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Tacos are a Tex-Mex staple with countless versions depending on who makes them. Velvet Taco, however, is neither your restaurant for run-of-the-mill tacos nor a drunk food stop for the hungry horde! Instead, it’s a taqueria that offers great-tasting American, Cuban, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian staple foods served on house-made tortillas. Below are the latest Velvet Taco menu prices.


Kid's Menu

Kid's Chicken Taco$4.99
Kid's Tots$3.11
Kid's Chicken Tenders$5.27
Kid's Cheese Quesadilla$5.20
Kid's Ham Quesadilla$4.96
Kid's Chicken Quesadilla$5.28
Kid's Steak Quesadilla$6.27
Kid's Steak Taco$5.49

Fan Favorites

#3 Spicy Tikka Chicken$6.10
#8 Korean Fried Rice$6.44
#6.5 Beer Battered Cauliflower$5.84
#10 Kobe Smash Burger$7.52
#17 Mexi-Cali Shrimp$7.35


Elote and chips$6.60
Red Curry Coconut Queso$6.91
Queso Blanco$7.16
Crisp Tots and Local Egg$7.16
Classic Guac$7.37
Barbacoa Brisket Nachos$7.15
Brisket Nachos †$9.80
Tortilla Chips$1.21
Elote Guac$8.04
Dip Trio$19.81


#18 Chicken and Waffle$6.88
#1 Buffalo Chicken$6.07
#2 Rotisserie Chicken$6.19
#3.5 Picnic Chicken$6.46


#7 Cuban Pig$5.97
#8.5 Chipotle BBQ Pork$6.53
#8.5 Green Chile Pork$5.92
* NEW* #9 Quesa Birria Duo$7.43


#5 Fried Paneer$5.70
#4 Nashville Hot Tofu$5.57
#6 Falafel$5.41
#5.5 Mediterranean Mushroom$6.13


#14 Shrimp and Grits$6.89
#14.5 Sweet Chile Shrimp$7.08
#15 Grilled Salmon$7.30
#16 Fish n' Chips$7.14


#10 Kobe Bacon Burger$6.91
#11 Grilled Flank Steak$7.07
#12 Slow-Roasted Angus Brisket$7.46
#11.5 Chimichurri Steak$7.63
*NEW RECIPE* #11 Grilled Steak$7.45

Boozy Libations

Large Frozen Margarita$14.24
Large Rocks Margarita$14.02
Regular Frozen Margarita$10.74
Regular Sangrita Swirl$11.13
Regular Rocks Margarita$10.71
Large Sangrita Swirl$14.87
Large Sangrita$14.80
Ranch Water$10.76
Regular Sangrita$11.07


Red Velvet Cake$4.84


Miller Lite$7.85


Bottled Water$2.48
Topo Chico$4.18
Can Sprite$2.76
Can Coke$2.65
Can Diet Coke$2.67
Bottled Mexican Coke$4.34
Can Dr. Pepper$2.78
Can Coke Zero$2.66
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About Velvet Taco

The fusion of a Tex-Mex staple with international flavors can result in confusion for both the chef and the consumers. But Velvet Taco achieves what others haven’t and, thus, it has gained a loyal following that cuts across culinary preferences. There’s also the fact that the budget-friendly Velvet Taco prices allow for plenty of opportunities to dine out, perhaps even pig out on tacos.


Velvet Taco was established in 2011. From the onset, it was about tacos and tacos only but with an interesting twist – interesting combinations and international flavors in a taco. Here, the chefs are given the license to push the envelope in the creation of each taco so diners will always have something new to look forward to.

The term “velvet” in the brand name comes from the connotations of the word – sleek and smooth, cool and eclectic, and with a touch of glamorous retro.

What They’re Known For

Velvet Taco is a one-of-a-kind concept wherein diverse international flavors are wrapped in tacos. Of course, tacos are the quintessential Tex-Mex food but with the introduction of flavors as diverse as Tex-Mex and Asian, these became bolder in flavors. There’s nothing bland or boring about their tacos.

The restaurant also takes pride in its careful attention to crafting its tacos, from making the tortillas from scratch to slow roasting the corn and chicken. Even the margaritas are a testament to Velvet Taco’s attention to customer satisfaction – it has more booze, less additives.

Why Eat Here

Fusion cuisine is often a hit-or-miss thing – if it misses, it causes confusion on the plate and palate. Fortunately, Velvet Taco hasn’t fallen into the trap of pretentiousness associated with fusion cuisine.

According to its executive chef, each bite will stimulate a sensation, a memory, and a craving for more. For example, if you order the Cuban pig taco, you will remember the time when beautiful Cuba was your home for a time – and you didn’t have to pay for an arm or a leg for the experience, much less dress up in your Sunday best and be in your best tableside manner.

Don’t dismiss the funky fillings and names of the tacos on the menu – these may sound gimmicky but once you actually taste them, there’s no going back to the expensive souped-up gourmet tacos. There’s something familiar about getting an Indian tikka yet also the sense of the unfamiliar with it wrapped in a taco shell, too, and it’s a combo that quickly becomes addictive.

The Spicy Tikka Chicken has juicy crisp tenders mixed with a spicy pepper sauce, cilantro-flecked basmati rice, and raita crema wrapped in taco, and it’s as good as any Indian tikka takeout.  The Fish ‘n Chips is scrumptious with its flaky fried Atlantic cod (i.e., beer battered for good measure) combined with malted fries, pungent curry mayo, and delicate pea tendrils in a flour tortilla; talk about an English-style taco.

For the fast-food junkie who wants variety, the Texas Akaushi Bacon Burger is a great alternative to the Big Mac. Unlike the Big Mac patty, the meat is neither processed nor dry – instead, it’s juicy, flavorful and succulent with a smoky undertone. There’s no eating it in a delicate manner since the melted American cheese, special Velvet sauce, and sweet onions drip out of the taco.

Name your preferred international flavor and you may well find it in Velvet Taco, too. The choices include Buffalo Chicken (crisp tenders with buffalo sauce, ranch crema, and bleu cheese); Nashville hot tofu (crispy tofu, brined pickle, and buttermilk ranch crema); and fried paneer (Thai basil, tomato chutney, raita crema, and tikkas sauce).

There are also pig-based tacos like the Cuban pig (slow roasted pulled pork) and annatto shredded pork (avocado crema, grilled pineapple, and queso fresco). Beef, fish and shrimp tacos are also available so even people with specific dietary needs will also find one or two to enjoy for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Dessert can be red velvet cake, a fitting choice considering the restaurant’s name. But you can skip it after having your fill of the tacos.

Leave room for the soda fountain drinks! These aren’t your usual fountain drinks either as these are made from cane sugar with flavors like black cherry. Ask for the frozen lime margarita, a refreshing drink that evokes lazy days spent at the beach in summer.

Velvet Taco’s interiors is factory chic so diners will not be distracted from enjoying their food. The reclaimed wood tables and industrial pendant lights speak of an eclectic design sensibility that reflects the chefs’ approach to tacos – eclectic, fun and interesting.

To learn more about Velvet Taco or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Velvet Taco FAQ

How much is Velvet Taco's Gallon Frozen Margarita?

Gallon Frozen Margarita – $55.00

How much is a Red Curry Coconut Queso at Velvet Taco?

Red Curry Coconut Queso – $5.29

How much are Barbacoa Brisket Nachos at Velvet Taco?

Barbacoa Brisket Nachos – $6.70

How much does a Velvet Taco's Large Frozen Margarita Cost?

Large Frozen Margarita – $10.72

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