Thai Express Canada Prices: How much is Thai Express Canada?

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Thai Express Canada has emerged as a prominent destination for Thai cuisine lovers, renowned for its authentic flavors and vibrant dining experience. In this article, we will explore the factors contributing to Thai Express Canada’s reputation and popularity. From the authentic Thai flavors that transport the palate to the exciting menu offerings and welcoming atmosphere, Thai Express Canada has established itself as a go-to choice for Thai food enthusiasts across the country. Below are the latest Thai Express Canada menu prices.



Steamed Dumplings and Bottled Drink Combo$8.63
Fresh Veggie Roll and Bottled Drink Combo$8.78
Fresh Shrimp Roll and Bottled Drink Combo$9.77
Mango Salad and Bottled Drink Combo$9.84
Mini Chicken Soup and Bottled Drink Combo$9.35
Mini Beef Soup and Bottled Drink Combo$9.67
Steam Dumpling and Bottled Drink Combo$7.65
Fried Dumplings and Bottled Drink Combo$8.63
Fried Dumpling and Bottled Drink Combo$7.65
Mini Vegetable Soup and Bottled Drink Combo$9.45
Imperial Roll and Bottled Drink Combo$5.65


Lemongrass Beef Bowl$11.49
My Thai Salad$6.11
Pad Salad$12.46
Tamarind Chili Shak-a-Bowl$15.88
Basil Shak-a-Bowl$15.88
Soya Garlic Shak-a-Bowl$15.88
Sweet and Sour Shak-a-Bowl$15.88

Plats gluten responsable / Gluten-Friendly Dishes

Pad thaĂŻ gluten responsable / Gluten-Friendly Pad Thai$13.00
Pad See Ew gluten responsable / Gluten-Friendly Pad See Ew$13.00
Sauté gluten responsable / Gluten-Friendly Stir-Fry$13.00
Riz frit gluten responsable/ Gluten Friendly Fried Rice$15.34
Cari gluten responsable / Gluten-Friendly Curry$12.09


White Chocolate Cheesecake with Pineapple$7.98
Chocolate Banana Cake$7.98


Salade de Mangue / Mango Salad$7.23

Picked for you

Fried Rice$14.13
Pad Thai$14.54
Pad See Ew$14.03


Rouleau impérial croustillant / Crispy Imperial Roll$1.98

Spéciaux saisonniers / Seasonal Specials

Le Poulet Général Thai est dans le sac / General Thai™ Bok Bok Bag$4.98
Riz de chou-fleur frit / Fried Cauliflower Rice$13.91
Cari avec riz de chou-fleur / Curry with Cauliflower Rice$13.91
Général cari avec riz de chou-fleur / General Curry on Cauliflower Rice$14.69
Poulet général thaï avec riz de chou-fleur / General Thai Chicken with Cauliflower Rice$14.68
Poulet général thairacha avec riz de chou-fleur / General Thairacha Chicken with Cauliflower Rice$15.03
Bœuf général thaï avec riz de chou-fleur / General Thai Beef with Cauliflower Rice$14.95
Sauté avec riz de chou-fleur / Stir-fry with Cauliflower Rice$13.91
Pad see ew vegetalien aux noix d'acajou / Vegan Cashew Pad See Ew$11.18

Seasonal Specials

Tom Yum Fried Rice$15.58
General Thai Pad Thai$17.48
Pandan Thai Iced Tea - PROMOTION$10.88
New! Thai My Cake in the Box$6.90
Peanut Coco Bowl$16.42
Fried Cauliflower Rice$14.02
Tamarind Pad Thai Racha$13.88
Peanut Shak-a-Bowl$15.78
Curry with Cauliflower Rice$14.02
General Pad Thai$18.28
Lemongrass Shak-a-Bowl$15.78
General Curry on Cauliflower Rice$14.79
Cashew Shak-a-Bowl$15.77
General Thai Chicken with Cauliflower Rice$14.71
General Thairacha Chicken with Cauliflower Rice$15.09
Eggplant Shak-a-Bowl$15.76
General Thai Beef with Cauliflower Rice$15.01
Stir-fry with Cauliflower Rice$14.02
Pandan Thai Iced Tea$7.07
Vegan Cashew Pad See Ew$11.18
Ginger Shak-a-Bowl$15.76

Popular Items

5. Fried Rice$10.23
4G. General Thai Chicken$11.61
7. Pad ThaĂŻ$10.40

Entrées / Appetizers

Raviolis au poulet cuits Ă  la vapeur / Steamed Chicken Dumplings$4.50
Raviolis au poulet frits / Fried Chicken Dumplings$4.50
Rouleau de printemps froid / Cold Spring Roll$3.87
Ailes de poulet thaĂŻlandaises / Thai Chicken Wings$5.05
Petite salade de mangue / Small Mango Salad$4.90


Crispy Imperial Roll$1.98
General Thai Bok Bok Bag$6.52
Fried Chicken Dumplings$4.50
Cold Spring Roll$3.87
3pcs Thai Chicken Wings$6.34
Steamed Chicken Dumplings$4.50
6 Pcs ThaĂŻ Chicken Wings$10.98
Mango Salad$7.38
6pcs Thai Chicken Wings$10.10
3 pcs ThaĂŻ Chicken Wings$6.88
Thai Chicken Wings$4.98
9pcs Thai Chicken Wings$15.19
Small Mango Salad$4.68
9 pcs ThaĂŻ Chicken Wings$16.48


Mini Tom Yum Soup$6.58
Tom Yum Soup$14.12
Mini Thai Soup$6.55
Thai Soup$14.07

Soupes / Soups

Mini soupe Tom Yum / Mini Tom Yum Soup$5.93
Soupe Tom Yum / Tom Yum Soup$12.73
Mini soupe thaĂŻlandaise / Mini Thai Soup$5.93
Soupe thaĂŻlandaise / Thai Soup$12.73

Salades / Salads

Bol au bœuf et citronnelle / Lemongrass Beef Bowl$11.59
Ma salade thaĂŻlandaise / My Thai Salad$5.98
Salade pad / Pad Salad$11.72

Signature Thai Dishes

General Curry$15.60
General Thairacha$15.87
General Thai Pineapple$16.89
General Thai Mango$16.89

Delicious Thai Dishes

Go rice-less – choose cauliflower rice!
General Thai™ Beef$12.34
3. Curry$10.29
General Thai™ Chicken$12.06
8. Pad See Ew$10.44

General Thai

4H. General Thai Beef$11.94

DĂ©licieux plats thaĂŻlandais / Delicious Thai Dishes

Riz frit / Fried Rice$12.97
Cari / Curry$12.98
Général cari / General Curry$13.99
Général Thairacha / General Thairacha$14.59
Poulet général thaï / General Thai™ Chicken$11.93
Bœuf Général Thaï / General Thai™ Beef$12.23
Sauté / Stir-Fry$12.95

Gluten-Friendly Dishes

Gluten-Friendly Curry$13.87
Gluten-Friendly Stir-Fry$14.41
Gluten-Friendly Pad Thai$14.37
Gluten-Friendly Pad See Ew$14.28
Gluten Friendly Fried Rice$15.19
8. Gluten-Friendly Pad See Ew$12.26

Stir Fry

6. Stir Fry$10.29

Plats Végétaliens / Vegan Dishes

Pad thaï végétalien / Vegan Pad Thai$13.00
Sauté végétalien / Vegan Stir-Fry$13.00
Pad see ew végétalien / Vegan Pad See Ew$13.00
Riz frit végétalien / Vegan Fried Rice$13.00

Vegan Dishes

Vegan Fried Rice$14.41
Vegan Stir-Fry$14.41
Vegan Pad Thai$14.36
Vegan Pad See Ew$14.40
7. Vegan Pad Thai$12.37

Side order

Bowl of Rice$2.73

Accompagnements / Side Orders

Bol de riz / Bowl of Rice$2.41


Bottled Drink$2.65
Montellier Sparkling Water$2.50

Breuvages / Beverages

Bouteille / Bottled Drink$2.55
Bouteille d'eau / Bottled Water$2.45
7 Up Lemon Lemon$2.00
Eau pétillante montellier / Montellier Sparkling Water$2.53
Pure Leaf$3.05
Boisson asiatique / Asian Drink$3.35


Bottled Juice$3.57
Bottled Water$2.59
Pure Leaf Iced Tea$4.39
Asian Drink$3.99
Montellier Sparking Water$3.55
Sencha Green Tea$2.43
Darjeeling Black Tea$2.42


Eau pétillante Montellier / Montellier Sparking Water$3.43
Boisson asiatique/Asian Drink$4.19
Thé glacé Pure Leaf / Pure Leaf Iced Tea$4.31
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Thai Express Canada: Embarking on a Culinary Adventure

Thai Express Canada invites customers to embark on a delightful culinary adventure, experiencing the diverse and vibrant flavors of Thailand. The restaurant is dedicated to providing an authentic Thai dining experience, showcasing the rich and aromatic dishes that Thai cuisine is known for.

Authentic Thai Flavors that Transport the Palate

At Thai Express Canada, authenticity takes center stage. The restaurant prides itself on using traditional Thai ingredients and cooking techniques to deliver flavors that transport the palate to the streets of Thailand. From the harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and spicy in dishes like Pad Thai and Green Curry to the aromatic herbs and spices that infuse each bite, Thai Express Canada captivates taste buds with the true essence of Thai cuisine. With every dish, customers can savor the distinct flavors and experience the culinary heritage of Thailand.

Exciting Menu Offerings for Thai Cuisine Enthusiasts

Thai Express Canada offers a wide range of menu options that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of Thai cuisine enthusiasts. From classic favorites such as Tom Yum Soup and Pad See Ew to innovative creations like Mango Salad and Coconut Curry, there is something to satisfy every palate. The restaurant also provides customizable options, allowing customers to adjust the spice levels and tailor their meals to their preferred taste. With a variety of protein choices, including chicken, beef, shrimp, and tofu, Thai Express Canada ensures that everyone can enjoy a satisfying Thai culinary experience.

A Welcoming and Vibrant Dining Experience

Beyond the flavorsome food, Thai Express Canada offers a welcoming and vibrant dining experience. The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with friendly staff, creates a pleasant environment for customers to enjoy their meals. The vibrant decor, reminiscent of Thai culture, adds to the overall ambiance, transporting diners to the streets of Thailand. Whether it’s a quick lunch break or a leisurely dinner, Thai Express Canada provides a welcoming space where people can relax, savor the flavors, and immerse themselves in Thai culture.


Thai Express Canada has earned its reputation as a beloved Thai cuisine destination, celebrated for its authentic flavors, exciting menu offerings, and vibrant dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to delivering authentic Thai flavors allows customers to embark on a flavorsome journey to Thailand through their taste buds. With a diverse menu catering to various preferences and customizable options, Thai Express Canada ensures that every diner can find their perfect Thai meal. The welcoming and vibrant atmosphere adds to the restaurant’s popularity, providing a delightful setting for enjoying Thai cuisine. Thai Express Canada continues to captivate taste buds and win the hearts of Thai food enthusiasts, solidifying its position as a flavorsome culinary journey for all to enjoy.

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Thai Express Canada FAQ

How much is Thai Express Canada's 4G. General Thai Chicken?

4G. General Thai Chicken – $11.59

How much is a Dumplings at Thai Express Canada?

Dumplings – $4.73

How much are Pad See Ew at Thai Express Canada?

Pad See Ew – $11.35

How much does a Thai Express Canada's General Curry with Cauliflower Rice Cost?

General Curry with Cauliflower Rice – $14.49

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