The Chopped Leaf Canada Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest The Chopped Leaf Canada menu prices.

Item Price

Limited Time Menu

Bold Buffalo Chicken - Wrap $14.31

Chef Designed Whole Bowls, Wraps

Bowl No. 5 $12.99
Bowl No. 6 $12.99
Wrap No. 1 $10.83
Wrap No. 2 $11.03
Wrap No. 3 $10.83
Wrap No. 4 $11.95
Wrap No. 5 $11.05
Wrap No. 6 $11.05

Design Your Own Salad

Design Your Own Salad $8.22

Popular Items

Prawns Salad Roll $9.35
Bowl No. 1 $11.83
Chopped Signature Salad $7.92
Popeye Salad $7.90
Southwest Salad $8.03
Bangkok $7.96
Southwest $7.40
Bangkok Salad $8.41
Pegasus $7.72
Popeye $7.57


Kids Chicken Quesadilla $6.32

Salad Rolls

Vegetarian Salad Roll $8.22

To maintain our high standard of quality our delivery menu is limited

Chocolate Fudge Brownie $3.00

Chef Designed Salads & Wraps

Caesar $7.40
Sunshine $7.60
Chopped Signature $7.56
Spa $7.60
Family Salad Kit $35.31

Family Bowls (Feeds 3-4)

Untraditional Caesar Bowl $24.99
Mexicana Bowl $24.99
Chopped Thai Bowl $24.99

Chef Crafted Salads

Pegasus Salad $7.55
Sunshine Salad $8.08
Caesar Salad $7.55
The Spa Salad $7.55
Aztec Salad $9.07
Pacifica Salad $8.66
Karma Salad $11.33

Family Salad Kits

Build Your Own $39.99

Chef Crafted Wraps

Chopped Signature Wrap $9.42
Popeye Wrap $8.77
Aztec Wrap $9.51
Southwest Wrap $9.43
Pacifica Wrap $9.36
Sunshine Wrap $9.20
Karma Wrap $12.50
The Spa Wrap $8.43

Stuffed Cups

Idol $8.58
Nutty Stuffed Cup $9.09
Idol Stuffed Cup $9.09
Nutty $8.58
Zeus $8.58
Zeus Stuffed Cup $9.09

Chef Designed Wraps

Bangkok Wrap $9.37
Pegasus Wrap $9.04
Caesar Wrap $9.22

Picked for you

Design Your Own (Wrap) $8.96


Bowls 1-3 served on warm brown basmati rice, bowl 4 served with quinoa
Bowl 1 $11.51
Bowl No. 2 $11.83
Bowl 2 $11.51
Bowl 3 $11.51
Bowl No. 3 $11.83
Bowl No. 4 $12.17
Untraditional Caesar Family Bowl $25.00
Mexicana Family Bowl $25.00
Chopped Thai Family Bowl $25.00
Family Bowl No. 2 $25.00
Family Bowl No. 3 $25.00

Kids Menu

Kid's Chicken Ranch Wrap $6.33

Kids Mains

Kids Chicken Garden Salad $6.33
Kids Chicken Caesar Salad $6.32
Kids Chicken Bowl $6.32
Kids Chicken Caesar Wrap $6.32
Kids Grilled Cheese $6.36

Whole Bowls

1. Whole Bowl $11.92
2. Whole Bowl $11.92
3. Whole Bowl $11.92
4. Whole Bowl $11.89


Pesto Quesadilla $11.88
BBQ Quesadilla $11.37
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla $12.16
Baja Quesadilla $11.88
Vegetarian Quesadilla $12.03
Veggie Quesadilla $11.44


Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookie $2.85
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $2.87
Kitsilano Oatmeal Cookie $2.86


Ginger Cookie $3.16
Mixed Nuts $3.14
Lemon Tea Cookie $3.16
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie $3.16


Bottled Juice $3.33
Bottled Water $3.16
Rise Kombucha $6.26
Nestea $3.20
Perrier $4.13
Juice $3.16
Vitamin Water $4.28


Spicy Chicken Sandwich $10.79
Cranberry Pesto Sandwich $10.79
Tuna Melt Sandwich $10.56
Chopped Tuna Melt Sandwich $10.97
Bold Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $11.99

New Seasonal Items

Pacifica $8.28
Aztec $7.76
Karma $11.44

Kids' Menu

Chicken Garden Salad $6.32
Chickie Quesadilla $6.49
Grilled Cheese $6.49
Chickie Caesar Salad $6.49
Chickie Caesar Wrap $6.49
Chickie Ranch Wrap $6.49
Chickie Bowl $6.49


Peanut Butter Cookie $2.88
Salt & Vinegar Hard Bite Potato Chips $2.28
Regular Hard Bite Potato Chips $2.28
BBQ Hard Bite Potato Chips $2.28


True Buch Kombucha $5.98
Bottle of Soda $3.16
Bottle Pop $3.16
Bottle of Juice $3.13
Bottle Water $3.15
Bottle Juice $3.17
Well Cold-Pressed Juice $7.48
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The Chopped Leaf Canada has established itself as a beloved destination for health-conscious individuals, offering a wide range of nutritious and flavorful menu options. In this article, we will explore the factors that contribute to The Chopped Leaf Canada’s reputation and popularity. From their commitment to healthy and wholesome ingredients to their plethora of nutritious and delicious offerings, The Chopped Leaf Canada has become a go-to place for those seeking a nourishing dining experience.

The Chopped Leaf Canada: Nourishing Your Body with Fresh Flavors

The Chopped Leaf Canada focuses on nourishing the body and delighting the taste buds with fresh and flavorful ingredients. The restaurant is dedicated to providing health-conscious individuals with a variety of wholesome options that cater to their dietary preferences and needs.

Commitment to Healthy and Wholesome Ingredients

At The Chopped Leaf Canada, the commitment to healthy and wholesome ingredients is at the core of their menu offerings. The restaurant carefully selects fresh and locally sourced produce, ensuring that each dish is packed with nutrients and vibrant flavors. From crisp greens and colorful vegetables to lean proteins and wholesome grains, The Chopped Leaf Canada’s ingredients are chosen to nourish the body and promote overall well-being.

A Plethora of Nutritious and Delicious Menu Offerings

The Chopped Leaf Canada offers a plethora of nutritious and delicious menu options to satisfy every palate. From made-to-order salads and hearty grain bowls to flavorful wraps and comforting soups, there is something for everyone. The menu caters to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. Each dish is crafted with a balance of flavors and textures, ensuring that healthy eating is enjoyable and satisfying. The Chopped Leaf Canada’s dedication to providing a diverse range of nutritious and delicious options has contributed to its popularity among health-conscious individuals.

Creating a Welcoming and Health-Conscious Dining Experience

Beyond the nutritious food, The Chopped Leaf Canada creates a welcoming and health-conscious dining experience. The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere and friendly staff make guests feel comfortable and valued. The focus on health and well-being is evident in every aspect, from the clear nutritional information provided for each menu item to the option for customization based on individual dietary preferences. The Chopped Leaf Canada aims to foster a positive and health-conscious environment that encourages mindful eating and promotes overall wellness.


The Chopped Leaf Canada has earned its reputation as a healthy haven, cherished for its commitment to healthy and wholesome ingredients, vast array of nutritious and delicious offerings, and health-conscious dining experience. The restaurant’s dedication to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients ensures that every bite is a nourishing delight. With a menu that caters to various dietary preferences and customizable options, The Chopped Leaf Canada provides a diverse range of options for health-conscious individuals. The welcoming and health-conscious atmosphere further enhances its popularity, creating a space where guests can make mindful choices and indulge in nutritious and flavorful meals. The Chopped Leaf Canada continues to nourish and satisfy the taste buds of health-conscious individuals, solidifying its position as a top choice for those seeking a healthy and enjoyable dining experience.

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The Chopped Leaf Canada FAQ

How much is The Chopped Leaf Canada's Prawns Salad Roll?

Prawns Salad Roll – $9.35

How much is a Kids Chicken Quesadilla at The Chopped Leaf Canada?

Kids Chicken Quesadilla – $6.32

How much are Baja Quesadillas at The Chopped Leaf Canada?

Baja Quesadillas – $10.77

How much does a The Chopped Leaf Canada's Strawberry Fields Cost?

Strawberry Fields – $8.63