Wok Box Prices: How much is Wok Box?

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The name says it all – the food comes from the wok and transferred into a box! The result is delicious Asian food served hot and eaten straight out of the box, just like in the movies.  The Chinese method of fast cooking in a wok definitely has found a place in the American restaurant industry and the Wok Box chain is among its strongest players. Below are the latest Wok Box menu prices.


Noodle Box

Dan Dan (Extra Spicy) - Lunch$5.99
Dan Dan (Extra Spicy) - Regular$8.99
Dan Dan (Extra Spicy) - Sumo$11.99
Firecracker (Spicy) - Lunch$5.99
Firecracker (Spicy) - Regular$8.99
Firecracker (Spicy) - Sumo$11.99
Kung Pao (Mild) - Lunch$5.99
Kung Pao (Mild) - Regular$8.99
Kung Pao (Mild) - Sumo$11.99
Pad Thai (Spicy) - Lunch$5.99
Pad Thai (Spicy) - Regular$8.99
Pad Thai (Spicy) - Sumo$11.99
Singapore Cashew (Mild) - Lunch$5.99
Singapore Cashew (Mild) - Regular$8.99
Singapore Cashew (Mild) - Sumo$11.99
Sweet Mongolian (Lunch)$5.99
Sweet Mongolian (Regular)$8.99
Sweet Mongolian (Sumo)$11.99
Teriyaki (Lunch)$5.99
Teriyaki (Regular)$8.99
Teriyaki (Sumo)$11.99
Hong Kong Spice (Lunch)$5.99
Hong Kong Spice (Regular)$8.99
Hong Kong Spice (Sumo)$11.99
Lo Mein (Lunch)$5.99
Lo Mein (Regular)$8.99
Lo Mein (Sumo)$11.99
Szechuan Pepper (Lunch)$5.99
Szechuan Pepper (Regular)$8.99
Szechuan Pepper (Sumo)$11.99

Rice Box

Crispy Orange Chicken (Lunch)$5.99
Crispy Orange Chicken (Regular)$8.99
Crispy Orange Chicken (Sumo)$11.99
Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Lunch)$5.99
Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Regular)$8.99
Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Sumo)$11.99
Thai Red (Spicy) - Lunch$5.99
Thai Red (Spicy) - Regular$8.99
Thai Red (Spicy) - Sumo$11.99
Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) - Lunch$5.99
Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) - Regular$8.99
Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy)$11.99
Crispy Teriyaki Chicken (Lunch)$5.99
Crispy Teriyaki Chicken (Regular)$8.99
Crispy Teriyaki Chicken (Sumo)$11.99
Crispy Sweet and Sour Chicken (Lunch)$5.99
Crispy Sweet and Sour Chicken (Regular)$8.99
Crispy Sweet and Sour Chicken (Sumo)$11.99
Indian Butter Chicken (Mild) - Lunch$6.99
Indian Butter Chicken (Mild) - Regular$9.99
Indian Butter Chicken (Mild) - Sumo$12.99
Veggie Fried Rice$6.99

Soups & Stuff

Vietnamese Beef Pho Soup$6.99
Orange Mandarin Chicken Salad$7.99
Thai Beef Naan-wich$5.99
Teriyaki Chicken Naan-wich$5.99
Indian Butter Chicken Naan-Wich$5.99


Spring Rolls (5 Pc.)$4.99
Cheesy Kimchi Fire Balls (4 Pc.)$4.99
Samosas (3 Pc.)$4.99
Chicken Gyozas (5 Pc.)$4.99
The Sampler$8.99
Cold Edamame$3.99
Bang Bang Shrimp$6.99


White Jasmine Rice$2.99
Basmati Brown Rice$2.99
Naan Bread$3.45

Kids Menu

Breaded Crispy Chicken$3.99
Japanese Dragon Chicken$3.99
Jungle Noodles$3.99


Vietnamese Iced Coffee$2.95
Dasani Water$2.25
Root Beer$2.25
Orange Fanta$2.25
Dr. Pepper$2.25
Diet Dr. Pepper$2.25
Diet Coke$2.25
Coke Zero$2.25

Build Your Own Box

Build Your Own Box (Lunch)$5.99
Build Your Own Box (Regular)$8.99
Build Your Own Box (Sumo)$11.99


Feast for 6 People$48.99
Feast for 8 People$64.99
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About Wok Box

The Wok Box chain of restaurants doesn’t stay within the box either. Diners can look forward to new additions to the menu on a fairly regular basis yet still find their classic favorites.


In 2004, Blair Stevens opened the first Wok Box in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. Soon after its doors opened, the restaurant continually experienced long lines that necessitated the opening of other locations. Today, there are more than 50 restaurants in North America with expansion plans abroad; one restaurant is in Qatar.

What It’s Famous For

Wok Box is a fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in freshly cooked Asian foods made with healthy ingredients from meats and vegetables to herbs and spices. The foods are cooked quickly in woks, a unique Asian method of cooking. These are also inspired by cuisines from ten Asian countries, such as China and Japan.

Why Eat Here

If you have a craving for quick and healthy Asian foods, then the nearest Wok Box is the best place to satisfy them! You will find a wide range of Chinese, Korean and Thai dishes, among others, which are prepared and presented in authentic ways. You may even feel that you have been transported to the country of origin when dining on these foods!

The menu is divided into several categories, such as noodle boxes, rice boxes, and soups.  The noodle boxes obviously consist of noodle dishes prepared according to the methods used in the country for which these were named after.

The Singapore Cashew has juicy hokkien noodles coated in a rich sritacha peanut sauce with a mild spicy flavor and topped with crushed cashews.  The Sweet Mongolian has udon noodles with a light coating of ginger garlic glaze, a vegetarian-friendly dish.  The Hong Kong Spice consists of chow mein noodles with a curry blend topping consisting of 18 spices, a complex yet refreshing dish.

The Pad Thai is a quintessential noodle dish from the Land of Smiles, as well as a tangy noodle dish made with tamarind sauce, ribbon noodles, and ginger soy egg.  The Kung Pao is the bestselling noodle dish because of its delicate balance of sweet and sour flavors, as well as the yummy flavors of its chow mein noodles, crushed peanuts, and soy chili sauce.

The Rice Boxes are equally filling and satisfying, especially when you’re looking for carbohydrate-rich meals-in-a-box. The Masala Butter Chicken with Naan is a creamy combination of either rice or brown rice blended with creamy masala-based coating.  The Thai Red heats up the palate with its coconut and chili curry coating and topped with Asian vegetables.

The Jungle Lemongrass is also a Thai-inspired rice dish with its Thai yellow curry, Asian vegetables, and pineapple pieces with fresh herbs topping.  Be sure to order the Korean Beef Bulgogi, too, especially when you’re on a gluten-friendly diet; the wok-fried beef is covered in a light coating of ginger and sweet soy sauce.

Other rice dishes included the breaded crispy chicken over a bed of white or brown rice and the ginger beef with strips of beef, sweet ginger glaze, and onions and pepper.

But if you’re looking for a lighter meal, then you may want to consider the rich and refreshing soups.  We like the Vietnamese Pho Soup, a comforting soup made of thinly-sliced beef, ribbon noodles, and basil with flavorful broth, and the Wonton Soup with delicious chicken dumplings swimming in a full-bodied broth.  You should also consider the Wor Wonton Soup with its vegetables and shrimp, as well as the Spring Rolls with a side of rich plum sauce.

The menu has so many other sumptuous dishes, such as the green onion cakes, samosas, and cheesy kimchi fire balls, which can make the choosing more challenging. But when you’re with a group, you can definitely order more dishes so bring along your family and friends.

The Wok Box restaurants have a casual atmosphere so people can actually be seen wolfing down their noodle or rice dishes with gusto. You can, of course, slurp your noodles and soup without worrying too much about good dining etiquette. In fact, it’s a sign of enjoyment and a compliment to the chef when you slurp on your noodles.

The Asian-inspired décor is surprisingly chic and contemporary instead of being overdone.  The facilities, especially the main dining room and restrooms, are clean so eating well is always possible at a Wok Box restaurant.

To learn more about Wok Box or to find a location near you, visit their website at wokbox.us.

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Wok Box FAQ

How much is Wok Box's Crispy Orange Chicken (Lunch)?

Crispy Orange Chicken (Lunch) – $5.99

How much is a Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Lunch) Pack at Wok Box?

Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Lunch) – $5.99

How much are Thai Red (Spicy) – Lunch at Wok Box?

Thai Red (Spicy) – Lunch – $9.80

How much does a Wok Box's Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) – Lunch Cost?

Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) – Lunch – $5.99

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