Wing House Prices: How much is Wing House?

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Ah, the heaven that’s chicken wings fried to perfection and topped with perfectly seasoned sauce! The chicken wing as a culinary creation has taken hold of the American fancy for good reasons. There’s something so comforting about eating a bowl of the best Buffalo wings, as these are also called, especially after a hard day at work or in celebration of a personal milestone. Below are the latest Wing House menu prices.


Picked For You

10 Pieces Wing Combo$9.25
Philly Cheese Combo$8.45
6 Pieces Wings Combo$7.25
Philly Cheese$5.99


Wings (Mains)$4.85
Boneless Wings$5.99
Butterfly Shrimp$5.25
Philly Cheese (Mains)$5.99
Chicken Tenders$2.99

Combo Special

6 Pieces Wings Combo (Combo Special)$7.25
10 Pieces Wing Combo (Combo Special)$9.25
1/2 Lb Boneless Wing Combo$8.25
3 Pieces Chicken Tenders Combo$6.25
6 Pieces Butterfly Shrimp Combo$7.25
2 Pieces Fried Fish Combo$8.75
Burger Combo$8.45
Philly Cheese Combo (Combo Special)$8.45


American Cheese Burger$4.95
Bacon Cheese Burger$5.45
Turkey Burger$4.95

Fried Rice

Fried Rice$6.25
Vegetable Fried Rice$7.25
Chicken Fried Rice$7.45
Shrimp Fried Rice$8.25
Ham Fried Rice$7.25
House Fried Rice$8.95

Side Order

French Fries (Side Order)$1.75
French Fries$1.75
Cajun Fries (Side Order)$1.85
Cajun Fries$1.85
Cheese Fries$2.25
Onion Rings$3.25
Cheese Stick$4.75
Fried Pot Stickers$4.75
Crab Rangoon$4.75
Egg Roll$1.25
Spring Roll$1.45


Garden Salad$4.25
Fried or Grilled Chicken Salad$6.25
Fried or Grilled Fish Salad$7.25
Ham Salad$5.99


Canned Soda$1.00
Canned Soda (Drinks)$1.00
Water Bottle$1.25
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About Wing House

The WingHouse Bar & Grill, also styled as Wing House, obviously specializes in chicken wings although there are also sandwiches and hamburgers on the menu. The privately-owned franchised restaurant chain – its parent company is Soaring Wings LLC – is among the more popular places for chicken wings because of their crisp-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside quality.


In 1994, Crawford Ker invested 50% ownership stake in the Wing House, a Largo, Florida-based restaurant with a chicken wing-centric menu that, at the time, imitated the popular Hooters chain. He ensured that the casual atmosphere was geared toward being a family-friendly place even when alcoholic beverages were offered.

Today, there are more than 25 restaurants with approximately 1,700 employees. The Wing House prices have remained relatively steady through the years with small increases to account for inflation. This means that you can treat an entire group to a full meal without burning your credit card.

What They’re Famous For

The Wing House chain of casual dining restaurants are known for two things. First, the Wing House girls aren’t just attractive but they are also attentive, friendly and knowledgeable about the chain’s menu and services. Second, the chicken wings are known for their juicy, succulent and flavorful quality, with and without the sauces.

Why Eat Here

As soon as you enter a Wing House restaurant, the first thing that you will notice is the Wing House girls and we can’t blame you for it. The girls – adult women, to be exact – are chosen for their combination of attractive looks and pleasant personality, specifically in their friendly, attentive and efficient customer service. The diners can rely on them to greet the customers, serve on their tables, and perform the little extra services that make Wing House such a cool hangout for groups of family and friends.

The chain, of course, continues its tradition of near-perfect, if not near-perfect, chicken wings offered with 19 different sauces. The chicken wings have been voted the best wings, too, so these are always the best reasons to come back again and again to the restaurants. The choices in chicken wings include:

  • The Original Chicken Wings, the lightly-breaded wings of perfection that established the reputation of Wing House.
  • The Char-Grilled wings, the wings marinated and grilled while being basted with barbecue sauce or rubbed with a lemon pepper rub before being grilled. The waiting period may be longer but it’s something that you will accept because each bite is just so delicious.
  • The Buffalo Chicken Wings, the popular fried chicken wings topped with your choice of a Wing House sauce.
  • The Naked Chicken Wings, the chicken wings that have been marinated and fried without the skin and breading.

There may only be four types of chicken wings on the menu but the number of rubs and sauces available make them seem so much more numerous. The sauces include Mild, a sauce with a mild spicy and sweet flavor; Dallas, a sauce made with honey barbecue and sweet brown sugar; House on Fire, a sauce with strong heat burning slowly in your mouth; Sweet Thai Chili, a sauce with a combination of sweet heat and strong chili flavors.  Other choices include Mango Habanero, Exxxtreme, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, Blackened, and Lemon Pepper.

The sauces are just the icing on the cake, so to speak. The intense flavors in the chicken wings also come from the rubs used on them, said rubs of which include Blackened with its well-rounded yet bold flavor; Chipotle with an earthy heat; Ranch Chipotle with a smoked ranch flavor; and Sriracha with its sweet and tangy combo.

When you order chicken wings, you can ask for any of the sauce you want to be poured on your order. You can then experiment with numerous combinations of rubs and sauces so each visit can feel like the first time. You may, of course, just stick to your favorites but life is all about culinary experimentation so go for it! You can order the wings as individual pieces.

But chicken wings aren’t just the fare on the Wing House menu. Other choices on the menu include fresh salads, taco, burgers, and seafood dishes, even baby back ribs, which are offered on a regular basis, as well as seasonal offerings. You will come back for more of the food because these are just too delicious to pass up.

While you’re enjoying your food, you can also watch the goings-on in the local and national sports. The restaurants have strategically-placed hi-definition, flat-screen television screens showing various sports shows including boxing, UFC, and WWE.

To learn more about Wing House or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Wing House FAQ

How much is Wing House's 10 Pieces Wing Combo?

10 Pieces Wing Combo – $9.25

How much is a 6 Pieces Wings Combo at Wing House?

6 Pieces Wings Combo – $7.25

How much are Boneless Wings at Wing House?

Boneless Wings – $5.99

How much does a Wing House's 2 Pieces Fried Fish Combo Cost?

2 Pieces Fried Fish Combo – $8.75

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