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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Wings Etc menu prices.

Item Price

Rolled-To-Order Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Wrap $11.20
Grilled Chicken Wrap $9.77
Chicken Caesar Wrap $9.79
Chicken Bacon Wrap $11.94

Hardwood-Smoked Ribs & Rib Tips

1 Lb. Baby Back Rib Dinner $19.17
Rib Tip Dinner $12.62
Rib Tips by the Piece $11.14

Limited Time Offers

Pulled Brisket Po' Boy $15.95
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich $12.96
Buffalo Mac ’N’ Cheese $13.32
Cajun Mac ’N’ Cheese $14.04
"Hawgzilla" Pulled Pork 2.0 $15.46

Popular Items

Traditional Wings $10.35
Wings Etc.’s Original Ultimate Nachos $12.08
1/2 Lb. Baby Back Rib Dinner $12.61

Amazingly Awesome Appetizers

Basket of Fries $4.06
Basket of Tots $4.13
Basket of Loaded Fries $5.76
Basket of Loaded Tots $5.58
Fried Pickle Spears $7.45
Beer-Battered Cheddar Bites $8.93

Top Menu Items

Cooked to order in trans-fat-free vegetable oil. We’re known for our wings and we take every basket full very seriously.
Boneless Wings $9.42

Award-Winning Jumbo Wings or Boneless Wings! (upcharge for jumbo wings)

Cooked to order in trans-fat free vegetable oil. We're known for our wings, and we take every basketful very seriously. (upcharge for jumbo wings)
20 oz Cauliflower Wings $20.92
10 oz Cauliflower Wings $11.59
50 Bone-In Basket $64.69

Grilled-To-Order Quesadillas!

Cheese Quesadilla $9.95

Amazingly-Awesome Appetizers

NEW! White Cheddar Cheese Curds $11.84
Bavarian Pretzel Bites $9.43
White Cheddar Cheese Curds $11.72
Spicy Pickle Chips $9.91
Crispy Onion Rings $8.61
Fried Mushrooms $9.61
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $9.86
Chips Fiesta $8.99
Green Bean Fries $8.93
Jalapeno Cheese Poppers $9.80
New! Chips Fiesta $9.48

Ultimate Nachos

Wings Etc's Ultimate Nachos $15.00

Our Sides

1/2 Order Fries $3.51
Loaded Curly Fries Full Order $9.39
1/2 Order Tots $3.54
Mac 'n Cheese $3.55
Straight Fries Full Order $6.94
Loaded Curly Fries Half Order $6.19
Coleslaw $3.34
Apple Sauce $3.45
Curly Fries Full Order $6.92
Loaded Tater Tots Full Order $9.40
Veggie Side $3.49
Applesauce $2.86
Curly Fries Half Order $4.53
Straight Fries Half Order $4.55
Loaded Straight Fries Half Order $6.20
Tater Tots Half Order $4.55
Tater Tots Full Order $6.93
Loaded Straight Fries Full Order $9.40
Loaded Tater Tots Half Order $6.20
Broccoli $3.52

Our Chili

Wings Etc. Meaty Chili $5.74
Loaded Chili $6.73

Fresh-Made Salads

Side Garden Salad $4.87
Wedge Salad $10.79
Buffalo Wedge Salad $12.00
Big Chicken Salad $13.15

Dipping Cheese Sauces

Nacho Cheese $1.08
Beer Cheese $2.57

Rolled To Order Wraps

Crispy Chicken Bacon Wrap $9.87

Premium Burgers

Served with fries or choice of side. Fresh cuts of select beef, custom-ground for chargrilling perfection. The best burger you’ve ever had at wings etc. or maybe anywhere! Substitute a grilled veggie burger at no extra cost!
Stand-By Burger $12.40
Three Cheese Burger $14.81
First Class Burger $14.53
The Loaded Cowboy Burger $14.44
Chargrilled Impossible Burger $15.25
"Hugh Jazz" 1 Lb. Burger $17.74
Jalapeño-Bacon Burger $14.59
Chargrilled Beyond Burger $14.56

Surprise, It's Seafood

10 Jumbo Shrimp $11.83
12 pc Jumbo Shrimp Dinner $17.64
Crispy Fish Sandwich $14.39
24 Jumbo Shrimp $25.17
Crispy Fish and Chips $14.25
Jumbo Shrimp 16 piece $17.20
16 Jumbo Shrimp $16.94
Jumbo Shrimp 10 piece $12.03
50 Jumbo Shrimp $49.25

Fresh Never Frozen Premium Burgers

The Big Nasty Burger $15.66

Pretty-Dang-Good Salads

Side Caesar Salad $4.59
Lo-Cal Plate $10.18
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $11.00
Berry Almond Grilled Chicken Salad $11.23

Fresh-Never-Frozen Premium Burgers

Hugh Jazz Burger $13.31

Subs, Sandwiches & More

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla $12.51
"The Baron": It's Famous! $15.12
Philly Cheesesteak $14.72
Huge Pork Tenderloin $12.84
"Hawgzilla" Pulled Pork $13.36
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $11.75
Honey Mustard Chicken Bacon Swiss $14.64
Crispy Chicken Breast $11.69
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $11.87
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $11.73
Crispy Chicken Quesadilla $13.00
New!! Chicken Philly Sub $15.92
Chicken Tender Basket $13.75

Wanna Basket

Chicken Tenders Basket $10.18


Oreo Churros $7.97
Raspberry Cheesecake Chimis $8.77
Funnel Cake Fries $8.22

Soft Drinks and Other Beverages

Pepsi 20 oz Fountain $3.52
Moutain Dew 20 oz Fountain $3.52
Diet Pepsi 20 oz Fountain $3.52
Flavored Lemonade 20 oz Fountain $2.97
Dr. Pepper 20 oz Fountain $3.52
Mug Root Beer 20 oz Fountain $3.51
Brewed Ice Tea 20 oz $3.53
Red Bull Red Energy Drink $4.78
Starry 20 oz Fountain $3.52
Brewed Sweet Tea 20 oz $3.51
Sierra Mist 20 oz Fountain $3.52
Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink $4.82
Diet Mountain Dew 20 oz Fountain $3.52
Red Bull Energy Drink $4.93
Tropicana Lemonade 20 oz Fountain $3.50
Milk 20 oz $3.10
Chocolate Milk 20 oz $3.33
Coffee 10 oz $1.96
Orange Juice 20 oz $3.49
Cranberry Juice 20 oz $3.54
Grapefruit Juice 20 oz $3.62
Pineapple Juice 20 oz $3.52
Apple Juice 20 oz $3.53

Keep-‘Em-Quiet Kids Meals

Kid Wings $7.04
Kid Mac 'n Cheese $7.08
Kid Burger $7.09
Kid Chicken Fingers $7.18
Kid Mini Corn Dawgs $7.09
Kid Quesadilla $6.84

New! Delicious! Tacos!

Buffalo Chicken Tacos $10.92

Homewrecker Monster Dog

Chili Cheese Wrecker $12.21

"Homewrecker" Monster Dog

Naked Wrecker $9.78


Beer Cheese - 4 oz $2.93
Dressing - 4 oz $1.73
Sauce or Dressing - 10 oz $3.75
Dressing - 2 oz $0.91
Wing Sauce - 2 oz $0.91
Jalapenos - 2 oz $0.86
Celery - 4 piece $0.98
White Queso Cheese - 4 oz $2.63
Nacho Cheese - 4 oz $1.68
Celery - 10 piece $2.24
Celery - 20 piece $4.16
Jalapenos - 4 oz $1.46
Wing Sauce - 4 oz $1.73

Surprisingly-Good Seafood

Jumbo Shrimp by the Piece $9.04
Grilled Fish Sandwich $11.11

Kids' Meals

Served with fries or choice of side. Kids 12 and under please. Includes small fountain drink.
Kid Traditional Wings $6.26

100%-Hooch-Free Beverages

Fountain Drink $3.08
Brewed Iced Tea $2.79
Coffee $2.05
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About Wings Etc

In the United States, the Buffalo wing has become a cult favorite among children and adults alike for good reasons. The chicken wing, known as the drumette or flapper in restaurant-speak, packs in the most flavor among all the parts of the fowl. The Buffalo wing, as it’s called once cooked in a specific way, is a great appetizer and bar food, thanks to its preparation – deep-fried without any breading, coated in cayenne pepper hot sauce with a vinegar base and butter, and dipped into blue cheese.

Wings Etc., a chain of pub and restaurants, specializes in Buffalo wings served in several choices of sauces. The budget-friendly Wings Etc prices means that your limited budget will not be flying out the window so much so that you can even splurge on your food and drinks!


In 1994, Jim Weaver opened the first Wings Etc. in South Bend, Indiana.

What They’re Famous For

Wings Etc. prides itself on being a family-friendly pub and restaurant where individuals on their own, couples, and groups of families and friends can enjoy the diverse menu with many award-winning dishes. The must-have dishes include the Jumbo Buffalo Wings and Wood-smoked Baby back Ribs, which are great with cold beer although cold soda will also complement the meaty dishes.

The chain’s locations typically have a sports theme with flat-screen televisions mostly showing sports shows. The restaurants are likely to be filled with patrons during major games, such as the Super Bowl, World Cup and NBA championships, which means these can be lively venues at times. In a typical day, the great atmosphere and great food make the Wings Etc. restaurants favorite hangout places among the local residents.

The restaurants also have kid-friendly video games with arcade quality. Families can then bring their kids and keep them entertained while they enjoy adult company.

Why Eat Here

The bestselling attraction at Wings Etc. restaurants is obviously the Buffalo wings, which are considered as among the best ones in the United States by foodies. These chicken wings are large in size but not too large as to lose their delicious-to-the-bone flavors so you can eat as many as 10 wings in a single session. You will be getting the best bang for your buck because of the jumbo size.

The wings also have a great texture, thanks to the fact that these have the right balance between skin and meat. These are deep fried to the perfect level of crispiness and juiciness so you will love the crispy skin before biting into the juicy, flavorful and tender meat. The Buffalo wings are also served piping hot, just the perfect way to eat them especially when you’re hungry for a warm, filling and delicious meal.

Buffalo wings will not be Buffalo wings without the sauce! Wings Etc. offers 18 types of sauces so there’s always one sauce to suit everybody’s needs and wants in flavors and heat. The sauces include Jerkin’ Barbie, a sweet Caribbean barbecue blend with a mild spicy flavor; the Me-So-Spicy, a sweet and hot Asian glaze with a spicier flavor; and the Wall, the chain’s hottest sauce made with habanero peppers and garlic, among others.

If you’re into spicy foods, you may want to try the Wall sauce. You can even get into the Wall of Flame Challenge if and when you can eat 16 of the Buffalo wings smattered with the Wall sauce – no drinks, no bathroom breaks, and no wet wipes to lessen the all-too-spicy flavors.  Your photo will then be posted on the Wall of Flame Challenge for everybody to admire.

Aside from the Buffalo wings, the restaurants also offer a wide selection of flavorful and filling entrées, appetizers and even desserts. The beverage selection also caters to a wide range of preferences with choices like beers, wines and cocktails as well as soda.

When you’re in a Wings Etc. restaurant, you may want to leave ample room for the other menu items since these are also infused with so much flavor instead of being the usual nearly-bland affairs in many pubs-and-restaurants setups. You can also skip on the Buffalo wings, even when you can have them in a different sauce every time you come here, since these can become too familiar. Your palate will like the different flavors that come from the chicken, beef and pork dishes, too.

While Wings Etc. locations serve alcoholic drinks, these are also great places to bring older kids along. The menu, for one thing, has several kid-appropriate items including the favorite Buffalo wings while the video games will keep them entertained for an hour or two.

The facilities and amenities in the restaurants are also kept clean by dedicated staff so there’s little chance of dirty restrooms and floors. The wait staff members are also friendly, helpful and courteous, which add to the pleasurable dining experience. The warm and lively atmosphere speaks of a favorite hangout place for the locals, too, while also welcoming tourists to the area.

To learn more about Wings Etc or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Wings Etc FAQ

How much is Wings Etc's Basket of Straight Fries?

Basket of Straight Fries – $3.88

How much is a Traditional Wings at Wings Etc?

Traditional Wings – $11.49

How much are Huge Pork Tenderloin at Wings Etc?

Huge Pork Tenderloin – $10.84

How much does a Wings Etc's Chicken Tender Basket Cost?

Chicken Tender Basket – $9.75

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