lunch Burgers & Sandwiches

Classic Burger$14.95
Buckeye Burger$15.95
House-Made Veggie Burger$14.95
Santa Fe Bbq Chicken Sandwich$14.95
Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich$15.95
Western Tritip Sandwich$16.95
Ethan's Brisket Sandwich$15.95
Bbq Tri Tip Sandwich$15.95
The Ultimate$17.95

Lunch Bbq

Wr Tri Tip (7Oz)$17.95
Wr Tri Tip (10Oz)$20.95
All American Baby Back Ribs (5 Bones)$16.95
All American Baby Back Ribs (8 Bones)$19.95
All American Baby Back Ribs (Full Rack)$23.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (2 Bones)$16.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (3 Bones)$19.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (4 Bones)$22.95
Bbq Half Chicken$14.95
Bbq Chicken Breast$14.95
Fire-Roasted Half Chicken$16.95
Carolina Pulled Pork$16.95
Double R Ranch Brisket$17.95
Wr Bbq Combo (2 Item Combos)$22.95
Wr Bbq Combo (3 Item Combos)$28.95

Lunch Premium Steaks

Center-Cut Filet (6 Oz.)$30.95
Center-Cut Filet (8 Oz.)$33.95
New York Strip$33.95
Prime Top Sirloin$23.95
Rib Eye$34.95

Lunch Seafood

Freshwater Idaho Rainbow Trout$18.95
Fresh Atlantic Salmon$20.95
Grilled Balsamic Shrimp$17.95


Bbq Chopped Salad (Salads)$16.95
Wood-Roasted Tri Tip Salad (Salads)$17.95
Farmhouse Salad (Salads)$17.95
Asian Chicken Salad (Salads)$16.95
Natalie's Salad (Half) (Salads)$11.95
Natalie's Salad (Full) (Salads)$14.95
Caesar Salad (Half) (Salads)$8.95
Caesar Salad (Full) (Salads)$11.95
House Salad (Half) (Salads)$8.95
House Salad (Full) (Salads)$11.95


Wr Tri Tip (7Oz) (Bbq)$20.95
Wr Tri Tip (10Oz) (Bbq)$23.95
All American Baby Back Ribs (5 Bones) (Bbq)$19.95
All American Baby Back Ribs (8 Bones) (Bbq)$22.95
All American Baby Back Ribs (Full Rack) (Bbq)$27.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (2 Bones) (Bbq)$19.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (3 Bones) (Bbq)$23.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (4 Bones) (Bbq)$27.95
Bbq Half Chicken (Bbq)$17.95
Bbq Chicken Breast (Bbq)$17.95
Fire Roasted Half Chicken$19.95
Carolina Pulled Pork (Bbq)$19.95
Double R Ranch Brisket (Bbq)$23.95
Wr Bbq Combo (2 Item Combo)$25.95
Wr Bbq Combo (3 Item Combo)$31.95

Burgers & Sandwiches

Classic Burger (Burgers & Sandwiches)$15.95
Buckeye Burger (Burgers & Sandwiches)$16.95
House-Made Veggie Burger (Burgers & Sandwiches)$15.95
Santa Fe Bbq Chicken Sandwich (Burgers & Sandwiches)$15.95
Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich (Burgers & Sandwiches)$16.95
Western Tri Tip Sandwich$17.95
Ethan's Brisket Sandwich (Burgers & Sandwiches)$16.95
Bbq Tri Tip Sandwich (Burgers & Sandwiches)$17.50
The Ultimate (Burgers & Sandwiches)$18.95

Premium Steaks

Center-Cut Filet (6 Oz)$30.95
Center-Cut Filet (8 Oz)$33.95
New York Strip (Premium Steaks)$33.95
Prime Top Sirloin (Premium Steaks)$23.95
Rib Eye (Premium Steaks)$34.95


Freshwater Idaho Rainbow Trout (Seafood)$20.95
Fresh Atlantic Salmon (Seafood)$23.95
Grilled Balsamic Shrimp (Seafood)$18.95

Signature Sides

Fresh Grilled White Corn$4.95
Grilled Fresh Asparagus$6.50
Steamed Fresh Asparagus$6.50
Idaho Baked Potato$4.95
Loaded Baked Potato$6.50
Mashed Potatoes (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Mashed Potatoes (Pint)$6.95
Mashed Potatoes (Quart)$10.95
Loaded Mashed Potatoes (1/2 Pint)$6.50
Loaded Mashed Potatoes (Pint)$7.95
Loaded Mashed Potatoes (Quart)$14.95
Smashed Sweet Potatoes (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Smashed Sweet Potatoes (Pint)$6.95
Smashed Sweet Potatoes (Quart)$10.95
Brussels Sprouts$6.50
Bbq Baked Beans (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Bbq Baked Beans (Pint)$6.95
Bbq Baked Beans (Quart)$10.95
Lauren's Favorite Macaroni & Cheese (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Lauren's Favorite Macaroni & Cheese (Pint)$6.95
Lauren's Favorite Macaroni & Cheese (Quart)$10.95
Natural Brown Rice (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Natural Brown Rice (Pint)$6.95
Natural Brown Rice (Quart)$10.95
Original Peanut Coleslaw (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Original Peanut Coleslaw (Pint)$6.95
Original Peanut Coleslaw (Quart)$10.95
Red Quinoa Almond Mix (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Red Quinoa Almond Mix (Pint)$6.95
Red Quinoa Almond Mix (Quart)$10.95
Rosasted Broccoli (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Rosasted Broccoli (Pint)$6.95
Rosasted Broccoli (Quart)$10.95
Steamed Broccoli (1/2 Pint)$4.95
Steamed Broccoli (Pint)$6.95
Steamed Broccoli (Quart)$10.95
Fries (Bag)$4.95
Fries (Box)$5.95
Sweet Potato Fries (Bag)$6.50
Sweet Potato Fries (Box)$7.50

Small Plates

Bbq Chicken Breast (Small Plates)$9.95
Wr Tri Tip 4 Oz.$11.95
Carolina Pulled Pork 4 Oz.$10.95
Double R Ranch Brisket 4 Oz.$11.95
All-American Baby Back Ribs - 5 Bones$12.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Rib - 1 Rib$10.95

By The Piece

Wr Tri Tip (10 Oz.)$15.95
Wr Tri Tip (Whole)$30.95
Double R Ranch Brisket (By The Piece)$18.95
Carolina Pulled Pork (By The Piece)$17.95
All-American Baby Back Ribs (8 Bone)$15.95
All-American Baby Back Ribs (Full Rack)$20.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (3 Bones) (By The Piece)$15.95
Pecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribs (7 Bones)$25.95
Smoked Premium Kielbasa (1 Link)$6.95
Smoked Premium Kielbasa (2 Links)$9.95
Smoked Premium Kielbasa (4 Links)$17.95
Fire Roasted Free-Range Chicken (Half Chicken)$11.95
Fire Roasted Free-Range Chicken (Whole Chicken)$18.95
Bbq Chicken Breast (By The Piece)$10.95
Bbq Chicken (Half Bbq Chicken)$9.95
Bbq Chicken (Whole Bbq Chicken)$15.95
Garlic Rolls (6 Garlic Rolls)$2.25
Garlic Rolls (12 Garlic Rolls)$4.50
Wood Ranch Original Bbq Sauce Bottle$7.95

Kids' Menu

All-American Baby Back Ribs$9.95
Bbq Chicken Breast (Kids' Menu)$7.95
Beef Rib$8.95
Cab® Mini Cheeseburgers$6.95
Chicken Tenders$6.95
Grilled Cheese$6.95
Hot Dogs$6.95
Mac & Cheese$6.95
Fresh Atlantic Salmon (Kids' Menu)$9.95
Wr Tri Tip$8.95
Bbq Tri Tip Sandwiches$8.95
Pulled Pork Sliders (Kids' Menu)$8.95


Mom's Deep Dish Peach Cobbler$7.50
Oreo® Cookie Crunch$7.50
Warm Chocolate Cake$7.50
Wr Butter Cake$7.50


Diet Coke$3.50
Root Beer$3.50
Ice Tea$3.95
Passion Fruit Tea$3.95
Arnold Palmer$3.95
Fresh Lemonade$3.95
Fresh Fruit Lemonade$3.95
Juice (Apple Juice)$4.25
Juice (Cranberry Juice)$4.25
Juice (Grapefruit Juice)$4.25
Juice (Orange Juice)$4.25
Juice (Pineapple Juice)$4.25
Juice (Tomato Juice)$4.25
Juice (Kid Apple Juice)$1.50
Juice (Kid Cranberry)$1.50
Juice (Kid Grapefruit)$1.50
Juice (Kid Orange)$1.50
Juice (Kid Pineapple)$1.50
Juice (Kid Tomato)$1.50
Acqua Panna 1 Lt$4.95
Pellegrino 1 Lt$4.95
Roy Rogers$3.50
Shirley Temple$3.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Coke)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Diet Coke)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Sprite)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Root Beer)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Pibb)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Ginger Ale)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Milk)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Chocolate Milk)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Roy Rodgers)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Shirley Temple)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Regular Iced Tea)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Passion Fruit Iced Tea)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Arnold Palmer)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Lemonade)$1.50
Kids Beverages (Kids Fruit Lemonade)$1.50

Dressings And Sauces

1/2 Pint Of Dressing$3.95
Pint Of Dressing$6.95
1/2 Pint Of Wood Ranch Bbq Sauce (1/2 Pint Original Bbq Sauce)$4.95
1/2 Pint Of Wood Ranch Bbq Sauce (1/2 Pint Carolina Bbq Sauce)$4.95
1/2 Pint Of Wood Ranch Bbq Sauce (1/2 Pint Chiptole Cherry Bbq Sauce)$4.95
Pint Of Wood Ranch Bbq Sauce (Pint Of Original Bbq Sauce)$6.95
Pint Of Wood Ranch Bbq Sauce (Pint Of Carolina Bbq Sauce)$6.95
Pint Of Wood Ranch Bbq Sauce (Pint Of Chiptole Cherry Bbq Sauce)$6.95
1/2 Pint Of Wood Ranch Salsa$3.50
Pint Of Wood Ranch Salsa$5.95
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Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill was established in 1992 when its first restaurant opened in Moorpark, California.

What They’re Known For

Every Wood Ranch restaurant features “foods that make America great”, as the chain’s management says. The menu features a wide range of meat-based dishes, most of which are contemporary favorites, from baby back ribs to Angus beef steaks and burgers.

Why Eat Here

Wood Ranch restaurants are designed with small and large groups in mind. The interiors are spacious while the distance between the tables make it easy to navigate the floor even when the restaurant’s packed with a crowd. The strategically placed lights contribute to a comfortable and cozy ambiance, as well as make appreciation for the food’s beautiful aesthetics possible.

The large bar area has several stools where customers can enjoy their alcoholic drinks while passing the time or waiting for their orders to arrive. The bar menu is impressive with plenty of beers, wines and cocktails, among others, which are available for persons of legal drinking age; varies by jurisdiction. There are also appetizers, such as artichoke dip, garlic bread, and shredded onions, which complement the alcoholic drinks.

The Wood Ranch restaurants are obviously great places to bring your family and friends for lunch and dinner. If possible, come here during happy hour because of the cheaper prices for selected alcoholic drinks and appetizers. You may just find that you are already full just from eating the appetizers but try to leave room for the main meal.

The staff members are friendly with the diners but without the nosiness that often accompany friendly service in many restaurants. Your orders will be taken quickly and delivered just as quickly; the kitchen staff seems to be working double time so your food arrive steaming hot or as warm as it needs to be.

The lunch and dinner menu is quite extensive, too, with starters, entrées and sides. For starters, the shredded onions and fries, spinach-artichoke dip, and fresh guacamole and chips are great for whetting your appetite.

The Killer Wings, which are available in 5-piece and 10-piece package, will awaken your senses with their juicy texture and savory flavor.  Add the BBQ Chicken Potato Skins served with cilantro and red onion or the BBQ Sliders in your flavor of choice (e.g., BBQ Tri Tip, Double R Ranch Brisket, and Carolina Pulled Pork).  Pair these with the daily soup for a complete meal, if you want.

The salads are a mix of meats and vegetables as well as herbs, dressings and spices. The Farmhouse Salad is a healthy salad of baby kale, red quinoa almond mix, and grape tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette. The BBQ Chopped Salad comes in two versions – chicken and tri tip – but the other ingredients like mixed greens, corn, and black beans with original BBQ sauce remain the same.

The Tri Trip Salad has peanut oil, gorgonzola crumbles, and mixed greens with a refreshing tomato and mint julep dressing.  Many of these salads can be ordered in half or full sizes.

The best thing on the menu is the signature BBQ available in pork and chicken, which are served with two sides; a premium side is available for a nominal extra fee. The Tri Tip is as juicy as they come while the smoked brisket will make your mouth water just by looking at it. The Carolina pulled pork literally melts in your mouth and gives an explosion of flavor; it’s served with Carolina slaw and barbecue sauce.

Most of the meats have been treated with the chain’s signature dry rub and roasted over a slow and low fire.

For a change, customers can also order premium seafood dishes, which are served with an order of side; again, a premium side can be enjoyed for an extra fee. The choices include grilled balsamic shrimp, fresh Atlantic salmon, and freshwater rainbow trout.

Other items include the burgers and sandwiches, signature sides (mac ‘n cheese, fries, peanut coleslaw, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli), and the premium sides (loaded baked potato and cheddar ‘n bacon). For dessert, the cheesecake here is among the creamiest we have tasted while its warm chocolate cake is chocolate-y without being too sweet.

To learn more about Wood Ranch or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.woodranch.com.