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Sunset Grill Canada, a beloved breakfast restaurant chain, has become a go-to destination for Canadians seeking a delicious start to their day. In this article, we will explore the factors behind Sunset Grill Canada’s reputation and popularity, delving into its commitment to quality, diverse menu options, and welcoming atmosphere. From hearty breakfast classics to innovative creations, Sunset Grill Canada has captured the hearts and taste buds of breakfast enthusiasts across the country. Below are the latest Sunset Grill Canada menu prices.


Classic Omelettes

Create Your Own Omelette$12.82
Veggie Delight Omelette$18.63
Greek Omelette$19.25
Great Canadian Omelette$18.63
Florentine Omelette$18.45
Meat Lovers Omelette$19.87
Veggie Delight$14.74
Mediterranean Omelette$18.63
Sunset Omelette$16.31
Meat Lovers$15.94
Create Your Own$9.58
Western Omelette$17.39

Kids' Meals

Kids' All Day Breakfast$9.37

French Toast, Pancakes, and Waffles

Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast$17.74
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$13.05
Sunset Pancakes$11.14
Sunset Fruit Waffle$17.17
Sunset Supreme$9.31

Limited Time Offer

Crab Cake Benedict$22.06
Strawberry Lemonade$5.99
Blueberry Lemonade$5.99
Blueberry Cheesecake French Toast$18.73
Iced Coffee$3.99

Popular Items

Eggs Sunset$17.72
Sunset Sandwich$11.04
Great Canadian$14.74
Avocado Toast$9.92
Banquet Burger$17.41

All-day Breakfasts

California Benedict$21.09
3 Eggs, Homefries, and Toast$11.07
Sunset Breakfast Poutine$14.54
Southwest Vegan Breakfast Hash$14.54
3 Eggs, Homefries, Toast, and Grilled Chicken Breast$23.24
Salmon Eggs Sunset$22.56
Meat Lovers Poutine$17.39
Avacado Toast Plate$19.36

Classic All-Day Breakfasts

3 Eggs, Home fries, Toast$7.75
3 Eggs, Home fries, Toast & Chicken$17.77
Sunset Super$11.72
French Connection$12.86
Eggs Florentine$17.72

Breakfast Sandwiches

Classic BLT$10.44
Sunset Western$10.40
Sunset Healthy$10.60
Peameal Style Bacon on a Bun$13.47
Grilled Chicken Breast on a Bun$13.61
Sunset Club$17.68

Sunset Burgers

Classic Burger$14.98
Canadian Burger$17.69

French Toast, Buttermilk Pancakes & Malted Waffles

Sunset Waffle$11.30
Sunset Waffle - Supreme$16.56

Light Breakfast

Smoked Salmon Plate$18.70
Small Fruit Salad$9.94
Large Fruit Salad$13.48
Organic Yoghurt and Berries$13.29
Light Breakfast$13.40
Organic Yoghurt with The Works$15.15
Organic Yoghurt w/ Honey And Organic Granola$11.53

Sandwiches and Wraps

Protein Plus$15.15
White Tuna Salad Sandwich$14.60
Sunset Sausage Sandwich$13.35
Southwest Chicken Sandwich$19.15
Meat Lovers Breakfast Wrap$15.01
Spinach and Feta Wrap$14.38


Toast & Jam$3.03
Bagel & Cream Cheese$4.18
Thick Toast and Jam$3.71
Toasted Bagel With Cream Cheese$5.19
Sliced Tomatoes$3.89
Veggies & Dip$3.74
Veggie and Dip$3.99

Fresh Juices



Greek Salad$13.36
Caesar Salad$12.12
House Salad$12.12

Cold Drinks

Chocolate Milk$2.87
Bottled Juice$2.56
Soft Drink$1.99
Can of Pop$2.28
Bottled Juice - Apple$2.49
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice$3.19
Heinz Tomato Juice$3.03
Bottled Water$1.76
Snapple Iced Tea$3.05

Hot Drinks

Specialty Tea$3.24
Hot Chocolate$3.60
Regular Tea$2.95
Fresh Brewed Coffee$2.68

Kids Meals

Grilled Cheese$9.85
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The Rise and Shine of Sunset Grill Canada

Sunset Grill Canada has experienced a rise in popularity as it has gained a strong reputation for its exceptional breakfast offerings and warm hospitality. This reputation has been built upon its commitment to quality ingredients, diverse menu choices, and a welcoming atmosphere that creates a memorable dining experience.

Commitment to Quality Ingredients

Sunset Grill Canada emphasizes the use of quality ingredients in their breakfast dishes. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are carefully selected to ensure maximum flavor and nutritional value. From farm-fresh eggs to premium cuts of bacon, every component of their dishes is chosen to provide a high-quality dining experience. This commitment to freshness shines through in every bite, making Sunset Grill Canada a favorite among breakfast connoisseurs.

A Healthy Start

In response to the growing interest in health-conscious options, Sunset Grill Canada offers a range of healthy breakfast choices. The restaurant provides customizable options, allowing customers to personalize their meals according to their dietary preferences. From customizable omelets filled with fresh vegetables to protein-packed smoothies, Sunset Grill Canada ensures that customers can kick-start their day with a wholesome and satisfying meal.

Diverse Menu Offerings

Sunset Grill Canada boasts a diverse menu that combines traditional breakfast favorites with innovative twists. The menu features classic dishes executed to perfection, such as fluffy pancakes, French toast, and sizzling bacon and eggs. Additionally, the restaurant offers unique creations that provide a delightful departure from the ordinary. Customers can indulge in breakfast poutines, avocado toast variations, and other innovative options. This combination of familiar comfort and exciting flavors keeps customers coming back for more.

Customization at Its Finest

Sunset Grill Canada understands the importance of catering to individual preferences. The restaurant allows customers to customize their breakfast dishes, tailoring them to their specific tastes. From choosing the type of bread and the doneness of eggs to selecting toppings, patrons have the freedom to create a breakfast that suits their individual preferences. This level of customization ensures a personalized dining experience and keeps customers engaged and satisfied.

Welcoming Atmosphere and Friendly Service

Sunset Grill Canada creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for its customers. The restaurant is known for its friendly service and attentive staff, who make guests feel welcome and valued. This combination of a cozy atmosphere and warm hospitality contributes to Sunset Grill Canada’s reputation as a breakfast haven. Customers appreciate the pleasant and memorable dining experience created by the welcoming ambiance and friendly service.

Community Connection

Sunset Grill Canada values its connection with the communities it serves. The restaurant actively engages with local organizations and sponsors community events, demonstrating its commitment to community involvement. This dedication to community building resonates with customers, who appreciate a brand that supports the neighborhoods it operates in. The strong community ties further enhance Sunset Grill Canada’s reputation and popularity.


Sunset Grill Canada has established itself as a renowned breakfast destination, cherished by Canadians for its commitment to quality ingredients, diverse menu offerings, and welcoming atmosphere. With its emphasis on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Sunset Grill Canada delivers breakfast dishes bursting with flavor. The combination of classic favorites and innovative creations provides customers with a delightful breakfast experience. The restaurant’s dedication to customization allows patrons to tailor their meals to their liking. With its warm atmosphere and friendly service, Sunset Grill Canada creates a welcoming environment that keeps customers returning for more. As a community-focused establishment, Sunset Grill Canada has solidified its reputation and popularity, making it a beloved breakfast haven for Canadians nationwide.

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Sunset Grill Canada FAQ

How much is Sunset Grill Canada's Sunset Sandwich?

Sunset Sandwich – $9.90

How much is a French Connection at Sunset Grill Canada?

French Connection – $11.14

How much are Sunset Western at Sunset Grill Canada?

Sunset Western – $9.30

How much does a Sunset Grill Canada's Sunset Club Cost?

Sunset Club – $16.51

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