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Chicken wings may be a modern American invention but it has definitely entered the realm of classic American comfort food. When Buffalo wings, as these culinary treats are also called, are paired with cold beer and warm friendships, the result is good times among family and friends. Below are the latest Wild Wing Cafe menu prices.


The "Spread" - Catering

The "Spread" - Catering Options
25 Piece Wings$35.39
Chicken Tender Bucket$21.49
Buffalo Chicken Dip - Quart$24.51
Large Catering Fat Fries$12.43
Large Catering House Chips$16.19
The Wing Party in a Box$106.73
The Nugget Party in a Box$106.73
The Wing "Spread"$81.25
The Nugget "Spread"$81.25
Queso - Quart$24.48
Cold Spinach Dip - Quart$23.20
Hot Spinach Dip - Quart$24.51
Large Catering Tater Tots$12.43
Small Catering Salad$16.48
50 Piece Wings$66.38
Large Catering Salad$32.88
Growler - Michelob Ultra$16.45
Deli Club Wrap Platter$34.45
Veggie Wrap Platter$32.31
Salsa- Quart$18.33

Superior Sandwiches

All sandwiches served with big fat fries or one exciting extra.
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich$11.02
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich$10.89
Ol' Girthy$9.57
The Big Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$9.92
Texas Toast Club$9.05


Our World Famous Wild Wings
15 Piece Wings$21.86
10 Piece Wings$16.28
6 Piece Wings$9.38
"New" 8 Piece "French" Wings and "French" Fries$13.99

Kitchen Table Family Meal Deals

Kitchen Table Family Meal Deals
Wing Meal Deal$30.42
Nugget Meal Deal$30.42
Wild Wing Meal Deal$30.42
Pizza and Nugget Deal$29.88
Pizza and Wing Deal$29.88

Signature Starters

Starters only at The Wing!
Steel Town Spuds$8.25
Cheeseburger Rolls$10.49
Buffalo Shrimp$9.84
Chicken Bacon Ranch Rolls$10.99
Hot Shots$8.10
David's Chicken and Friends$10.22
Big Catch Giant Pretzel$11.49
Nashville Chicken Sliders$11.04
World Class Cheese Curds$10.99
Buff Chips$6.65
Del Fuego Fried Cheese Platter$13.99


Make 'Em Saucy$6.71

The Super Snacker Sampler

The Super Snacker Sampler$13.80


Loaded Potato Soup$4.01

Soups & Salads

The Wild Chef$13.60
Legendary House Salad$5.51

Awesome Salads

The Big Buffalo Chicken Salad$11.99
Totally Terrific Thai Chicken Salad$9.81
Incredible Chargrilled Chicken Salad$11.16
Fajita Fiesta Salad$10.87


Our grass fed 100% angus chuck burgers are cooked to order & served with big fat fries or one exciting extra.
The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger$11.86
Bacon, Egg and Cheeseburger$11.81
Bleu Cheese Basil Burger$11.71
The Great Gobbler Turkey Burger$9.16
Holy Jalapeño Burger$11.94

Burgers & Sandwiches

Our grass fed 100% angus chuck burgers are cooked to order & served with big fat fries or one exciting extra.
Drew's Devilishly Delicious Fried Chicken Sandwich$10.80
Fabulous Philly Hoagie$10.71
Impossible Burger$14.69
Nashville Fried Chicken$12.95
The Big Beefy Burger$18.99
Mushroom Swiss Burger$14.67
Honey BBQ Chicken Toasty$13.13

Finger Food

Mighty Mozzarella Sticks$7.92
Basket Of Spuds$5.11
Fried Shrooms$7.52
Fried Shroom$9.19
Pretzel Bites$6.14
Onion Rings$7.89
Little B's$8.52

Build Yourself A Beauty

Build Yourself A Beauty$8.52


Spinach Dip$7.34
Grande Queso$10.43
Buffalo Chicken Dip$10.90
Buffalo Chicken$9.06
Fresh Guacamole$7.52
The Triple Dipper$9.89

Fiesta Fare

We think they're numero uno!
Chicken Quesadilla$9.28
Mile High Ultimate Nachos$11.90
Loaded Nachos$14.84
BBQ Chicken Nachos$11.04
Veggie Quesadilla$8.46

Wild Wraps

All wraps served with big fat fries or one exciting extra.
Buffarella Wrap$9.40
Fajita Fiesta Wrap$10.98

Nuggets, Fingers, and Combo

All of our chicken = hormone free & steroid free. Pair that with our wings being fresh & never frozen, our nuggets being hand breaded plus all those sauces being made from scratch, and you'll be saying "Wild Wing...I think I love ya!"
Wing and Hand Breaded Nugget Combo$13.99

New - Wild Child

Each Wild Child meal comes with an entrée, side, ice cream, toy and drink
Kid's 8 Piece Wings$8.59
Kid's 8 Piece Nuggets$8.59
Kid's Cheese Quesadilla$6.44
Kid's Cheese Pizza$6.44
Kid's 4 Piece Chicken Feathers$8.59
Kid's Cheeseburger$6.44
Kid's 4 Chicken Fingers$8.59
Kid's 4 Piece Wings$6.44
Kid's 4 Piece Nuggets$6.44
Kid's Kraft Macaroni and Cheese$6.44
Kid's 8 Piece Meatless UnNuggets$9.67
Kid's Smiley Salad$6.44
Kid's 2 Chicken Fingers$6.44
Kid's 2 Piece Chicken Feathers$6.44
Kid's Single Hot Dog$6.44
Kid's Double Hot Dog$7.52
Kid's 4 Piece Meatless UnNuggets$7.52


Traditional Crust or our Famous Chicken Crust made from fresh chicken and our secret spice blend.
Traditional Crust - Pepperoni Pizza 16 Inch$17.16
Traditional Crust - Cheese Pizza 16 Inch$16.82
Traditional Crust - BBQ Chicken Pizza Single$12.99
Traditional Crust - Buffalo Chicken Pizza Single$15.66

Wings and Nuggets

All of our chicken = hormone free & steroid free. Pair that with our wings being fresh & never frozen, our nuggets & fingers being hand breaded plus all those sauces being made from scratch & you'll be saying "Wild Wing, I think I love ya!".

Nuggets and Tenders

Our nuggets and fingers being hand breaded and all those sauces being made from scratch and you will be saying "wild wing! Thin i love ya.
25 Piece Nugget$38.05
6 Tenders with Side$15.42
6 Piece Nugget$10.22
4 Tenders with Side$13.22
15 Piece Nugget$23.58
10 Piece Nugget$17.66
Wing and Nugget Combo$15.54
50 Piece Nugget$70.86


Soda, Water, and Iced Tea
Sprite - Fountain$3.51
Sweet Tea - Fountain$3.51
Coke - Fountain$3.51
Diet Coke - Fountain$3.51
Ginger Ale- Fountain$3.51
Red Bull Can$4.32
Coke Zero - Fountain$3.61
Bottled Water$2.14
Unsweetened Tea - Fountain$3.51
Red Bull - Sugar Free$4.27

Grilled Lighter Options

Saucy originals.
Chargrilled Chicken Feathers$9.34
6 Feathers$13.18
Chargrilled Shrimp Skewers$12.52
4 Feathers$10.35


Fried Dough$7.10
Wild Wing Chocolate Thing$7.02
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About Wild Wing Cafe

The Wild Wing Café’s success in the competitive chicken wings market doesn’t come as a surprise considering that it combined all three elements – delicious chicken wings, cold beer, and welcoming atmosphere – in its restaurants. The chain is a dominant player in the chicken-wing centric sector in the south and southeastern parts of the United States.


In June 1990, Cecil and Diane Crowley opened their first Wild Wing Cafe in Hilton Head, South Carolina with the motto, “Hot Wings, Cold Beer, Good Times”. By 2001, six more locations were opened, thanks partly to the popularity of the chain’s Buffalo wings.

In January 2012, the founders sold a majority stake in their business to Axum Capital partnership, a private investment company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. At present, there are more than 30 locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. The chain has its headquarters in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

What They’re Famous For

Wild Wing Cafe offers a nice selection of chicken wings served with your choice of flavors (i.e., sauces). The chicken wings, the foundation of the dish itself, have been chosen for their larger size and juicier meat. The sauces are also made in-house to ensure freshness, as well as excellent quality, a must considering that these complement the chicken wings’ succulence.

Why Eat Here

The Wild Wing Café prices are among the reasons for coming here. You will find them to be more reasonable than you expected especially with the fast service, casual atmosphere, and enjoyable entertainment. You’re not just coming to chicken wing-centric restaurants just for their chicken wings, after all, but for a great dining experience – and you can get it here!

The staff members are friendly, attentive and polite. You can signal a waiter when you want to order, get a refill, and ask for your check without waiting too long. You can even rely on the servers to refill your drink even without your signal.  You will also find seats as soon as you come in even when the place seems packed, thanks to the fast service.

Most of the restaurants have a full bar with a wide selection of alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails. Your best hours to enjoy the bar are during the happy hours because of the discounts, as well as on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You also have the choice between watching sports on television – there are several televisions spread across the restaurant – and listening to the live music in the evenings.

The noise level can become loud during weekends when a Wild Wing CafĂ© can be filled with sports fans. But if you’re one of these fans, the vibrant atmosphere will be right up your alley.  You can also eat your meals in relative peace outside, if the restaurant has ample outdoor covered seating.

Of course, you’re in a Wild Wing CafĂ© for the chicken wings, undoubtedly among the best in a food sector already filled with chicken wing-centric joints.  You have 33 made-from-scratch sauces to choose from so your palate will always have something familiar and something new to enjoy with your perfectly fried chicken wings.

The sauces include Virgin, a mild sauce perfect for kids and rookies; traditional Buffalo sauces in medium, hot and atomic meltdown level of spiciness; sweet sauces in ginger (sweet with an Oriental twist) and honey mustard; and seasoned sauces like the Wild West, Italian, and Lemon Pepper.  You also have the choice of international sauce flavors, such as the Red Dragon (Japanese), the General (Chinese), and the Flying Fajita (Tex-Mex).

The sauces are ladled in just the right amount over the succulent chicken wings. The right balance between sauce and meat is crucial to the success of the Wild Wing Café – too little and the chicken wings will not have the extra oomph, too much and the chicken wings will be soggy.

Chicken wings aren’t just the stars of the show although these are the divas. You will also find several other foods on the menu, such as wraps (e.g., Fajita Fiesta Wrap and Buffarella), sandwiches (e.g. chicken sandwiches with various fillings), and hoagies. You can go wild with your meals and snacks at the Wild Wing Café or watch your diet yet still indulge in great food.

The chain takes reservations and accepts takeout orders but doesn’t deliver orders.  You can pay via cash and credit cards but not yet with Apple Pay as of this writing. Your best times to come here are for lunches and dinners with or without your posse, which may or may not include kids.

To learn more about Wild Wing Cafe or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.wildwingcafe.com.

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Wild Wing Cafe FAQ

How much is Wild Wing Cafe's Rib and Wing Deal?

Rib and Wing Deal – $25.00

How much is a Chicken Crust – Buffalo Chicken Pizza Single at Wild Wing Cafe?

Chicken Crust – Buffalo Chicken Pizza Single – $12.99

How much are Traditional Crust – Cheese Pizza 16 Inch at Wild Wing Cafe?

Traditional Crust – Cheese Pizza 16 Inch – $16.99

How much does a Wild Wing Cafe's Bacon Cheddar Chive Tater Kegs Cost?

Bacon Cheddar Chive Tater Kegs – $8.99

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