Tokyo Steakhouse and Sushi Bar Menu Prices

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February, 2023 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Tokyo Steakhouse and Sushi Bar menu prices.

Item Price

Most Popular

Tuna Tataki $8.95
NY Steak and Shrimp $19.95
Texas Ranger $12.95
Sashimi Dinner $21.95
Diablo Roll $9.95


Edamame [Appetizers] $4.25
Gyoza [Appetizers] $4.75
Spring Roll [Appetizers] $4.95
Agedashi Tofu [Appetizers] $4.75
Tempura [Appetizers] $4.95
Soft Shelled Crab [Appetizers] $8.95
Spicy Tuna Kobachi [Appetizers] $13.95
Hamachi Carpaccino [Appetizers] $10.95
Tuna Tataki [Appetizers] $8.95
Sushi Appetizers $7.95
Sashimi Appetizer $8.95


Garden Salad $2.50
Crab Meat Salad $6.25
Seaweed Salad $4.75
Sashimi Salad $8.95
Grilled Shrimp Salad $8.95


Pork [Katsu] $16.95
Chicken [Katsu] $16.95
Salmon [Katsu] $17.95


Chicken [Teriyaki] $15.95
Steak [Teriyaki] $17.95
Salmon [Teriyaki] $18.95

Tempura Bento Box

Vegetable [Tempura Bento Box] $11.95
Chicken [Tempura Bento Box] $12.95
Shrimp [Tempura Bento Box] $13.95


Vegetable [Hibachi] $13.95
Chicken [Hibachi] $16.95
NY Steak [Hibachi] $18.95
Shrimp [Hibachi] $19.95
Scallops [Hibachi] $19.95
King Salmon [Hibachi] $19.95
Filet Mignon [Hibachi] $22.95

Samurai Combinations

Shrimp and Chicken [Hibachi] $18.95
Shrimp and Scallops [Hibachi] $19.95
NY Steak and Chicken [Hibachi] $18.95
NY Steak and Shrimp [Hibachi] $19.95
NY Steak and King Salmon [Hibachi] $19.95
NY Steak and Scallop [Hibachi] $19.95
Chicken and Scallop [Hibachi] $19.95
Chicken and Salmon [Hibachi] $19.95

Kids Menu

Chicken [Kids] $8.75
NY Steak [Kids] $9.45
Shrimp [Kids] $9.45

Sushi A La Carte

IM Crab Stick [Sushi A La Carte] $1.75
Spicy Chopped Tuna [Sushi A La Carte] $3.25
Tuna [Sushi A La Carte] $2.50
Shrimp [Sushi A La Carte] $1.95
Salmon [Sushi A La Carte] $2.25
Smoked Salmon [Sushi A La Carte] $2.25
Scallop [Sushi A La Carte] $2.75
Spicy Scallop [Sushi A La Carte] $2.75
Octopus [Sushi A La Carte] $1.95
Baby Octopus [Sushi A La Carte] $1.95
Yellow Tail [Sushi A La Carte] $2.25
Surf Clam [Sushi A La Carte] $2.25
Squid [Sushi A La Carte] $2.75
Eel [Sushi A La Carte] $2.50
Conch $2.75
White Fish $1.75
Egg [Sushi A La Carte] $1.50
Flying Fish Egg [Sushi A La Carte] $1.75
Uni (Sea Urchin) [Sushi A La Carte] $3.95
Inari [Sushi A La Carte] $1.50
Salmon Roe [Sushi A La Carte] $2.95

Sushi Roll

Rock and Roll [Sushi Roll] $6.75
Dynamite [Sushi Roll] $7.25
Chicken Tempura [Sushi Roll] $6.25
California Roll [Sushi Roll] $6.25
Philadelphia Roll [Sushi Roll] $5.75
Eel and Cucumber [Sushi Roll] $6.75
Double Roll [Sushi Roll] $8.95
Im Crab Stick Roll [Sushi Roll] $5.25
Kamakazi Tuna [Sushi Roll] $7.95
Shrimp Roll [Sushi Roll] $5.75
Shrimp Tempura [Sushi Roll] $6.95
Spider Roll [Sushi Roll] $7.95
Shrimp Asparagus [Sushi Roll] $5.75
Salmon Katsu [Sushi Roll] $6.25
Bay Breeze [Sushi Roll] $7.95
Asparagus [Sushi Roll] $5.00
Avocado [Sushi Roll] $5.00
Cucumber [Sushi Roll] $5.00
Sweet Potato [Sushi Roll] $5.00
Veggie Combo [Sushi Roll] $6.50
Tuna [Sushi Roll] $6.75
Salmon [Sushi Roll] $5.75
Spicy Tuna [Sushi Roll] $7.25
Spicy Salmon [Sushi Roll] $6.25
Yellow Tail [Sushi Roll] $5.75
Rainbow [Sushi Roll] $8.95
JB [Sushi Roll] $7.25
Cold Roll [Sushi Roll] $7.25
Spicy Conch and Cucumber [Sushi Roll] $7.25
Spicy Shrimp and Cucumber [Sushi Roll] $6.25

Tokyo Specialty Rolls

Red Dragon [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $11.95
Beauty Alaska [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $10.95
X Mas Time [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Earthquake Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $14.95
Mexican Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $7.95
Dino Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Crunch Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $7.95
Texas Ranger [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $12.95
Kamakazi Salmon [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Tuna Crunch [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Diablo Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Jimmy Smith [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Crazy Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Caterpillar Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Dragon Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Annie Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $7.95
Gator Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
New Rainbow Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Dancing Eel [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Romantic [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $13.95
Volcano Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $8.95
Triple X [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Salmon After Burner [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $8.95
Mermaid Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $10.95
Phoneix Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $9.95
Oishi Roll [Tokyo Specialty Rolls] $13.95

From The Sushi Bar Chef Choice

Sushi Dinner [From The Sushi Bar Chef Choice] $17.95
Sushi Regular [From The Sushi Bar Chef Choice] $19.95
Sushi Deluxe [From The Sushi Bar Chef Choice] $22.95
Sashimi Dinner [From The Sushi Bar Chef Choice] $21.95
Sushi and Sashimi Combination [From The Sushi Bar Chef Choice] $26.95
Lovers Boat [From The Sushi Bar Chef Choice] $40.95


Spicy Mayonnaise [Sides] $0.75
Eel Sauce [Sides] $0.75
Sriracha [Sides] $0.75
Teriyaki Sauce [Sides] $0.75
Shrimp Sauce [Sides] $0.75
Ponzu Sauce [Sides] $0.75
Steamed Rice [Sides] $2.50
Fried Rice [Sides] $3.00
Side Noodles [Sides] $3.00


Miso Soup $2.00
House Mushroom Soup $1.50
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