Subway Uk Menu Prices: How much is Subway Uk?

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Amidst the bustling culinary landscape of the United Kingdom, Subway stands as an iconic beacon, offering a culinary journey that transcends borders. This article embarks on an exploration of Subway UK’s celebrated reputation and its soaring popularity, delving into the ingredients that have made it a beloved dining destination. Below are the latest Subway Uk menu prices.


NEW Subway® Series

Great Goddess£6.63
Fine Catch£7.53


Walkers Ready Salted£0.99
Doritos Tangy Cheese£0.99
Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps 32.5g£0.91
Walkers Cheese and Onion£1.09
Quavers Cheese£1.10
Sunbites Sweet Chilli£1.07
Doritos Chilli Heatwave£1.06
Doritos Cool Original£1.04
Walkers MAX Paprika£1.06
Walkers Prawn Cocktail£1.02
Walkers Salt and Vinegar£1.05
Sensation Thai Sweet Chili£1.07
Walkers Oven Baked Cheese and Onion£1.09
Walkers Square Salt and Vinegar£1.07
Walkers Monster Munch Roast Beef£1.03


NEW Strawberries and Cream cookie£1.15
3x NEW Strawberries and Cream cookie£2.15
White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie£1.06
Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookie£1.00
3x Rainbow Candy Chip Cookies£2.03
Chocolate and Orange Cookie£0.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie£1.22
Vegan Double Chocolate Cookie£0.98
Double Chocolate Cookie£0.99
3x Chocolate Chunk Cookies£2.01
3x Double Chocolate Cookies£1.85
Rainbow Candy Chip Cookie£1.10
Lemon Drizzle Cookie£1.08

Bottled Drinks

Pepsi Regular 375ml£2.32
Mountain Dew Sugar Free 500ml£2.32
Robinson’s Refresh’d Raspberry and Apple 500ml£2.18
Pepsi Regular 500ml£2.35
Princes Gate Still Water 500ml£2.00
Pepsi Max 1.25lt£3.39
Robinsons Fruit Shoot Apple and Blackcurrent 200ml£1.70
Pepsi Diet 500ml£2.29
Tango Orange 1.5lt£3.59
Robinsons Refresh’d Orange and Passion Fruit 500ml£2.20
Pepsi Max 1.5Lt£3.53
Pepsi Max Cherry 1.5lt£3.54
7UP 1.5lt£3.53
Pepsi Regular 1.25lt£3.52


Bear Yoyo£1.07
Cadbury’s Caramel Muffin£2.15
Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie 100ml£2.60
Ben and Jerrys Caramel Chew Chew 100ml£2.61
Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough 100ml£2.63

Hot Sides

Bowl of Meatballs£2.55
DORITOS Lightly Salted Nachos£2.90
Nacho Chicken Bites - 6 pieces£3.58
Nacho Chicken Bites - 9 pieces£4.86
Cheesy Garlic Slice£1.47
Hash Browns£1.42
Pepperoni Slice£2.17
Bowl of Meatless Meatballs£2.41
Cheesy Bites - 5 pieces£2.81
Nacho Chicken Bites - 4 pieces£2.39
Cheesy Bites - 12 pieces*£5.29
Crinkle Wedges - regular£2.25
Crinkle Wedges - large£3.64
DORITOS Lightly Salted Sharer Nachos for 2£4.70
Side Salad£1.97
DORITOS FLAMIN' HOT Sharer Nachos for 2£4.80
Margherita Slice£1.79
Steak Loaded Nachos£6.81



Picked for you

Large Meal Deal for 1£10.39
Small Meal Deal for 1£7.94

Meal Deals

Subway Series - Footlong Meal Deal£13.35
Subway Series – 6-inch / Wrap /Salad Meal Deal£9.72
SubMelt - Footlong Meal Deal£12.57
Meal Deal for 2£16.58
SubMelt - 6-inch Meal Deal£9.62
Create Your Own - Footlong Meal Deal£11.53
Create Your Own – 6-inch Meal Deal£8.77
Subway Series Meal Deal for 2£20.27

6-inch Toasted/Hot Subs

6-inch Toasted/Hot - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£4.94
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£4.97
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Italian B.M.T.®£4.00
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Italian B.M.T.®£4.22
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Meatball Marinara£4.27
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Meatball Marinara£4.33
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Tuna£4.27
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Tuna£4.23
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Spicy Italian£3.92
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Spicy Italian£3.93
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Steak & Cheese£5.12
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Steak & Cheese£5.17
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Chicken Teriyaki£4.95
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Teriyaki£4.98
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Subway Melt™£4.59
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Subway Melt™£4.73
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Chicken & Bacon Melt£5.15
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken & Bacon Melt£5.11
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken & Turkey Melt£5.27
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Chicken Pizziola£5.05
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Pizziola£5.05
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Chicken Tikka£4.27
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Tikka£4.31
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Ham£3.67
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Ham£3.76
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Ham£3.91
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Turkey Breast£3.70
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast£3.86
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Chicken Breast£4.46
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Breast£4.47
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Turkey Breast & Ham£3.70
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast & Ham£3.77
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Veggie Delite®£3.33
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham£3.91
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Veggie Delite®£3.41
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Italian B.M.T.®£4.97
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Italian B.M.T.®£5.21
6-inch Toasted/Hot - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Meatball Marinara£5.20
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Meatball Marinara£5.33
6-Inch Toasted/Hot Sub - BBQ Chicken Pizza£4.99
6-Inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Spicy Pepperoni Pizza£4.37
6-Inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Veggie Supreme Pizza Sub£3.75
6-inch Toasted/Hot sub - Meatless Meatball Marinara£4.41

6-inch Cold Subs

6-inch Cold - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£4.94
6-inch Cold Sub - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£4.98
6-inch Cold - Italian B.M.T.®£4.00
6-inch Cold Sub - Italian B.M.T.®£4.22
6-inch Cold - Tuna£4.27
6-inch Cold Sub - Tuna£4.23
6-inch Cold - Spicy Italian£3.99
6-inch Cold Sub - Spicy Italian£3.93
6-inch Cold - Steak & Cheese£5.13
6-inch Cold Sub - Steak & Cheese£5.17
6-inch Cold - Chicken Teriyaki£4.94
6-inch Cold Sub - Chicken Teriyaki£4.98
6-inch Cold - Chicken Pizziola£5.05
6-inch Cold Sub - Chicken Pizziola£5.06
6-inch Cold - Chicken Tikka£4.27
6-inch Cold Sub - Chicken Tikka£4.30
6-inch Cold - Ham£3.67
6-inch Cold Sub - Ham£3.77
6-inch Cold - Turkey Breast£3.72
6-inch Cold Sub - Turkey Breast£3.84
6-inch Cold Sub - Turkey Ham£3.85
6-inch Cold - Chicken Breast£4.46
6-inch Cold Sub - Chicken Breast£4.47
6-inch Cold - Turkey Breast & Ham£3.70
6-inch Cold Sub - Turkey Breast & Ham£3.77
6-inch Cold - Veggie Delite®£3.34
6-inch Cold Sub - Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham£3.96
6-inch Cold Sub - Veggie Delite®£3.41

Footlong Toasted/Hot Subs

Footlong Toasted/Hot - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£7.53
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Italian B.M.T.®£6.80
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£7.58
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Italian B.M.T.®£6.59
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Meatball Marinara£6.91
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Meatball Marinara£6.86
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Tuna£6.86
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Tuna£6.80
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Chicken Breast£6.99
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Spicy Italian£6.51
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Spicy Italian£6.50
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Steak & Cheese£7.73
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Steak & Cheese£7.75
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Chicken Teriyaki£7.53
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Teriyaki£7.55
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Chicken & Bacon Melt£7.75
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Subway Melt™£7.32
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken & Bacon Melt£7.69
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken & Turkey Melt£7.86
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Chicken Pizziola£7.64
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Pizziola£7.64
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Chicken Tikka£6.86
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Tikka£6.88
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Subway Melt™£7.24
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Ham£6.27
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Ham£6.35
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Turkey Breast£6.29
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast£6.40
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Ham£6.37
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Breast£7.04
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Turkey Breast & Ham£6.30
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast & Ham£6.38
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham£6.44
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Veggie Delite®£6.00
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Veggie Delite®£5.97
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Italian B.M.T.®£8.45
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Italian B.M.T.®£8.83
Footlong Toasted/Hot - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Meatball Marinara£8.71
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Meatball Marinara£9.02
Footlong Toasted/Hot Subs - BBQ Chicken Pizza£7.50
Footlong Toasted/Hot Subs - Spicy Pepperoni Pizza£6.88
Footlong Toasted/Hot Subs - Veggie Supreme Pizza Sub£6.27
Footlong Toasted/Hot sub - Meatless Meatball Marinara£6.98

Create your own Wrap

Turkey Ham£5.24
Philly Steak£6.83
Meatball Marinara£5.63
Roast Chicken Breast£5.67
Chicken Tikka£5.66
Turkey Breast£4.78
Veggie Delite£4.69


Cheesy Pepperoni£4.27
Chicken and Bacon£5.91
Spicy Italian£4.86
Italian B.M.T.£4.95
Steak and Cheese£5.88
Mega Meat£6.08
Chicken Teriyaki£5.83
Turkey Breast and Ham£4.85
Plant Patty£5.81
Nacho Chicken£5.14
Meatless meatball marinara£5.18

Footlong Cold Subs

Footlong Cold - Chicken Tikka£6.86
Footlong Cold - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£7.53
Footlong Cold Sub - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£7.50
Footlong Cold - Italian B.M.T.®£6.61
Footlong Cold Sub - Italian B.M.T.®£6.81
Footlong Cold - Tuna£6.86
Footlong Cold Sub - Chicken Teriyaki£7.56
Footlong Cold Sub - Tuna£6.80
Footlong Cold - Spicy Italian£6.51
Footlong Cold Sub - Spicy Italian£6.51
Footlong Cold - Steak & Cheese£7.73
Footlong Cold Sub - Steak & Cheese£7.75
Footlong Cold - Chicken Teriyaki£7.53
Footlong Cold - Chicken Pizziola£7.64
Footlong Cold Sub - Chicken Pizziola£7.63
Footlong Cold Sub - Chicken Tikka£6.88
Footlong Cold - Ham£6.27
Footlong Cold Sub - Ham£6.35
Footlong Cold - Turkey Breast£6.30
Footlong Cold Sub - Turkey Breast£6.41
Footlong Cold Sub - Turkey Ham£6.37
Footlong Cold - Chicken Breast£7.09
Footlong Cold Sub - Chicken Breast£7.04
Footlong Cold - Turkey Breast & Ham£6.32
Footlong Cold Sub - Turkey Breast & Ham£6.35
Footlong Cold - Veggie Delite®£5.93
Footlong Cold Sub - Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham£6.61
Footlong Cold Sub - Veggie Delite®£5.97

Footlong Classic Subs

Footlong - Turkey Breast and Ham£5.84

Hot Signature Wraps

Hot Signature Wrap - Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese£6.93
Hot Signature Wrap - BBQ Chicken & Bacon£6.86
Hot Signature Wrap - BBQ Chicken & Turkey£6.95

Cold Signature Wraps

Cold Signature Wrap - Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese£6.93
Cold Signature Wrap - BBQ Chicken & Bacon£6.87
Cold Signature Wrap - BBQ Chicken & Turkey£7.00

Hot Salad Bowls

Hot Salad Bowl - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£5.48
Hot Salad Bowl - Italian B.M.T.®£4.63
Hot Salad Bowl - Meatball Marinara£4.81
Hot Salad Bowl - Tuna£4.75
Hot Salad Bowl - Spicy Italian£4.44
Hot Salad Bowl - Steak & Cheese£5.66
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken Teriyaki£5.47
Hot Salad Bowl - Subway Melt™£5.25
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken & Bacon Melt£5.64
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken & Turkey Melt£5.74
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken Pizziola£5.55
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken Tikka£4.77
Hot Salad Bowl - Ham£4.22
Hot Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast£4.26
Hot Salad Bowl - Turkey Ham£4.33
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken Breast£4.96
Hot Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast & Ham£4.24
Hot Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham£4.37
Hot Salad Bowl - Veggie Delite®£3.88
Hot Salad Bowl - Thai Chicken Salad£4.88
Hot Salad Bowl - Meatless Meatball Marinara£4.87

Cold Salad Bowls

Cold Salad Bowl - Rotisserie-Style Chicken£5.48
Cold Salad Bowl - Italian B.M.T.®£4.64
Cold Salad Bowl - Tuna£4.75
Cold Salad Bowl - Spicy Italian£4.44
Cold Salad Bowl - Steak & Cheese£5.66
Cold Salad Bowl - Chicken Teriyaki£5.47
Cold Salad Bowl - Chicken Pizziola£5.56
Cold Salad Bowl - Chicken Tikka£4.79
Cold Salad Bowl - Ham£4.22
Cold Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast£4.26
Cold Salad Bowl - Turkey Ham£4.33
Cold Salad Bowl - Chicken Breast£4.97
Cold Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast & Ham£4.24
Cold Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham£4.37
Cold Salad Bowl - Veggie Delite®£3.88
Cold Salad Bowl - Thai Chicken Salad£4.87
Cold Salad Bowl - Tuna Niçoise Salad£5.46

Platter Subs

Classic Platter£26.96
Veggie and Vegan Platter£24.71
Lite Platter£26.95
Meat Feast Platter£26.95

Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak

Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Chicken Breast£3.87
Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Ham£3.85
Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Turkey Ham£3.97
Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Turkey Breast£3.87
Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Veggie£3.79
Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Veggie Delite®£3.90

Cold Kids' Pak

Cold Kids' Pak - Chicken Breast£3.87
Cold Kids' Pak - Ham£3.85
Cold Kids' Pak - Turkey Ham£3.97
Cold Kids' Pak - Turkey Breast£3.87
Cold Kids' Pak - Veggie£3.79
Cold Kids' Pak - Veggie Delite®£3.90


Pepsi 330ml£1.79
Pepsi Max£1.77
Pepsi Max 500ml£2.03
Pepsi Max Cherry£1.77
Pepsi Max Cherry 500ml£2.02
Tango Orange£1.77
Tango Orange 500ml£2.03
Mountain Dew Sugar Free£1.77
Mountain Dew Sugar Free Citrus Flavour 500ml£1.79
7 Up Free£1.78
Gatorade Blue£1.79
Robinsons Refresh'd Rasberry and Apple£1.76
Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml£1.91
Liptons Peach Iced Tea£1.77
Drench Peach and Mango£1.79
Princes Gate Water£1.53
Tropicana Orange Juice£1.74
Tropicana Orange Juice with Bits 250ml£1.76
Robinsons My-5 Blackcurrant£1.28
7UP Free 500ml£2.07

All-Day Breakfast

Hash Browns - 6 pieces£1.83
Hash Browns - 9 pieces£2.61
Jude's Flat White Iced Coffee£2.86
Jude's Chocolate Milkshake£2.87
Tropicana Orange Juice 250ml£2.26


1 Cookie£0.78
3 Cookies£1.50
12 Cookies£4.85
Bear Yo Yo£0.86

Toasted Bites

Ham & Cheese Toasted Bite£1.68
Tuna Melt Toasted Bite£1.69
Steak & Cheese Toasted Bite£1.70
Vegan Cheese Toasted Bite£1.63
Cheese Toasted Bite£1.65
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Crafting Subway UK’s Culinary Identity

Subway UK is synonymous with choice and customization. The foundation of its reputation lies in the ability to create a sandwich that caters to individual tastes. The Fresh Fit choices, the premium ingredients, and the warm, freshly baked bread are the canvases upon which patrons craft their culinary creations. This innovative approach, where patrons become their own sandwich artists, has resonated with diners across the United Kingdom.

However, Subway UK’s reputation extends beyond the realm of sandwiches. Its commitment to quality and freshness is evident in every facet of its menu. From salads bursting with vibrant produce to wraps that harmoniously blend flavors, Subway UK’s offerings embrace a range of dietary preferences, ensuring that there’s a satisfying option for everyone.

Navigating the Subway UK Experience

The popularity of Subway UK is founded upon more than just its diverse menu. It’s an experience that is woven with comfort and familiarity. The welcoming ambiance of each location, akin to a friendly neighborhood deli, creates an environment where patrons feel at ease. The approachable and friendly staff add a personal touch, making each visit more than just a meal – it’s a connection to a culinary family.

Additionally, Subway UK’s emphasis on sustainability and freshness has further endeared it to the conscious consumer. The commitment to sourcing ingredients responsibly and reducing environmental impact aligns with the values of a growing segment of diners who seek mindful choices in their dining experiences.

Subway UK: A Digital Culinary Trailblazer

Subway UK’s popularity is a testament to its seamless blend of tradition and innovation. The establishment’s prowess in leveraging digital platforms has played a pivotal role in its meteoric rise. Subway UK’s embrace of mobile ordering, loyalty programs, and user-friendly apps has made the dining experience not just convenient but interactive. This digital engagement ensures that Subway UK remains at the forefront of modern dining trends.

Yet, Subway UK’s popularity extends beyond the virtual realm. Its presence in various locations across the United Kingdom has transformed it into a culinary cornerstone, with many considering it a reliable choice for a quick, satisfying, and customizable meal. This widespread accessibility, coupled with its commitment to offering options that cater to various dietary needs, has garnered Subway UK a loyal and diverse following.

A Culinary Journey of Choice and Flavor

In conclusion, Subway UK’s legacy is a tapestry woven with choice, flavor, and familiarity. Its reputation, akin to a well-constructed sandwich, is layered with quality ingredients and innovative approaches to customization. Its popularity, akin to a thriving ecosystem, thrives on the harmony between digital engagement, sustainability, and an inclusive dining experience. As patrons leave Subway UK, they carry with them not just a meal but a piece of a culinary journey that transcends tastes, connecting them to a global network of sandwich enthusiasts.

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Subway UK FAQ

How much is Subway Uk's 6-inch Cold – Rotisserie-Style Chicken?

6-inch Cold – Rotisserie-Style Chicken – £4.94

How much is a 6-inch Cold – Italian B.M.T.® at Subway Uk?

6-inch Cold – Italian B.M.T.® – £4.00

How much are 6-inch Cold – Chicken Teriyaki at Subway Uk?

 6-inch Cold – Chicken Teriyaki – £4.94

How much does a Subway Uk's 6-inch Cold – Ham Cost?

6-inch Cold – Ham – £3.67

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