Tupelo Honey Cafe Prices

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Southern food is elegant comfort food for millions of Americans and we aren’t surprised. Buttermilk fried chicken, the most popular Southern dish, is filling and flavorful as well as fun to eat with your family and friends. But don’t just go into any restaurant that says it offers Southern food – go into the best restaurant chain that offers authentic Southern dishes and we’re talking about Tupelo Honey Cafe!

Every Tupelo Honey restaurant takes pride in its North Carolina roots as well as in its Southern traditions including its food and drinks. Such is its commitment to the South and its cuisine that every dish is created with its culinary traditions in mind regardless of location. The Tupelo Honey cafe prices are fairly affordable so getting the South in every bite becomes even more enjoyable.

Below are the latest Tupelo Honey Cafe menu prices.


Brunch All-Day

Old Skool Breakfast Bowl$12.75
Fried Chicken & Biscuits$15.50
Southwestern Omelet*$14.25
Southern Shakshuka (Gf)$14.50
Tupelo Shrimp & Grits$19.00
Shoo Mercy Shrimp & Grits$22.50
The Classic Pancakes (Classic)$10.50
Mountain Blueberry Pancakes (Mountain Blueberry)$12.75
Pecan Pie Pancakes (Pecan Pie)$12.75
Banana Pudding Dream Pancakes (Banana Pudding Dream)$12.75
Shoo Mercy Pancakes (Shoo Mercy)$18.95
The Classic French Toast (Classic)$10.50
Mountain Blueberry French Toast (Mountain Blueberry)$12.75
Pecan Pie French Toast (Pecan Pie)$12.75
Banana Pudding Dream French Toast (Banana Pudding Dream)$12.75
Shoo Mercy French Toast (Shoo Mercy)$18.95

Southern Small Plates

Famous Fried Green Tomatoes$10.00
Fried Pickles$6.10
Crispy Brussels$8.50
Fried Okra$7.60
Mac & Cheese Bites$9.00
Loaded Potato Cracklins - Small$5.00
Loaded Potato Cracklins - Large$7.50


Grateful 'veg' Burger$14.25
Pimento & Fried Pickle Burger*$14.25
Spicy Avocado And Chopped Egg Sandwich$11.75
Farm Fresh Burger$12.75
Picnic Chicken Sandwich$10.75
Smokehouse Bbq Burger$14.00
Avocado Chicken$11.75
Southern Chicken Blt$14.75
Charleston Chicken$13.75
Shoo Mercy Grilled Cheese$12.95

Greens & Soups

Salt-Roasted Beet Salad$11.95
Appalachian Spinach Salad$11.75
Creole Caesar Salad$11.25
Southern Cobb$11.75
Creamy Tomato Soup (Cup)$5.00
Creamy Tomato Soup (Bowl)$6.50


Hanger Steak$25.50
Buttermilk Fried Chicken$16.75
Bourbon Peppercorn Glazed Meatloaf$15.95
Low Country Blackened Catfish$18.75
Roasted Mountain Trout$22.45
Farm Fresh Vegetable Plate$14.50
Honey Dusted Fried Chicken$22.25
Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken$22.50
Smoked Jalapeno Ribs - Full Rack$28.00
Smoked Jalapeno Ribs - Half Rack$16.95

Family Style

Honey Dusted Fried Chicken Family Meal$40.00
Bourbon Peppercorn Glazed Meatloaf Family Meal$40.00
Farm Fresh Vegetable Plate Family Meal$40.00

Farm Fresh Sides

Baked Mac N Cheese$5.00
All-Natural French Fries$5.00
Potato Cracklins$5.00
Mixed Greens Salad (Gf)$5.00
Basil And Butter Sautéed Green Beans (Gf)$5.00
Salt & Pepper Crispy Brussels$5.00
Yukon Mashed Potatoes$5.00
Cup Of Creamy Tomato Soup$5.00
Goat Cheese Grits$5.00
Collards With Bacon$5.00
Black Eyed Peas$5.00


Kids Mac-N-Cheese Entrée$6.00
Kids Veggie Burger$6.50
Kid's Farm Fresh Cheeseburger$7.50
Kids Pasta With Butter & Parmesan Cheese$6.00
Kids French Toast$5.00
Kid's Signature Sweet Potato Pancake$5.00
Kid's Cheesy Grill$5.00
Kids Slow Roasted Meatloaf$7.00
Kid's Vegetable Plate$6.00
Kid's Grilled (Gf) Or Buttermilk Fried Chicken$7.00
Yukon Mashed Potatoes (Gf) Side$2.50
Kids Mac-N-Cheese Side$2.50
Kids Mixed Greens Salad Side (Gf)$2.50
Kids All-Natural French Fries Side$2.50
Kids Roasted Baby Carrots (Gf)$2.00
Kids Butter & Basil Green Beans Side (Gf)$2.50
Kids Fried Okra$2.50
Kids Goat Cheese Grits$2.50


Brown Butter Pecan Pie$7.70
Heavenly Banana Pudding$6.60
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie$7.50


Soft Drinks (Coke)$3.25
Soft Drinks (Diet Coke)$3.25
Soft Drinks (Sprite)$3.25
Soft Drinks (Mr. Pibb)$3.25
Soft Drinks (Ginger Ale)$3.25
Sweet Iced Tea$3.25
Bottled Craft Ginger Beer$3.50
Counter Culture Coffee (Caffeinated)$3.50
Counter Culture Coffee (Decaffeinated)$3.50
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The first Tupelo Honey restaurant opened in 2000 in Asheville, North Carolina in 2000. Today, there are 15 locations across seven states. Each restaurant, nonetheless, actively promotes the farm-to-table movement and served fresh, made-from-scratch Souther fare, as well as several Southern-inspired dishes and drinks with a modern twist.

What They’re Famous For

The Tupelo Honey chain has its roots in the Mountain South and it’s reflected in every dish. Here, the time-honored culinary traditions are honored: canning and preserving, pickling and frying, and using seasonal ingredients to create the most scrumptious Southern dishes and drinks.

The dishes here are healthier than the fare offered in other restaurants, too, particularly fast-food fare. Most of the South’s traditional foods are prepared with a healthy twist like fried green tomatoes with goat cheese grits.

Why Eat Here

Keep in mind that the Tupelo Honey restaurants are so popular that these can become crowded at certain times. Reservations are highly recommended, especially when you’re planning on visiting during peak hours – the brunch, lunch and dinner hours on weekends, to be exact. While the weekdays aren’t as busy as the weekends, we still suggest making reservations when you’re coming in during the suppertime hours.

But even with a crowd, a Tupelo Honey restaurant will likely not feel too crowded because of the large dining spaces and the ample distance between the tables. There’s elbow room for small and large groups so it doesn’t feel like you’re eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.

The customer service is fast, attentive and friendly but remember, too, that the speed with which your orders are delivered to your table will depend on the number of diners; the cooks have to struggle with the flood of orders. The wait, fortunately, is worth the wait, not to mention that you will be provided with complimentary biscuits and jam so you don’t go into beast mode.

The menu features a nearly overwhelming selection of dishes for breakfast, lunch and supper so first-timers will likely need assistance navigating it. Just keep in mind that if it sounds good, then it tastes good because that’s how Tupelo Honey works! Think of the food and drinks here as comfort food prepared the gourmet way but at more affordable prices.

You don’t have to dress up in your Sunday’s best although the food may well deserve it. There’s a casual dress code that befits the casual, relaxed and friendly vibe of the restaurant. For this reason, kids and adults will find that eating together as part of a close-knit community is possible in a restaurant.

The menu has several vegetarian, soy-free, and gluten-free dishes, which are clearly stated on the menu. If you have specific dietary needs, you can ask your server to accommodate them albeit within reasonable limits. Just remember that you’re in a Southern-inspired restaurant so dairy products, such as eggs and milk, are most likely to be in the food although there are several exceptions.

The sheer number of the dishes can be overwhelming but we highly suggest a few items. First, the buttermilk fried chicken is the chain’s bestseller – perfectly battered and fried it can rival your great-grandma’s famous recipe. This is served with two country sides and a creamy milk gravy, or it can be served with biscuits, potato pancakes, and greens, as well as served as a filling in the Southern Fried Chicken BLT.

Second, the fried green tomatoes seem like a weird dish but it’s as Southern as you can get. This is an appetizer that features the delectable flavors of fresh basil, goat cheese grits, and roasted red pepper coulis. You may want to pair it with other appetizers like avocado toast and fried okra but be careful not to become too stuffed.

There’s a full bar with an extensive menu of wines, beers and cocktails. The South, after all, is known for its drinks-related traditions including its manufacture of iconic alcoholic drinks.

The restaurants usually have outdoor seating, a great place to see and be seen. There’s also free Wi-Fi access for customers although there are no televisions and other forms of entertainment.

To learn more about Tupelo Honey Cafe or to find a location near you, visit their website at tupelohoneycafe.com.