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Many restaurant chains are popular among their target market partly because of their close associations with celebrities, such as movie and television stars, and partly on their excellent food and drinks. Indeed, in the dog-eat-dog world of the restaurant industry, celebrity association isn’t a strong foundation for success – and the Wahlberg brothers of the Wahlburgers definitely know it!

Wahlburgers, a casual dining restaurant and bar with a burger-centric menu, is a partnership of the Wahlberg brothers, two of whom are well-known actors. The restaurant itself was the subject of Wahlburgers, a television series that took viewers on a behind-the-scenes peek at the restaurant’s operations.

Below are the latest Wahlburgers menu prices.

Item Price

Picked For You

The Super Melt Burger $12.64
BBQ Bacon Burger $9.88

Popular Items

Fries $4.20
Our Burger $9.18
Smahlburger $7.41
Mac n Cheese $6.42
Smoked Bacon Mac N Cheese $5.66
Tots $4.20
Double Decker $10.58
BBQ Bacon $11.65
Onion Rings $4.21
Sweet Tots $4.20


Crispy Fried Pickles $8.21

Our Famous Burgers

Impossible burger $14.90
Triple Decker $11.78
The Super Melt $13.68
The Melt $11.21
OFD $12.60

Fresh Salads

Almost Cobb Salad $8.59
Arugula Salad $8.59

Wahlbowls and Fresh Salads

Classic Salad $7.66
Caesar Salad $8.13
Jenn’s Chicken Wahlbowl $10.36
Our Burger Wahlbowl $9.81
BBQ Bacon Wahlbowl $11.17
Cobb Salad $12.30
Smoked Bacon Arugula Salad $9.79

Specialty Burgers

The Original Melt Burger $11.70
The Original Melt $11.12
The Fiesta Burger $11.80
Thanksgiving Turkey Burger $11.05

Specialties Burgers

Originally from Dorchestah Burger $11.63
Thanks Giving Turkey Burger $9.74
The Fiesta Speciality Burger $12.07


Portobello Sandwich $9.65
Portabello Sandwich $8.59
Mom's Sloppy Joe $10.97
Mom’s Sloppy Joe $10.78
Jenn's Chicken Sandwich $10.97
Jenn’s Chicken Sandwich $9.67
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $12.35
Mom's Sloppy Joe Sandwich $10.79
Crispy Haddock Sandwich $10.04

From Scratch

Alma's Macaroni Salad $6.26
Alma’s Macaroni Salad $6.84
Alma’s Macaroni Side Salad $4.72
Housemade Chili $5.97
Smoked Bacon Mac and Cheese $6.61
Housemade Chilli $5.61

House Burgers

The Our Burger $9.89
The Double Decker $10.76
The Triple Decker $12.55
The Triple Decker Burger $12.56
The Impossible Burger $14.62


Kid's Mac & Cheese $6.30

Top Menu Items

The Double Decker Burger $11.59


All kids meals served with fries.
Grilled Cheese $6.87
Smahl Burger $7.11
Chicken Tenders $8.21
Mac 'N Cheese $7.13
Mac and Cheese $7.73
All Beef Pearl Hot Dog $6.89
Soft Drinks $1.41
All Beef Pearl® Hot Dog $8.16
Soft Drink $1.66
Ice Cream Cup $3.28


Cupcakes $4.97

On the Side

Crispy Yukon French Fries $3.98
Thin Crispy Onion Rings $4.36
Tater Tots $3.94
Sweet Potato Tots $3.97


Fountain Drinks $2.62
Fountain Drink $3.14
Mexican Coke $3.67
Housemade Lemonade $3.55
Bottled Mexican Coke $3.82
Mexican Sprite $3.90
Arnold Palmer $3.37
Bottled Mexican Fanta $3.89
Mexican Fanta $3.90
Whole Milk $2.97
Bottled Mexican Sprite $3.87
Chocolate Milk $3.10
IBC Root Beer $3.53
IBC Diet Root Beer $3.77
Lemonade $3.18
Aquahydrate $3.22
Diet IBC Root Beer $3.60
Milk $3.38
Chocolate Milk $3.55
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $2.80
Fresh Brewed Coffee $2.63
Fresh Brewed Tea $2.63
Coffee $2.70
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In 2011, the brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg as well as other members in an equity group licensed the “Wahlburgers” name from Tom Wahl. The group used it in their own restaurant chain with the first being located in Hingham, MA. The Wahlbergs, furthermore, also has another pre-existing restaurant named Alma Nove named after their mother.

What It’s Famous For

The Wahlburgers chain of restaurants is making a name for itself with its excellent menu consisting of hamburgers, sandwiches and hotdogs, which are classic American fare given the distinctive Wahlburgers treatment. The menu also consists of cocktails, salads, and desserts as well as a line of merchandise because, after all, people want to get a share of celebrity – in this case, the world-famous actor, Mark Wahlberg.

Why Eat Here

The Wahlburgers chain is relatively unique in the industry because these places offer three seating options – indoor fast-food casual, indoor restaurant service, and outdoors restaurant service (i.e., patio).  While not all of its restaurants offer these seating options, the ones that offer them are arguably the most popular.

The fast-food casual side is mostly popular with students and families with their children in tow, perhaps because of the familiarity of the setup. The diners line up at the counter, make and pay for their orders, and bring their food and drinks to the table – truly, a casual ambiance that makes the American fast-food experience a well-loved one.

The restaurant service side caters more to couples as well as small and large groups of young professionals, businessmen and the like although there are also families present. The wait staff take the diners’ orders while the latter are seated at their tables and then deliver the food.

In both cases, nonetheless, we must say that the wait staff are attentive, courteous and friendly without being obtrusive. The chain apparently prides itself on delivering customer service with a heart.  Many diners commented that the wait staff takes good care of their customers, even providing them with bags and covers for taking home leftovers.

The burgers are the core of the chef-inspired menu and for good reasons. The patties are made of fresh ground beef so the meaty, juicy and tender quality is evident in each bite – and, thankfully, no evidence of freezer burn in sight. The vegetables, herbs and spices are of the finest quality possible so there’s a sense of eating gourmet burgers in a fast-food setting.

But beef patties aren’t the only items on the burger menu. You can order the Surf ‘n Turf Burger with its lobster filling combined with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a special mayo dressing.

The sandwiches are delicious, too! The popular ones include the Thanksgiving Day Sandwich with seasoned turkey patty, orange-cranberry sauce, stuffing, roasted butternut squash, and mayo; the Jenn’s Chicken Sandwich with seared chicken breast, lettuce, caramelized and crispy onions, and honey-garlic mayo; and Portobello Sandwich with Portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, and the signature Paul Wahlberg’s sauce.

The sides come in large serving sizes, too, so you may well be partly full after finishing your sweet potato tots or thin crispy onion rings.  There’s no need to dip them into dipping sauces because every bot already explodes with flavor.

The Wahlburgers chain also has a full bar where alcoholic drinks like their signature cocktails are available to adults. These drinks are reasonably priced but if you want more savings, then you should come during the weekday happy hours from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. There are also off-menu options like fried pickles, sliders, and chicken tenders or wings with sauce.

The shakes are excellent, too. We suggest getting the creamsicle float and the malted black and white shakes.

The restaurants are usually well-lighted and well-maintained, especially the dining areas and restrooms.  The chic interiors are surprising considering the casual ambiance but perhaps it should be expected when celebrities may walk in.

The lunch and dinner hours are usually busy with groups coming in for their satisfying and filling meals.  But it’s easy enough to find a table for your group – just as the wait staff for assistance.  Besides, the indoor and outdoor dining spaces means that there will always be enough room even larger crowds.

To learn more about Wahlburgers or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.wahlburgersrestaurant.com.

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